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  1. Local history, specialist history, anything that has its roots in Britain. I'm writing an article hightighting British history blogs... and to tell you the truth... I can hardly find any...
  2. Been working on this for a while: http://www.hidden-histories.org.uk
  3. I like this one too: Take from the alters of the past the fire, not the ashes - Jean Jaurès
  4. I set up a Twitter account for my History Nexus project, which can be found here: http://twitter.com/historynexus I've been finding quotes about history and placing them on the site. Just found my favourite so far: History is a people's memory, and without memory man is demoted to the lower animals - Malcolm X I've placed it in the footnote of History Nexus
  5. A BNP win at a council by-election in Harold Hill. I've posted a comment about it on my site: http://www.haroldhill.org/latest_news/latest-news.htm
  6. I've created a MySpace site for History Nexus, but I was wondering if anybody knew about good history sites for teenagers that I could also recommend? http://www.myspace.com/history_nexus
  7. A family friend from Romford was a primary school pupil during this period - she states that everything that went wrong at the school was blamed on the Harold Hill kids.
  8. It's this last statement that makes me doubt the entire evidence. Firstly, yes Harold Hill was created as a self-contained estate. But this never happened. All the time people were telling me that nights out, if they could afford it, were in Romford, Harold Wood, Brentwood or London. Clearly, not 'everything' was provided by "The Council". Trees and vandalism: Vandalism was a feature of Harold Hill in this period but as for 'give the Council its due, they did try to plant trees, but the children kept knocking them down so the Council gave up'. I'm sure that a lot of young trees were vandalised, but as for that statement above, then why is it now that every street in Harold Hill has rows of mature trees that were planted and grew in this period? The tree planting programme at the time couldn't have been that much of a failure. 'I hated the lack of greenery'. This completely contradicts every piece of evidence that has ever been presented to me. The biggest attraction for young (and old) Harold Hill residents during this time was the abundance of greenery, trees and parks. 'They would slit their eyes, thin their lips and say words like “aaaahs” for “house” and “que” for “thank you”. ' I don't know how to respond to this. So what? People spoke in a certain way. 'Ours was the only house in the street that hadn’t been burgled and mum put that down to the fact that ours was such a big family and therefore there was always someone at home.' My mum, who at the time was living on Chippenham Road, was the victim of a burglary during the period that this person writes about. They broke in and stole £10 – a lot of money then. But this was shockingly unusual. I carried out an extensive interview with former PC Bert White and he stated that burglary did happen, but mostly for taking the cash out of gas meters. The author states that every house on their street other than their own was burgled. This doesn't ring true. Every house? I've never heard of this endemic crime wave before.
  9. Alright, so it does get a bit personal, but one persons recollection is just as valid as anybody elses. A lot of contributions that are volunteered now are very upbeat, a typical one being: Finding the negative ones is harder. I guess it's just the psychology of remembering. If you hated the place and couldn't wait to escape, you'll hardly going to want to spend time, decades later, recollecting it. At the end of day, it was a self-contained suburban estate. Those with a bit of a spark in their character would have felt alienated by this. Certainly, if you didn't have a family or kids then there was little point, if you had a choice in the matter at least, in hanging around.
  10. You're back online - you've paid your bills I see Thanks for above - why anonymous though?
  11. Whereabouts do you live now John? I was going to say that if you're ever in town (London, not Harold Hill) I'll meet up with you for a drink and a chat.
  12. Harold Hill: The Musical Coming to the Queens Theatre in 2008. I've just been chatting with the Queens Theatre and they are going to write and put on a special play to celebrate Harold Hill's 60th birthday. They've asked me to get involved and help with the writing. Any named Hollywood actors John you'd like us to approach to play you?
  13. Terry Ward tells me that "O" is Dave Harvey. He indeed died of a heart attack in his twenties. In his twenties! God. I'm going to pilfer your demo photos and place them onto the website.
  14. Well, there's not many places on the net to find a biography of Tom Wintringham.
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