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  1. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Let me throw another wrench in here. There was a dictionary found at the same time as the Oswald draft according to Ruth. The dictionary raises a couple of questions. Was the Oswald draft actually folded in half and inserted in the dictionary? Was the dictionary with the draft because Oswald was not finished writing the draft and he was still checking his spelling? Where is the dictionary now? Why is the dictionary only mentioned once in the all of the WC testimony? FBI Agent Odum sends the Dictionary to the FBI lab based on a 12/4/63 interview of Ruth Paine. If he interviewed her on 11/23/63 and gotten her copy of the draft how did the dictionary elude him at that time? see highlighted testimony here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43&relPageId=399&search=paine_and pocket and dictionary and FBI Inventory form FD-192 : https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=59641&relPageId=125
  2. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Per Ruth's story, she gives the Oswald draft to Hosty on 11/23/63 and her copy of the Oswald draft to Odum on a subsequent interview the same day. My theory is that Hosty already had the Oswald draft before 11/22/63. The first time she tells the story to an FBI Agent, Odum, who has been sent to double check on Hosty's interviews, he (Odum) asks for and receives the Paine copy of the Oswald draft.
  3. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    One of the most extraordinary things to me about the Alan Grant photo is this: It was taken after everyone returned to the Paine residence after being taken downtown and making written statements to the DPD. Everyone in this photo, except the baby, knew that Lee was being accused of killing a policeman and the President of the United States. Despite this knowledge, Ruth by her own account, still has the letter secretly squirreled away and she's told no one about it. Not the Detectives searching her house, not downtown at the station, not even to her friend and "confidant" Marina. She says she told Michael but Michael doesn't ever mention it until he's asked on the stand, and even then he claims to not remember much about it. Alternatively, there might be another explanation, maybe she didn't actually have it, and therefore it's "the story" that makes it seem she is withholding key evidence.
  4. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Yes. I think the story was necessary to cover up how the draft came to be in her possession. The story was "good enough" for the commission despite sounding a little "fishy". The commission may not have even been aware that the furniture had not been moved or that Alan Grant had captured it in a different contradictory configuration. I think that if they had been aware of what the Alan Grant photo showed, the story would have changed. Scroll down to the highlighted parts for Ruth's explanation: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43&relPageId=420&search=paine_and made and copy
  5. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Yes. Alan Grants photo, taken the evening of 11/22/63, depicts the furniture arranged just as Ruth's describes it before she asked Michael and Lee to move it on the evening of 11/10/63. She also stated during her testimony that all the furniture remained in that arrangement (post- move) through the date of her testimony. Another words, the two pieces of furniture, the desk secretary and the sofa/couch swapped places on 11/10 and remained that way through the early part of 1964. I think the furniture was moved into that configuration to support her story sometime after 11/23/63. The furniture "moving" incident with Michael and Lee didn't happen, it's fiction.
  6. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Two more good questions. I should have touched on this. The only reason to add the "re-arranging" of the furniture was to provide an impetus. It was this event that triggers Ruth's need to steal the note in her story. She says she called Michael and Lee into the living room to help move these two pieces of furniture and just before they came into the room she opened the part of the desk secretary that flips down and slipped the Oswald draft inside. Could she have simply hidden the draft without asking Michael and Lee to move the furniture? Yes. She "decided" to re-arrange the furniture per her testimony, no reason given. <insert standard sexist comment here.> I believe that the furniture was probably first moved around by TV crews setting up the best shot and lighting in which to interview her and Michael at the Paine residence. There is a good modern example of this common practice below. The couch has been moved into the middle of the room in this example:
  7. So SD22, the last one on the playlist is pretty recent? I will check it out soon. full disclosure: I think Larry Hancock and I got a shout out from Stan in SD21. Maybe I'll come back to that story soon.
  8. You can find many videos of the surviving crewmen on youtube. They also have a site on the ship. The Capt. was the only living MOH awardee not to have a medal ceremony at the WH in the 20th century, or beyond. The crew have been pretty vocal but forces bigger than they are at work here. It is one of the most shameful episodes in our history.
  9. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Thanks Jim and that is a really good question. I think the WC was working as hard as it could to frame LHO to the exclusion of all other suspects. If we look at the Paine testimony taken that evening at the Paine residence, WC Counsel Jenner and SS Agent Howlett reference the couch issue in very pointed questions. I don't know how anyone could conclude that they were not referring to the Detective testimonies and attempting to discredit them. starting here and continuing to the next page: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=43#relPageId=420&tab=page MR. Jenner. May the record show, and I will ask Mr. Howlett if he agrees, that under those circumstances, with officers approaching from the west, that the ladies sitting on the sofa or couch could not have seen them as they approached from the west? Mt. Howlett. No. (the "circumstances" being that the couch was on the north wall, the door was closed, the drapes were drawn open, and the officers had parked their cars to the west ) I'd be curious to know who prepared the floorplan because it has some serious flaws unrelated to the "measuring". There's no way that is simply a mistake.
  10. If only there was an Arab horse transport ship we could substitute for GTR-5...
  11. Hey Jim, I've believed for a long time that the USS Liberty debacle deserves a big screen presence but the chances of that, with it's potential anti-Israeli theme if the truth were told, are virtually nil.
  12. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Just to be clear, again. I was interested in the provenance of the last letter Oswald allegedly typed because many researchers, with greater minds than mine, had questioned it's authenticity. Ruth Paine's testimony was utterly confusing to me so I decided to examine it in detail. Part of that analysis I did was to try to identify the objects that were germane to the story and at first, one of the most confusing aspects was that there were two "desk secretaries". Once it became clear that the big desk secretary was in the dining area and that another was in the living room, I set out to find the "little desk secretary" in a photograph. The Alan Grant photo is the only photo I could find and while examining that photo I stumbled on it's significance.
  13. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Having established that none of the items, 9-13, are true, we are left with some major questions, some of which I touched on in recent posts in this thread. Here are a few more: Oswald had sent several handwritten letters to the Soviet Embassy in Washington, D.C., did it benefit Oswald to type this letter, at this time, tying him to Mexico and Comrade Kostin or did it benefit someone or something else? I saw no analysis by the FBI to match the actual paper stock of the typed Oswald Embassy letter with stock available in the Paine household, why not? Since the story we were told about the acquisition of the Oswald draft is untrue, is there any other part we should trust? Was the Warren Commission witting and complicit, along with the FBI, in pushing this falsehood? Did they do so to "coverup" or further frame Oswald as the lone gunman? What does this tell us about the Paine and Hosty relationship? I think everything needs to be re-scrutinized and examined under this new light. Could the typed letter have an earlier, maybe late October, origin? Certainly. The typed letter was intercepted under HTLINGUAL. That means the envelope was secretly opened and the letter was taken out. And read. And copied. And re-inserted in the envelope and re-introduced to the postal system so that it could reach it's destination. There are a lot of opportunities in that process for a whole range of letter hanky-panky. It's easier to forge a signature than an entire handwritten letter.
  14. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Paul, I've noticed that you've been reading a lot of PJM lately. Please stop. Inserting these fictional accounts around uncomfortable truths doesn't persuade us here. Typewriter............. used at dining table in kitchen/dining room Oswald draft.........found where? Ruth suggests the living room, Hosty suggests Marina's bedroom, I suggested the garage. No one but you thinks the draft was left "by the typewriter". There's more fiction in your statement above but it's unrelated to this thread so I'm not going to address it here. I have no problems with you defending Ruth, I expect you will always do so but when you make stuff up, like you frequently do, I am going to call you out.
  15. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    That's the million dollar question, why was there a false story about the way Ruth acquired the draft? Was Ruth snooping through Oswald's stuff in the garage the four days a week he wasn't there? Was someone else? Were things added to Oswald's stuff in the garage? If Sandy Larsen had a bunch of his bags in my garage and the FBI came around to my house asking about Sandy Larsen... I think Sandy and I would have to be pretty good friends for the FBI to leave and not know about those bags.