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  1. Ken Burns' Vietnam

    Ron, from Len O & Jim D:
  2. Ruth - a typewriter - 15 days

    Posting this here for reference. In defense of an earlier postage mark, " 2" , instead of the assumed "12" we have this juicy little tidbit that was volunteered by Ruth Paine and never, (as far as I can tell), referenced again. It's interesting that she now calls the Mexico Embassy letter a "note" but the previous, and never discussed again, document is a "letter"? Could this "previous letter" have been typed on Nov. 2nd? "This is probably no use to you" is also quite prophetic since they made sure not to go down "this road" in subsequent testimony.
  3. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    The more I study these two cards, the more I think the Nagell copy was produced via fax or wire and that it is, in fact, the same document as the extant Oswald version. There are three light grey vertical lines on the right side of Nagell version which apparently were introduced by the copy equipment. (Vicinity of "617"). The images, in the Nagell version, have been stretched horizontally and so that "copy" no longer retains the same "aspect ratio". Older style facsimile machines which used a rolled paper stock were notorious for stretching the images transmitted. Pictured: Communist assassins receiving their orders (L) from the Kremlin (R). There are numerous places where there is a pattern of dots in exactly the same alignment as the circles on Oswald's version. Several of the "random" marks on the Nagell copy are coincidentally in the same location as text items we theorize are elements of the "fake postage stamps". There is a mark in the "coloring" on Oswald's left shoulder that seems to be a perfect match for a "continuation" of the circle marked in blue. Elements of the Nagell Copy that are disrupted coincidentally coincide with heavily "disrupted" areas on the Oswald version.
  4. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    The irony about that is that Tommy Graves and I identified two camps north of New Orleans in a thread on this forum nearly two years ago. We used police reports, witness statements, previous research by Garrison's investigators and Google Earth. No sonar needed. We could have given them the current street address of two of those locations if they'd have just asked.
  5. Ok. How do we know he didn't remove traces of the circles too? There is a mark to the left of the "P" where there should not be a mark that could relate to the "2" in "23".
  6. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Here's a link that displays the ID and some of the other items that have been stained:
  7. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    per the Reg.s we posted earlier, not less than 30 days or more than 6 years. The "series" of cards were numbered sequentially and the timing simply depended on when the format or layout of the form changed.
  8. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    My apologies Anna, Yes, we agree. Our best guess (from this thread) is that the card was originally created as a "one off" to only be used to get the passport. We were trying to figure out if Oswald could have acquired the un-laminated card on his own or if he must have had some assistance.
  9. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Black Market? Because they kept these cards supposedly in "the vault" and inventoried by number. You think they were easy to get? I posted the Regs in this thread a few messages back.
  10. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    As someone who carried this card, what do you think the chances are that a Marine could "steal" one and use it to get a US passport while he was still assigned to a Separation Unit?
  11. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    By the way, welcome to the Forum! The "blood stains" are actually residue left over from the FBI investigation. I don't know if they were trying to reveal fingerprints or hidden information but many of the items in the wallet all now have the same blotches all over them. This "process" that was done on the items after they were photographed undamaged when they were found.
  12. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    That photo is really black and white - the tinge of green isn't on the card itself and the photograph isn't of a sufficient resolution to see the detail on the high resolution color photo. The Oswald ID would have been immediately taken away from him by any Military Guards on any US base - (I did that too!) it wasn't laminated.
  13. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    The card that he "officially" got at separation (ETS) is listed on his DD 214. He received DD-217-MC. Which was also later found later and photographed.
  14. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Hi Anna, It's just the quality of the two images that makes it look like he's wearing a shirt with no collar in the black and white image you linked. I entirely agree that he never should have had this card. Inactive reservists and/or their dependents don't get this card either. This image is a better copy of the undamaged DD 1173 and if you zoom in you can faintly see the collar: