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  1. We are a group of parents who are against our school becoming an Academy run school. Our web presence is at the following link http://z4.invisionfree.com/Axton_Chase_Par...dex.php?act=idx We are not against change, we all agree that we need a new school, which we have been promised now for a number of years; plans were drawn up 5 years ago although nothing ever materialised. We all thought what a wonderful thing this would be a lovely new school, with 21st century teaching, but now, given the information we have received, are against it being Academy status. What we are looking for is the new school to be built, as was promised, but to remain a comprehensive school in its own right. We disagree strongly with the 60 plus pupils per class teaching method. Most of our teachers have been at Axton Chase for years instilling stability and getting to know their students. All of our children have settled into Axton really well, they are happy, content, and most importantly learning to the best of their abilities. The large classes are of a concern to us, also is the fact that our teachers have to re-apply for their jobs. We were not fully aware the impact the changes would make should Axton become an Academy. We will lose our local feeder school, there will be an entrance exam, and the criteria for entry to the school will be completely changed. The pupil number for entrance will go down to 180 places. This will make things difficult for the other local schools in the area as they will be over subscribed. We will also have no say in how the school is run as we will not have a Parent Governor. We are all more than happy with the way Axton Chase is run now and want it to continue in this way. We all have our different reasons for choosing the secondary school our children attend. We choose Axton for the way it is run and the results it has. It was our choice and remains that under the KCC. If we want our children to go to an academy run school we have the choice of sending them to Leigh Tech, but we do not, by doing this to Axton we feel the choice of our children’s’ education is being taken away from us. Our terms of reference: The object of the group shall be to ensure that the Parents of children at Axton Chase are fully consulted about the future structure of education at Axton Chase. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to establish the facts so that parents have the opportunity to influence any proposals emanating from the KCC and are able to make a uniformed choice on the future structure of education. http://z4.invisionfree.com/Axton_Chase_Par...dex.php?act=idx
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