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    Who was QJ/WIN

    http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 Steve Czukas was not a mis-spelling of Jack Cusack. They were two entirely different people.
  2. Linda Minor

    The CIA and Disney: Zapruder film payback?

    It is interesting, to me at least, that Martin Andersen was a newsman for Charles Marsh, whose newspaper chain bought the Orlando Sentinel and sent Andersen there to run it in 1931: So, not only did Andersen know Senator Smathers, he also knew LBJ's close friend and supporter Charles E. Marsh, the husband of Lyndon's alleged mistress, Alice Glass, and owner of the farm in Virginia where Lyndon often hobnobbed with George and Herman Brown. Andersen went to school in Fort Pierce, Florida before meeting Marsh, who acquired the nearby Orlando newspaper and sent Andersen back to run it. Richard E. Foglesong, Married to the Mouse: Walt Disney World and Orlando, 87:
  3. Nov. 23-24-25 ARLINGTON CONFERENCE 50TH ANNIVERSARY JFK! The area’s only FREE conference on the Kennedy Assassination! Presentations by respected speakers, some of whom are also appearing at other venues (JFK Lancer or COPA) with admission costs from $150 to $450. HEAR THEM FREE AT THIS CONFERENCE: Dick Russell, Robert Groden, Edward T. Haslam, Dr. John DeLane Williams and Ernst Titovets, Gary Severson, Judyth Vary Baker, Kris Millegan, Popeye Jefferson, Beverly Oliver Masseegee, Homer Henderson and more! Main events are at: The Blue Bonnet Hall, Eunice Senior Center, 1000 Eunice, Arlington, TX, (15 min. from Dealey Plaza). Saturday November 23 * 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 9:45 pm 1:00 – 1:30 Conference Opens 1:30 – 2:00 Popeye Jefferson: “A Broadcaster’s Journal” 2:00 – 2:45 Edward T. Haslam: “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” (by Skype) 2:50 – 3:30 Kris Millegan 3:30 – 4:30 Judyth Vary Baker: “The Real Lee Harvey Oswald and How He Was Framed” 4:30 – 5:00 BOOK SIGNINGS 6:00 – 6:25 Beverly Oliver Masseegee performs 6:25 – 6:45 Homer Henderson performs 6:45 – 7:30 Dick Russell 7:30 – 9:00 Dr. John DeLane Williams and Ernst Titovets: “Lee Oswald’s best friend in the USSR” 9:00 – 9:45 Gary Severson Sunday November 24 * 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm The Blue Bonnet Hall, Eunice Senior Center, 1000 Eunice, Arlington, TX, (15 min. from Dealey Plaza). MEMORIAL SERVICES FOR JOHN F. KENNEDY and LEE OSWALD: Beverly Oliver Masseegee and Homer Henderson will perform 12:45 – 2:00 Memorial Tribute to JFK 2:00 Virtual 21-Gun Salute For President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (CARTRIDGES OF BLANKS FROM THE 21 GUN SALUTE WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SOUVENIRS) 2:00 – 2:30 Memorial Tribute to Lee Harvey Oswald 2:30 – 2:45 Gathering of Flowers, messages and tributes for John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald 2:45 – 3:15 Trip to Rose Hill Cemetery to Lee Harvey Oswald’s grave 3:15 Arrive at Rose Hill Cemetery, Messages, and Flowers on Lee’s Grave Pastor: Hy McEnery Chaplain (Lamb Ministries, New Orleans) Speaker: Robert Groden Music: Homer Henderson and Kris Millegan 6:00 Attempt to place flowers Honoring John F. Kennedy at the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza 7:00 – 9:30: Dinner and Kennedy Assassination Round Table Discussion. Site to be announced. Monday November 25 * 10:30 am – 12:00 pm noon Location: WINGATE at WYNDHAM, ARLINGTON, TX, Brookhollow Plaza Dr. 10:30 – 12:00 Brunch with Judyth Vary Baker == The Kennedy Assassination Round Table Discussion== Book Signings for “Me and Lee” by Judyth Vary Baker Book Signings for “On The Trail of Kennedy’s Assassins” by Dick Russell *** SEE OLIVER STONE’S MOVIE, “JFK”, FOR FREE ALL THREE DAYS AT WINGATE CONFERENCE HALL !!! *** Saturday, November 23, and Sunday, November 24 Showings: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm / 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm / 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Sunday, November 25 Showings: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm / 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm AUTHORS’ BOOKS AND MUSIC WILL BE ON SALE For more information, go to Face Book, “Judyth Baker”. Voice for Vindication of Lee Harvey Oswald and for Justice in America 4 collaborators have joined the document.
  4. Pat, it is free. I won't be able to attend although I was recently with Judyth and Kris Millegan in New Orleans, where she spoke to a packed house at Loyola. It is well worth your time. Stephen, as you are aware, Judyth does not need you there. Her new book on David Ferrie which will be released by TrineDay sometime after March 2014 will be the definitive book about the Mafia pilot.
  5. Linda Minor

    The Bush Family and Barry Seal

    Al Martin is not exactly a credible source. He had a tendency to just make things up.
  6. This isn't exactly an interview, is it? Len Osanic appears to have no clue what Kris' monologue is about, but Kris obviously knows his subject. Excellent summary of the history of America since WWII.
  7. Trine Day is, in my opinion, the most courageous publisher on the planet. I was on the research list with Kris and Daniel Hopsicker back in 1996, along with Catherine Austin Fitts and David Guyatt. I have since met all of them in person and feel they are among my closest friends. Also through Kris I have met Ed Haslam and Judyth Vary Baker and others, including Doug Caddy. Kris has amazing instincts about what truth is, and he's not afraid to publish it, even though he has had to defend his writers in two lawsuits, both of which he dug deep into his own pockets to litigate and eventually win. His integrity is unquestioned. After listening to the interview, it would be a good idea for listeners to review some of Kris' photos, which he put online a few years ago while promoting Butch Merritt's book about Watergate (written by Doug Caddy). Look first at The Third Rail – Part Three Then start at the beginning and follow Kris' outline of the history of drugs in the CIA and the Skull and Bones management of their revenue in the control of the government of the United States. These began with the overall title: Allegations regarding "Butch" Merritt, Watergate, Intelligence Agencies and "Crimson Rose." Doug, of course, posted these on the Education Forum back in March 2011. Vol I begins here, and the indexes can be found starting here.
  8. Linda Minor

    NIH Bankrolls Colorado Shooting Rampage

    Fascinating study of the background of the company the shooter's father worked for. Make sure to check out the site for photos also. http://synthinking.blogspot.com/2012/08/hncs-military-industrial-context.html HNC's Military-Industrial Context Robert M. Holmes, Jr. James Eagen Holmes' interest in synthetic thinking, more commonly known as artificial intelligence, was handed down to him by his father, Robert Milton Holmes, Jr., who worked for HNC Software, a company which went public in 1995. HNC was acquired in 2002 by Fair Isaac Corp (now FICO). Research into this company for which the Aurora shooter's father worked after leaving the military is quite fascinating. HNC Software Co. HNC had been founded in 1986 by two scientists--Robert Hecht-Nielsen and Todd Gutschow--to develop, according to Dr. Gutschow's profile, "neural network applications in a number of industries including banking, insurance, direct marketing and retailing. Prior to starting HNC, Mr. Gutschow spent 3 years with TRW's Military Electronics and Avionics Division in San Diego." That same year, TRW, where both Gutschow and Hecht-Nielsen were working, was involved in a mini-scandal. The military contractor admitted overcharging the federal government two and a half million dollars for electronics and avionics contracts, while twelve "management employees" were disciplined, two of whom were fired. The L.A. Times speculated correctly that one of the fired managers was Hugo Poza. The article related that TRW had established the branch in San Diego in 1981 "to pursue aircraft electronics work, as opposed to spacecraft and related electronics that is the mainstay of the Redondo Beach operation." The Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) Project was established in 1973 in Redondo Beach (about midway between Los Angeles and Long Beach) and built by TRW, but was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2002, the same year HNC Software was sold to Fair Isaac (FICO). It was later revealed that, along with Poza, the other fired executive was Robert L. North, who told reporters those disciplined "were sacrificial lambs terminated by TRW to avoid government scrutiny." AP reported that "overcharging, first reported in an anonymous letter to the Air Force in September 1984, occurred primarily during 1983 and 1984." North lived in Del Mar Heights, less than five miles from the Salk Institute. The name, TRW, came from Charles Thompson, Simon Ramo and Dean Wooldridge -- three men whose work led to the forming of the corporation. Ramo and Wooldrige had worked for Hughes Aircraft Company, founded by Howard Hughes, Jr., who left his fortune to the medical foundation which helped fund the Salk Institute's summer program. It was as a summer intern at the Salk Institute near his home where James Hughes was inspired by his "mentor," John E. Jacobson, who has since attempted to free himself from any idealized role in James' life. Howard Hughes Medical Institute A somewhat symbiotic relationship seems to have developed between Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Salk Institute. Although HHMI is based at the Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia, it funds research grants at many other campuses. Trustees for HHMI are headed by Hughes' first cousin, Fred R. Lummis, who was an attorney at the time of Hughes death at the same firm where James A. Baker III was employed--Andrews, Kurth in Houston. Baker is also a trustee of HHMI. Their role is in coordinating the money left at Hughes' death throughout their huge empire of sometimes-frightening scientific projects. At the time Howard Hughes, Jr. announced the Delaware incorporation of the medical foundation in 1954, the statement he issued clearly shows how little he knew of how his legacy was planned to be used by those who had set up the non-profit to receive all his assets upon his death: Purpose of the foundation, according to a statement by Hughes, is to provide "millions of dollars for medical research to combat disease and human suffering." Neither Hughes officials, nor their public relations counsel would explain the effect of the corporate reorganization on management, finances or relationship to what was formerly the aircraft company's parent corporation, the Hughes Tool Co. In 1953, according to a review for Hughes After Howard: The Story of Hughes Aircraft Company, by D. Kenneth Richardson, Howard had "virtually disappeared from the company he had begun in 1932. Under new, creative, and inspired management, Hughes Aircraft Company became the leading military electronics organization in the world." Hughes is, unfortunately, a lesson better left for another day, though interested readers may be able to learn more by reading Linda Minor's article at Conspiracy Planet. Robert L. North According to a recent obituary, of a man named Robert L. Bob North, he "served in the Air Force with the Atlas and Thor missile programs, A and E Squadrons at Fairchild AFB and other bases in the USA and England." These two individuals may well be two entirely different men, but the coincidences are intriguing. For example, the wikipedia listing for the CIA-connected Hughes Aircraft states: Howard Hughes, Jr. In 1948 Hughes created a new division of the company, the Aerospace Group. Two Hughes engineers, Simon Ramo and Dean Wooldridge, had new ideas on the packaging of electronics to make complete fire control systems.... At the same time other teams were working with the newly formed US Air Force on air-to-air missiles, delivering the AIM-4 Falcon, then known as the F-98. The MA-1/Falcon package, with several upgrades, was the primary interceptor weapon system in the US for many years, lasting into the 1980s. Ramo and Wooldridge, having failed to reach an agreement with Howard Hughes regarding management problems, resigned in September 1953. They founded the Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation, later to join Thompson Products to form the Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation based in Canoga Park with Hughes leasing space for nuclear research programs (present day West Hills (Canoga Park). The company became TRW in 1965, another aerospace company and a major competitor to Hughes Aircraft.Howard Hughes donated Hughes Aircraft to the newly formed Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1953 allegedly as a way of avoiding taxes on its huge income. Thor missile The Thor missile, a tactical ballistic missile, came along in 1954. It was designed by Nazi scientist, Dr. Adolph K. Thiel, of Ramo-Wooldridge for the U.S. Navy. Thiel is shown below as part of Dr. Werner von Braun's team of scientists. Space Technology Laboratories (STL, a subsidiary of TRW Inc.), which "had a symbiotic relationship with the Air Force," conceived one of the first space projects--the Pioneer 5 mission--for the newly chartered NASA in November 1958. The spacecraft was built for NASA by Space Technology Laboratories, whose project director was Dr. Adolph K. Thiel, supervised by Dr. John C. Lindsay at NASA. A document from 1959 posted online indicates that a contract between NASA and the Air Force's Ballistic Missile Division (ARDC) was subcontracted to the Space Technology Laboratories, Inc., of Los Angeles to provide systems engineering and technical direction for the Thor-Able III launching vehicle and the tracking and comunications network. STL had more than 50 scientific and industrial firms under its direction. The document described Thiel as follows: A member of the German missile team that developed the V-2 rocket, Dr. Thiel received his M.S. and PhD. degrees from the Institute of Technology at Darmstadt, Germany. He has served as principal advisor to the Amy Ordnance Corps on technical matters of missile systems planning development and is a former member of the Army Ordnance Guided Missile Advisory and Evaluation Committee. Dr. Adolph K. Thiel at Fort Bliss, 1946 We learn from Fairchild Air Force Base's website that this base where North had been assigned in 1961 housed: the first "aerospace" wing in the nation with the acquisition of the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile. North--clearly the fall guy for the Air Force--only one month after pleading guilty to the fraud, was named as president of Hecht-Nielsen Neurocomputer Corp., where he had been working as a consultant immediately after his being fired from TRW. According to the Los Angeles Times report, HNC's "founders, Robert Hecht-Nielsen and Todd Gutschow, are both former employees at TRW's military electronics and avionics division in San Diego, where they worked on neurocomputers together." We can only wonder whether the money TRW employees ripped off from taxpayers went into creating HNC as a reward for those who took the fall for the Air Force, although some conspiracy-minded individuals may also question what was the role of the former Nazi scientists in the entire military-inspired space race, especially that of Dr. Thiel, who was so intricately connected with the TRW research. Dr. Adolph Thiel HNC founder, Robert Hecht-Nielsen The brains allegedly behind the company where North went to work was Robert Hecht-Nielsen, a man born in San Francisco, California on July 18, 1947. The son of the Danish- born Robert Hecht-Nielsen and his keyboard-musician wife, young Robert was a toddler in San Francisco in 1950 when his father testified in a riveting murder case. A private security guard, Robert H. Richard, working as a bouncer in a cafeteria, killed Russell Cronin, 20-year-old nephew of a local judge, and Hecht-Nielsen, identified in the newspapers as "a middle-aged interior decorator," testified for the defense. He told the courtroom he saw the guard release Cronin, who was struggling with the defendant, and that Cronin shouted, "I will get you for this." The shooting followed a second scuffle outside the cafe. Richard claimed self-defense, alleging Cronin had tried to gouge out his eyes. A different story had been told at the time of the arrest when police said that Richard followed Cronin from the establishment, grabbed his arm, and when Cronin "shoved his hands against Richard's chest," Richard fired. A second shot fired shortly thereafter killed Cronin. Despite the testimony of Hecht-Nielsen, the guard was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to San Quentin, where he had previously been a guard. Robert became a naturalized citizen in 1941. His wife, the former Elizabeth Laing Wilson, took their two sons to Denver, only a few years after the trial, where they were reared in her mother's home, according to an oral history given by Robert, Jr. in Talking Nets: An Oral History of Neural Networks (chapter 13, published by Bradford Books). Flying spacecraft? Elizabeth's father was a minister, Rev. James Edgar Wilson, who had been born in Canada around 1880 and died before his daughter was grown. He had arrived in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan from Canada in 1909 and became a citizen ten years later in Illinois. Rev. Wilson married Jessie Laing, born 1890 in Michigan to Canadian parents, and they moved with their two children from state to state before his death. In 1930 the minister's family was in Pennsylvania, but beginning in 1931, Jessie Laing Wilson's name appeared in the Denver city directory until at least 1947 at 1668 St. Paul Street. Located near a large park on 17th Avenue in the northeast quadrant of Denver, Hecht-Nielsen's boyhood home is a mere six miles from Anschutz Medical School, where James Holmes was a student until last month.
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    Heidi Rikan’s Black Book of Watergate Prostitution Clients

    This is great news, Doug. I look forward to reading what Phil has to say.
  10. Linda Minor

    Homer McMahon Transcript

    Footnote 4 to the quoted text from Peter Janney's book, Mary's Mosaic, reads as follows: Janney, Peter (2012-04-02). Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace (Kindle Locations 6570-6580). Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.
  11. Linda Minor

    Homer McMahon Transcript

    Dino Brugoni is mentioned 48 times in Janney's book. Here's one of the first: He was described in this way: And his "boss," was described as: Then we hear from Janney about a second viewing of a processed Zapruder film on the same night: Above quotes from: Janney, Peter (2012-04-02). Mary's Mosaic: The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace (Kindle Locations 6079-6087). Skyhorse Publishing. Kindle Edition.
  12. Linda Minor

    Watergate Reporting, the Second Draft

    Thanks, Doug. We can only imagine the lies that will be told., as "Discovery appears to be trying to out-history the History channel."
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    June Cobb

    Jack Anderson had a story about June Cobb in Parade magazine supplement in August 1962. June Cobb.pdf June Cobb2.pdf OF THAT STRANGE, wild breed of American adventurers who pursue danger and intrigue around the world, none appears less suited for the role than June Cobb, a girlish blonde with big blue eyes. She is-known to intelligence Agents of two continents as a soldier of fortune, no less audacious because of her sex, who has risked her life amid the jungles and revolutions of Latin America. . She hot been an opium grottier:in the Amazon, an undercover informer for the Narcotic* Bureau, a confidante of Fidel Castro, arid today it Helping rebel* fight in Guatemala against President M. F^Ydigord*. A nervous cough and tired "lines beneath her eyes show the strain of hazardous living. Yet wherever adventure beckons, June Cobb must follow. She says: "I suppose you can call me a sucker for lost causes." .June's adventures began when she became bored with her studies at the University of Oklahoma and sought a more glamorous curriculum at'the University of Mexico. .Up to that moment,'she had behaved no differently than any other pretty teenager raised in the placid town of Ponta City, Okla. But in Mexico City she found.romance. She fell in love with a dashing Colombian of good but poor family. He and a brother, in need of funds to'support their expensive tastes, decided to find a hidden spot in the jungle and start growing poppies for the opium trade. One-brother, who had studied medicine, figured he could extract the drug from the poppy seeds. June ami the brothers settled in the hot, steamy Ecuadorian jungle. With the help of Indian natives, they cleared and planted a few poppy patches, built a crude opium processing plant, and settled back to wait for the grim harvest. According to June, the brothers soon began sampling their own product. Determined, she says, to break her sweetheart of the habit, she contacted the U.S. Narcotics Bureau and became an undercover .informant. Narcotics agents give a somewhat different account of this episode. They say June Cobb found her lover's affections straying and, in a fit of jealousy, squealed on him..Whatever the truth may be, June flew to New York to work with an agent. The undercover man, disguised as an American racketeer with June's contacts in his little black book, set out to infiltrate the jungle dope ring. Through his work, the poppy patches were plowed under, the extraction plant destroyed, and the brothers arrested in Havana. Decisive Speech Meanwhile, June had discovered Fidel Castro. She came actoti a copy of the blazing tpeech tie had delivered when he wot tried for treaton by Batitta in 1953. She teat to impretted that the decided to translate the tpeech into English. Luis Contc Agucro, a Cuban journalist then close to Castro but now a bitter critic in exile, wrote a prologue and contributed to the printing cost. They took a phrase from Castro's speech for the title: History Will Absolve Me. The first time Castro blew into New York with his scraggly claque, Aguero took June around to meet him. They found Fidel admiring a newspaper picture of himself poking an arm into the lion's cage at the Central Park Zoo. Aguero remarked that June had spent six months in the Amazon jungle. "Don't out do me so!" blurted Castro, chuckling. For June Cobb, it was hero-worship at first sight. Soon aftcrwairdSiCclia Sanchez, Castro's girl Friday, invited June:to come to Havana and handle: English translations for Cuba's new leader Recalls June "I arrived in Havana during the still rosy revolutionary glow of the summer of 1959.1 translated the new land .reform law into English, also a number of Fidel's speeches. Now I feel like reading some of his haunting lines back to him. Once, for example, he said: 'Be it a dictatorship, to the left or a dictatorship to the right, a dictatorship is a dictatorship.'" Along with' another- American, William Morgan, a happy-go-lucky daredevil with a irk Douglas grin and an itchy trigger-finger, June Cobb became a favorite of the budding dictator. Morgan had reason later to regret his devotion to Castro. He fought with Castro in the Sierra Ma'estre, stayed with him at the cost of his American.citizenship, then ended . up facing a firing squad. • But in'those earlier rosy days, Morgan and June were the .only Americans with private offices on the sacrosanct 18th floor of Castro's headquarters. They were also the only foreigners to use the heavily guarded basement entrance and the private elevators. June sat in on many top-level meetings with Castro, entranced and excited at being included in the councils creating a new and supposedly free: Cuba. At times, Castro would pop into her office, swaggering in his jungle-green uniform and slapping his pistol holster, as he poured out ideas as if addressing not a girl but a mass audience. Once, after she had been hospitalized, he suggested that she could convalesce with him and Celia Sanchez at a special beach. "Or since you prefer the jungle," he added winsomcly, recalling her Amazon experience, "we have jungles, too." Maximum Compliment Another time, Fidel turned to his faithful aide, Capt. Jesus Yanes (later to be clapped in jail) and asked:-Why hasn't June boon given her citizenship?" Although said in jest, it was meant as a maximum compliment from the maximum leader. But trouble too* brewing in the new Ciilmn paradise. Economic czar Ernesto "Che" Guevara, who detested "Yanquis" with a.Red passion, began to plot against Morgan'. He had an old grudge to settle with the American. During the fighting in the mountains, Guevara had sent Communist agitators into Morgan's sector to indoctrinate his troops. Morgan, no Communist, whatever else he was, kicked ' them out and fold them to stay out. . June heard whispers that Guevara was maneuvering against. Morgan, later, became aware that the secret police were also watching her, Once they actually arrested her, but no less personages than Fidel and Cclia protected her. "June's as clear as a glass of Trim and literate, June Cobb row helps rebel cause in Guatemala by writing and arms running. water," Celia would say. The secret police would nod and withdraw. But finally, Fidel became cool and remote. He didn't come to see her; she couldn't get to sec him. The long faithful Capt. Yanes was seized, thrown in jail, and given a trial on trumped-up charges. June decided it was time for a trip to the United States. In September I960, June Cobb took her last ride dow.i Castro's exclusive elevator. A few weeks later, Morgan, the last surviving American in Castro's clique, was arrested, tried and shot. But June Cobb, girl soldier of fortune, was still in the game. Soon she made another revolutionary contact with Juan Jose Arevale, former left-wing President of Guatemala. She began an English translation of his book, The Shark and itte Sardines, which is caustically critical of the U. S. From Mexico she was soon working with Guatemalan revolutionaries. She helped them find equipment for guerilla fighting, personally bought them kits that could be used to carry ammunition. Then she saw them off at dusk as they slipped into the Guatemalan jungle to attempt another revolution. At this writing, they were still there. What makes June Cobb tick? Probably June henclf doesn't know. Adventiirc, like the opium and cocaine which started her on her career at a girl toldier of fortune, it a heady drug.
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    Thy Will Be Done: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism

    Thanks James, You are the best. I have a feeling those two rascals are living the high life, next to a golf course somewhere. And probably very anxious to sell their stories. BK https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do Mrs. D.A. Little married Pereira after he was married to Gertrude Joyce of Roswell, N.M.. Mrs. Llittle was from Corsicana, Texas and had a sister named Mrs. Sam Harwell and lived for a time in Fort Worth with Mr. and Mrs. John W. Boehl. http://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/17th_Issue/rambler2.html Brading and Periera had a long history of marrying rich widows and embezzling from them. In a much publicized vagrancy arrest by Sheriff Bill Decker in Dallas in 1952, Brading's fifty-dollar fine was paid by Periera. "The vagrancy rap stemmed from Brading's lingering presence, without any apparent effort to earn his take, at the Dallas area mansion of D.A. Little, president of Magnolia Oil Co. Little had died and Mrs. Little had become Periera's sixth wife after a whirlwind courtship." [source: Earl Golz, "Did the Mafia kill JFK?" The Texas Observer, Nov. 30, 1973] In Texas, a "community property" state, married couples equally own each other's assets. Therefore, Periera could have owned an interest in Magnolia Oil at the time of Schmidt's party.
  15. Linda Minor

    Thy Will Be Done: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism

  16. Linda Minor

    General Paul Griffith

    Scott, Feel free to message me at FB anytime you need research help.
  17. Linda Minor

    General Paul Griffith

    In 1952 the following front page article appeared, which gives a fuller description of him than his obit, 22 years later. What stands out is that he had absolutely no education, having left school in 1917, at age 20. Also notable is that he served in INDIA and had numerous medals from the French, Belgians, Italians and Greeks. Other sources at google books indicate he was a 33rd degree mason selected for an important job under President Truman within the Defense Department. With his role in the wholesale dairy industry, as well as Democratic politics, it's quite possible he would have had knowledge of John Connally's scheme during the Associated Milk Producers scandal which was a prelude to Watergate. NOVEMBER 23, 1952 Cumberland, Maryland Times To Be Elks' Guest Paul H. Griffith, a member of Uniontown Lodge 370, BPO Elks and a former national commander of the American Legion, will be the speaker at the memorial services of Cumberland Lodge No. 63, BPO Elks Sunday, December 7, at 8 p. m. at Fort Hill High School auditorium. The program will be open to the public. Griffith is a veteran of both World Wars and served as assistant secretary of defense in 1949 and was personal assistant to former Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson. Previous to that he was an executive in a private business enterprise in Washington. He was appointed Small Business Advisor by Secretary Johnson on December 22, 1949. Griffith was born in Uniontown, on April 8, 1897. Upon the declaration of war with Germany in 1917, he left school and enlisted in the Army. During World War I, he served as a non-commissioned officer in the 110th Infantry and 55th Infantry Brigade Headquarters, 28th Division. Following that war, for a number of years he was a partner with his father, D. A. Griffith, in the wholesale dairy products business in Uniontown. He was active in the civic, fraternal and veterans affairs of his own community and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Griffith was one of the early members of The American Legion and served in various capacities with his post in Uniontown, the State of Pennsylvania and the National Organization. He is a life member of Lafayette Post No. 51 in Uniontown and was Post Commander in 1928. He became Commander of Pennsylvania in 1932, and later served as chairman of the National Americanism Commission, executive director of the Washington Office of the American Legion, and director of the National Employment and Veterans' Preference Committee. In June, 1940, Griffith was commissioned a major, called to active duty, and assigned as assistant executive in the office of the Under Secretary of War. In February 1942, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and made a member of the American Technical Mission to India. On returning to Washington Colonel Griffith served as a member of the committee to set up essential activities and critical occupations for the War Manpower Commission and Selective Service System. In February 1944 he was promoted to colonel and named chief of the Veterans Personnel Division of the Selective Service System. He was appointed to the President's Appeal Board of Selective Service upon his release from active duty in the armed services in October 1945. Griffith was awarded the Legion of Merit, Silver Star and Purple Heart for his war services. His foreign decorations include the Belgian Officers Order of Leopold, French Chevalier, Legion of Honor of France, Croix de Guerre, Liberation Medal of France, Italian War Cross, Order of the Italian Star of Solidarity and the Greek Officer Order of Phoenix and Cross of Honor. He is a member of the board of directors of the American Red Cross, Community Chest and the American Legion Overseas Grave Decoration Commission.
  18. Linda Minor

    General Paul Griffith

    Tom! Thank you so much for that email, you certainly are incredible at researching someone as well, I have not read the article yet, because I was so excited to see it that I wanted to say thanks! A lot man!!! He was not 49 years old, but a 49-year veteran.
  19. Linda Minor

    General Paul Griffith

    My guess from what was disclosed to the public in his obit that he had some role with financing covert ops through these American Legion accounts. From American Legion website
  20. Linda Minor

    General Paul Griffith

    This obituary appeared in Uniontown: Mr. Griffith was executive vice president of Buchart-Horn, consulting engineers with offices in 10 eastern states and also head of Paul H. Griffith Industries, with main offices at Washington, D.C. At his Maryland farm, he raised hereford cattle and saddle horses. Mr. Griffith gained national prominence as U.S. Asst. Secretary of Defense under Secretaries Louis Johnson and George C. Marshall during the Truman Administration and National commander of the American Legion. Active in the American Legion, he served as commander of Lafayette Post 51 in Uniontown and went on to become national commander in 1946. His military service spanned two world wars. He served as an enlisted man in the 110th Infantry of the 28th Division during World War I. Re-entering the service for World War II, he rose to the rank of Colonel. At retirement, he held the rank of brigadier general. He was decorated by the United States and many foreign countries. He also held a number of other high government positions. Mr. Griffith was asst. administrator of the Retraining and Re-employment Administration in the office of War Mobilization, small business advisor to the Dept. of Defense, executive member of the Selective Service Presidential Appeals Board prior to serving as Asst. Secretary of Defense. More recently, he served as chairman of the Pennsylvania State Veterans Commission. Mr. Griffith is a former trustee of the American Legion Overseas Grave Registration Commission; the Surburban Hospital of Bethesda, Md.; Boy's Clubs of America; board of directors of the American Red Cross; Community Chest, and was coordinator for the Ground Observer Corps of Civil Defense in the area surrounding Washington, D.C. He was vice president of the National Board of Trustees of the National City Christian Church. Surviving are his wife, Dove Pitzer Griffith , a daughter, Mrs. Robert Sweeney, and a son, Paul H. Griffith Jr. of Potomac, Md. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Pearl Jennewine Griffith, formerly of Point Marion. Friends will be received in the Gawlers Funeral Home, Washington, D.C. Tuesday and Wednesday. The funeral will be at 11 a.m. Thursday at the National City Christian Church, Washington, D.C. Burial will be in the Ft. Lincoln Cemetery.
  21. Linda Minor

    General Paul Griffith

    There is a 1950 photo of him here: http://cdm.sos.mo.gov/cdm4/item_viewer.php?CISOROOT=/trumanlib&CISOPTR=3982&CISOBOX=1&REC=5
  22. Linda Minor


    I would like to second Doug Caddy's request. Kris Millegan has been a friend of mine for many years through internet groups engaged in research. His father was an honorable CIA agent who resigned from the Agency because he learned it was intent upon working with opium producers in the Far East as the U.S. was taking over from France in Vietnam. Kris himself told his story in his Forum Biography.
  23. Linda Minor

    Umbrella Man

    Either the transcription of the HSCA testimony was wrong, or else the witness' memory was bad. The Rio Grande National Life Insurance Co. building was at the northwest corner of the intersection of Elm Street and N. Field, not Beal. The insurance company (Witt's employer in 1963) was owned and operated by the Baxter family, who moved to Dallas "in 1939, [when] the Rio Grande Building in Harlingen was traded for the old Linz Building on Main and Martin streets [1608 Main] in Dallas to become the company's new home office building." They built a new building in Dallas in about 1950 in the 1200 block of Elm; it was torn down for the Renaissance Tower. It would have been about half a mile from Dealey Plaza.
  24. Linda Minor

    Lyndon Johnson and the Assassination of JFK

    Orleans Parish Grand Jury Testimony of Harold Weisberg, 28 Apr 1967 http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=1210&relPageId=59 http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=1210&relPageId=61 SUMMARY FOLDER OF OS/SAG INVESTIGATIVE FILES http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=1154905 THE CASE AGAINST LYNDON B. JOHNSON IN THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT K http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=1026638 Dealey Plaza Echo, Volume 6, Issue 1 Current Section: A Rough Guide to Oswald Lookalikes (Part IV), by Mark Bridger http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=389123 During World War II, Castorr had been assigned to General Joseph Stilwell commander of the China-Burma-India theater. He was involved in public relations in the Army.
  25. Linda Minor

    John McAdams and Judyth Baker

    Obviously, you chose not to listen to her two-hour interview. You and Barb can rant and rave all you like about the past debunking nonsense. But you can't deal with the content. My memory pales against Judyth's. I mispoke. The initial on the time cards was merely "J" instead of "JB," and the time cards are shown at pages 588 and 589 of both the hard and soft cover of the book. My thanks go to all of you who have responded with so much objectivity and professionalism.