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  1. Drawing #2 does indeed have the ANFO bags piled on the side facing away from the building, and that is the configuration that Terry Nichols says was actually built at Geary Lake. Nichols described what they built at Geary Lake as a "half-assed bomb." There were major problems during the construction of the bomb: much of the ammonium nitrate fertilizer had gotten wet, and McVeigh was very sloppy in putting it together according to Nichols. He gives the impression that what they built would not have functioned. Meanwhile, I have reason to believe that the bomb was overhauled or reconstruct
  2. Not an opinion you hear that often, that is for sure. However, anything is possible. I never like to be too stringent in my beliefs because I have found in the past that I was wrong about one thing or another as new evidence came in, and think it's intellectually proper to be open to differing positions. What specifically makes you think that Nagell faked the ID, and what published book do you think it was from? What makes me think that Nagell knows something, and isn't just some nut, are the unusual occurrences in his life. The people showing up at his house after he dies look
  3. I agree. Jim's discussions and essays when they venture into JFK's foreign policy are always excellent. The deconstruction of The Best and the Brightest was beautiful iconoclasm. It took something that was widely accepted -- without any good reason, as Jim illustrated -- as the gospel, and eviscerated it showing it to be mediocre at best and outright lies and propaganda at the worst. When he delves into other areas like the Congo, it's equally illuminating. He has the knowledge to put something like that together. Just listening to him talk about these things got me to read about and look into
  4. This piece is just another in a long line of recent essays you've written--and content from your appearances on BOR--that distinguish you as not merely a JFK assassination researcher but truly a historian. Fantastic work, and the trajectory of your writing in the last few years really has shown your talent for scholarly work in the realm of cold war history. My hope is to see more work from you in these areas. You have said that you don't think you would do another book, but I see such great promise for several books in these kinds of pieces.
  5. This reads like a parody of a Mac user. It's sad and hilarious at the same time. Hey, Lifton: That's a link that corresponds to your own gmail account. It's a link directly to an item in your personal inbox, which of course it works when you click on it.
  6. I tend to believe "where there is smoke there is fire" and one of the most convincing things, in lieu of hard evidence, are these bizarre occurrences in Nagell's life and then these things that happened even after he died. If Nagell is a nut like the critics suggest, he's the most powerful nut in the world: capable of reaching from beyond the grave to conjure up shenanigans.
  7. Right - one of the trunks that supposedly contained the evidence people were interested in was supposed to be a purple colored trunk which came up missing from the storage unit. I find it interesting that we have two people showing up at Nagell's place with some b.s. story about counterfeit money, and we have the family saying things were missing from the storage locker. Then Robert's apartment was also broken into, I recall reading that somewhere. High strangeness.
  8. I wanted to share here a story that I heard from Robert Nagell, Dick Nagell's son, in 1997 or possibly 1998. Robert Nagell also sent me a high resolution scan of a photograph of Dick Nagell, which I have attached at the bottom of this post for anyone interested. Look at the bottom of the image and you can see the edge of the photograph that was scanned by the flatbed scanner that Robert used to scan the photo for me. So, this is the story: shortly after Veteran's Day in 1997 (possibly 98, but I think it was 97), I sent an email to Robert Nagell. At that time I had just read "The Man
  9. Hi David, You raise some very good questions here. Unfortunately I am not an expert on either the bomb configuration in that truck, or explosives. However, this is a subject worth analyzing and I do have some key points that relate to your questions I'd like to offer up. What I do know about the design of the truck bomb is we have two different versions of that: (1) McVeigh's version, from his book American Terrorist (2) Terry Nichols' version, provided to the FBI in 2005 and via affidavit. Additionally, Nichols also provides in his affidavit another version of the bom
  10. New essay: https://libertarianinstitute.org/articles/the-lies-behind-the-oklahoma-city-bombing/ The Lies Behind the OKC Bombing by Richard Booth | October 5, 2020 This essay examines some high-profile FBI agents' in the OKBOMB case and their lies about this case. I deconstruct the statements of FBI SA Weldon Kennedy, Bob Ricks, Danny Coulson, and Jon Hersley, examining what they say within the context of what we know to be the truth. Also examined are the ATF's statements about why they weren't at work in the Murrah building on the morning of April 19.
  11. I don't know necessarily that they would have been *asked* not to cover it, more like the media knows what's good for them. If they know the official narrative is "oh, it was a drill" then that's what they're going to say, if anything at all. Anything else they would call "baseless assertions" (their new favorite term) or "conspiracy theories." One thing I noticed is that the FSB whistleblower who said that Putin blew up those apartments, Alexander Litvinenko, was poisoned with polonium. He was clearly targeted and taken out much like the former Soviet Union and the Bulgarian did to Georg
  12. The first apartment bombings happened in early September, then later in the month "a suspicious device resembling those used in the bombings was found and defused in an apartment block in the Russian city of Ryazan on 22 September." "Three FSB agents who had planted the devices at Ryazan were arrested by the local police. On 24 September 1999, head of FSB Nikolay Patrushev announced that the incident in Ryazan had been an anti-terror drill" -- where have we heard that before, a "drill" ? You raise a good point about the west being so quiet about it: if we said anything untoward about the
  13. Timothy McVeigh's Trip to Oklahoma: Week of April 6 to 12 Here is an excerpt from a rough draft of an unpublished manuscript I wrote. Forgive me for any errors in parallel structure or passive voice, I wrote this several years ago, before improving my writing skills. This excerpt will explain McVeigh's presence in Tulsa, OK and OKC, OKC in early April. March 31st, 1995-April 11th The Imperial Motel Kingman, Arizona Timothy McVeigh checked into the Imperial Motel in Kingman, Arizona on March 31st, 1995. According to the official narrative, McVeigh would remain in room 2
  14. The FBI failed to put any notes in Graham's 302 report about the putty or the wires she said she saw. The 302 report merely says that the men "had something" in one of the cars. I have posted Graham's FBI 302 below, followed by her written affidavit which has more detail about what she saw. What she said she saw is identical to what witness Ruth Schwab said she saw in the MFB garage: graham-pg1 graham-pg2 written affidavit: "I contacted the FBI first by phone then by letter to inform them of three (3) men who I saw on the 2nd level of the parking ga
  15. 1999 -- FSB blew up Moscow apartment buildings and blamed it on Chechans. FSB whitleblower Litvinenko talked about this and he was assassinated for it.
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