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  1. Very excited about this: https://larryhancock.wordpress.com/2020/09/21/tipping-point/ Tipping Point / The conspiracy which murdered President John Kennedy Introduction Reality Check Dissension The Back Door The Cuban Backstory Revolutionary Cuba 1958-1960 The CIA Cuba Project 1960-1961 Covert Action Against Cuba 1961-62 Anti-Castro Activism 1961-1962 Helter Skelter – 1963 Enter Lee Oswald Walking a Tightrope Oswald’s Uses People in Motion – Fall 1963
  2. I refreshed my memory of it -- covered succinctly in Destiny Betrayed. However, would make a good bit to talk about, perhaps in a discussion about Angleton in general. There is so much about him worth talking about.
  3. I don't know enough about the memo that Trento said he saw, all I remember about that is that what Trento said he saw said it would implicate Hunt in a limited hang-out. @Jim: You should talk about this on BOR. Go over the Trento memo and then go over Angleton's quote and how it's related. Also may be worth mentioning that Tad Szulc allegation and how it's the ONLY source for the allegation of Hunt in Mexico City in August/Sep/Oct, and how Szulc's sources are unnamed CIA officials... Talk about how the Szulc allegation could possibly have been designed to implicate Hunt (which it cer
  4. According to Szulc his sources were "CIA employees" and he refused to name them citing journalistic privilege. I agree with you that Hunt was not temporary chief of station, to me that whole thing reeks of intentional misdirection. We have ONE source, whose unnamed source is CIA agents, and zero supporting documentation. Besides that, does it even fit? Why would the CIA make an operations guy like Hunt chief of station? If they needed a temporary chief of station would the CIA not just appoint someone to that job who actually already works in Mexico City, someone who worked with Win Scott? THA
  5. Great question! I think that to betray someone or something you have to first have some kind of loyalty to it. I don't think DJT has ever had any loyalty whatsoever to the truth much less the JFK matter. Like everything he exploited the subject for his own possible gain, using the subject to both try to paint Ted Cruz as connected to the assassination with bogus claims and later he tried to exploit the subject for favor among the populace by posturing as someone who was going to "release the files" Ultimately he is, in my estimation, a sociopath and a narcissist who wouldn't do
  6. Saw a video on YouTube from AJ Weberman's channel, it's about 5 months old, he's in the hospital in the video and says that he has coronavirus. He sounded pretty bad. Anyone know if AJ is okay? He's a vulnerable person for this thing... he's 75 (looks about 60, must be all that weed he smokes...)
  7. I don't believe that one addresses issues in a way that is any better than the other, to me, I know we're going to be worse off no matter which one wins and either candidate is going to hurt the country, in differing ways. I truly do not support Joe Biden in the slightest, he's awful and it'll be a travesty if he wins. The same applies to Donald Trump. So it doesn't matter who I vote for, because no one outcome is better than another. It's a matter of choosing which lethal poison you want to eat.
  8. I typically go with my "gut" on a witness before diving into the evidence. With some people, your gut tells you immediately they're full of xxxx and you don't really need to examine things, you can just skip it as a distraction. My gut tells me all I need to know about JVB, she registers on the B.S. meter in the same range as Priscilla McMillan, James Files, and Gordon Arnold. I know they're all selling fables and lies.
  9. But both sides are full of xxxx, neither of them are trustworthy, and they both constantly lie. So, you can call it a fallacy or whatever, but I know that neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump deserve my trust or my vote and they're both garbage.
  10. So do a million other people. I know that her story is a load of nonsense, but if you want to believe it you're free to do so. I'm not going to try to convince you any more than I already have laid out why I think it's a load of crap.
  11. Agreed that Riley is very interesting, seems like a cover job. In fact almost all of Oswald's places of employment are very interesting in that respect. Regarding JVB's hire date and fire date, that's far too thin a basis for me to buy her story. People are hired and fired every day, and oftentimes several people go or come at once, nothing nefarious about it. You also have full time regular employees doing real jobs working for companies that provide cover to people. For example, most of the employees at Kellog Brown and Root are actual real jobs and it's just the few people who use the
  12. I'm not aware of the sales figures, but Vince P. started by saying that Haslam's book has sold many copies and/or has lots of positive reviews. May be true. I suspect that Haslam knowingly, intentionally, and willingly padded his book with JVB's bullxxxx in a mutual effort with JVB to sell books and cultivate a narrative that is designed to bring in income and create conferenced appearances. @Ron - I agree re Riley Coffee Co and Garrison. 100%
  13. I'm surprised this guy is held in such high regard among spooks given that he can't carry out a deception without broadcasting to everyone that he's lying, through his language as much as through his body language and everything else. Note that when Mark Lane asked Helms about Clay Shaw, Helms said "can you refresh my memory as to who Clay Shaw was" Helms used the past-tense, was, because Clay Shaw was dead and he knew it. Had Helms actually not known who Shaw was he would have said "refresh my memory as to who Clay Shaw is" You would think that an intelligence professional wou
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