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  1. Green on Red, also "Paisley Underground," and running buddes of The Dream Syndicate:
  2. I think there was a year of my life where I listened almost exclusively to Gun Club, Dream Syndicate, and The Rain Parade. Very talented Rain Parade and Mazzy Star founder David Roback died this year. Not Punk, but neo-psychedelia with notes of Beatles, Byrds, Pink Floyd and Neil Young:
  3. Here was the gloria mundi of The Dream Syndicate, part of the "Paisley Underground" of neo-psychedelic bands, which took in a lot of thematic territory. Genius guitarist Karl Precoda is an influential mathematician today. Some of my favorite songs ever:
  4. Cliff already posted west coast band The Gun Club, some of my favorite stuff of the period. It escaped me because it doesn't seem like Punk to me, more like Americana maudit for a Punk audience. They even covered "Run Through the Jungle," changing the lyrics. Not sure John Fogarty caught that.
  5. In comedy terms, "free Les Pauls" is funnier than "Stratocasters."
  6. I actually saw them in 1975, opening for the Rolling Stones.
  7. A free Les Paul to every Republican and Independent who owns an assault rifle. Molly Hatchet will rise again!
  8. The GOP will never vote to close the door on him like that, even if he doesn't run again. The party can't afford to alienate his base of magazine-loading "Fundamentalists" who don't understand religious heritage, and internet-informed militants who can't define socialism. Trump would have to be caught in deeds of Falwell, Jr. proportion to make the GOP turn him out forever - and even Jr. will be angling for redemption and return. To say this again, don't underestimate how Trump's appeal is like that of the Southern plantation slaveholder class to the poor Southerners who fought the Civi
  9. This is the kind of emotion inspired in the Confederacy after the Civil War, when all the poor Southern whites who fought the war but never owned slaves lost it over the fall of the slaveholder class, realizing that now they themselves could never own slaves.
  10. Trump now soliciting foreign sympathies at G20 conference. First step to going out like Charles I? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/21/trump-tells-g20-leaders-he-wants-to-work-with-them-for-a-long-time Maybe Prince Mohammed bin Salman can give advice on becoming a murderous theocrat.
  11. I would say that LaRouche definitely had his uses in American political discourse. In my twenties, reading LaRouchite literature for JFKA theory hipped me to political structures I hadn't heard of or thought enough about: Trilateral Commission, CFR, World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve; and the influence of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. The trick was to veer away intellectually when the LLR worldview and rhetoric calcified into unified theory. But my tangential association with the LLR world steered me toward other reading that I might have taken years to access otherwise.
  12. Did the hospital take your post-lobotomy pic? I see the bruising above the eyes.
  13. The last public figure who talked as much about himself was Little Richard.
  14. You haven't posted in how long, and now you come roaring back with premature ejaculation. Because they let you out of jail, or what?
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