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  1. David Andrews

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    How much of our aggression against Russia, North Korea and China is a put-on, a political show manufactured among the leadership of the four countries? Would this be even above the heads and pay grades of its televised advocates? The creation of chaos, conflict and even war for profit never goes away, of course - ask Saddam and Khaddafy. But is regime change in North Korea really on the table? Reformation of Syria by the US and Ukraine by Russia would seem the real prizes here, with US action against Iran perhaps unattainable on our wishlist. US bridgeheads - military or political - in Central Asia would seem desirable, but perhaps not in the present decade or under the current action plan. Perhaps that's a bridge too far, a hot-war issue not to be approached. I'm just wondering what Jim and the membership think is the end goal of the predominating bluster among the superpowers and North Korea. Do the players even have one?
  2. David Andrews


    I know, but as the poser of the question knows, and as you know, we are not talking about Tolstoy here.
  3. David Andrews


    Any dingus knows that there is no "straight," non-tendencied biography of Oswald, because the obvious prejudices of the publishing industry and of the general public. There is only propaganda of one stripe or another, or research works that support one of several conclusions about Oswald. So any posing of the question is disingenuous, and a kind of baiting of the Forum membership.
  4. David Andrews

    I Forgot how Good this Guy Was

    Is there any analog here between how we "want to" view Lenny Bruce and how we want to view the Kennedys? For true pedants, Bruce's co-edited transcript of his routines in book form, The Essential Lenny Bruce, may contain the version of the gag that Bruce preferred to put out for posterity. Albert Goldman and Lawrence Schiller's bio, Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce may offer its own version. However, no account not audio-recorded or attested to by multiple witness can be called definitive. If we start picking the one that humanizes and ennobles Bruce to our taste, then we're headed for tendentiousness. And flattering ourselves.
  5. David Andrews

    I Forgot how Good this Guy Was

    Maybe he did it twice on the road, two different cities, the way I heard it and the way Joe heard it. Maybe also there was a Lenny Bruce imposter out there. Yet a third version: 'And Lenny Bruce provided the perfect epitaph by opening his first performance after the Kennedy assassination with the line, "Man, is Vaughn Meader f****d!" The crowd reportedly exploded with laughter.' https://deadspin.com/5829643/dead-comedian-of-the-week-vaughn-meader-assassins-victim
  6. David Andrews


    All versions of Windows above XP are pointless frippery.
  7. David Andrews

    I Forgot how Good this Guy Was

    Just after the assassination, Lenny Bruce did a gig that had been postponed that weekend out of respect. The audience couldn't wait for his commentary. Bruce came out, went to the edge of the stage, and stood a long time in silence, as if brooding. Then he threw up his arms and yelled, "VAUGHN MEADER!" Everybody cracked up in schadenfreude - the poor guy was over.
  8. David Andrews

    National Enquirer shocker

    The Enquirer's horoscopes suck, too.
  9. David Andrews

    Interesting interview, ABC news

    "I believe that Oswald, operating alone, killed President Kennedy. I can't prove it, and I have about a two or three percent doubt in the corner of my mind about that it's conceivable, possible maybe, in a very remote circumstance that [...conspiracy is...] an exceedingly marginal possibility and I only raise it because I can't absolutely rule it out." Was a man ever less pregnant?
  10. David Andrews

    Well...it happened

    OK - What is your project, again?
  11. David Andrews

    Well...it happened

    When you publish, Rich, you could post the police report on your author page on Amazon, to show you were The Man Who Knew Too Much - But They Couldn't Stop You. Sells copies.
  12. David Andrews

    Well...it happened

    Police report?
  13. David Andrews

    Number of shots in Dealy Plaza?

    A lot of people discount Loy Factor because he seems to have been manipulated into agreeing with the story propositions of the people who wrote The Men on the Sixth Floor.
  14. There really should have been collectable action figures! Dan Rather, Cyril Wecht, David Atlee Phillips, William Colby, Carlos Bringuier, Oreste Pena, Robert McKeown, and more in The American Assassins, Parts I and II (1975, CBS) - with vintage commercials: Parts III and IV cover King, RFK, and Wallace.
  15. David Andrews


    One suspects that off-the-books assassination squads and assassination projects at CIA and OSS well predate 1961. Is the dating of events in QJWIN and WIROGUE histories a paper cover intended to throw shade on the Kennedy administration? Or can we say, more benignly, that these histories only exist because of (in response to) the assassination? Are there histories of "execution squad" activities in the 1950s?