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  1. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    Maybe you should go look at the back threads I'm talking about, facepalm slinger. There was once considerable concern here about the odd appearance of Hill and Moorman in Zapruder. This does not mean I endorse the Some Like it Hot theory.
  2. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    Actually, if you look at some of the Dealey Plaza film stills this poster has up on his web pages, there are some unrelated weirdnesses that haven't been commented on. Such as the shot in which Moorman and Hill have somehow moved over to the other side of Charles Brehm and his son, and why Babushka lady is photographing from behind the Brehms when she has a lot of open space to work in on either side of them (as if she's using the Brehms as a shield). So there's something useful in checking out the proofs for some alternative theories. People might like to look back on past threads (some involving the departed Jack White) that explored whether Moorman was on the curb or in the street when she shot her picture, and why in Zapruder Jean Hill is wearing shoes much different from those she wears in other photographs.
  3. My theory on who fired the fatal shot

    Was Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Were getting revenge for Marilyn Monroe.
  4. OK. But if you Google Rosin and von Braun...that aliens hoax story is repeated on at least 20 different websites, over several Google pages.. So somebody's paying to get it out there. Does Rosin get a piece of that? https://www.bing.com/search?q=carole+Rosin+von+braun&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IENTTR&conversationid
  5. Lansdale in Vietnam - Excerpt

    It was somewhere around the place where all eyes and guns were trained on Lansdale and his poodle that I smelled the heroism business. You're right about the outrageous enmity that the French ground command held for us, who were taking their war away from them. The higher-level politics involved is a study of its own.
  6. Lansdale in Vietnam - Excerpt

    It has been observed that the most dangerous tendency in a biographer is to let his subject become his hero.
  7. 9-11books

    Michael, how does this work? I get a 404 Not Found at the Krusch link, and "Not Found On This Server" for the individual books.
  8. Who is Abe Greenbaum?

    OK - so anybody out there have any clues to Abe Greenbaum Number One?
  9. Who is Abe Greenbaum?

    Idea deleted pending further research.
  10. Who is Abe Greenbaum?

    Tom - it's a toss-up as to whether Nagell's hermeneutics are literary or numerical. I vote that, beleaguered in prison, he wanted to be more easily understood/concealed through wordplay. It's also difficult to dismiss the Kennedy-era tag of Helms as "Dirty Dick," well-reported in the halls at Langley and the foyers of Georgetown.
  11. Who is Abe Greenbaum?

    A lot of the disguised content of Nagell's 1967 letter to Arthur Greenstein is easily decipherable, if not immediately by Greenstein, then by a posterity of assassination researchers. However, the backstory given to "Abe Greenbaum" is esoteric, and didn't later emerge to the public view, as did "Dirty Dick" Helms* and David Ferrie, whom Nagell references in the letter. Can anyone puzzle out this tale from the arcana of espionage, quoted below? [Nagell:] "Here's a more up-to-date lead on Abe Greenbaum: 'Informant F-HC reports subject handed suspected courier forty pieces of silver on 10/21/62 at Laredo, Mexico, for delivery to nuclear physicist residing in house on 92nd Street, New York City. S/A B. O. Schernnn, Washington, D.C. Field Office, reports subject seen 11/28/62 walking east on Beacon Street, constantly checking for tail, suddenly dashing into parked limousine sporting U.S.S.R. Embassy license plates, which speeds away, runs red light, terminating surveillance as Agent Schernnn forced to brake bicycle to avoid breaking the law. Informant F-111-B reports subject and suspected courier observed at King's Tavern, Wilmington, Del. on 12/6/62, paying for drinks with strange-looking silver dollars taken from bulging briefcase carried by subject. Subject now suspected of being Mr. Big in Communist plot to disrupt U.S. economy by flooding country with hard cash. /s/ I.M. NEVERWRONG, SAIC, D.C. LAIR.'" Some clues: name of FBI SAIC in DC during October-December 1962 (or is "I. M. NEVERWRONG" code for J. Edgar Hoover?); real name of Special Agent B. O. Schernn ("B[ody] O[dor]"?), when he's not appearing in satire; non-satirical meaning of informant names F-HC and F-111-B. The various streets and cities may have peculiar contextual meanings. (For instance: in what city could Greenbaum access a Russian embassy car on "Beacon Street"?) The "house on 92nd Street" may or may not refer to the famous 1941 Nazi spy ring case immortalized in the movie of the same name. For those interested, there are other mentions of Nazism in this letter defining the assassination. "Strange-looking silver dollars" = JFK's anti-Fed silver certificates? The context is a "Communist plot to disrupt [the] U.S. economy by flooding [the] country with hard cash." Nagell cites "Abe Greenbaum" specifically as a "long suspected leftist [who] is actually [a] confirmed rightist, in deep cover," working for CIA. He also says that Greenbaum is one of only two persons on Nagell's prison-approved correspondents list, and, unless Nagell is joking, maintaining contact with Greenbaum is important to his future. It would be good to establish exactly what this person meant to Nagell. So, who is "Abe Greenbaum"? Guy Banister died in 1964, three years before this letter. Nagell's cynical humor may be inverting things, but was Banister then really a "long suspected rightist [who] is actually [a] confirmed leftist, in deep cover"? Was there really a Banister-Dick Helms contact as the letter suggests, or is this figurative comedy? https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/the-private-correspondence-of-richard-case-nagell *Helms was known as "Dirty Dick" at CIA for years before the Nagell letter.
  12. Roscoe White

    Take a look in the past threads for this legend. Not sure, however, when the last time Robinson was interviewed.
  13. Roscoe White

    Interesting that no photos of Tippit's body at the crime scene were taken, or that any taken have not emerged.
  14. Roscoe White

    There was some discussion of the kid-in-the-restroom tale on a past thread. Doubt was raised as to veracity.
  15. communications override/hacking?

    I'll listen when I have more time, Steve, but I've never heard actual radio jamming, of any historical period. From what little I know, one type of jamming would be to broadcast a particular sound wave (or something like white noise) over a frequency or set of frequencies, so that no other signal could be heard. This could prove selective if someone's receiver entered a zone where the imposed sound wave was blocked intermittently, allowing the expected communication to break through - similar to when your car radio momentarily picks up and drops other stations than the one you wanted. I'm sure people who served in military radio communications are a better source than I.