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  1. David Andrews

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    Robert had a jailhouse conversation with Lee. Nobody imagines those to be "intimate." "Brother, you won't find the truth in there."
  2. Please, somebody, read the book and prove or disprove the following statement: If something exists, there is porn of it.
  3. Yes, some names have been changed, some dialogue recreated, and there is some conflation of characters and minor events. But the story is very real. Conflation of characters and minor events is ahistorical and borders on fictionalization. That's for "inspired by"-type moviemaking. THIS PART DIDN'T HAPPEN.
  4. I'm reading the lengthy Amazon excerpt and...I dunno. That watch better carry a ballistic track back to the grassy knoll, with metallurgical evidence different from CE 399. And it better not have disappeared into some inaccessible vault. Can we find any history on the author's prosecution by the government? Update: not wild about the recreation of Love Field limo seating arrangements, nor the depiction of the assassination itself. Why is the watch evidence of a mercury round, but not JFK's jacket and shirt?
  5. David Andrews

    Book Excerpt-Fred Litwin

    Delete. My mistake.
  6. David Andrews

    The Man with the Nixon Tattoo

    Jerome Corsi, Conspiracy Theorist, Is Subpoenaed in Mueller Investigation https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/05/us/politics/jerome-corsi-subpoena-mueller-investigation.html
  7. David Andrews

    Interesting video from primary source.

    Seen this guy's stuff - he's the equivalent of a Mob televangelist. Note the brand logos on his clothing.
  8. Well, I was glad for an opportunity to find more interesting podcasts in the MWN Archives, and to poke about in Don Jeffries' blog archives. His "Pizzagate" entry (found by accident) was provocative, if adequately researched.
  9. David Andrews

    I'm leaving

    Invite all those witches to be members!
  10. David Andrews

    Pauline Sanders

    Can we hear more about what two films were spliced, and who has seen them and leaked their existence?
  11. David Andrews


    Check the older threads. There may still be one posted. "Pickup" or "Pick-up" might be a good search term.
  12. David Andrews

    The Skorzeny Papers reviewed by Michael LeFlem

    Alternate title based on the CTKA review: The Godawful Digest: or, How I Made my Auction Spending Back. https://player.fm/series/house-of-mystery-true-crime-history-2427582/the-skorzeny-papers-evidence-for-the-plot-to-kill-jfk-major-ralph-ganis
  13. David Andrews

    In-depth Interviews with Tosh Plumlee

    Note that, at the beginning of this interview, Tosh seems to suggest that the origin of his "abort team" mission was Eugene Dinkin's discovery of an "OAS"-assisted operation launched against JFK. So the assertion that Tosh never quoted published research or was fed (dis)info is somewhat suspect now: See some further statements Tosh made to other researchers on this two-page thread on another forum: https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?943-Tosh-Plumlee&p=124618#post124618
  14. Y'see, Jim, the reason I ask whether "Oswald" (or someone else) could have exited the Croy-Westbrook car in the alley, and then been intercepted by Tippit at the mouth of the alley - instead of while walking along the 10th Street sidewalk - is that it's awfully strange that Tippit pulled over to block the mouth of that alley. Strange especially if there's already a cop car in the alley. The only other thing I can postulate is that Tippit in one car and Croy-Westbrook in another were trailing Oswald at a distance, and at the corner Croy-Westbrook broke away, turned onto Patton and entered the alley, arriving just after Tippit had intercepted "Oswald" at the alley mouth on 10th. But how did the cops in that alley car even know that alley was there? It's really no more than a nameless drive-through between houses that is itself off another, perpendicular, alley. Croy and Westbrook weren't Oak Cliff beat cops. They may have figured that many blocks in Oak Cliff had alleys running the length of the block, separating the house lots on parallel streets - but how to figure a drive-through that would T-bone with 10th Street in that block? There's a lot of police presence around that lousy little drive-through. How did everybody converge on that obscure but fatal spot, and when?