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  1. David Andrews

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    We all know that about the first part of the digraph. There is ample evidence that the second part is not always random.
  2. David Andrews

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Paul B: "As for Harvey, I think it’s worth reading and considering the info in the new book The Skorzeny Papers. The author suggests we look at Skorzeny seriously, that he may have been QJWIN." + + + I've always felt that some CIA cryptonyms were not randomly generated, but assigned because of aptness to the subject or for comic intent (viz. JM/WAVE = Miami station). So, what characteristics might QJ/WIN suggest in the nameholder? Do they fit Skorzeny (who rescued Mussolini) better than anyone else? Does the WIN designation stand for a result that only this agent could achieve? A willingness to go for broke?
  3. David Andrews

    JFK Assassination Film: Proof of Tampering?

    See this article for eyewitness to Jackie on the trunk: http://www.jfklancer.com/pdf/toni.pdf
  4. David Andrews

    The Running Woman

    I couldn't find the Debra Conway article Steve cited, but then I did, so I deleted my help request.
  5. David Andrews

    The Running Woman

    Delete, thanks
  6. David Andrews

    A question to David Lifton

    ‘It is not satisfactory,” Ford replied according to Giscard. “We first concluded that it was not an isolated crime, it was something organized. We were sure that it was organized. But we were unable to find out by who it was organized’ Giscard told the same story to Le Parisienmagazine in 2013. He said Ford told him, “We came to the conclusion that this assassination had been prepared. There was a conspiracy. But we were not able to identify which organization had sponsored it. ” + + + I wonder about an assertion like Ford's You would think this implies that some investigation was made by the FBI and a preliminary conclusion for conspiracy reached by the WC, but then abandoned, with the investigation and conclusions subsequently taking their familiar lone-nut course. But what if the "organizations" suspected were just the usual pro-Castro suspects, and their investigation was dropped for political reasons? Ford may be just blowing smoke and saying nothing in his remarks, and we don't see it because we're not accustomed to subtlety in the man.
  7. David Andrews

    Youtube and conspiracy theories

    Aren't they making money on that plethora of sources? Why would they sacrifice tales of the Reptillians and the Greys (Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, respectively, I think) just to foster approved disinfo?
  8. David Andrews

    Very poor taste by the French.

    David said: Who among us didn't want to see Pastor Tim get it in the neck? Hmmm,........ Can't say I did David. I didn't really even see that as a possibility.............But I could see some guy having a male fantasy where every potential antagonist to the Jennings family could be seen as dead meat for our bloodthirsty, little, psycho killing Marxist wife! ---------So that's cool man!😃 +++ Oh, please, man - Pastor Tim wormed his way into the family's life; brainwashed the daughter into confessing that her parents were spies; and by the end of his storyline had the daughter spying on him before the Jenningses got him mercifully deported to South America by a Soviet-connected missionary society. And through all that it was actually Phillip Jennings who hated and distrusted him the most - the father, not the mother. Despite humane regrets, Phillip killed people for less. Inherent in the idea that they let him go is the idea that it could have gone the other way. It was good soap opera writing to let Pastor Tim escape with his life; it was great TV writing to have him not rat the family out to Stan in the end. I applaud both moves, though my prime reason for wanting Pastor Tim to get it in the neck is that he took up so much valuable story time. It seemed like the writers were setting the character up for killing in the same way the writers on The Sopranos gave long arcs to annoying characters who would finally get whacked, giving macabre satisfaction and relief to the audience that had to put up with them. In Pastor Tim's case, the setup seemed to go on at least a season too long - but the double payoff was great. As for Keri Russell's character - it was plain by season 6 that she didn't require my beneficence in the least.
  9. David Andrews

    Very poor taste by the French.

    CBS had considerable reservations about Hogan's Heroes and almost kept it off the air - but it became a hit. As Newkirk would say, "It sayeth in the Good Book, 'There is a time to mourn, and a time to taketh the p*ss.' "
  10. David Andrews

    Very poor taste by the French.

    I'm not sure if I shouldn't congratulate them for so diligently keeping up the look of an NBC drama during the Reagan years. I was impressed by the good work among all the actors, playing whatever nationality. (Spoilers Ahead) It had this for it: Who among us didn't want to see Pastor Tim get it in the neck? (He didn't) Who didn't want to see Keri Russell deliver a beatdown to Margo Martindale's character? (She did.) And then Pastor Tim refused to rat the family out -- above average plotting for TV that atoned for many sins. What the daughter did in the end, and how the couple shrugged it off, was also story gold.
  11. David Andrews

    Ron Unz: Our Deadly World of Post-War Politics

    Every time this Unz, or his ghostwriter, introduces the never before trope ("Never before had I believed in assassination conspiracy"; "Never before had I had any interest in 20th-century history"), something tendentious and agenda-driven is about to become his topic. Reader, beware of writers with favorite tricks.
  12. David Andrews

    Very poor taste by the French.

    I dunno, I thought The Americans was pretty even-handed, and indicted America for several evils from an imagined Soviet point-of-view. If anything, I thought it soft-pedaled many ills of the Soviet system, though it also ignored some elephants in our room, notably the Contra war. It was a TV show - it used selective history to make dramatic points. The worst thing about it was the old-hat staging, camera framing and editing that made it look like a 1980s network TV show - a mimetic fallacy that had me expecting to see the NBC peacock logo pop up at the corner of the screen every 15 minutes.
  13. David Andrews

    Jack Ruby Monologue--the ending

    With the truth serum and polygraph requests, he seems to want to be "forced" to tell the truth under circumstances that he cannot be blamed for. But no one wanted any serious interrogation of Jack Ruby. Was he still on Preludin, or would he have been weaned off during the months he was in jail before Warren's visit?
  14. David Andrews

    Very poor taste by the French.

    We could do a commercial spoofing the OAS attempted hit on De Gaulle, but then both countries would go WTF!?