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  1. Lois Liggett: Challenge to Jim Di Eugenio

    Joe: The last three episodes of TMWKK are a mixed bag that unfortunately involves questionable or impugnable sources. Barr McClellan? Got two books, lacking in any detail, out of a one-line anecdote about LBJ that he heard from Cliff Carter once. Madeline Brown? Based on resemblance, I'm willing to believe her son Stephen is also LBJ's offspring. But the Murchison meeting? John Liggett? A great deal of unsubstantiated gruesomeness. Unless you compare it with the unsolved gruesomeness of the Mary Sherman murder. Judyth Vary Baker ????!!!!
  2. And before Hughes stops filming at the point you mention, there's a white stripe of emulsion loss at the top of a frame slightly later than the "flash." If you were filming and saw a muzzle flash/heard a shot, wouldn't you keep filming at that spot? Is the emulsion loss because the FBI, etc., were looking at those figures in the CRB window repeatedly?
  3. John Liggett and Lois Liggett

    The tracheotomy in the "Stare of Death" photo has always looked painted on to me.
  4. Lois Liggett: Challenge to Jim Di Eugenio

    Aside from Nigel Turner's fabrications, what is true in John Liggett's biography? Is the murder-arson story, with Ligget's subsequent arrest and killing while trying to escape, true? Does Malcolm Liggett have demonstrable Mob connections? The Liggett saga reads like a chapter from a James Ellroy novel. This would be remarkable were it not that so many sidebars to the assassination read like they were invented by James Ellroy. On the whole, the last three episodes of TMWKK illustrate how far "survivors" and "witnesses" will go to distort history for very little reward indeed. But con men always flatter themselves with rationalizations of teaching a moral lesson to the gullible.
  5. Who financed the JFK hit?

    Don't forget bribery of officials. There had to be some of that, because you can't threaten everybody and promise everything, and not everybody looks the other way for free. From all accounts , there had to be cash floating from a number of interests (Teamsters, Mob, Cubans, right-wingers, maybe JBS, etc.) who each thought they were financing something at ground level. But any large-sum bribery, and also any Defense operations funding, had to come from black sources, governmental or corporate.
  6. OK, from photo above, that's one bank of four tallish two-section window per floor. And it looks even more like that's public space back there, not narrow offices with one window each. In Keyvan's muzzle flash videos - those cameramen are within 20 feet of the shooter, not across the street and below. So I'm thinking that large "flash" is lost emulsion. Someone who knows film stock or the Hughes film better ought to weigh in.
  7. Sorry - posting at work again. I really do know the differance, I'm just not used to shot theories from the CRB windows. Here's a take: 1) The issue of figures and movement in that CRB window has been discussed in a past thread. 2) That movement doesn't look particularly stealthy in Bronson. It looks like someone leaning out and waving, maybe waving an object. 3) Whoever or whatever that is in the window, it's up awfully high in that window, if that window fits a conventional floor plan. Perhaps these modernist windows only have an opening section at the top, for ventilation. Possibly someone's on a ladder indoors. 4) A modernist-design window in a façade such as that usually fronts an interior public space such as a corridor, not a secluded office. (Though it could be otherwise in the CRB floor plan.) So maybe not a lot of privacy for a rifleman. 5) I don't think there's a muzzle flash visible in Hughes. I think that white light is a loss of emulsion in that spot. You can see lines of white light/emulsion loss in Hughes just a few moments later. However, that "flash" in Hughes may occur over several film frames, which is suspicious. Could the emulsion be scraped away to conceal something? 6) Could the emulsion loss be due to continued viewing of the film? The large burn during the limo turn is ostensibly the result of continued rewinding and pausing of the original. Could that have caused the emulsion loss "flash" also? 7) There is no way to tell from a video transfer posted online if that's a muzzle flash or emulsion loss. One would have to examine the original Hughes film frames. But I'm betting that's emulsion loss in that frame or frames, from one cause or another.
  8. I don't know why I don't see the flash in Hughes, either. Is it in the window with the man sitting below it on the fire escape? Part of my viewing problem is that 0:34 coincides with a jump cut to a closer perspective on the later cars in the motorcade. If someone could isolate the relevant before-during-after video frames as stills, it would be a help.
  9. I'll bite, Keyvan, because I'm like that. Where is that flash, exactly? Camouflaged in the burned frame(s)?
  10. The Paine Files

    The 1960s-ubiquitous Porta-file boxes: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1950s-RETRO-Vintage-PORTA-FILE-GREY-Metal-Box-Hamilton-Skotch-/272614063027?hash=item3f79107bb3:g:~eYAAOSwx6pYq1GJ
  11. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    As if. We hold it self-evident that the back threads of this Forum offer ample evidence against, on all proposable grounds.
  12. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    Just to say: No knock here at Mark Knight for reminding us of the Plumlee interview, which - like Plumlee's past posts on this Forum - are well worth study.
  13. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    Plumlee: Well, as we say in CIA. "There's many, many rogues out there." If people were saying that at CIA, it tends to sound like a cynical cop-out - just as disingenuous as it sounds coming from Plumlee. The quotation carries its own implicit meaning that "many" rogues were sanctioned by authority to carry out policy as cut-outs for the policymakers in office. "My goodness, all these rogues! Why are we not putting a stop to this? We're up to our a** in rogues out here!" I mean. really - for how many decades is this dodge supposed to work? Why does it work on you, George? "Rogues" equals "Nobody's guilty." "Blasted rogues, they've killed our president! Something must be done." But nothing was, until some "rogues" were under subpoena. Why was that, exactly? EDITED FOR CLARITY
  14. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    Rogue thoughts from Tosh Plumlee: Well, as we say in CIA. "There's many, many rogues out there." You have just as many rogues in Mafia. * * * That's why I don't feel that any direct involvement on a high level from our government was involved in the Kennedy assassination but I certainly believe that there were certainly rogues within CIA, rogues within military intelligence, rogues within Mafia, and rogues within high-ups in the National Security Council that was certainly aware that an attempt was gonna be made. Apparently there was a stampede of inculpability upon the land, approaching the proportions of a disaster movie. Tosh Plumlee Transcript
  15. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    In the YouTube film: People ran up the knoll to take shelter from the rooftop shooter? After the limo had left the Plaza? And the motorcycle cop ran up there for shelter, too? Junk, Junk, Junk. Does that YouTube guy make money for every viewing? Let's not pay him.