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  1. David Andrews

    JFK Autopsy Photo decoded?

    The bullet was eviscerated? It had its guts torn out? An organic bullet, like a small, flying pet store turtle?
  2. David Andrews

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    Some opinion on narcotics and post-Vietnam SE Asia fighting: http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/kiss_the_boys_goodbye.htm Opinion, he said.
  3. David Andrews

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    The question is - where did the mainland China networks and opium resources go after the fall of China? Chiang Kai-Shek may have retained his connections and exploited them, so Anslinger could blame the trade on the Reds. But Chiang couldn't control much of the mainland opium from Formosa. Did the Reds really burn it all, and encourage less lucrative farming?
  4. David Andrews

    Allen Dulles

    Who's Dulles looking to? would be a question. That guy below him smacks of the fading past. Thanks for the book.
  5. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    I believe DP spook is wearing what they used to call a car coat, which meant an overcoat with a shorter length, so you could get into your trouser pockets while driving.
  6. David Andrews

    Question for Doug Caddy

    Hunt, at JFKA time, may have been better connected to the Agency through Dulles and other pre-Helms old-schoolers than he was at the time of Watergate, and may have been immune to danger from Morales. This doesn't mean we should believe all points of his "confession," however - or believe any of them, for that matter,.
  7. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    Hello there! I might be alone, behind widow's peak man (sometimes ID'd as "Lucien Conein"), over on Main Street. Though, y'know, it's hard to spot any of us in the Hughes film... Look at me - I'm six feet ahead of "Gerry Hemming," but Hughes didn't catch us.
  8. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    See this thread, though I misidentified white trousers guy in it: White trousers guy is also in the Altgens photo taken on Main Street near the Houston corner, and apparently walked across the grass to make it into the Cancellare photo. If you do a search on Cancellare you will find a lot of past discussion on the figures in this photo.
  9. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    White trousers = Miami?
  10. David Andrews

    Possible photo of E. H. Hunt in Dealey Plaza

    "Potomac Basin Spookwear," that outfit's called. Flew in from a colder climate?
  11. David Andrews


    Like an old married couple.
  12. David Andrews

    What About McGeorge Bundy?

    Search the back threads, W. McGeorge B. has been a frequent candidate for suspicion. "McGeorge? What's his sister's name? McMary?" -- Lenny Bruce.
  13. David Andrews

    Has this been discussed?

    A couple of decades ago, either Time or Newsweek ran a cover story claiming that Oswald's real target was Connally, because of JC's supposed rejection of Oswald's honorable discharge plea. I have no recall of whether a kill list in a little green book was mentioned in that article. In response, critics brought out that Connally was out of office when the Oswald letter was sent. The article was a slightly big deal at the time, then faded from public memory.
  14. David Andrews

    More from the past on BYP

    I saw it in full speed and quarter-speed, and I stand by what I wrote above. I think he saw or heard something that unsettled him, and it may not have been a gun shot. (He's looking at something in the crowd on Jackie's side of the limo when he clasps his waving hand with the other.) A few seconds later, it was on-with-the-show for our Prez.
  15. David Andrews

    More from the past on BYP

    Where's the whole AMIPA film, not just the slo-mo clips? The human face and body can be constantly in motion, and one frame or one photo can catch a momentary reaction that reveals psychological or physical distress, yet is out of context to the person's entire demeanor at that moment. Frames and stills can also capture transitional facial expressions that seem expressive of an emotion that did not exist.