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  1. John Kelly

    Gerry Hemming and Interpen

    Pedro de Haro was the President of Hermandad Cubana.
  2. John Kelly

    Gerry Hemming and Interpen

    Regarding the Hermandad Cubana, can you tell us anything about Pedro de Haro?
  3. Greg is right, that is definitely Sturgis but not LHO. It is a reporter whose name escapes me for now. The film was taken in 1961 at a parachuting practice ground run by a guy named Popperwell or smothing similar. My memory is not what it used to be. There were also some press photographs taken that day one of which shows Hemming, Sturgis and Larry deJoseph. James Richards has posted it here before. JK
  4. John Kelly

    George de Mohrenschildt Death

    You're kidding right? By that logic we shouldn't be posting head shot frames from the Zapruder film, or JFK autopsy pictures, etc? Unbelievable. Sorry, Greg, I don't have that report. JK
  5. John Kelly

    George de Mohrenschildt Death

    FWIW. JK
  6. John Kelly

    Michael J. Hand

    Zach,you probably already know this but the John Martin in question, the man who handled Robert Emmett Johnson was John Clements from the Hearst organization. JK
  7. John Kelly

    Alexander Irwin Rorke, Jr.

    Alexander Rorke and mercenary Neil MacCaulley. JK
  8. John Kelly

    Roy Hargraves

    In that collage titled Interpen members and associates, that is not Ed Kolby but Dennis Harber. JK
  9. John Kelly

    William Pawley

    Zach, that's James Arthur Lewis on the left and Mickey Kappes on the right. JK
  10. John Kelly

    William Pawley

    Ramon Orozco was one of Rip Robertson's guys back in the early 1960's and participated in several raids into Cuba with Tony Izquierdo. In 1973, Orozco was charged with violation of an order of non-departure and did a short stint in prison. JK
  11. John Kelly

    William Pawley

    There was a militant Cuban exile named Rafael Paz. He was a close associate of Ramon Orozco who himself is a very interesting character. Both were connected to Alpha 66 and were busted running guns into Cuba in 1970. FWIW. JK
  12. John Kelly

    William Pawley

    Virgilio Paz? JK
  13. John Kelly

    Navarro brother's not Novo brother's

    Another photo of Navarro and Sturgis. JK
  14. John Kelly

    Navarro brother's not Novo brother's

    The photo came from the Bangor Daily News. I don't have the date. JK
  15. John Kelly

    Navarro brother's not Novo brother's

    Is this one of the Navarro's you refer to? Wilfredo Navarro on the left, Frank Sturgis in the middle and unknown on the right. I think he was a lawyer. Sorry about the poor quality. JK