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  1. I used Doug Thompson's fascinating article as part of the new epilogue to my revised series of essays The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend - let me know what you think. Connally didn't believe Oswald was the shooter Doug Thompson, the webmaster at Capitol Hill Blue, had dinner with John Connally in 1982. Connally told him "you know I was one of the ones who advised Kennedy to stay away from Texas. Lyndon was being a real asshole about the whole thing and insisted." Thompson asked Connally if he thought Oswald was the shooter. "Absolutely not. I do not, for one second, believe the
  2. I have reported on the Gannaway relationship with convicted wiretapper Robert Denson in 1963, reprinted below. Denson, head of the Tri-State Private Detective Agency, was hired to work on Jack Ruby's trial defense. Denson was working on protesters appearing with placards supporting Ruby. This late 1964 FBI memo by Robert Barrett indicates that the Gannaway-Denson relationship was being monitored by none other than Criminal Intelligence detective Don Stringfellow (identified as DL T-23) Stringfellow is infamous for passing a phony report to the military during the afternoon
  3. On Guillermo Ruiz and Antonio Garcia Lara as witnesses who saw the Oswald character as being the actual "LHO" - see Escalante's JFK: The Cuba Files, pp. 130-132. On the other hand, I have to say... As someone who does cautiously use Escalante as a source - because of his stature within Cuban intelligence, his willingness to write books on the subject and engage with researchers - and because he was shut down by the Cuban government, indicating that after a long period of openness a period of silence was necessary - I find it very troubling that all of us don't vet his work more seri
  4. After a number of years, I finally got this epilogue written wrapping up the Oswald Legend series. The great thing about it for me is that I learned new things writing the revision - the biggest one may have been about Oswald's push to obtain his GI benefits and how that affected everything. The process really drove home to me how much disinformation was embedded in this case before 11/22 - immediately afterwards, and in the following months and years. All comments welcomed. https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Essay_-_Oswald_Legend_Epilogue.html
  5. Hi David, Thanks for reaching out to me personally telling me that you wrote this response. I am only occasionally on this site and I don't know the traffic patterns or when I have been asked a question directly. I should begin by saying it would really really help David if you offered a RIF number whenever you post an excerpt. I have to learn what you do - it's very helpful - but it becomes a serious problem when the person who receives it can't review it in context. Let me check to see if my understanding is right on your position... On my point about evaluating Escalan
  6. Oswald typed a letter to the CIA-friendly International Rescue Committee (IRC) in 1962 -- and the Committee commented that Oswald's letter matched the typeface of a related letter from the State Department!)
  7. David, One request: I don't know how you do all those photo screenshots - it's a very great technique. The problem is that none of us know where you find them - can you leave RIF numbers behind at the bottom when you do it? Otherwise, I can't evaluate your valuable finds. One question: One of the reasons I am an agnostic about LHO in Mexico City - Have you read JFK: The Cuba Files, by ex-Cuban intelligence chief Fabian Escalante? See pp. 114-132 Fabian Escalante has been consistent in saying that Guillermo Ruiz (Veciana's cousin-in-law) and Antonio Gar
  8. In my revised series on the Legend Makers, I am convinced that Ekdahl was the central father figure in Oswald's life, and led him to study electricity and hence his radar work. But where is the report about LHOs relative "EDWARD PIC's mother-in-law without naming such... she was a refugee from Hungary living in Yorkville..." And where do you see the insinuation there might be an EBASCO-KORTH relationship? Wikipedia United States-based designer and constructor of energy infrastructure, most notably nuclear power plants. Thank you!
  9. Here is an interesting FBI memo written by Robert Barrett from 3/15/63, entitled Crime Conditions in the Dallas Division. It names Jack Revill as FBI T-1, who wants his identity confidential. Revill reported to Barrett that a close relationship continued between Gannaway and private detective Robert B. Denson - even though Denson had recently been convicted in the Tyler federal court for wiretapping. The word was that Gannaway was going to retire soon and go into the private detective business with Denson. Denson ran the Tri-State Detective Agency. Denson was later hired
  10. Greg Doudna and everyone - I've thought about some more, and I am more or less back to my original conclusion - Connally was in the midst of passing his matters to Korth, and he referred the Oswald matter to Tompkins for "appropriate action", according to the Kerr book, which I believe you now have a copy of. Maybe there was some funny business to ensure Korth didn't see a copy - maybe not. I also found a document sending it to Tompkins for "appropriate action" - it even looks like the note has a "C" in Connally's handwriting on the bottom. Nellie Connally wrote in her From Lo
  11. Part 12 went up today - I think it's the best one yet. I discuss how the Oswald sightings in the last week are tied to the Paines - I think one of the goals was to make the Paines look bad too. The Jack Lawrence story and the Cliff Shasteen stories are particularly intriguing - Jack was an Air Force guy, and I believe his job was to spread confusion. I come to the conclusion that the 11/9/63 Oswald letter was done by him, and his objective was to be seen by the Paines, the FBI and the Soviets as an espionage asset - he needed the government to see him as an asset if he was ever go
  12. Jim, You and John Armstrong do wonderful research. These documents are terrific. Did you notice that Oswald and friends are listed under TAD? That's Temporary Additional Duty. TAD refers to military travel or other assignment at a location other than the traveler's permanent duty station. In other words, Oswald could have stayed in Japan when the ship left on 9/14/59, but still be listed with his duty station. It's possible that I am wrong - but that sure is what it looks like to me. My suggestion is that you put at least as much focus on analysis, and submit yo
  13. Greg, I am an agnostic on Mexico City. I am concerned about Ruth coming up with the "relics" such as the "Walker note" which she mailed to Marina that was inside a book that she said she didn't know was there; or the items from Mexico City that she didn't know were there for 10 months. It is circumstantial - at some point, it adds up. I feel like the Paines' defense attorney - I'm still researching them, see Parts 11 & 12 of my book on the Oswald legend, which I'm rewriting. I think they got wrapped up in something they didn't fully understand. Like you, I do not think that Ruth a
  14. Greg, Jim's position is not my position - I think the Paines were manipulated into being Oswald's babysitters, wittingly or unwittingly - he thinks they took a more active role. But Jim's question is an important one: "Just like Mike reversing field on seeing Oswald with a weapon. Just like Mike saying the Minox found was his." The backstory is that after 30 years of Ruth saying we would have never let Oswald keep a rifle under our roof - in 1993 Michael said that he knew about the presence of the rifle the entire time. Similarly, after many years of speculation of why Oswald o
  15. we are up to part 6 - this week and next week we will focus on a big discussion about mary bancroft- allen dulles - and the de mohrenschildt - paine connection.
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