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  1. I'm going to address two of the issues flagged in this thread. They belong in print someday - all the more reason to discuss it here. First, I agree that the transcripts of the September 28 and October 1 calls have weird phrasing and a stilted tone. I believe it is because the persons impersonating Oswald and Duran didn't really know what to say. The Oswald and Duran characters were fishing, they didn't really know what the Oswald character had said to Duran on the 27th or what the Oswald character had said to the Soviets on the 28th. It's also not impossible that the transcripts simply made up - although I don't know if anyone would make up conversations that were that "awkward". My analysis is in Chapter 5 of my book State Secret - but that's the gist of it. Secondly, the two photos posted by Matt Allison were part of a query made by the HSCA on 7/30/78, asking who these two men were, I refer to these as the "HSCA photos". These two men were Nikolai Leonov and Ernesto Lehfeld Miller. (I've posted about this previously on the "blond-haired Oswald" thread years ago.) I agree that the man in the HSCA photos to the left is Nikolai Leonov. This set of photos dated Oct 2 1963, at 12:05 pm, taken at the Soviet consulate minutes before the so-called Mystery Man, at numbers 6 and 7, shows the man listed as "LEON". Photo 7 is the full photo that Matt and David posted above. https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=4490&relPageId=3 The man to the right in the HSCA photos is Ernesto Lehfeld Miller, an architect and a friend of the Duran family who used to borrow their car. Take a look at the CIA's photo strip of the Cuban embassy on Sept. 26. See Miller's photos shown in the fourth column, first two photos, marked "24" and "23"? The CIA's log of the Sept 26 photos for items 23 and 24 states that "man was sent (from the Cuban embassy to the Cuban) consulate". Sylvia Tirado Duran identified Miller as the man depicted as #26 and #27 in the aforementioned photo book 7549. Duran said that he was an architectural designer and friend of her architect husband - "Ernesto Lefel" (that would be Ernesto Lehfeld Miller) (#26 and #27). As I read elsewhere - I don't have it here - Miller used to borrow her husband's car. He may have been coming to borrow or return the keys. I have wondered about the timing of Miller's visit, and whether it was used in any way. It is not well-known that the Cuban diplomat Theresa Proenza - who was falsely set up by the CIA as a CIA agent - which got her thrown into prison as part of the CIA's AMROD operation to split the Castro regime) stated that she saw Oswald in the Embassy although he wanted a visa - she couldn't understand why he didn't go to the Consulate. As a hypothesis, MIller's visit may have been used as the basis for the FBI's third-hand claim that Oswald threatened to kill JFK - Castro had heard this story too, and couldn't understand why Oswald would have made this threat in the embassy, saying "Nobody comes to an embassy for a visa - they go to the Consulate." See http://vault.fbi.gov...rt-59-of-1/view (pp 58-59) The Cuban embassy was the very place MIller was photographed on Sept. 26 - Chapter 5 of my book discusses this threat. I went to the National Archives and read the depositions of Silvia, her then-husband Horacio, and the whole family - they all identified Ernesto Miller as the man after looking at the photo, and they testified that he would regularly borrow Horacio's car. A line of inquiry I have been mulling over for awhile is that Horacio and Ernesto were both architects, and the intelligence documents have a fair amount of discussion about the 7th Congress of the International Union of Architects between September 27-October 3. A CIA agent within the architects was quizzing Teresa Proenza about this conference - Proenza was a close friend and ally of Silvia Duran. My conclusions are that Silvia Duran told the truth and never saw Oswald after the 27th. I also believe that someone was trying to make Silvia and Oswald look bad - that's why the phony call of the 28th. Miller's visit on the 26th may have been used to make Silvia look bad in some way - or maybe Proenza confused the American-looking Miller with Oswald - or it may be a completely innocent encounter. We have no evidence that Leonov was "up to anything" on October 2 - but Goodpasture's false statement made it look that way. I discussed in State Secret that Goodpasture lied by writing in her October 8 memo that the Mystery Man photo was taken on October 1. It was actually taken on October 2, just a few minutes after that Leonov photo. She falsely tied the Mystery Man photo and the Oswald phone call together to be on the same day. She was making up a story of her own.
  2. Jim, My position is the same as always - I don't know if Oswald was in Mexico City or not. The evidence is wobbly on that point, to put it mildly. Whether or not Oswald was there - the piggy-backing theory remains the same. I believe the evidence shows that Duran, Kostikov and company spoke to someone calling himself on Oswald on September 27-28, up till the late morning of the 28th, when the man calling himself Oswald left the Soviet embassy. At that point, I believe that person had given up or competed his task. The phone calls after that are what I call the piggy-backing. I believe that those phone calls are faked, by someone piggy-backing on the story being told by the man visiting the Soviet and Cuban consulates and introducing himself as Oswald and showing what he claimed to be Oswald's passport.
  3. Steve, the Mexican-Americans like Joe Molina in the GI Forum did not know that Bill Lowery was with the Communist Party. Bill would attend their meetings with other Communists without revealing their party membership. As to Larry's questions about how LHO would actually spy on Molina - Greg Parker's whole idea is new to me, but I must admit I find it appealing. Molina handled the TSBD's finances, so I think LHO would have never met him on the job in any case - the American GI Forum would have been ideal for LHO, especially if he could avoid the meetings but write letters to Joe Molina! I am convinced that the shoe store salesman/Communist Party member Bill Lowery is a "spare part" in the assassination that was never used. I find the whole shoe store story of Johnny Brewer wild, especially when he runs out the door after listening to the Texas police chase over the radio of his "IBM pals" that liked to hang out at the shoe store with him and apparently egged him into chasing Oswald - they even had a key and locked the store up for him!
  4. Late during the night of the assassination, Gannaway and his buddies came to Joe Molina's house and asked him questions about Oswald and the assassination. They asked Molina to come to the station the next day, where he is asked a lot of follow-up questions. Molina was fired a few days later, although he was never arrested. Greg Parker offered some informed speculation on Lowery back in 2015: "Oswald was a long-time cia asset who became the property of the fbi on return from Russia. What got him into "intelligence" was a program that will be revealed in the upcoming volume. This program both took him to the soviet union, and was the one used to get him into the TSBD. "He was told he would be taking over from William Lowery in watching and informing on Joe Molina. Lowery had "outed" himself (and thus making him useless as an informant) in September."
  5. Steve, I should add that I did an entire presentation on William Lowery at Chris Gallop's luncheon last month. His story is a doozy, much of it can be found here, I have more.
  6. Steve and Bart, It looks to me that the "FBI agent" the provided the tape was "the shoe salesman" that was a "government agent" and with the "Texas Communist Party" That would be William Lowery, cited in my Key Point #7 above - Joe Molina's colleague who had been an FBI informant inside the Communist Party from 1945 right up to September 1963. If you are interested in Nestor Castellanos, I have a fair amount on him. Bart, do you have the other Butler deposition a month earllier - on or about April, 1978?
  7. It's useful to keep in mind that many people are witting or unwitting "assets", and others are "sources" - neither description is the same as an informant, who is paid for their work. The "T-1" type of cryptonyms only give you information about that specific case - when you see a crypt with a city prefix and a C or an S suffix, you have a more substantial "symboled informant" at hand.
  8. Bart, do you know how to find Butler's earlier deposition, taken a month earlier?
  9. Still looking for leads on solved FBI cryptonyms - see the previous posts above. This post is to discuss Bill Lowery, FBI informant DL-2-S - and the fake story about Oswald being S-172 and/or S-179. He was paid $200 a month by Hosty. For the proof, see... http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/po-arm/id/25293/rec/28 At page 5: William Lowery, the CPUSA officer in Dallas who came out as an FBI informant in Sept 1963, is the guy who actually received $200 a month as an informant from Jim Hosty. - and believe it or not, FBI cover-up artist Wally Heitman volunteered to work for free as Lowery's lawyer before the HSCA! When Lowery admitted he got paid $2500 a year - which boils down, again, to $200 a month, the next question was "how was he paid" -Heitman instructed Lowery not to answer. He did not want the answer that Hosty paid him $200 a month! (p. 15) When they pinned him down, he said $50 a week (p. 19) If Oswald played any role with the FBI - or any other agency - it needed to be covered up. What better way to do it than with a disinformation campaign, aided by members of the news media. Consider this... Joan Mellen reports that Joseph Goulden was the executor to the will of David Phillips (Farewell to Justice, p. 454). Goulden reported on December 8, 1963 that Oswald was an informant of the FBI. This then was brought into the scheme of Bill Alexander and Hugh Aynesworth to spread a deliberately made-up story about LHO being Agent S-172 or S-179. Lonnie Hudkins printed the story in the Houston Post on Jan. 1, 1964. Hudkins was interviewed on 2/8/64 and said that the 179 number came from a Dallas government official, not a federal official - undoubtedly Alexander - but he refused to reveal the exact name. He said that Goulden gave him a number different from 179 that he couldn't recall. In Esquire, Feb. 1976, Aynesworth admitted he and Alexander made it up to draw out the FBI on the issue. (James Hosty repeated this story in Assignment: Oswald). Hudkins claimed that he invented the two phony informant numbers for Oswald "and leaked the information during a phone conversation in order to determine if the FBI had tapped his telephone." Hudkins even claimed that an FBI dropped by his office a half an hour later and after beating around the bush asked if he had heard anything about Oswald's phony payroll number. Hudkins claim about both of these stories does not mean it is true. Even FBI chief Clarence Kelley referred to Hudkins and his frequent tips as a "usually unreliable source of information". Hudkins claimed he got the story that Oswald was a "symbol number informant" from Goulden. Goulden denied it, claiming he got it from a "Dallas law enforcement officer". The FBI considered Goulden's story scurrilous. Goulden said he would try to get permission, and called back and said he couldn't reach him. He told the FBI later that the officer assured him it was being "handled through proper channels". Goulden also wrote that a Dallas law enforcement officer provided him information that Ruby gained access to the basement by posing as the helper of a cameraman. He claimed he couldn't reach this officer again, and then used the same story about it being "handled through proper channels". Years later, the man at FBI HQ believed that DA Bill Alexander had made up the story. Alexander told Gerald Posner, "I never much liked the federals...I figured it was as good a way as any to keep them out of my way by having to run down that phony story." (Posner, Case Closed, p. 348). To top it off, reporter Hugh Aynesworth told Larry Sneed that "I made it up" - and that he gave the phony number S-172 to Hudkins. (Sneed, No More Silence, p. 32). Were Goulden or Hudkins prosecuted for lying to the FBI and this campaign of disinformation? Or Alexander, who was a seasoned district attorney and knew that FBI informant numbers were identified as DL 2-S, not S-172? Nope. These men didn't have to say anything - but once they did, that's obstruction of justice under 18 USC 1001 then and now. Assistant WC counsel Leon Hubert told his boss that if they wanted to make a proper record, the FBI could not simply get an affidavit from the FBI HQ Security Division, they needed to search the informant files for the field offices in Dallas and New Orleans. According to Breach of Trust author Gerald McKnight, this was never done. (p. 145). I think it's at least possible that all this was done to hide the very real relationship Oswald had with Customs and New Orleans FBI agent Warren de Brueys - who worked the Cuba beat - as reported for more than fifty years by FBI informant Orestes Pena. Cuban exile Orestes Pena testified that he saw Oswald chatting on a regular basis with FBI Cuban specialist Warren de Brueys, David Smith at Customs, and Wendell Roache at INS. Pena told the Church Committee that Oswald was employed by Customs. Informant Joseph Oster went farther, saying that Oswald's handler was David Smith at Customs. Church Committee staff members knew that David Smith "was involved in CIA operations". Orestes Pena's handler Warren de Brueys admitted he knew David Smith. Oswald was also frequently seen with Juan Valdes, who described himself as a "customs house broker". Note: Pena told the Church Committee that Oswald was employed by Customs: Church Committee Boxed Files / NARA Record Number: 157-10014-10120. See http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=1421&relPageId=31 (de Brueys); http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=182451 (Pena)(also see 180-10075-10167, 2000 release of Pena's depo, at National Archives; and Joan Mellen's Farewell to Justice, pp. 46-48) http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?mode=searchResult&absPageId=488541 (Juan Valdes' still-unreleased file, part of the CIA's broken-up "Fair Play for Cuba file" 100-300-011)
  10. The above posts are from the Powerpoint presentation at the CAPA conference on Saturday, November 16. These posts are a distillation of the citations provided in Page 7 of this Lumpkin-Gannaway thread.
  11. Key point #10: Dissemination of the Oswald backyard photo November 22: Curry issues order - photos only to be disseminated upon orders of the Chief's office November 23-24: Lumpkin makes "24 or more" copies of the backyard Oswald photo Lumpkin places them on a table for law enforcement officers - where anyone could take them
  12. Key point #9: The False CPUSA Report to Army Stringfellow: Notified 112th that LHO said he went to Cuba AND was a card-carrying CPUSA member Memo winds us at US Strike Command - the base poised to retaliate on Cuba Stringfellow: Like others, part of the Army Intelligence Reserve Ed Coyle of 112th: Testifies that all DPD intelligence officers are Army Intelligence
  13. Key point #8: The False Marina Story Crichton and Lumpkin hire Mamantov as interpreter in first 24 hours after 11/22 Mistranslation by Mamantov: Marina "presumed Oswald's rifle to be his Russian rifle"... Actual translation: "...can't describe it...rifle to me like all rifles."
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