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  1. David Morales

    Belated Thanks. I agree the man in the photo is the same man in the zapruder film. I also wonder whois th tall man standing behind Morales inhte Zapruder film?
  2. Where is James Richards photo file now stored or linked It was mentioned by so many in several posts and with the new server the links are broken. I would like to download the collection before it is wiped. Thanks .
  3. I attached two photos for your interpretation. Is that Loran Hall in the photo with Gerry Hemmings? 1. Newspaper photo Gerry Hemmings with a man smoking a cigar. 2. Several photos of Loran Hall possibly prepared and posted by James Richards. Cross referencing the Loran Hall pictures it looks like the unidentified man is Hall. What is Loran Hall's role in the Cuban insurgents and assassination? Where and when is the picture of Hemmings/Hall?
  4. David Morales

  5. David Morales

    This is the well known Warrren Commission photo (Slide 6) by Phil Willis of Dealey Plaza with the Rambler station wagon on Elm Street. Someone on this forum said David Morales is the man in the photo, behind the rambler in white pants walking east toward the depository. Is that man David Morales? Will someone confirm that David Morales is the man in white pants or identify who he is? Thanks.
  6. Hello John Will you send me contact information. I want to follow up also. Thnx My PM address is Jean Dean 1540 S. 55th St. Milwaukee, WI 53214
  7. I have sent you his contact details by PM.
  8. John How about posting the material? If you won't post it, will you send me a copy? I would like to see it. What do you need Email or postal address/ YThak Jeanie
  9. I would be interested in helping and viewing it. It actually sounds like it may even address a line of inquiry I have been making while screening footage having to do with the location on the ground near across from the Texas Book Depository Building. How do you want to send it the material; online or snail mail? Jean
  10. Ghost Image

    Thanks for the question. I'm quite serious. My observations are not a joke nor are they insane, disrespectful or insulting. Unfortunately most American are very poorly educated on the physical aspects of spiritual matters and ill-equipped or uncomfortable to understand the "strangeness" of death. Your comments demonstrate this lack of knowledge and discomfort on the matter of death and spirituality. Hopefully I can clarify something for you; keeping in mind Hamlet's words, "There are more things in the universe than exists in your philosophy Horatio". I teach people about the paranormal. Yes the spirit exits the body when death occurs. It's a process that takes several weeks or months and in that time ghostly apparitions and strange phenomena of all kinds are likely to occur. Those with training and sensitivity see and understand the signs of the process. Death and birth share some common events. For instance when someone is born or dies those who are close will not, and can not sleep for three days. I'm sure you have experienced this yourself. It does not matter if you believe in spirituality or not. This process is constant with everyone. There is a process. In those three days paranormal stuff is occurring-- spiritual bonds are being formed in the case of birth between the newborn and its family or in the case of death bonds are being broken. It's normal it's how we humans function. In fact there are other common phenomena that consistently occur with both birth and death. After all birth and death are the portals in and out of this world --- but that is another discussion. Yes I'm serious and mindful. Open you mind open your eyes. JFK's death ghost is evident in frame 326. This tells me we are witnessing his death in those few minutes of the film. Our own observations confirm this. Who does not feel their breath stop as they watch the Zapruder film? Who does not feel the horror and chill-- if only on a subliminal level--- of seeing JFK's ghost look out from the limousine. I hope this clarifies your question.
  11. Ghost Image

    Are you joking? If you are its not funny at all, in fact its very insulting And if your serious then its the funniest most insane thing I have ever read
  12. Ghost Image

    Zapruder frame 326 (and others in the range 320- 340) clearly shows a white ghostly face superimposed over the slumping head of JFK. The white ghostly head faces out to the right looking towards the Grassy Knoll while JFK's head and body lean to the left. Ghostly images on film are not new or radical, vis-a-vis the growing industry of paranormal investigations disclosing images or audio on film or tape. I'm just the messenger. The white ghost face is there clear as day if you look.
  13. Ghost Image

    I'm glad you introduced the topic of the paranormalin teh JFK discussion. The images you present are interesting. I also spotted ghost images elsewhere in the Zaprudar film on frames 319 - 340 but have been afraid to mention it until now, so thanks for opening the door. I am a metaphysical scholar experienced with ghost investigations. I am also an intuitive and qualified to read and interpret paranormal phenomena. I have been called a midwife for the dead, so I am no stranger to the unusual phenomena of death and dying. I studied the images you present with the phantom figure highlighted on the left in frame 354. This phantom with a square hairdo and strong body seems to resemble JFK's silhouette. I interpret this phantom to be the spirit of JFK, now deceased, leaving his body. That ghostly figure is free floating in the locale of his death. This is common for the newly deceased. This makes sense based on ghostly images I observed on frames 319 - 340. Let's discuss Zapruder frames 319 - 340. For a reference on the frames, see http://assassinationresearch.com/zfilm/ Costella Combined Edit Frames (updated 2006) Prior to frame 313 JFK is bent forward with an apparent neck wound and Jackie is consoling him. Frame 313 shows the impact of another shot hitting JFK's head. This is the mortal wound or "the kill shot". In the next few frames 319-340, JFK slumps into Jackie's lap and falls from a sitting position. Something important happens in frame 319 and 320; a small oval of white light appears next to JFK's head. The oval of white light increases to where it equals the size of JFK's head in frame 326. In fact the oval light now looks like a ghost face with eyes and mouth. But whereas JFK's head is turned to the left and slumped into Jackie's lap, The white ghost face looks out to the right toward the grassy knoll. The ghost face seems to be scanning in the direction from which the impact came. It is the involuntary action that we look when something crosses our field of awareness, and JFK's consciousness is clearly responding to the disturbance in a phantom state. His awareness is looking to see where the impact came from. Meanwhile his spirit is passing, JFK is dying in those immediate moments. On Frame 326 the ghost face is most evident and looks out toward the grassy knoll. The lighted ghost face gradually dims and shrinks in the subsequent frames and is gone by frame 340. At frame 340 JFK's body seems to stiffen and Jackie responds and changes from comforting JFK to trying to reach over the back of the limousine. The attached picture of frame z326 clearly shows JFK's ghostly face as a white oval shaped a death mask superimposed over his slumped head, during the last moments of life in the throes of a violent and shocking death. This observation of the ghost face is based on years of cultivating special skills for reading paranormal phenomena. This is not meant to be horrific or sensational. Even to the end JFK's spirit was a bright and vivid force.
  14. Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Thanks for the St. Patrick greeting and the link to the perfectly lovely song on you tube. I'm an Irish American with relatives in the Carroll clan and an occasional student of Irish history. Even though St. Patrick had a great influence on Ireland. He was not the first christian saint but more an emissary of the Church of Rome sent to control the emerging Irish Christianity built on the Druidic tradition. When Patrick arrived several Druidic colleges had already converted to and were teaching Christianity. Sadly just as the libraries of Alexandria were burned, many Druidic and/or Christian colleges and libraries were destroyed by the dictates of Rome. Few Pre-Patrick texts exist, even though several Greek references attest to Pre-Christian Greeks visiting Ireland to read Irish texts, so the early academic tradition is known. The Irish were among the first European to convert to Christianity in the first century AD. It is claimed that one of the three wise men was in fact a Druid. As it is now recognized that trade between the Mideast and the British isles was common in the ancient world, this claim is not so fantastic. Early Christian exchange occurred when James the son of Zebedee preached in Ireland and returned to Jerusalem with nine Irish converts. From the hero of the Ulaid in the Ulster Cycle ---Conal Cearnach, there is an account of his visit to Jerusalem and conversion of the Irish Chief Conor Mac Nessa, during the time of Christ. There are famous Irish bishops before Patrick. For instance there are Palladius, and St. Declan who was among the four Pre-Patrick Bishops to resist Patrick and the intrusion of the Church of Rome. See also St. Jerome's scathing criticism of Irish/Scotus Bishop St. Celestius, the disciple of Pelagius. Celestius also debated with Augustine and was excommunicated by the Council of Ephesius for his stand against doctrine of the early church. So Patrick's ministry is a mixed blessing. Happy Day. Some of this material is from the Story of Irish Race Seumus MacManaus 1944.
  15. Who are they? W.Kelly,J.White,P.Speer, & others

    I'll have to add this name to my search roster.
  16. Who are they? W.Kelly,J.White,P.Speer, & others

    THANKS FOR THE CORRECTIONS. I CAN BLAME IT ON FIRING OFF A FAST ANSWER AND A CASE OF A FUZZY HEAD FLU. Jeanie, it was William Colby, not Richard Helms, who was fired in part for cooperating too much with the Church Committee. Richard Helms (not Jesse who was a Senator) was replaced by Nixon, several years earlier, in part for his refusing to let the CIA take the fall for the Watergate break-in, as Nixon had hoped he would do.
  17. Who are they? W.Kelly,J.White,P.Speer, & others

    I think these activities would be run by a special office or task force at the CIA executive level led by officers whose skills included planning and running covert operations. I can see the demoted Bill Harvey who developed the concept of Manchurain Candidate or David Atlee Philips propoganda expert easily running back-room ops for the JFK cover-up. Heck there may still be an intelligence apparatus for the JFK cover-up still in force. Please note author Sprague and others point out George W. Bush was named head of the CIA during the House Assasination Committee Investigations to replace Jesse Helm because Helms was cooperating too much with the Committee. Once Poppy Bush took over the investigations ground to a stop.
  18. Grant Stockdale Photograph

    Interesting photos of Grant Stoockdale & JFk at Leestockdale.com There are interesting photos of Grant Stockdale and JFk at http://leestockdale.com/askNot.html. One photo shows Stockdale whispering in JFK's ear. Given the photo and report about RFK asking Stockdale to investigate the loading of bombs in military airplanes one might think Stockdale had a sensitive role providing intelligence to Kennedy.
  19. E. Grant Stockdale

    Grant's Stockdale's son Lee announced Screenplay about his father and JFK
  20. E. Grant Stockdale

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  21. Kerry Thornley

    Kerry Thornley's role is one of the most bizarre elements in the JFK debate. Did Kerry Thornley know David Ferrie? Garrison seemed to think they were implicated together. Is there evidence linking Kerry Thornley and David Ferrie? Now here's a joke --- Are there pictures of Thornley in Dealey Plaza? My first question is genuine. Comments on Thornley & Ferrie?
  22. Biography: Jeanie Dean

    I'm Jeanie Dean and glad to join this discussion. I'm a poet, researcher, educator, collage artist, and former computer analyst with an M.A. in English. My research topics include, Irish history, Modernism, Metaphysics, Indian Mounds, Archeo-astronomy, Cognitive Science, World Religions, the JFK Assassination, Shakespeare, and Poetry, with an eclectic and holistic approach. In 1963 after reading every inch of newsprint available on the assassiNation and watching all the TV coverage, I surmised then at the tender age of eight years old, that the assassiNation of John Kennedy and murder of Lee Oswald was a scripted plot. During the 1970s, I started writing a poetry book on the assassination of JFK titled One Silver Dollar. The first poem was "Abortion of the Great American Dream". For two decades in November I hosted a memorial poetry reading for JFK. I teach college English and in the fall, my students do a research project on the assassination. Many students, to their credit, have found their way to the Spartacus website. I continually study the assassinations along with other subjects and sometimes write new poems on my research. Presently I'm interested in photographic studies and the photo/film archives by Robert Groden, Richard James and others. I am grateful to the many generous researchers who have posted assassination information on the internet including this forum.