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  1. B. A. Copeland

    David Morales

    Larry do you think that such a move by Jim makes him somewhat complicit? That is pretty sly of him to do that, especially when you're telling a guy like Harvey. I have always thought about (or wondered) Tracy Barnes because he is so involved with the agency at that time yet hardly ever talked about as far as I am aware.
  2. Thanks an absolute ton Paul. Not so sure why I am urged to pick up an entire book for 1-2 footnotes and source of a powerful claim. Paz says that Metta has even a different source which would be pretty incredible if it checks out as I mentioned earlier. While the book may be worth its weight in gold (I don't know) I'd like to check it out someday but for now, I am digging deep in other research. The CMC/Italian angle is certainly relevant for sure, no doubting that.
  3. B. A. Copeland

    Maria Hyde

    I swear....EVERYONE gets debriefed except for a genuine REDEFECTOR....the kind of asset Angleton cherished almost more than anything else lol...interesting person for sure. I just find it impossible to believe LHO was never debriefed. He would’ve been *prime* debrief ‘material’.
  4. B. A. Copeland

    David Morales

    Ahhh interesting and thanks as always for the info. That late summer/early fall '63 connection is potentially huge...
  5. Whoa, whoa....could you clarify please? What problem do I have with you and what exactly do you mean by "acid" lol? When did I "become acid"...? I don't really have a problem with anyone. My only issues will ever be with arguments and evidence, etc, nothing personal. Thank you Paul. Will do sometime. When and if you do, please pass it my way if you don't mind. Thanks again. Jim, I know it is in Talbot's book and are you speaking about Mark Wyatt? His Deputy in Rome? Do we have a document or anything (video, etc) on Wyatt saying that? I came across this: https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/JFKFOIAComplaint.pdf, which still doesn't directly source where Wyatt mentioned it but only that he mentions the Dallas flight in 1998. If Metta has a different source than even that, then that would be great if the source checks out.
  6. I'm still waiting on Metta's source for the Bill Harvey flight to Dallas. If anyone owns the book, please post the footnote information.
  7. B. A. Copeland

    David Morales

    Sorry about the late reply Mr H. I personally have no knowledge of any contact between Morales and De Torres. I'd kill to see such a verified contact though lol. If it can be shown De Torres was AMOTS then I can't imagine he did not but again, I know evidence is key.
  8. Have been reading Mr Kelly's blog recently concerning Jenkins, Pathfinder, etc. Its been great reading (thanks Mr K!) and have been deeply fascinated by what the area could've looked like. I searched and happened across some flickr photos of Key Largo, taken by the US Govt. circa 1987. https://www.flickr.com/photos/keyslibraries/9412356470/in/photostream/ There aren't too many images of Key Largo but they're all interesting nonetheless. Many more fascinating images of other military installations and historical images from the Keys and elsewhere in Florida.
  9. B. A. Copeland

    Robert Webster

    Gooooooodness David! the text (Webster Debrief) is crazy to read :O! I mean hey....I'm well over a month late but uhh...this is going to take some time. Whew! I'd certainly love to know what is classified in the document (names, etc).
  10. B. A. Copeland

    Creating the Oswald Legend Pt 2

    Amazing article Vasilos and KennedysAndKing/Jim. I definitely think a deeper, closer look needs to be given to Richard Snyder and Nelson Brickham. Blunt and Dale have a series of fascinating talks about LHO but touch on Snyder/Brickham and their possible role when a young Marine goes to visit Moscow in '59... Jim I believe Simpich also holds to that theory: LHO being a dangle to expose Popov's mole.
  11. B. A. Copeland

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Thanks Bart and please get well soon mate.
  12. B. A. Copeland

    Tony Sforza

    Hey there David, its going well! I'm taking my time! Personnel and activities seem to lead everywhere :O. What a fantastic way to work my brain and I have you to humbly thank and I also want to thank you for the reporting you provide to Doug Campbell. Its great to hear your name as a source often!
  13. Or that is how tactical, paramilitary cells coordinate. Not everyone knows the details of a covert operation and they are generally highly compartmentalized. Mr Hancock has touched on this in many talks/audios, his written work, etc. Morales made a strong verbal admission which seems to imply that he more than likely played a role and that is just the tip of the iceberg when you consider who he was, he he trained, etc. That is a very powerful lead.
  14. B. A. Copeland

    Warren Claude de Brueys (1920 - 2013)

    Well....lucky for these guys and so many others, they never have to worry about talking, they don't talk, they don't have to testify, they are protected, hidden perhaps, and, sadly, answerable to no one. I mean as far as I am aware, Bernardo De Torres is still alive today....can you imagine??
  15. B. A. Copeland

    Tony Sforza

    Amazing find David! Will devour.