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  1. B. A. Copeland

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    Does anyone have the source for the claim I've seen here and there of the importing of a S.E Asian U.S Sniper for the hit? I remember listening to a Doug Campbell audio regarding this point but he tied it to Westbrook of the DPD being in charge of personnel, easily being able to recruit such a sniper into the DPD and having said sniper vanish without a trace due to his (Westbrook's) job as head of personnel. Campbell was speculating of course but it was interesting.
  2. B. A. Copeland

    Angleton's Testimony

    Betsy (among notable others researchers in the HSCA) was a pure beast when it came to doing her patriotic job. Jim I tell ya, my stomach just turns each and everytime I read your or Fonzi's work and it gets to the downfall of the HSCA.....I just hate reading about it all lol...its almost like this Groundhog Day effect where I know its coming and I think of Henry Gonzalez and just the stupid shenanigans that went on.....I say to myself "it just couldn't be allowed to simply be could it?" sarcastically....I would bet the farm that if Sprague (hell, even Garrison) had his way, unmolested......the United States would have been effectively changed in some monumental way. I cannot help but to simply wonder if Sprague's downfall was intentional. I hate to go there but given the context, what was at stake....you have to wonder. I can only speculate.
  3. B. A. Copeland

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    Hey Paul have you ever heard, by chance, on Len Osanic’s show (can’t recall which one, sorry) where a Canadian military official is mentioned who basically heard some rather interesting things from US military officials during that time? I thought Len mentioned that he wanted to contact the Canadian official but I’m not sure if he was successful. This seemed like, at the very least, an interesting lead if true.
  4. B. A. Copeland

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    Dave do you mean the tall dark completed man? (aka “radio man”)? I definitely suspect dark complected man is Santiago but it’s definitely (well....I’d like to think that it’s educated lol...) speculation based on bits and pieces of evidence.
  5. B. A. Copeland

    Angleton's Testimony

    Exactly and it was this bit of knowledge (internal routing, etc) that was essentially a piece of the puzzle that Wolf and Co. did not possess unfortunately. This also brings to mind the Gambino testimony. Would be nice to have more from him or his testimony.
  6. B. A. Copeland

    Wishlist for researchers

    * 301 Files (though I HIGHLY doubt it lol...)
  7. B. A. Copeland

    John Connally's Lapel

    I don’t believe that we can rely on the shooting sequence as described or theorized by the WC because the chain of custody concerning the weapon and rounds has absolutely fatal problems and, well, broken just to name a couple fatal issues. No judge would even allow it today (or “yesterday” for that matter).
  8. B. A. Copeland

    Alpha 66 run by U.S. Army

    Thanks! Time to roll up some sleeves and dig back in.
  9. B. A. Copeland

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    I absolutely love the term Gene and also find the ID of such individuals eternally fascinating. I’m comfortable knowing we *may* not ever learn who they were, certainly that discipline has its students and teachers for sure. You could certainly focus on Felipe Vidal Santiago and Roy Hargraves at the very least as far as potential suspects literally in Dealey Plaza.
  10. B. A. Copeland

    Alpha 66 run by U.S. Army

    Blast...thought I could avoid. I’ll see what I can do and I won’t tell Mr Larry ;). Dave what is that image? I’m absolutely curious lol.
  11. B. A. Copeland

    Wishlist for researchers

    I’m going to occasionally compile (and perhaps compress lol) my post and wishlist but something, or someone, else comes to mind: Edward Epstein, Reader’s Digest and the Mexico City tapes of “LHO”. I enjoyed hearing the utter shock from Jim Di. on Len’s show when a guest pointed out in Epstein’s book (Legend?) that Reader’s Digest was allegedly in contact with Epstein and offered to let him listen to the Mexico City tapes for his book??
  12. B. A. Copeland

    Alpha 66 run by U.S. Army

    Thanks Larry. I’m also wondering if Veciana has ever talked to any researcher about his relationship with the Army. I’m guessing it didn’t have any (well, surface level anyway) relevance given the leads Fonzi were following. I’ve been meaning to re-read SWHT for a bit now. I feel as though there have been nice discussions in the forums that have touched on details you’ve also written about. Oh man David....that’s a tough one for my being a strict novice lol! I’d love to be able to see that newspaper(?) image better. You’re a tough teacher man :).
  13. B. A. Copeland

    Harold 'Hal' Feeney

    Thanks David (and Bill!) I won't be able to read until later but would it be safe to say that Harvey and Feeney may have coordinated at certain points during their careers specifically during the Secret Cuban War? Secondly, do we (today) know who all the team members were for AM/TORRID & COBRA?
  14. B. A. Copeland

    McAdams gets Salvaged

    But....at what cost?
  15. Why exactly.... should this thread be closed? I disagree. This is absolutely important even if indirectly to some people. The focus? Has that prayer man individual been identified? Is it Stanton? Has the evidence for and against been presented accurately?