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  1. Uhh...what? I think its best to keep our emotions in check and focus strictly on the evidence which is exactly what Rob seems to have done and always does. Its in our best interest as a research community (and student in my case) to challenge ourselves to not become "fans" of anyone. I have some of my favorite researchers and scholars but they are certainly human and are prone to being in error on such a complex historical study. I remember reading these ARRB documents on Prouty and wow, its nice to see such hardcore facts to challenge what anyone might say or offer to those interested in the
  2. Greg Parker elaborates very well on Korth and Ekdahl in his chat with Alan Dale as well.
  3. Brilliant Robert and its great to see you posting again. Been a while since I've personally seen you around.
  4. What a pathetic political reality we live in these days....how can any human absolutely say something of this...surely she does not believe what she says.
  5. Latest from Doug Campbell and concerning Prouty for discussion and analysis, etc: TDA #174~ August 11, 2020: "Diversionary Ramblings And Imagined Scenarios: L. Fletcher Prouty & The JFK Hit."
  6. Any topic about Morales, or De Torres, etc, is fascinating and worth a read. @Robert Montenegro, I actually asked Mr H @Larry Hancock about any connection to Morales that he would be aware of and I can't remember his response (it can certainly be found) but I believe he said there was none that he could find? I could be wrong. I'll try to dig it up but any evidence that the two men knew and worked with one another would be absolutely fantastic. No one is going to confidently ID any of the key suspects in a film where the subjects have their back facing the viewer. We've been down that road eno
  7. Thanks for your input Paul. I mean that sounds fascinating as hell honestly....I swear I suspect Admiral Galloway as well....I don't think I've ever heard of Kinney being connected to the murder in any way but I'm always willing to learn, you have to in a case of this nature. Thanks again.
  8. @Rob Clark as guest host on Midnight Writer News show by S.T Patrick: MWN Episode 145 – Rob Clark on The Fan & Harold Weisberg
  9. Ahhh, leave it to good ol' Doug Campbell to bring up some very relevant characters and events regarding this most tragic murder. Newest episode from The Dallas Action up: TDA #173~July 13, 2020: "Identifying The Dealey Plaza Shooters: What Did Tony Cuesta Know?"
  10. I hear you there and couldn’t agree more. Wait....Solie is one of THE most fascinating players in the entire drama in my opinion. What is your source for his being in control of files for Paine and Webster? The guy is someone, like Morales (for example) that deserves much more attention, especially regarding the info Newman dig up not too long ago on Nosenko and how close Solie seemed to be to him.
  11. Jeff Morley also touches upon this in his book on Angleton. Always nice to have, what Doug Valentine calls a "broader historical view". Thanks for the info so far.
  12. Rob Clark newest episode relating to Mexico City with Savastano 👍 Ep. 163 ~ Mexico City Clusterf*ck w/ Carmine Savastano
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