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  1. David Morales

    Speaking of Morales (back on topic lol), has anyone reached out to any surviving member of his family in recent years? (I'm thinking within the 2000's but specifically, 2010-2017 say?)
  2. David Morales

    Thanks a ton Larry.
  3. David Morales

    I can't tell you how much I look forward to you and Simpich to speak on that! I smell a book coauthored by you two...pronto! Thanks as always Larry for your insight into this case! I think its also interesting that it was, according to the record, Angleton and Harvey who met with Peter Wright concerning basically....well how to frame communists as well as assassination (which really did come in handy during the fall of '63 ironically enough...). I also mention that Jim D (Destiny Betrayed 2nd Ed.) mentioned that Angleton supervised an anti-communist(?) assassination team headed by Boris Pash? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Seems like Angleton and Harvey were much closer than we think. I could be wrong but it is interesting nonetheless.
  4. David Morales

    Well...you're gonna have to dismantle this: http://www.oswaldinthedoorway.com/2014/07/yep-thats-definitely-george-bush-im.html Oh, Larry I did mean to ask, what in the world do you make of GHWB having the CIA bldg. named after him? I thought that was a pretty big deal! I mean any reason why that decision was made? What did GHWB do to earn such an honor? I do apologize for tossing these questions your way but they're just coming my way as I reflect on GHWB and the JFK issue itself.
  5. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    I could read this stuff all day, every day...it makes 99% of these television spy dramas a disney kids show. Thanks for the elaboration with sources Dave. Mike I found this relevant to your comment: (source: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter6.html)
  6. Witten's report on Oswald in Mexico just released

    Your question in no way proves or even implies that he was a "low level flunky". You can have high level/ranking employees who do not have, for example, a "need to know" (someone correct me if I am in error) or simply kept out of the loop, etc. Simpich writes on this quite well in State Secret, the very book you are encouraging people to read. Do you believe Simpich feels Whitten was a "low level flunky"? If you do not know this then I am astounded.
  7. David Morales

    Thank you kindly for your fascinating and insightful response Larry!
  8. This is just incredible and I've been waiting for a while, well since I learned of it. Should be an fascinating listen in any event. http://www.jfkconversations.com/ Mods if this has been posted already please discard. I did a search but found nothing so I thought I'd post here. Special thanks to Alan Dale, Greg Parker, JFK Lancer and RoKC Forums.
  9. William King Harvey aka Oliver Hardy

    Well Bill Simpich has apparently clarified alot for me concerning this issue at the very least as a possibility. I believe he suspects that the "Hardy" player might be FBI agents Wallace Heitman or Charles Brown and he sourced from the following: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=10673&relPageId=201 Also, Simpich makes another fascinating claim that, one of the main possible players (or assassination planners) connecting the Navy (specifically for the necessarily controlled autopsy later on) would be Commander Hal Feeney Dave. He would seem like a very convenient connection to the awful events at Bethesda Naval. Relevant text here: (source: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Conclusion.html) So the Hardy character may not be Harvey after all. I was also wondering if we have any photos of Heitman or Charles Brown of the FBI? The documents certainly state that they were in the hospital for a possible confession from LHO but Crenshaw did notice a weapon?
  10. William King Harvey aka Oliver Hardy

    *Bump. This topic is potentially explosive and needs to be kept at the top of JFK assassination-related discussions.
  11. David Morales

    Hey there Larry. You know, I tend to lean exactly in your scholarly direction concerning GHWB and honestly, I remember reading through Baker's take on him in his book Family of Secrets and, as I ended with my reading, I could not honestly understand what Baker was trying to state or prove. My issue is the very odd and weird association with James Parrott. I mean perhaps there is more to be clarified concerning that story (and Baker seems to have documented it well but again, perhaps there is more to be discovered) but I cannot get over just how strange that entire scenario is. My observation of that scenario or even leads to my questioning GHWB's odd attitude concerning the fateful day in Dallas and how he has never gone on the record as to what he was doing that day. Perhaps he honestly doesn't remember but....well that is difficult to believe given his stance or responses to questions regarding the subject matter. What do you make of the Parrott event? What do you (or anyone else) make of GHWB's apparent responses to questions regarding his whereabouts or actions on 11/22/63? Ultimately one is probably forced to speculate and I'd rather stay away from that kind of terra firma if you will but I do entertain the thinking on the matter here and there. I've been listening to various audios of yours and Bill Simpich and I must say, dynamite and fulfilling learning. Thanks for all you do.
  12. Thanks guys. Well JimD, the epilogue is present on the physical book but not the audiobook. Its something of an outrage if true. I'll check my audio and ensure I've downloaded the entire book (audible).
  13. Hello all. I am confused.....I own the audiobook of Newman's "Oswald And The CIA" and this seems to be the 2008 Edition for absolutely sure. My confusion stems from the fact that the new epilogue (2008 ed.) is missing. It is not read by the narrator (Tom Weiner). Can anyone shed any light on this oddity? I believe this is the 2008 ed. (even has the cover?).This is unfortunate as I would've loved the newer epilogue in audio/narrative form along with the rest of the audiobook.
  14. I am glad I found this topic! I have a question thats been nagging me for some time concerning MC. Have ANY of the Russians at the consulate, have ANY of them EVER been shown LHO's photo and confirmed that he was the guy there acting as he did?? Kostikov, et al.?
  15. William King Harvey aka Oliver Hardy

    The relevant video is here: If it doesn't skip for you, jump to 38:52. The video doesn't specifically mention when F. Mark Wyatt bumped into his boss Harvey but it seems to imply that it very close to the big event, be it right after or right before. Thanks also David for posting that info and I personally am looking forward to reading Martin's book. This info also helps us just a bit more attempt to piece together an honest historical mosaic that can help us understand Harvey's possible role and whereabouts surrounding the day in question. Nothing better than listening to Simpich speak about Harvey and Co. as well. The man was a legend and extremely adept at the spy game.