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  1. Lee Henry Oswald

    Tommy certainly has a way with words I tell you....great to see more of your thinking and fleshing out around here Bill.
  2. David Morales

    *Bump, David Morales always...always motivates me to think of minorities in the agency at the time and what they felt about JFK and the agency's "upper class" (ex. Harvey's dislike for the Ivy league officers) or any discrimination experienced by such individuals. I also wonder who were the first minority officers in the Agency (first African American CIA officer for example).
  3. I don't see why not Jim. I mean I'm sure an intelligent discussion is possible.
  4. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    That’s great to know and thanks.
  5. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    Oh I have them all archived Jim :). Also, will your JFK: Evidence Today get an audiobook version? If I asked this before, my apologies. Please say yes.
  6. I want to see if this topic gets derailed into a kindergarten styled battle royale instead of consistent evidence and rationality without attacks, sarcasm, etc...
  7. Unaltered Zapruder film

    Hey there Dave and a humble thanks as always for your deep analysis. This’ll be a joy to peel through and reflect on.
  8. Couldn't agree more although I need to contact Bill about why he never seemed mentioned Leo Setyaev. I mean Newman definitely does and I remember starting to read Simpich's fine work he'd mention it too but did not. I'm sure he had his reasons.
  9. The Men Who Killed Kennedy series

    In any event this series needs to be put in the section as to what to avoid or be cautious of, in the JFK case. I remember growing up that I liked it because it was "the only game in town" on television but of course its....well...with all due respect, just bad. We need a new, stronger, evidentiary-based film or documentary for today's generation. Len was on an excellent track with his great 50 Reasons/50 Years series. Today's film could or would be broken down into segments for students and scholars alike, based clearly on hardcore evidence and documents and the painstaking research of others. What I'd give...
  10. Well maybe you can reach Vincent Di Maio? http://www.fsc.texas.gov/profile/dr-vincent-jm-di-maio This is fascinating evidence if true. As with other discoveries it'll have to be scrutinized and carefully examined.
  11. I remember seeing this documentary and being a bit shocked at Harvey's (possible?) involvement in Operation Gladio as well those that were involved with the entire Carcano episode from the Italian side...it motivated me to think what exactly Harvey was up to leading to the Assassination in Italy after being disgracefully sent there....great work and can't wait to learn more on this angle. Garrison was ahead of his time...
  12. Unaltered Zapruder film

    Its interesting...this whole "z-film alteration" I'm shocked some believe in wholesale alteration or fakery and I've never believed that personally but IF I were to lean in any direction of the film being altered or edited, I'd lean towards the belief that certain parts or frames were edited or taken out but I'm even reserved on that. I like to use the analogy of the film being a witness and being silenced or having her/his testimony changed lol....it happened to witnesses.....why not one of the biggest and most important witnesses there is? Of course this is just my thinking out loud on the subject...I also forget the guy at the JFK conference in Alexandria, VA who worked for Time? He had mentioned not remembering anything significant about the film other than the fact that in the film he saw, you could see JFK's motorcade literally turn from Houston onto Elm? I mean I'm not sure how accurate the guy is, etc, but it is what he said.
  13. Bernardo De Torres

    Has anything new surfaced regarding De Torres? I didn't want to create another topic so I thought I'd bump this one. I can't imagine that this guy would say absolutely anything today to any honest researcher if he's still alive.
  14. Hugh G. Aynesworth and the Assassination of JFK

    That is absolutely disgusting. The Press Club of Dallas and Aynesworth should be ashamed of themselves.
  15. Alexandra Zapruder Book: Part 2

    Thanks a ton Mike. As I looked and looked at the film I've just always felt there were weird anomalies with the film such as what I described above. My thinking was that everything in the background, considering Zap. was slightly higher and in front of the bystanders (across the street), everything in the BG moved together, as if they are all on the same plane with no "3D" depth distinction but again, this is all my brain rambling on and on until I get the facts via research. I will take what Dave said and hold it to scrutiny. Thanks again for the frames. Question for anyone reading, has ANYONE EVER reenacted Zaps. filming? I mean has anyone ever pretended to be him and filmed cars going by with bystanders?