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  1. B. A. Copeland

    Marina ... pretty agent for LHO?

    So then...could her marriage to Porter be considered almost a Counterintelligence play to some extent? Speculative reasoning but I couldn’t help but wonder given that amazing blog post (thanks Steve!)
  2. B. A. Copeland

    A Lie Too Big To Fail by Lisa Pease

    I would even add that very powerful yet subtle (and very clear) foretelling of the strong dislike and eventual dealing with of RFK by that Cuban mechanic at Red Bird with January...and to think that Boylan/Hancock wonder if that mechanic has a deep anti-Castro history. Just a chilling and amazing event.
  3. B. A. Copeland

    Oswald was not in MC

    Thanks Jim.
  4. B. A. Copeland

    Prayer Man

    Honestly? I believe that you can literally see all four: Shock, surprise, disgust and annoyance (or horror). I'm sure we can add a bit more in the mix when a hypothetical frame up of the century is at play. May I also add, to the discussion/debate of PM (prayer man)...regardless of whether or not anyone believes its a "smudge" or "too faint to see/know", learning who was where at the time of the shooting would seem like basic police work. We cannot even begin to study in detail the Dealey Plaza event until people are accounted for in and from that Building. My point is, we have to learn who that faint figure is standing there regardless of what anyone believes or thinks about this case they simply must be accounted for...
  5. B. A. Copeland

    Logic seems to suggest...

    I understand and thanks for the clarification mate.
  6. B. A. Copeland

    Oswald was not in MC

    Well said Jim. I'm curious, is there absolutely any way I can view or listen to that seminar Dr Aguilar gave? I would love to if possible. Thanks for all you do.
  7. B. A. Copeland

    Prayer Man

    Yes.... LHO: "I didn't shoot anyone, no sir" "...I emphatically deny these charges!" Take a deep long look at LHO's face when that reporter famously tells him that he's been charged with murdering the President.......you tell me that isn't the face of a young man who's just realized he has been literally conned in the biggest way imaginable....I'm sorry but being honest, it is a sad yet powerful realization captured on film, not of a murderer, but of a man who probably realized that he was regrettably caught up (and possibly played some role even) in a most complex plot.... Is Prayer Man LHO? I'd bet money that it most likely is which is why we cannot get the original audiovisual material. Prayer has a reasonable and pretty strong argument, not to mention the evidence has explanatory scope and power. No argument has been as successful for any other candidate other than LHO.
  8. B. A. Copeland

    Logic seems to suggest...

    Well in direct response to your opening post: I can certainly buy that Hoover may have been directed (even though, in my own understanding, I don't see direct evidence for it, I can definitely believe he was directed or intimidated, etc) but that a conspiracy would originate from Hoover? I see many other suspects that the conspiracy would've had to originate from is all I meant.
  9. B. A. Copeland

    Oswald was not in MC

    It’s been proven (moreso than its negation) that LHO was impersonated on the phone and that is evidence that *must* be dealt with and understood. David Josephs and countless other competent researchers believes the FBI when they said “that wasn’t Oswald’s voice on the phone” do you?
  10. B. A. Copeland

    Logic seems to suggest...

    Well, Danny with all due respect, logic may suggest it, but the gathered best evidence and research doesn’t seem to.
  11. B. A. Copeland

    David Morales

    Larry do you think that such a move by Jim makes him somewhat complicit? That is pretty sly of him to do that, especially when you're telling a guy like Harvey. I have always thought about (or wondered) Tracy Barnes because he is so involved with the agency at that time yet hardly ever talked about as far as I am aware.
  12. Thanks an absolute ton Paul. Not so sure why I am urged to pick up an entire book for 1-2 footnotes and source of a powerful claim. Paz says that Metta has even a different source which would be pretty incredible if it checks out as I mentioned earlier. While the book may be worth its weight in gold (I don't know) I'd like to check it out someday but for now, I am digging deep in other research. The CMC/Italian angle is certainly relevant for sure, no doubting that.
  13. B. A. Copeland

    Maria Hyde

    I swear....EVERYONE gets debriefed except for a genuine REDEFECTOR....the kind of asset Angleton cherished almost more than anything else lol...interesting person for sure. I just find it impossible to believe LHO was never debriefed. He would’ve been *prime* debrief ‘material’.
  14. B. A. Copeland

    David Morales

    Ahhh interesting and thanks as always for the info. That late summer/early fall '63 connection is potentially huge...
  15. Whoa, whoa....could you clarify please? What problem do I have with you and what exactly do you mean by "acid" lol? When did I "become acid"...? I don't really have a problem with anyone. My only issues will ever be with arguments and evidence, etc, nothing personal. Thank you Paul. Will do sometime. When and if you do, please pass it my way if you don't mind. Thanks again. Jim, I know it is in Talbot's book and are you speaking about Mark Wyatt? His Deputy in Rome? Do we have a document or anything (video, etc) on Wyatt saying that? I came across this: https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/JFKFOIAComplaint.pdf, which still doesn't directly source where Wyatt mentioned it but only that he mentions the Dallas flight in 1998. If Metta has a different source than even that, then that would be great if the source checks out.