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  1. Well according to McBride and his research, Tippit's father said J.D was looking for Oswald so thats huge. I mean it should be at the very least considered when considering Tippit's murder as a possibility.
  2. Thanks for the amazing response Jake. I'll have to chew all of it slowly later on.
  3. Fantastic research Steve as always. Thanks!
  4. For Mr K! (He can’t receive PM’s) I just wanted to let you know that in your most recent blog post concerning the most recent conferences after action report in Dallas, you mention a CAPA-HQ.org which takes you to a council of Anglican provinces of Africa website 🤣. I believe the proper website is https://capa-us.org 👍🏻. Thank you for all you do regardless.
  5. I too found the stabbing incident fascinating (if true) as I’d never heard of it myself and I’m not familiar with Armstrong ever mentioning it but perhaps he has?
  6. What do you guys think of this article? https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/why-officer-tippit-stopped-his-killer
  7. Dallas Action Episode with Lorenz' daughter: #163~November 22, 2019: "ACTION FIGURE: A Conversation With Monica Perez Jimenez, Daughter Of Assassination Witness Marita Lorenz."
  8. I think he speaks of a tunnel path in Parkland. I believe Doug Horne speaks about this as well.
  9. Hey Bill! I was wondering, as I read you insightful posts, if this topic has any relevance (or not) to your quoted portion above: A very excellent topic posted by Vince sometime ago.
  10. This would be absolutely fantastic. I think an artist honestly needs to capture (very well I might add...) the essence of the personnel involved with many of the historical events. Capture the likenesses well of said historical persons in a simple yet powerful style. That kind of masterwork would take, comfortably, anywhere between 1-3 years I'd say. Funny you mention that Anthony. I am exactly the same way and I would absolutely love to hear the voices of many of these significant figures once you either read about them or see photos of them. Chief among them for me is David Morales, Robertson and Harvey just to name a big few. I'd kill to hear their speech.
  11. Thanks a ton Barto. @David Andrews I think its important to remember that Doug was speculating on the Bayo/JFK hit team bit. He pretty much always makes it clear when he's speculating as far as I'm aware. I think we all know how important that is to do in this field of research. According to the document that Doug was reading from, Hall mentions that it was a "phony cover story to get three Russians". Fascinating, the least of which concerning Bayo's surviving the 'raid'. We've seen this before somewhat with another hit team suspect: Herminio Diaz Garcia (thanks D.Boy!)
  12. New Campbell audio on Bayo, Martino & the Raid: https://www.spreaker.com/user/7338953/161-oct-26-2019-hit-teams-and-high-cabal Excellent study group material as usual.
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