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  1. Mike: Who is Baker that is writing a book on Ferrie? Also, a publisher, not Trine Day, wanted me to do a book on Rose Cheramie. I declined. I said, look to do a book about her today would take a very large advance and then expenses. Because you would have to do a lot of on the ground research, knocking on doors, and getting leads to family members etc. And I knew this publisher would not come up with the money since they were a smaller house, a university press. Trine Day doesn't have that kind of money either. So I will be interested to see what this guy comes up with. Jim...the "Baker" is JVB: http://www.amazon.com/David-Ferrie-Participant-Anti-Castro-Assassination/dp/1937584542/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1368176672&sr=1-2-fkmr0&keywords=jdtyh+vary+baker
  2. Good querstion..and i'm not sure....I supported Kindle from the start for 2 reasons...1..as it had the titles I most wanted "Let Justice Be Done", and "The men on the sixth floor", for eg. and 2:..It will probably provide the best range and longer support for e-books over time.... Now i have about 70 titles all up..many of the duplicates of the actual titles...plus the hard to find...but I might look at nook to see what i'm missing...
  3. Read the book, looking forward very much to the other volumes... Imagine if others actually READ it before making jump the gun comments?... What a crazy notion.... Best to your endeavor, Barry, I know that word of mouth is already creating some excitement.... Steve.
  4. Welcome... Happy to throw some of the better books at you... I find the English...like the Australian researchers I know, are great at keeping a distance from the real sense of paranoia that I find permeates the American point of view, not that it's always unwarranted...lol...just find it a social curiosity... In any case, lots, to say the least, off info out there, so don't break your back when the path is already paved...I find it best to seek out and, hopefully, expand on those that came before.... And I always treat it less of a mystery than a open case with identifiable players..it's the filling out of the shadowy bits that's the harder part... Steve.
  5. Billy....all the time I've read about the ripper....I've learned one thing...all can be found in about 3 books....that's the sum total of good info that's out there, without the endless speculation... I'm so over the claims I gave my ripper study away..but found this today, as a few weeks ago I broke down and read a recent work by an Aussie author on the black Magic aspects..not as silly as it sounds...it's an academic look at how and where these theories developed..not for the real newbies..a scholarly type tome... Every now and then i see one i want to get...and fall into it....but nothing new has perked my interest in years...(The recent one finally gave me a name of the possible Maybrick diary forger..and why..)... As for your question..i guess i'm not really answering it..sorry....I think that the best you can do is join Casebook and participate there..they have the goods....and I usually update my editions of the A-Z when it's released...but truly, my knowledge on Kelly is limited to whats there...he is one of the better suspects....but my mind like the solving of puzzles..and i think Jack's a..dead end.... My picks to read are Phil Sudgen's book, Paul Beggs', the Collected Letters (letters from Hell?) and Scotland Yard Investigates, and some of the better photographic books.... keep plugging away....it is hard to pull away from... Steve.
  6. Thanks for the mention, Robert... Namebase was a source I was hoping to link more too....and I recommended it to a lot of newcomers.... As for my own effort...I'm working on it by my lonesome..and as most can see..I'm utilizing the work of Mary Ferrell as my primary base. But there mainly placeholder's as I create links to more original articles and sources....a wiki without the interference...if you like...
  7. Still worth asking....when, if alterations were made, was the time frame that this could happen in?....I ask in all sincerity... And Bernice and Robin, thanks for the pics...The original paper scans show much the same.... Hi Steve, Over on Duncan's forum, I once again posted this, which is from a 11-23-63 newspaper. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r25/123steamn/Altgens6.png The red arrows indicate detail in the limo flag which I have not seen on any version of Altgen's, ever!!! A response back from Thierry was this: interesting pic, but this one is altered as were many prints in newspaper. The tradition was to get a negative paper from the picture and DRAW upon it with a pencil. so it was clearer were the the pencil was. On this print we can see airbrush behind lovelady, jfk's head stretched and they put grey clear on heads and the limo. http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r25/123steamn/alteredp.jpg I just don't believe someone took the time to figure out what was missing from the flag and then recreated the detail. If so, they did an exquisite job on this part of it. A look at the original neg would help greatly. chris Thanks Chris....
  8. I have most of those...I'm spreading out with books written by others involved in the war on Castro, Ed Arthur, Martino..etc...also...I agree, we need a full view of the time, place, personages.... You're bibliography is helpful..I have a encyclopedia type blog..eventually I'll have links to as many books as I can get...
  9. Hmm, good to see the Author monitoring this thread.... "And while Richard Cheney is definitely Deep Throat, I think it's important for people to understand that there never really was a Deep Throat" Typical of the prose in the book.... As you know, Robert, I read all and everything that comes along...and was dipping my toe in Watergate... It has made me interested in Cheney's book, at some future date...but this work itself stretches absurdity to a new ground...sorry to say...it's a hard book to even review...if someone Is writing a roman a clef, I'm suspicious when Only one writer to the exclusion of others has unlocked it. The Bible code for Political history... A lot of the subjects I'm interested in usually come around to having a book that claims all is revealed in someone else work...but you have to decode it first.... I've little more to add than that is probably a waste for most people... a couple of bucks?..sure, why not...but I can see A Lot of flak heading Mathis's way....
  10. Still worth asking....when, if alterations were made, was the time frame that this could happen in?....I ask in all sincerity... And Bernice and Robin, thanks for the pics...The original paper scans show much the same....
  11. A question I've had regarding this... Isn't it important to suggest when these possible alterations were made?... The Altgens pic was on the AP wires about a half hour after the shooting...? Was it not?... So, anyone in the pic was just a bystander when the first processing took place. And the important aspect of it was the occupants of the limo at that time. If the first newspaper pics that afternoon/evening are the same as the image we have now, including artifacts, etc, the "Headless man"..that leaves no time for any manipulation... Are they clear enough to tell? Or is the suggestion that it was later copies that were tampered with?...in which case had Altgens ever said anything regarding this?...
  12. I bought it as I was starting to delve into Watergate, through Hougan and Caddy's work... I thought it was a joke, honestly. I wrote on my FB page.."without a doubt, the most insane book I've read for a decade....why it wasn't called the "Cheney Code" I've no idea.....Lynne Cheney reveals all of Watergate's secrets in code form in her book "Executive Privilege"... I was asking for others thoughts on the author...he stretches credibility beyond any sense. Has anyone heard more about this writer?...
  13. Terribly sad. I always enjoyed his posts and, more importantly, his dedication and enthusiasm, and the way he presented himself. Gone far too soon. All my best to his family and freinds. A loss to our community.
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