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  1. Merit Based Immigration. Strong support for 2nd Amendment. Life Membership in the NRA. Extreme vetting for asylum seekers. Seeking peace with Cuba then, North Korea now. Planning to withdraw from Vietnam, promising to withdraw from "endless wars." Both campaigned on strengthening the military and both did just that. Both slashed CORPORATE as well as individual taxes dramatically. Similar policies, very different styles. The claim that there exists ZERO comparisons between the two is demonstrably false no matter how much you may hate Donald Trump.
  2. David Middleton sent out an email referencing a Change.org petition in which he speaks of the late Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty's role --"Man X"-- played by Donald Sutherland in the movie, JFK. He erroneously says that Colonel Prouty was a STATE Department employee. Colonel L Fletcher Prouty was NOT an employee of the State Department! He was a full bird Colonel in the USAF, assigned to the Office of the Secretary of DEFENSE. He also worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the Military Liaison Officer in support of Global Intelligence Operations. His title was "Chief of Special Oper
  3. Yes, he can. He even tendered his resignation to JFK following his failure. JFK did not accept it. Also see my "essay in progress": Fiasco
  4. I don't know what Jim is talking about here. I do not agree with Jim or Larry on this matter. Fletch was there. Greg Burnham Discusses The Bay of Pigs Fiasco with Len Osanic in 4 Parts
  5. FYI: This debate was at a time that preceded efficient web streaming. So this is the only portion that was able to be preserved as there were extremely long gaps in it due to buffering, etc. I wish I had the rest of it, but alas...
  6. I beat him in a debate and Marquette beat him in court! Judge backs Marquette University's suspension of professor John McAdams over blog post
  7. Russians & NASA Discredit ‘Fossil Fuel’ Theory: Demise Of Junk CO2 Science Last week new NASA photographs proved methane lakes exist on Saturn’s moon, Titan, showing that such hydrocarbons (or so-called ‘fossil fuels’) are seemingly plentiful in our solar system. This startling discovery turns on its head the long-held western belief that petroleum is a limited resource, because it is primarily derived (we had been told) from the fossilized remains of dead dinosaurs and rotted carbon-based vegetation. But with that notion now exploded in the article ‘NASA Finds Lakes of Hydrocarbons
  8. I am not saying that the problem is necessarily with a claim being made (anthropomorphic global warming / climate change) that is untrue. I am saying there is a problem with the methodology used to arrive at such conclusions. That methodology is reflected in the emails that were never supposed to see the light of day outside the tight circle of agenda driven scientists. I suggest that anyone who is interested in this very important topic, review the emails that were sent between these scientists. Then judge for yourself if what they describe more closely conforms with the scientific method or
  9. I used to have a member on my forum who was a very nice person. Most of the time. Quite bright. Most of the time. Very patient. Most of the time. A fairly good enough communicator. Most of the time. But sometimes...not so much. Almost like he was a different person. As it turned out, he finally admitted that sometimes he'd post after he'd been drinking. It made him impatient, cloudy in his thinking, adamant that he was right, slightly paranoid, all the while isolating himself away from like-minded people who could have been his allies. But that was just him.
  10. No, but when one's ideas are so poorly communicated that they are confusing, disjointed, or too emotionally packed, they might tend to appear to be false, contrived, or ego-driven--even when they aren't.
  11. Scott, You post opinions as if they are facts, but when challenged to provide evidentiary support or even proof for your claims, you take offense, become increasingly sarcastic and often condescending--as if you have any reason to assume such a posture. Far from it. I find much in your postings to be rather shallow. I wasn't going to mention it, except that you are now acting superior to several respected members who have done a lot of work on this subject--much of which probably occurred before anyone ever even heard of you.
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