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  1. Mr. Colby has apparently not read message #23 on this thread in which I made it clear before his review that I would no longer reply to him. As I no longer come by here often, anyone else who wants to discuss the book should send me a private message first.
  2. You are welcome, Evan. I hope you get out of the hospital soon. Dean
  3. Len, You take something for free and then call it "overpriced." Good one! If people don't like the price for the final version, they don't have to pay, either. No one had to pay for the several previous versions. I use the large font so my wife can read it. And as far as my "convoluted" explanation goes, you must be talking about the book. My post of the planes and passengers (#19) contained no explanation. You are prejudging my book, then. Your review will be totally worthless. You will not waste any more of my time. I will no longer reply to you. Dean
  4. Here is Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11 on a ZIP file for use by the Education Forum members only: PWPPDF.zip
  5. Len, The significant differences revolve around the planes and passengers and the detail I give as to where each went. Here is an outline of my ideas, with an asterisk for each different ideas: What happened to each of the planes? Flight 11 allegedly struck World Trade Center 1 (North Tower) *Flight 11 – There was no such flight *Flight 11 Decoy (“11D”) – Took off from Boston Logan airport and was identified as Flight 11 *Where did 11D go? – It flew toward the World Trade Center and got within one-half mile of it *What happened to 11D? – It landed safely What happened to WTC 1? – Another aircraft struck it Flight 175 allegedly struck World Trade Center 2 (South Tower) Flight 175 – It took off from Boston Logan Airport Where did 175 go? - It flew west, switching its flight # to 89 and doing a hijacking simulation What happened to 175? – It landed safely in Cleveland *Flight 175 Decoy (“175D”) – Took off from Boston Logan Airport and was identified as 175 *Where did 175D go? – It flew toward the World Trade Center and got within one-half mile of it *What happened to 175D? – It stayed in the air (unidentified) and then served as a decoy for 93 What happened to WTC 2? - Another aircraft struck it. Flight 77 allegedly struck the Pentagon Flight 77 – There was no such flight *Flight 77 Decoy (“77D”) – It flew west and was identified as 77 What happened to 77D? – I don’t know; I speculate it flew over the Pentagon Flight 93 allegedly crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania Flight 93 – It took off from Newark Airport Flight 93 Decoy (“93D”) – No Where did 93 go? – It flew west What happened to 93? It went toward Cleveland, then flew back to Pennsylvania and landed safely. As for the SSDI, my point was that the percentage of people identified as dead on SSDI was far lower than what SSDI says it does and lower than my own test. It is a minor point and not worth much of our time.
  6. I have been reluctant. I am waiting for someone to politely ask me to make the book available here.
  7. Evan, I will put the phrase in bold for you: I don't believe that is what Len said; he said: I don't see anywhere where he said "that another version of the same book " is available online. In fact he said that if you wanted to discuss the book you should make it available. The closest he came was to say that there didn't appear to be any substantive difference between the essay and the book. Based on your reluctance to discuss the book, I have to come to a similar conclusion. That is the phrase that leads me to believe he thought I had a similar version (essay or otherwise) online. Anyway, I have offered to make it available.
  8. One more thing, Len. You said in post #8 that another version of the same book "is available online." That is not true. I have removed all previous versions, which were rough drafts, from the Internet quite some time ago.
  9. Len, In debating the essay with you, I learned the following facts, which have been incorporated into the book: There is no source for Michael Ruppert's belief that blips were used during the events of 9/11. There are manifests available for Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93. I believe you have misunderstood other issues. For example, in the book: I say that SSDI itself only says that it is 83% accurate. My personal test of people I knew was about 50-60% accurate. I do not find the number of passengers on the planes significant. I do not state that no Arab names are on the manifests. I state that several planes were used and that some of them were decoy planes. Perhaps you call something Flight 11 and I see it as a plane without passengers. I do not agree with you as to your assertions that certain sources are crackpots. In any case, I believe most sources are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. OK, Len. Tell you what. If you think there are significant differences, I will post the text here in PDF. P.S. Maybe I like self-publishing!
  10. I'm sorry Dean, but is it not one of the book's contentions that some of the aircraft claimed to have flown that day never actually took to the air, and this is partially based on missing BTS records, that people say that there is no wreckage associated with those aircraft? If I am wrong, I am more than happy to be corrected and debate the issues the book does raise. Sorry, Evan. I have asked those who use this thread to refer to the contents of the book. You are making guesses about it, which is not the same thing. One cannot talk about a book's contents that unless they have read the book. So get a copy of the book, read it and make your comments here. Or, choose not to get the book and make comments about my work on some other page. Just play by the rules. I will not respond to any comments on this thread that do not refer to the book, Planes without Passengers: the Faked Hijackings of 9/11. That goes for you, too, Len. Dean
  11. Nice "debate" Evan and Len. Too bad it is not about the contents of my book, which is the point of this thread. Your comments really belong on another page.
  12. Bill, If you could convince me that the passengers lost their lives, that would be a debate, wouldn't it? I do not believe they died for the reasons I give in the book. As for Tony Summers, I have asked you before for the name of his upcoming book. You never bothered to reply. It appears to me that your mind is closed on this issue. That is too bad. Determining what happened to the planes and passengers strikes me as very real issues that are worthy of discussion. Dean There's really nothing to debate. I think you will have a hard time convincing anyone who lost a family member in the attacks, and I think that making such assertions takes away from the real issues that have to be addressed and the real questions that have yet to be answered. Tony Summers is working on a 9/11 book that should address the real issues and attempt to answer the outstanding questions. Bill Kelly
  13. I am presenting my own book for discussion. I debated some of its ideas here at the Forum and used the feedback. The book is available at this Amazon link
  14. Bernice, Could you please send me a private message as to how I might contact Mr. Dean? Thank you, Dean Bernice, Cancel the private message. Judyth has removed all references to Harry Dean on her web site and has asked me to convey her apologies to him. Dean
  15. Bernice, Could you please send me a private message as to how I might contact Mr. Dean? Thank you, Dean
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