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  1. Jerry Craig

    JFK Forum: Rules of Behaviour and other points

    I have one thing to ask of everybody please quit calling Roger Craig a lier i try to not call anybody lier's cause it is not rite and roger's not here to defend himself i am all there is so will you please stop that nonsence
  2. Jerry Craig

    Damage to the BOH

    i agree with you after the way i was treated on jfkassassinationforum.com i wont go back there they are not the most bright group but there was a second shooter
  3. ive been saying johnson was a nut for a long time!!!
  4. Jerry Craig

    JFK Exhumation petition

    Everybody please sign this petition www.ipetitions.com/petition/jfkexhumation/
  5. thank you Bernice


  7. Jerry Craig

    Any Info on this please

    that looks like Heraldson
  8. Jerry Craig

    Groden arrested in Dealey Plaza

    LOL You made my day... KK PS I am not sure about R. Groden. This witty man could be the greatest pseudo Cter and mole in the CTer Community ever...and those arrests maybe a fake, like the arrests of Lee Oswald in NOLA...to produce an image of a CTer martyr. But mole or not...anyway...I like that guy...but there IS a possibility that Groden and Mack are working hand in hand.. KK i was just there yesterday and mike told me that i was working for gary mack in which i am NOT when i first met mike he cussed a guy out cause he told him FU and would not listen to him he has spit on people and faught with people out there and they let him stay so who is working for mack HE is he was talking to a police officer when i got there yesterday and has his number to call him if he sees anybody that is not suposed to be there and mike told me that i dont think groden is working for mack or he wouldent be the one arrested. here are the picks of the officer mike was talking to.
  9. Jerry Craig

    Who Killed JFK?: Poll and Discussion?

    most everybody must reconise that jfk was going to pull our troops out of vietnam by the end of 1965 so on that think about it big busness was going to suffer from this so it was a combination of big busness,cia,lbj,cabell,hoover,anti castro cuban's,mafia and other sources that will never be known to the people jfk was going to stop all the money flow for most of these people or had been the product of a lie jfk never said he would send air support for the bay of pigs but the people that was involved were told he would send support
  10. Jerry Craig

    Secret Service, On the Knoll and Beyond

    just so everybody knows i have the complete manuscript if roger craigs
  11. Jerry Craig

    A question about Ferrie

    i have heard referances to ferrie flying helicopters but have never really checked it out i think he did tho
  12. Jerry Craig

    Roger Craig

    Jerry, Your site claims, “He stood by the fact that he talked to somebody that claimed to be a secret service agent behind the fence on the grassy knoll.” But Craig’s own manuscript says nothing of the sort and instead places the Secret Service agent on the steps of the TSBD: “I ran to the front of the Texas School Book Depository where I asked for anyone involved in the investigation. There was a man standing on the steps of the Book Depository Building and he turned to me and said, "I'm with the Secret Service." This man was about 40 years old, sandy-haired with a distinct cleft in his chin. He was well-dressed in a gray business suit.” Why the discrepancy? Todd todd i will look at the site again joe is doing it if there is a discrepancy i will have joe make it right i do not want to misslead anybody the site is new and we will get it right
  13. Jerry Craig

    Roger Craig

    just to let everyone know joe hall and i have a website on roger it is. www.roger-craig.com we welcome comments
  14. Jerry Craig

    Roger Craig

    My immediate response was to leave the comments on the web page. I don't take kindly to being threatened. However, as several people have pointed out, the woman is clearly disturbed and we should not take advantage of this. I have now removed all references to Craig's daughter on my webpage on Roger Craig. As you can from above, I was only doing what I was asked. You just cannot please some people. ok just so everybody knows deanna and her mom changed there names not for privacy they were the ones paranoid our family never seen then or knew what there name were i personaly seen deanna at roger funeral in 75 and my moms im 79 and her and her mom wore shades and kept to themselves talk about paranoia what does that tell you about there mental states roger never hid BUT MOLLY AND DEANNA DID so think about that and see who was disturbed
  15. Jerry Craig

    Jerry Craig

    I am the nephew of Roger D. Craig. I am 46 years old. I was born on 23rd November 1963. I have been studying the JFK assassination since I was about 10 or 11. My goal is to keep Roger's memory alive. I play guitar and work on my website with a friend.