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  1. New Book!

    NARA RELEASE OF DOCUMENTS 1. Well, first of all, many of these documents are not about JFK. They are about the murder of MLK Jr. 2. A substantial portion concern comments made by Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko and, in fact, many of the largest files are transcripts of conversations with him. 3. None of the "withheld in full" lists of documents mention any documents about Edwin Walker or the Birch Society or any of the other cast of characters in Caufield's book 4. Lastly, the single most significant takeaway I see from all this "withheld in full" material that has now been released is as follows: It is totally absurd that this stuff was withheld for 5 decades. A major portion consists of public source material (newspaper and magazine articles) or correspondence pertaining to FOIA requests by Harold Weisberg etc. It is just another argument for making it a criminal offense to allow government bureaucrats to use their discretion to keep information secret about controversial historical events. Our laws should be changed to make release of ALL government documents mandatory no later than 5 years after they are created -- and the only exemptions permitted should be genuinely top secret information that, if released, would put our intelligence sources and methods in jeopardy or information which, if released, would cause serious harm to our military plans and assets.
  2. New Book!

    NARA HAS RELEASED THE FIRST BATCH OF PREVIOUSLY WITHHELD JFK DOCUMENTS https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/2017-release DESCRIPTION FROM BOSTON GLOBE ARTICLE: The assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 shook the nation — and spawned questions and conspiracy theories that have lingered through the decades. Now, a group of documents released online from the National Archives will allow the public to gain a firsthand look into the investigation. The vast majority of the 3,810 documents are FBI and CIA records. The release includes 441 documents previously fully withheld and 3,369 documents previously released with portions redacted. (In some cases, only the newly unredacted pages are being released.) The Archives also released 17 audio files of interviews with Yuri Nosenko, a KGB officer who defected to the United States in January 1964. Nosenko claimed to have been the officer in charge of the KGB file on the man who would later assassinate Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, when Oswald went to the Soviet Union in September 1959. The interviews, translated from Russian and transcribed into hundreds of pages of text, reveal an agency deeply skeptical of Nosenko. “Nosenko came forward to essentially clear the Soviet Union of any involvement in the assassination,” said Philip Shenon, a historian and author of “A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination.” “A lot of people at the time thought he might not be telling the truth,” Shenon said. Questions of Nosenko’s credibility were settled long ago when the FBI exonerated the former KGB agent, Shenon said. The bigger mystery still surrounding the Kennedy assassination — and potentially solved by the release of these documents, he said — concerns a trip to Mexico City that Oswald took just before the assassination. “Nobody has really ever gotten to the bottom of what went on there,” Shenon said. At least a few of the newly released documents discuss the trip. But fully answering decades-old questions will take some time, Shenon said. Monday’s release of documents is the first of several expected releases under the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Act of 1992, which called for all records of the assassination in the Archives to be publicly disclosed after 25 years. The sheer volume of documents to be released before October makes it challenging to search through for what Shenon called “interesting or potentially explosive information.” The Archives set up the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection in November 1992. It includes approximately 5 million pages of records. Eighty-eight percent of the collection has already been publicly available since the late 1990s, according to the Archives. The records release law, enacted in response to a thirst from the public for transparency about the investigation, set up five categories of information that could be withheld from release and a board to review whether agencies were justified in postponing the release of records. Part of the mystery of the assassination has been that Oswald’s exact motives were never determined. He was killed two days after the assassination by a Dallas nightclub owner. His stay in the Soviet Union,which ended in 1962, raised questions about whether he was a Soviet spy. But Norman Mailer, in his 1995 book, “Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery” reported that Soviet intelligence, far from employing Oswald, was convinced he had been sent there to spy on them.
  3. New Book!

    Paul - WHOM should we believe? YOU or Harry's own words? Harry made a comment in message dated August 28, 2005 (page 7, Harry Dean Memoirs thread) which declared that he was paid "expenses" for "reporting to U.S. intelligence". Harry's exact words shown below (with no corrections to spelling or grammar or syntax). It was while yet remaing within the pro-Castro camp that I was betraying them to U.S. Intelligence, it was sad to turn from what I once considered a great humanitarian cause, but there are no regrets. What and how was I paid for reporting to U.S. Intelligence. Expenses . Wisely or not, I had joined this new patriotic cause." ALSO: see House Select Committee on Assassinations document 180-10105-10298 which is an interview of Harry by HSCA investigator Kenneth Klein which resulted in a 5/23/77 memo from Klein to Robert K. Tannenbaum. In 1977, Harry declared during his interview with Klein that: "All he received was expenses and he was always paid in cash." FBI protocols required that ALL monies be accounted for -- even small amounts required that the recipient sign a receipt AND there were mandatory field office reports which summarized what monies were paid and for what purposes. THERE IS NO DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER TO CONFIRM HARRY'S CLAIM THAT HE WAS PAID "EXPENSES" so we can conclude that Harry is lying.
  4. New Book!

    THIS IS THE SUMMARY OF ALL HARRY DEAN CONTACTS WITH THE FBI -- TAKEN FROM HIS LOS ANGELES FBI FILE -- WHICH HAS BEEN ON MY HARRY DEAN WEBPAGE FOR A VERY LONG TIME. HOPEFULLY PAUL TREJO WILL STOP LYING ABOUT THIS: SECTION 6 = SUMMARY OF HARRY'S CONTACTS WITH FBI HARRY’S CONTACTS WITH FBI M=mail P=phone IP= in person Contact Date Type of Contact Comment HQ, LAX serial # 1960-August P Dean phoned Chicago FBI from Whiting, Indiana to report he had been elected Secretary of FPCC and he gave info to FBI re: FPCC leadership. FBI-Indianapolis then conducted background check on Harry in September 1960 LAX-3 LAX-8 1960-December P Dean phoned FBI-Chicago to report he had been residing in Detroit for two months but had returned to Chicago. Harry refused to provide his Chicago address. LAX-3 1961-June 7 IP Two FBI-Chicago Agents told Harry that the Chicago office “did not desire his assistance” per Chicago field memo dated 9/19/62 LAX-3 1962-August 21 P Dean contacted FBI SA McCauley and reported that he had been an FBI informant for Chicago field office re: FPCC. Dean told Agent McCauley “that largely because his wife had become very upset over his activities on behalf of the FBI, he had discontinued his informant activities and had come to the Los Angeles area about one year ago, and is now employed as a plasterer operating out of the Union Office on Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles.” “He added that he has, since his arrival in Los Angeles, had casual contact with Edgar and Marjorie Swabeck, whom he had previously known in the Chicago area, and from them has learned that Marjorie Swabeck is secretary of the Los Angeles chapter of FPCC at the present time. He said that he otherwise has taken no particular interest in the FPCC, and that while he himself is personally not averse to resuming informant activities in behalf of the FBI, he hesitates to do so because of his wife’s feeling in the matter.” LAX-2 1963-November 19 M Dean’s letter to J. Edgar Hoover acknowledges his past “mistakes I had made in my younger days” which he described as “my shady character”. Harry told Hoover that FBI Agents in Chicago “were my kind of people” and “patriots” who were “dedicated to the same principles as are we.” but they told Harry that “I could no longer continue as an undercover agent”because “I was finished by reason of their findings concerning my past...” Harry asked Hoover for assistance “with the hope of being cleared” because his name appeared as an officer of “the red front” in a U.S. Senate Subcommittee Report on the FPCC. LAX-6 HQ-1 1963-December 10 IP Two FBI-Los Angeles Agents contacted Dean at his residence (18109, Atina Drive, La Puente CA) per instructions from FBI HQ. During this contact, Dean produced a receipt showing that he joined FPCC-Chicago on 7/28/60 and he was also a member of J26M from 1958 forward. Dean mentioned his trip to Cuba in June 1960 and that he joined FPCC upon his return to Chicago at the instigation of Juan del Rosario and Joaquin Freire. Dean acknowledged to the Agents that his association with FPCC and J26M was initiated and continued on his own volition and he recognized that he was never an undercover agent for the FBI nor authorized to represent or act for the FBI in any capacity. Dean was informed that the FBI did not issue clearances. Dean gave the FBI-Los Angeles Agents 16 items of “correspondence and literature concerning his past activities” LAX-10 LAX-11 LAX-16 1964-March 13 P? Harry was re-contacted by FBI-Los Angeles concerning his June 1960 trip to Cuba and, in particular, Harry was asked about Frank Vega. During this conversation, Harry told the FBI-Los Angeles Agents “that he cannot be positive now, but that he believed VEGA identified himself in effect as an officer of the Cuban G-2.” Harry also mentioned that when he visited Edgar Swabeck in either Chicago or Los Angeles in the fall of 1961, he “observed a letter from Vega bearing his name and return address in New York City.” LAX-16 1964-October 3 M Harry sent typed letter in envelope addressed to “Chief Agent, FBI, 1340 W. Sixth Street, Los Angeles” in which he stated that he met Special Agent Ferd Rapp “in late September 1964…after receiving a telephone call the previous day…” Harry stated that the meeting with Rapp was in Covina CA near the Huddle restaurant and the purpose of that meeting was for Harry to identify a photo of a possible Cuban G-2 agent“whom I met in Havana in 1960…” Harry declared that “In 1962, I gave a report to your office approximately two months before several Castro Cubans were to do extensive espionage damage in the U.S. New York was the area as it happened later. I gave this report by phone using the name “status quo” to avoid future difficulty.” The Los Angeles Agent in charge of Cuban matters in southern California [William J. McCauley] hand-wrote the following comment on Harry’s letter: “Is this fellow a mental case somewhere? No acknowledgement needed.” LAX-19 1964-November 19 P? Special Agent Ferd Rapp stated that Harry “was interviewed at his request and in response to his telephone call to the Los Angeles office.” Harry told Rapp that he read the Warren Report’s comments about Oswald’s “alleged association with various Mexican or Cuban individuals”. Specifically, Harry mentioned testimony by Sylvia Odio re: Lawrence Howard and Loran Eugene Hall. Harry told Rapp that he had met Hall (Monterey Park CA) and had heard him make an anti-Castro speech in Covina CA in September 1963. Harry also met Lawrence Hall Jr. (Pico Rivera CA) about this time but Harry stated he “had no contact with either of these persons since the time of the assassination” and he has not heard “either of them make any anti-Kennedy statements.” Harry stated that it “was interesting to speculate that it might have been Oswald actually with these two men in Dallas” and that “both Hall and Howard who are anti-Castro leaders of the Cuban underground, actually wanted President Kennedy removed from the scene because of the failure of the 1960 Cuban invasion.” Harry told Rapp that “in his opinion Hall and Howard would be capable of entering into conspiracy with Oswald to commit the assassination” and the FBI might want to check out that possibility. LAX-23 1964-November 21 P Los Angeles Special Agent John P. Andrews answered phone call from Harry at 5:40pm during which Harry claimed past assistance to government re: Cuban matters. Agent Andrews characterized Harry’s call as“incoherent”. Harry stated that Guy Galbadon had called Harry to state that Larry Howard “would kill Lorenzo Hall, if and when he can locate him. Dean did not want to repeat previous info furnished. He also claims own life may be in jeopardy, details not furnished.” The “Action Recommended” notation on FBI contact form is “File” LAX-20 1964-November 30 P Harry phoned Los Angeles FBI office and spoke with Agent Thomas F. Gearty. Harry wanted to know if the Los Angeles office was “still investigating Larry Howard, Hall or Edgar Swabeck. Said he furnished information to the FBI in Chicago and Los Angeles.” Harry observed that he was “worried that these people would find out he had been furnishing information to the Federal Government and then he would be in trouble…He mentioned that he had talked to SA Rapp in the past.” Agent Gearty marked his memo re: Harry’s call: “Above furnished for information only.” LAX-21 1964-December 5 M Harry sent letter to FBI-Los Angeles regarding his conversation with Larry Howard. Harry referred to Warren Commission report comments re: Loran Hall, Lawrence Howard, William Seymour, and Sylvia Odio. Harry also mentioned his “association with J.U.R.E. in Los Angeles”. Harry described “my coincidental association with Hall, and Howard, as I first reported to Agent Rapp near two weeks past.” LAX-22 1964-December 10 M Harry sent letter to “The Director, The Joe Pyne Show, Channel 11 KTTV, Hollywood 28 Calif.” - a copy of which was given to FBI Agent Richard G. Douce by Pyne program Executive Producer Bob Hayward In his letter, Harry summarized details about his background which he had discussed over the phone with the Pyne program Director that same day. Among the activities listed by Harry were his assistance to “Castro Cubans in Chicago Illinois, with money, arms, late 1957” and in 1959 more help with money and then joined meetings of J26M and met with Cuban counsel in Chicago. In 1960, Harry engaged in more activities and Harry said the J26M asked him to visit Cuba. When he returned to U.S. from Cuba he was “soon recruited into Fair Play For Cuba Committee beginning to organize in Chicago” and he was“elected Secretary at second meeting because I was such a loud supporter of Castro.” During his FPCC work, he was “assigned propaganda work” but he soon became “disillusioned” and he“ask Fedral (sic) Bureau re some of these people. They ask if I would pass info to them after discution (sic), was happy to do so were (sic) FPCC was concerned, then found many Cuban friends like and took orders from local Communists, I turned against them but stayed on onside to gain info. on all activities, was successful, as later hearings show by U.S. Senate Sub-Committee of 1961 June.” Harry also stated that he moved to Detroit and “joined newly forming FPCC, got lowdown on them, gave to Fed” and “FBI said best one man undercover informate (sic) job seen, was great reward to me, to work against enemies of America.” LAX-24 1965-March 30 P Harry called FBI-Los Angeles and spoke with Special Agent L.R. Brandon at 7:35pm. Harry told Brandon about being “cooperative with the FBI in Chicago when he was a member of the Committee for Fair Play in Cuba a few years ago. He stated that he fingered the group involved with this group and then sort of sneaked out of Chicago and came to Los Angeles.” Then Harry mentioned someone who contacted him (Roland Barrio of El Monte CA) whom Harry stated was interested in obtaining arms for “JURE forces who are interested in overthrowing Castro in Cuba.” Harry “stated that he became connected with Barrio’s group…and had made some contacts for this group to help them obtain arms for JURE.” Harry expressed his “suspicion that Barrio’s group is, contrary to what they profess, collecting arms for Castro’s forces to use here in the U.S.” LAX-29 1965-March 31 L Harry sent a letter addressed to “Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” in Los Angeles (but not addressed to any specific person) in which he stated that “By October 1963, I learned via the Warren Report that J.U.R.E. had been both directly and indirectly involved before and after the assassination of President Kennedy. As I have previously reported some of these people were known to me prior to the assassination. They were Lawrence Howard, and Loran Eugene Hall, also others. My association with them was in respect to anti-Castro efforts.” Harry then mentioned a recent weapons seizure in the City of Industry CA which reportedly had JURE connections but Harry told the FBI that the JURE persons “with whom I dealt from Jan. 64 are not the same people as those involved in the Industry arms sizure (sic) altho it is stated the arms being made in Industry are for JURE via the Costa Rican gov.” Harry declared that his JURE associates “are Castro people to do revolucionary work in the U.S. when the time is right” and Harry referred to his previous report, “first given to your office about one month ago via phone to an Agent on night duty…” LAX-30 1965-April 3 P Harry called the L.A. FBI office and spoke to Agent J. Flynn Jr. The contact form reports that Harry “advised in a recent call to office he furnished info re Eddie Martinez. He has remembered that Martinez once asked him if he thought he could get weapons through the ‘Minutemen’. Also thought Martinez was trying to determine if he knew anything about that outfit.” Flynn hand-wrote on contact form: “File for record of call.” LAX-31 1965-May 2 P Harry called FBI-Los Angeles and spoke with Agent Jerry Moore at 3:30pm regarding the organization La Union Democratica Dominica and J. Gil Rosario and Dr. Francisco Genoo. Harry stated that he tried to contact Agent Ferd Rapp in Ontario CA but his office was closed. Harry advised that he “reviewed his records pertaining to the above captioned organization and the two captioned individuals were members of it.” Harry recalled that Juan del Rosario and Dr. Genoo were good friends and they attended a J26M meeting in Chicago on 6/1/61. LAX-33 1965-May 3 IP / M FBI employee Gerald A. Boswell created a contact form to report that Harry dropped off a letter to the FBI-Los Angeles office. Harry’s letter was captioned “Note to Federal Bureau of Investigation” which he dated April 1, 1965 but he did not mail it. Instead he brought it into FBI-Los Angeles office on May 3, 1965. In his April 1st letter, Harry again discusses his suspicions regarding “former associates in the organization JURE” because he believed that “they were not in fact anti-Castro but rather pro-Communist, in some things they said and the way they operated, etc.” In his letter, Harry mentions Rolando Barrio and Eddy Martinez and Harry discusses his “guess” regarding the true intentions or objectives of Martinez. Harry also mentions two Dominicans (J. Gil Rosario and Dr. Fco. Genoo) one of whom (Genoo) he remembered from Chicago when he was a member of FPCC and J26M. LAX-32 1965-May 10 P Harry phoned the Los Angeles office “collect” and spoke to Agent Philip S. Andrist at 10:05am. Harry told Agent Andrist that he had previously communicated with the FBI in Los Angeles concerning JURE and he pointed out that while he lived in Chicago he affiliated himself with the J26M. Harry stated that upon moving to Los Angeles, “he associated with JURE in late 1964” and that he had been “approached to purchase guns”and other weapons. Harry stated that “he discontinued his association with these groups as he felt they were pro-Castro rather than anti-Castro.” LAX-34 1966-November 22 P Harry called the FBI-Los Angeles office and spoke with Agent Philip J. Reilly. Harry “opened the conversation by stating that he has been a member of the FPCC in 1960-1961 and later turned against the communist leadership in this movement and became actively engaged in anti-Castro organizational activity. He implied that he had been informant of the Chicago office of the FBI in supplying information regarding the activities of the FPCC. Dean said he knew Larry Howard and Lorenzo Hall in the FPCC and indicated that Howard and Hall had traveled in Cuba with Lee Harvey Oswald…” “Dean was rambling and disconnected in his narration and when asked for purpose of his call, he stated that he wanted to ‘clear his name’ and clarify his status with regard to his name being mentioned in the U.S. Senate Committee on the FPCC.” “Dean was told that if he wished, an Agent familiar with these matters would contact him…” “A subsequent review of subject file on Harry Dean reflects that he has been interviewed by this Bureau on several occasions and has been advised that his false claim of having served as an informant of the FBI must be stopped.” LAX-55 1966-December 6 IP Special Agents William J. McCauley and Henry J. Platt went to Harry’s home at 2013 S. 7th St, Alhambra CA in response to Harry’s 11/25/66 phone call with Agent Phillip J. Reilly. Harry was “asked what it was that he wanted to explain to the FBI” and “he told SA’s Pratt and McCauley that his name appears in a report of the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee on the FPCC and that he wanted it made clear for the benefit of his children’s futures…that he is not a ‘red’ as the report would suggest but is in fact anti-communist. He added that he has already explained this to Senator Eastland through correspondence but that no publicity was given the fact he had been in contact with FBI…He said that in short he wanted to ‘get off the hook’.” “He was told that he was not ‘on the hook’ so far as the U.S. Government is concerned, He added that in his effort to ‘clear his name’ he has been in contact with Knott (of Knott’s Berry Farm) foundation, but that it didn’t seem to have solved his problem. It was explained to him that the consequences of his activities, whether or not the opposite of what he intended, were of no interest to the U.S. Government. He said that he now understood that, and that he might have been better off if he himself had forgotten the past and done nothing tending to revive it. Dean failed to mention the Oswald matter, and it was not brought up by the SA’s interviewing him.” LAX-57
  5. New Book!

  6. New Book!

    With respect to Paul's statement that: "I have no reason to doubt Harry Dean. You knit-pick on the word "informant" to try to make Harry Dean out to be a fraud (and me to be some credulous dupe). But your nit-picking misses the truth by a country mile." This is PRECISELY why Paul Trejo originally accepted Harry's assurances about the letter Harry wrote to J. Edgar Hoover in November 1963. As Paul wrote: "As for myself, I realize that I am relying entirely on the honesty of Harry Dean -- he tells me that the letter he published in 1990 is the original letter (except for the REDACTIONS) and I believe him. Taking that as my premise, I must conclude -- obviously -- that the FBI version which is typed in all CAPS with 500 extra words is a forgery. There is no other conclusion that ordinary common sense can make, given my premise." We subsequently learned that Harry was LYING in two respects. (1) First--he DID write the "long" version of the letter to Hoover -- which Paul ASSUMED was a deliberate "forgery" by the FBI ===and=== (2) It turns out that Harry typed ALL his outgoing correspondence in ALL CAPS -- which he could have told us immediately when this controversy began BUT he KNEW that would discredit his argument about the FBI having supposedly edited his original communication and Harry wanted Paul Trejo to spread his lies and Paul was so TOTALLY dis-interested in TRUTH that he INVENTED a totally false screed against the FBI accusing them of "forgery".
  7. New Book!

    With respect to this comment by Paul: Harry Dean -- in his own interpretation -- provided "information" to the FBI from 1961-1963. The FBI has records of this, as you well know. But it was always volunteer. Why can't you just admit this plain truth? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PAUL? I HAVE REPEATEDLY MENTIONED THAT HARRY GAVE UNSOLICITED "INFORMATION" TO THE FBI. Furthermore, on my webpage about Harry Dean, on at least THREE occasions I explicitly referenced what information Harry gave to FBI-Los Angeles and I LISTED the 16 items (54 pages) he gave the FBI. See: https://sites.google.com/site/xrt013/harrydean IN ADDITION: There have been NUMEROUS times in messages posted here on EF that I have mentioned what OTHER information Harry gave to the FBI -- such as his comments about Edgar Swabeck (Socialist Workers Party), Frank Vega (Cuban G-2 officer) Alpha 66, and other subjects -- ALL of which are shown on my webpage summary of EVERY SINGLE serial in both his HQ and Los Angeles files! So WHY do you have to DELIBERATELY LIE about a subject which is so easily proven to be a deliberate falsehood by you? With respect to this comment by you: "Furthermore, the fact remains that Harry Dean really was -- in the real world -- an organizer for Fidel Castro's FPCC in Chicago. The US Government knew about this. It is part of the Congressional Record." Actually, we DO NOT KNOW what you claim. All we know is that Harry was listed as "Secretary" of FPCC-Chicago chapter but we have no specific details concerning what he did as Secretary OR what period of time he did it. We have no information about him being "an organizer" for FPCC. It appears he just kept Chicago members informed about forthcoming meetings and perhaps he maintained their mailing list. His function was so MINOR that it merited a SINGLE SENTENCE in a Senate investigative report! With respect to this comment by you: "But Harry Dean didn't remain in that capacity. He continued to secretly gather data on the FPCC for the FBI, and provided them (freely, on a volunteer basis) lots of information. The FBI has records of this historical fact, as you well know." Actually, we DO NOT know any significant details regarding what info about FPCC Harry gave to the FBI other than the 16 documents which he gave to FBI-Los Angeles--which were mostly public source documents. There is no mention by FBI of any documentary evidence which Harry gave to FBI-Chicago. He called the FBI-Chicago office but we have no record of what, specifically, he told them BUT we DO know that Chicago FBI told Harry that THEY DID NOT WANT any further assistance from Harry. With respect to this comment by you: It is on the basis of Harry Dean's patriotic and brave gathering of UNPAID information to the FBI that Harry Dean has the moral standing to proclaim that he also saw and heard Ex-General Edwin Walker at a John Birch Society meeting in September 1963, announce his intentions to assassinate JFK, and to use Lee Harvey Oswald (the alleged FPCC officer) to take the fall. We DO NOT even have corroboration (i.e. independent confirmation) that Walker was even in southern California in September 1963. YOU wrote: You don't believe Harry Dean. NOBODY believes Harry because he cannot PROVE anything he says! With respect to this comment by you: I have no reason to doubt Harry Dean. You knit-pick on the word "informant" to try to make Harry Dean out to be a xxxx (and me to be some credulous dupe). But your nit-picking misses the truth by a country mile. THAT is because you have NO personal standard for ascertaining and confirming credible evidence. You always attempt to de-value standard techniques for witness impeachment because you have absolutely no ability to determine who is a FAKE witness as opposed to a legitimate person who has actual factual knowledge. Even then -- the testimony of legitimate witnesses has to be weighed for significance and then compared to other sources of known reliability (which you also cannot do). You just automatically believe EVERYTHING -- even when there is absolutely NO corroboration -- such as your claim re: Edwin Walker being in southern California above. AND -- you even believed (and you quoted Harry verbatim) when Harry claimed Wesley Grapp drove him around Los Angeles County in September 1963 when Grapp was working in Miami, Florida as Special Agent in Charge! And Grapp never even came to Los Angeles until early March of 1964! With respect to this comment by you: Harry Dean's eye-witness account of events at that John Birch Society meeting is a living confirmation of the revolutionary new book by Jeffrey Caufield, namely, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015). We have no credible evidence to substantiate the claims of Harry. He is NOT a credible "eyewitness". Lastly, with respect to Dr. Caufield's book: As I previously pointed out, it has NO standing among historians and when you check all the standard library databases - you will discover that NO scholar has even written a formal review of Caufield's book nor is the book mentioned in any academic articles.
  8. New Book!

    Paul - WHOM should we believe? YOU or Harry's own words? Harry made a comment in message dated August 28, 2005 (page 7, Harry Dean Memoirs thread) which declared that he was paid "expenses" for "reporting to U.S. intelligence". Harry's exact words shown below (with no corrections to spelling or grammar or syntax). It was while yet remaing within the pro-Castro camp that I was betraying them to U.S. Intelligence, it was sad to turn from what I once considered a great humanitarian cause, but there are no regrets. What and how was I paid for reporting to U.S. Intelligence. Expenses . Wisely or not, I had joined this new patriotic cause." ALSO: see House Select Committee on Assassinations document 180-10105-10298 which is an interview of Harry by HSCA investigator Kenneth Klein which resulted in a 5/23/77 memo from Klein to Robert K. Tannenbaum. In 1977, Harry declared during his interview with Klein that: "All he received was expenses and he was always paid in cash." FBI protocols required that ALL monies be accounted for -- even small amounts required that the recipient sign a receipt AND there were mandatory field office reports which summarized what monies were paid and for what purposes. THERE IS NO DOCUMENTATION WHATSOEVER TO CONFIRM HARRY'S CLAIM THAT HE WAS PAID "EXPENSES" so we can conclude that Harry is lying. In August 2006, Harry posted a comment on a pdf document on the Mary Ferrell website. In his comment, Harry stated about the FBI: "I had accepted cash expences at their insistence..." [This is absurd on its face because the FBI never "insisted" that anybody accept expense money.] On August 13, 2006 Harry posted another comment on the Mary Ferrell website about the FBI supposedly "warning" the producer of the Joe Pyne program about Harry. Harry made the following comment (I underline two key portions): "Hayward's warning to FBI brought Bureau agents out to forbid my going on this or any TV or Radio show re; my association with FBI in Los Angeles, Chicago or elsewhere. I did go on, as a way to end my informant status with them. The Bureau was furious. No more information, no more expense money! I was glad! H. Dean"
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    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION RE: FBI INFORMANTS 1. See page 60 of this FBI file for checklist (Security Informant Review Sheet) that all FBI Special Agents used when somebody was approved for development as a field office informant, i.e. what subject matters they were required to discuss with informant: https://archive.org/stream/FBISecurityInformantProgramHQ19/FBI Security Informant Program-HQ-1-9#page/n59/mode/2up As I have previously pointed out -- there are NO records of any kind in ANY FBI file pertaining to Harry Dean (or pertaining to the subjects about which Harry claims he gave information to the FBI) to substantiate that any such information actually came from Harry Dean as an informant or confidential source of the FBI. In addition, no FBI Agent ever completed ANY such checklist on Harry because Harry was NEVER even considered for status as an FBI informant or confidential source. 2. See pages 214-231 of this FBI file for a lengthy discussion regarding if/when/how payments could be made to an FBI informant. In particular, this section includes a discussion of Lee Harvey Oswald because of the false accusation by Henry Wade that LHO had been an FBI informant: https://archive.org/stream/FBISecurityInformantProgramHQ19/FBI Security Informant Program-HQ-1-9#page/n213/mode/2up
  10. New Book!

    POSTSCRIPT FOR PAUL TREJO: I have quickly reviewed my collection of FBI files on the FBI's Informant Program (which is HQ main file 66-2542-3) and I noticed a HQ memo in May 1957, which stated that two-thirds (66%) of all FBI informants (security informants and criminal informants) were NOT paid. So much for your bull-xxxx comment that "For the professional FBI agent, the word, 'informant' has a special, technical meaning, namely, a person who is receiving money from the FBI in an official capacity, fully registered, vetted and signed off by FBI higher-ups."
  11. New Book!

    1. I repeat myself. Your "explanations" are as phony as a $3 bill. All you are trying to do is reverse engineer some kind of semi-plausible explanation to mask the fact that you were taken in by a fraudulent "eyewitness" who has maintained for 50+ years that he was an "undercover" operative, informant, or spy for our "intelligence agencies" when that is a bald-faced LIE. THIS STATEMENT BY YOU IS 90% FALSE: "For the professional FBI agent, the word, "informant" has a special, technical meaning, namely, a person who is receiving money from the FBI in an official capacity, fully registered, vetted and signed off by FBI higher-ups." UNLESS AND UNTIL you stop lying about this -- you will NEVER understand the truth about this matter. Genuine FBI informants or confidential sources are not always paid. YOU just INVENTED that. What determines whether or not somebody is an FBI informant is quite simple --- regardless of how many times you attempt, disingenuously, to cause confusion and use mis-direction about this subject matter. FIRST: What determines whether or not someone is developed as an FBI informant is: (1) WHAT INFORMATION DOES THE FBI WANT TO OBTAIN THAT THEY CANNOT OBTAIN WITHOUT USING AN INFORMANT? In other words, if the desired information is available without developing an informant -- then, obviously, there is no need for one AND that usually is preferable so the FBI's interest is kept confidential. Example: suppose the FBI wants to know the names of persons who are the founders and/or major officials of some new organization. Suppose, furthermore, that there has NOT been much media coverage about that new organization. How could the FBI obtain the type of information they want? Here are a few possibilities: (1) If the organization has been incorporated, the FBI can contact the appropriate government unit (usually Secretary of State for a state) to obtain copies of the incorporation documents. Those documents normally reveal the name(s) of the incorporators and their addresses. There are also by-laws and supplementary material which explains what objectives that organization has. (2) If the organization is not incorporated but has filed a "doing business as" document with their local County Clerk -- then the FBI can obtain that document. (3) The FBI can contact friendly persons (aka "established sources") within a community who often have specific knowledge about the people who create a new organization. For example: that can include such sources as the Better Business Bureau or credit reporting agencies, or the business columnists of the local newspapers, or FBI contacts at professional organizations etc. (4) The FBI can also make quiet inquiries to local financial institutions, to landlords, to property management companies, to utility companies, etc to get whatever documents they have about the persons who set up basic services for that new organization's HQ. IF that organization publishes any newsletter or magazine or other material, the FBI can quietly contact their printer. [BTW---the FBI prepared an entire training monograph for their Agents to describe what type of "pretext" calls could be made to acquire the type of information they want.] (5) Once the FBI has determined the name(s) of officers of any organization (or its endorsers, Board of Directors, prominent members, etc), then there are all sorts of other avenues which can be pursued -- including military service records, local law enforcement records, contacts with educational institutions, and even use of standard research tools like "Who's Who" directories or directories of professional organizations which contain biographical information. [If necessary, the FBI can then contact employers, labor unions, neighbors, friends etc. to obtain even more background information.) HERE IS THE REASON WHY PAUL TREJO DOES NOT KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS MATTER: It is because Paul has never reviewed any significant number of FBI files that pertain to right-wing or left-wing organizations NOR has Paul EVER reviewed FBI informant files. THAT is why Paul can just FABRICATE FICTIONAL stories and expect us to believe him. (2) THE SECOND FBI CONSIDERATION RE: A POTENTIAL INFORMANT The second consideration for the FBI is determining whether or not any specific person who claims to have access to desired information does (in reality) have that access AND can he/she be relied upon to keep their relationship with the FBI confidential? In other words, is the prospective informant someone who will follow FBI instructions and protocols and then accurately report information back to his FBI case agent without embellishment or exaggeration or bias and not leave out important details and not reveal his/her relationship to the FBI? (3) HOW DOES THE FBI DECIDE TO AUTHORIZE DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF AN INFORMANT? NOBODY becomes an FBI informant unless (first) the pertinent field office submits a detailed background investigation about that person to HQ and then the field office explicitly requests authorization from FBI HQ to develop that individual as an informant. IF approved -- THEN the field office tells their approved informant that they have been accepted and the informant is assigned a code name and symbol number and given all sorts of instructions. (a) What I just stated is mandatory for EVERY field office when they want to develop an informant. Harry never even went through that first step. Instead, upon his own volition (like many THOUSANDS of other ordinary people) Harry contacted the Chicago FBI field office for his own reasons. At first Harry did not even give his name or address. The Chicago field office NEVER asked FBI HQ for authorization to use Harry. (b) The fundamental flaw in Paul's argument is that he thinks (wrongly) that EVERYONE who contacted the FBI to report something then concludes that they are an "FBI informant" or "undercover operative" -- even if they happen to be mental cases who hear voices and they then decide to tell their local FBI about what those voices tell them. (c) Chicago began an investigation into Harry (because they wanted to know if he was who he said he was) and the FBI quickly determined that Harry was NOT suitable for development as an informant because of his previous criminal history (in Canada, Detroit, and Indiana) AND his AWOL status from the military, AND because Harry had a history of mental issues. In June 1961, Harry was explicitly told by Chicago FBI Agents (in person) that the FBI did NOT want his assistance. Harry acknowledged that situation in writing when he wrote a letter to J. Edgar Hoover. (d) EVEN IF we wanted to give Paul's fictional story some consideration, that June 1961 meeting between Harry and Chicago FBI agents should have settled the matter once and for all -- especially since even Harry does NOT dispute what the FBI told him. In other words, let's say that Harry contacted FBI-Chicago several times by phone or by letter and he gave some FBI agent some information about FPCC or some other matters. Let's further suppose that Harry interpreted the FBI's polite reception of his information as meaning that Harry was now "an FBI informant". Effective June 1961, that delusion should have come to an end when two FBI Agents explicitly told Harry that the FBI did NOT want his assistance. And when Harry started claiming otherwise, the FBI sent Harry letters telling him to cease and desist falsely claiming a relationship to the FBI which DID NOT exist! (e) I won't go through the remaining steps in the informant process because there is no point. The relevant point here is a very simple one. ANYBODY (even a mental case) can contact their local FBI field office OR they can contact ANY other FBI field office OR they can contact FBI HQ OR they can contact any CIA office or DEA office or any military intelligence unit OR or they can contact their local Police Department "subversive squad" and then report ANYTHING on their mind. All such contacts are recorded by whomever is the on-call Agent or receptionist at that point in time -- and that is exactly what happened with Harry. When Harry decided to contact the FBI in person or by phone, he spoke with that day's on-call Agent and that person listened to whatever Harry presented. And after they politely listened to Harry, they recorded whatever he said (even when it was incoherent or rambling) on the standard form used for all general public contacts. Period. End of story. Everything else is YOUR invention. With respect to this statement by you: (1.3) Harry Dean was always consistent about this definition with me. Harry himself never received any official money from any FBI agent at any time. He was never officially registered as an FBI informant. It was always volunteer, always informal, and always patriotic. Harry saw his patriotic duty and he did it. Period. That is NOT what Harry has claimed for 50+ years. Only your bias prevents you from understanding what Harry attempted to do. AT NO TIME has Harry EVER stated publicly that he was merely a "volunteer" or "informal" with respect to his relationship to the FBI or the CIA. He has explicitly and repeatedly said JUST THE OPPOSITE -- including just last month when he described himself as a "US Federal intelligence agency informant" AND he has ALWAYS conveyed that impression to EVERYBODY he met in person or whom he contacted by phone or letter -- including journalists, TV program producers, and even his neighbors. This has NOTHING to do with your bogus attempt to create confusion by your constant use of the phrase "FBI technical definition of the word 'informant' " I note for record that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and perhaps MILLIONS of Americans had similar experiences with the FBI (and with other government entities) but very few people came away from their experience by claiming that they were "recruited by" U.S. intelligence agencies and even fewer declared that they then became "a U.S. Federal intelligence agency informant". Most of those folks were just ordinary Americans -- many of whom had no more education that Harry. The ONLY people who attempted to create the impression that they were "informants" for an intelligence agency were people who sought to produce INCOME and FAME for themselves because of gullible enablers like Paul Trejo. Significantly, Harry now claims you tricked him and mis-represented his actual views in your Ebook. This is Harry's standard method of operation. EVERYONE BUT HIM is to blame for EVERY misunderstanding and EVERY LIE he has told for his entire adult life. IF Paul Trejo's argument was genuine then Harry would have cleared all this up DECADES AGO by simply posting messages online describing his TRUE status -- i.e. "volunteer" and "informal" relationship with FBI or CIA or whatever. But Harry has NEVER DONE THAT because he STILL wants people to believe his totally false description of himself.
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    Sometimes, conspiracy "reasoning" becomes so convoluted that it is almost impossible to decipher. Consider the following for example: 1. The Birch Society has always maintained that our government and most American institutions have been influenced and controlled by a subversive element. From the inception of the JBS, Welch told his followers that "Communists" and their sympathizers, dupes, and allies were in control of everything that mattered in our country. More significantly, the major conspirators were often described as a small elitist group of international bankers, large corporate interests, and the general Establishment (all major media, churches, labor unions, colleges/universities, etc) which were controlled by these people. In later years, Welch and the JBS changed the word "Communist" to "Insiders" in order to avoid more libel lawsuits. He also used an historical argument about how the modern conspiracy originated with the Bavarian Illuminati. Welch created the JBS as a means to educate the American public about this conspiracy and Welch hoped he could create a New Americanism to thwart and defeat this conspiracy. IMPORTANT NOTE: For many years, Welch and the JBS published a numerical score of "Communist influence and control" of every country on earth. In 1964, for example, the JBS told Americans that the U.S. was 50-70% under the influence and control of "Communists" and their operatives. 2. Now consult Harry Dean's message below (Treason The Reason). According to Harry, Robert Welch's "New Americanist" conspiracy has been in control (behind the scenes) of "all foreign and domestic directions of both the Democrat and Republican Parties" since the death of Kennedy. That certainly would be major news to Welch and the JBS! 3. Then consider the next leap of Harry's mind. Harry claims that this "New Americanist scheme" which was launched by Welch and the JBS (and which supposedly controls both of our major political parties) has always fought exposure of its "treasonous" existence and its objectives -- and, NOW, the "only opposition" to it is from (whether you like him or not), Donald Trump!! 4. Donald Trump Paradigm HOWEVER -- if you review Harry's messages on DeepPoliticsForum website and elsewhere, you will discover that (according to Harry), Trump has been installing numerous Mormons into positions of authority and it is the Mormon Church which Harry believes is in control of the Birch Society! 5. The OBVIOUS Contradiction If you carefully review not only The Donald's appointments as well as many of his Administration's domestic and foreign policies -- they align EXACTLY with the goals of the Birch Society! In fact, numerous Birchers are THRILLED about The Donald and they are currently posting messages online cheering and raving about what The Donald is doing! I just finished debating one JBS member (Charles Thompson) because of Politico website's recent article about the resurgence of the JBS. Charles is a JBS chapter leader and an employee at Liberty University (Jerry Falwell's institution). Thompson AGREES with Trump that the "Russia story" is "a hoax" and Thompson believes that Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to neutralize the subversive "Insiders" who purportedly control our country! 6. CONCLUSION: It is very plausible that Harry has feigned opposition to the Birch Society all along!! HARRY'S MESSAGE ON DEEP POLITICS FORUM: 10/19/16 = Treason the reason https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?16032-Treason-the-reason&p=113714&highlight=#post113714 The NEW AMERICAN SCHEME with the 1963 death of President Kennedy, have since, behind the scenes, controlled all foreign and domestic political directions of both the Democrat and Republican Parties. The New American Scheme is fighting exposure and destruction of it's treasonous anti-Constitutional religio/politic combine by it's only opposition of, like him or not, Trump. FOR ADDITIONAL CONTEXT -- the following is a message which Harry posted on DeepPoliticsForum to explain his theory about Mormons/the JBS. I have NOT corrected Harry's spelling, grammar, or syntax errors. Excerpt{s} from 1990 manuscript/book YROJ JFK Connection In the flow of events during my regular Intelligence/informant activities in 1962, I was made aware of the Conservarive Movement/John Birch Society and became a sincere member as did a great number of other Republicans. The John Birch Society {JBS} was an invention and political extention of the Church {Latter Day Saints {LDS} Mormon. The JBS infrastructure was an exact miniture of the Church designed to serve as it's political arm in reaching where the Church was forbidden by U.S. laws of Church-State separation to go. An extremely costly seizure of the Republican Party was the urgent and powerful first step taken by LDS-JBS for entrance into the legitimate political scene {a relentless goal of the Church hierarchy since it's 1830 founding. Their revival and use of the name "Conservatism" was merely as a title, a semantic weapon, to display opposition to the liberalism that dominated both Democrat and Republican parties, choking and limiting both political conservatism and Church ambitons. The more important purpose in exploiting this title was it's value to draw-in sincere, and ideological conservatives to serve our cause in many ways. We were instructed to infiltrate the Democratic Party at every level. The Democratic Party was taken over from the bottom and the top and it's liberalism was forever neutralized! Through it's revolutionary JBS front, the LDS Church dumped millions of it's yearly billions into subverting operations and brilliantly devised, twisted and fiery propaganda causing a national foreboding and fear that the U.S. Goverment might actually be under communist influence and direction. No honest conservative really believed that we were trying to do more than call the liberal establishment communist sympathizers in order to replace liberalism with conservatism. But we unknowingly were being used to help install this present system that is surrreptitiously wielding every power of the U.S. government to force the extension of a purely materialistic-religious empire that is intent on redesigning the entire world in it's own "communal" image! An effort that includes brute force and isolation of resistant individuals and entire nations. This long twilight struggle against the elected government of the United States was for world power. That power lay within an almost impotent United Nations Organization. Control and direction of that body would be realized by the subversives upon neutralizing, then seizing the government by shock force.{JFK Assassination}. Yes I was a follower until 22November 1963. H.J. Dean
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    TWO MESSAGES FOR CLARITY (1) For those readers who might have been taken in by Paul Trejo's credulous assurances from a few months ago that Harry Dean had allegedly told Paul Trejo that he (Harry) was NOT an FBI or "intelligence agency informant" but, instead, Harry was just an ordinary person who voluntarily provided unsolicited information to the FBI and/or CIA, I invite your attention to a message which I just discovered that Harry posted about himself on the DeepPoliticsForum website from last month. I bold type the pertinent portion. 6/28/17 = https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?16568-Crosstrails#.WXTSO4grKbg The 1990 manuscript/book CROSSTRAILS exposed the Coup d'etat by a church/state combine of the totalitarian 'New Americanist' scheme and it's brazen 2016 election success. Author, former member Castro Revolutionary 26 July Movement in US. and Cuba, officer of Communist front Fair Play for Cuba Committee and US. Federal Intelligence agency informant, deep involvement with JFK assassin planners, while it was all happening,1958-1965. (2) A second message by Harry was kinda interesting because it reveals what happens when someone like Paul Trejo credulously relies upon (and then quotes verbatim) whatever some fake "eyewitness" tells someone: 2/5/15 Harry Dean to Jeffrey H. Caufield. MD. https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?14617-LETTER-OF-INTEREST-to&highlight=harry+dean#.WXTNz4grKbg Hello Jeff Because of our mutual interest re: JFK case I mention just now noticing that Paul Trejo has revised the original E book. In it he has reversed major parts stated in my 1990 manuscript/book, mainly being my pro Coup D'etat statements, also a false "alleged" personal apology re: Mormon involvements with self and Birch Society people. I am now totally convinced that Trejo intended all along, to use, then shoot down and silence me on those subjects. "The Education Forum" admin. locked out that demeaning thread concerning 'Harry Dean Memoirs’ that Trejo and his subverting ally E. Lazar were instigating. In any case it is a shameful double-cross from the original verbal agreement between Trejo and I. I mention to you in great sadness the above information. Harry
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    For those who are interested, this morning I uploaded into my Internet Archive website collection, nine sections of HQ file 67-561 (1875 pages) which is J. Edgar Hoover's "Official and Confidential" file. This file covers the period from June 1916 through December 1977 (including court documents regarding the wills of Hoover and Associate Director Clyde Tolson). Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--9 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--8 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--7 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--6 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--5 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--4 Hoover Official And Confidential Files H--3 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--2 Hoover Official And Confidential Files HQ--1
  15. David Talbot's posting today from Italy

    One additional point which deserves a brief mention. With the exception of William Sullivan (who died from a hunting accident), the other FBI employees whom are listed as "strange FBI deaths" consist of individuals who were born in the period from 1906 to 1917 and they died primarily from natural causes such as heart attack. If you consult actuarial tables for life expectancy by birth year including the exhaustive analysis which may be seen here: https://www.ssa.gov/oact/NOTES/pdf_studies/study120.pdf you will notice that the average white male who was born in the first part of the 20th century had a life expectancy of about 54 years. IF that male lived to be 60 years of age, then his life expectancy fell into the range of 73-74 years old. Of course, it is very difficult to make relevant generalizations here because we do not have any specific data concerning family history, genetics, or behavior patterns of the FBI agents listed. However, it is possible to obtain the FBI personnel files of every one the agents listed (I have some of them) and you can review their annual medical exams to see their medical status. Their annual medical exams contain a lot of information concerning their health status including, of course, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiograms, and details re: any specific medical issues that required attention. I don't think you will find much factual basis for skepticism about the death patterns of these guys. I suspect their death rates (and ages at death) might slightly exceed the normal pattern but it is also the case that they often had very stressful work conditions requiring long hours. And it should be remembered that they lived during a time when things like heavy smoking were commonplace.