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  1. But Silvia Duran did look at that very same visa application when she was interviewed by the HSCA in 1978, and she identified not only the photo as being a picture of the same man (Oswald) she saw at the Cuban Consulate/Embassy in September of 1963, but she also identified the handwriting as her own writing in the upper-right part of the application (the handwritten numbers "779").... https://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wcvols/wh25/html/WC_Vol25_0422b.htm CORNWELL - This is a photograph of what would appear to be a visa application. Does it appear to be basically the type of visa application that we have been speaking about? TIRADO (DURAN) - Yes. The numbers, I think they're mine. CORNWELL - The numbers in the upper right-hand corner which are handwritten? TIRADO - I think so. CORNWELL - Those appear to you to be in your handwriting? TIRADO - Yeah, because when I file I write in the number. [...] CORNWELL - I have another photograph of just the upper left-hand corner of the same document, which we'll mark as Exhibit 3 on the back, and ask you if, to the best of your recollection, that is a photograph of the man whom you saw on or about the 27th of September? TIRADO - Yes. http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/m_j_russ/hscadurn.htm
  2. When did the Coke Appear?

    Absolutely not.
  3. Flashback Dallas Website, Paula Bosse

    Dallas, circa 1930.... https://flashbackdallas.com/2017/12/10/a-birds-eye-view-to-the-north/
  4. Rich Pope

    He sure didn't. And the last four paragraphs of this post authored by Rich Pope are riddled with so many wrong theories, it would take all day to straighten out the facts from his fiction.
  5. When did the Coke Appear?

    I didn't box all CTers together. That's why I said "Internet CTers". There's a huge difference between "regular CTers" and "Internet CTers". The level of "fantasy" engaged in by Internet CTers is much higher than that of "ordinary (non-Internet) conspiracists". (With the "Oswald Never Owned The Rifle" fantasy that nearly all Internet CTers believe in being a prime example.)
  6. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

    Hundreds of new items were added to my Master Index in 2017. I'm hoping to add many more in 2018. (Suggestions welcome.) ....
  7. FYI.... Here's a new Master Index listing/catalog of all the programs in my video/audio collection, which is an extensive resource that might prove useful to some people out there. This catalog includes more than 2,500 video files in total (JFK-related and otherwise), all available for streaming, downloading, and embedding through the handy Google Drive file hosting service. If anybody finds a broken link or a misspelled word (or some other mistake), please let me know. Thanks. Click the logo below....
  8. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

  9. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

    New.... High-definition video upgrade.... "THE LAST TWO DAYS" (OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE COLOR FILM)
  10. Rich Pope

    I didn't realize that Oswald was released after he was arrested. That's news to me. [Obligatory: ]
  11. Because the WC was capable of doing what most CTers cannot do --- i.e., properly evaluate a witness' first-day affidavit, while realizing that some NON-SINISTER errors of fact might find their way into such a first-day statement. Ergo, the Warren Commission could easily see that Officer Baker was describing the SAME EVENT in his first-day affidavit that he and Truly described in their respective WC testimony (that is: Baker & Truly encountered Oswald in the lunchroom---not on the "3rd or 4th floor").
  12. "The Warren Commission critics and conspiracy theorists have succeeded in transforming a case very simple and obvious at its core--Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone--into its present form of the most complex murder case, by far, in world history. Refusing to accept the plain truth, and dedicating their existence for over forty years to convincing the American public of the truth of their own charges, the critics have journeyed to the outer margins of their imaginations. Along the way, they have split hairs and then proceeded to split the split hairs, drawn far-fetched and wholly unreasonable inferences from known facts, and literally invented bogus facts from the grist of rumor and speculation. With over 18,000 pages of small print in the 27 Warren Commission volumes alone, and many millions of pages of FBI and CIA documents, any researcher worth his salt can find a sentence here or there to support any ludicrous conspiracy theory he might have. And that, of course, is precisely what the conspiracy community has done." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page xxvi of "Reclaiming History"
  13. Incredibly, Jim DiEugenio is still under the delusion—here in the year 2018 AD—that the Warren Commission was an "adversary procedure". It wasn't at all, of course. It was a fact-finding investigation. The "accused" was a dead man. The WC was tasked with finding the facts—and the truth—relating to Oswald and the events of 11/22/63. And, in my opinion, they did exactly that during their 10-month (and very detailed) probe — notwithstanding the persistent whining from Internet conspiracy theorists who have a willful desire to tear down Earl Warren's Commission. The following fact remains perfectly clear (at least to me it's very clear).... After 50+ years of trying to replace the Warren Commission Report with something better (and something conspiratorial in nature), the thousands upon thousands of JFK conspiracy theorists who have made such an attempt have failed abysmally in their efforts. Because nothing that has ever been put on the table by conspiracists over the years has come even close to matching the Warren Commission's conclusions when it comes to reasonably evaluating the sum total of the raw evidence (both physical and circumstantial) associated with the JFK and J.D. Tippit murders, which includes the Commission's reasonable and logical interpretation of Lee Harvey Oswald's very own actions and movements on November 21 and 22, 1963. When it comes to evaluating that "sum total of evidence", the Warren Commission and the Warren Report stand alone, IMO. The conspiracy community hasn't even made a dent in those WC conclusions (as far as being able to put on the table an alternative "conspiracy"-based scenario that reasonably and rationally and believably explains every facet of the evidence in the case AND also reasonably explains Lee Oswald's guilty-like actions both on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22). And I don't think they ever will make a dent. http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2010/06/warren-commission-got-it-right.html http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2010/09/warren-commission-objectives.html ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Rich Pope

    Too dry. I like my desserts moist.
  15. But what difference would it have made to the outer-fringe Internet conspiracy theorists if Marrion Baker HAD been asked the above question by David Belin of the Warren Commission? Would any CTer here actually have believed Baker's answer if he had said he was merely confused and got the floor number mixed up, and if he had provided an answer about the "stairway" similar to what Lance proposed earlier? Come now! Let's get real! No (Internet) CTer would suddenly start believing Officer Baker---no matter what he said in front of the WC. Replay.... "Why can't conspiracists accept Marrion Baker's "third or fourth floor" statement for what it so clearly is — a simple and honest mistake made by a police officer who was in a chaotic and frantic situation within minutes of the President having just been shot, and who was not paying close attention at all to what floor he was standing on when he pointed his gun at Lee Harvey Oswald's stomach in the lunchroom on November 22, 1963?" -- DVP; December 2017 http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/The Lunchroom Encounter
  16. Hoover got a lot of things wrong.... http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2010/09/fbi-errors.html
  17. Rich Pope

    I think Jim Leavelle is still with us. (Isn't he?) And I would think there'd still be several members of the DPD and Bill Decker's Sheriff's Office still alive today. Many of those guys were in their 20s or early 30s in 1963 (weren't they?), so some of them wouldn't yet have reached 80.
  18. Rich Pope

    IMO, though, your many unproven "opinions" expressed HERE are, indeed, "fantasies". OPINION -- a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. ASSUMPTION -- a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. Sounds similar to me. Same to you, Paul.
  19. Rich Pope

  20. Rich Pope

    It's rather humorous to see those words—"You make SO MANY ASSUMPTIONS"—being aimed at me by a conspiracist, especially after being treated to the following array of wholly unsupportable "ASSUMPTIONS" authored by Mr. Trejo in just the span of the last three days.... [Paul Trejo Quotes On:] "The JFK Assassination caught Lee Harvey Oswald entirely by surprise. LHO knew nothing about it." "LHO still believed that he was part of a top secret plot to kill Fidel Castro (and patriotically lying to the Soviets)." "From behind the monument of the Grassy Knoll, LHO watched for any Kill-Fidel accomplices." "This accomplice [in the green Nash Rambler station wagon] drove LHO near to his rooming house as they talked about what might have happened, and what the other Kill-Fidel plotters might be doing -- and how he might connect with them." "LHO felt certain that his Kill-Fidel connections would give him proper guidance." "On his way to the Texas Theater, he was stopped by JD Tippit and Roscoe White." "Roscoe White was a compromised Dallas cop. So was JD Tippit, allegedly. The story goes even deeper when we count all the Dallas cops who were more or less secretly connected with General Walker and the Radical Right in Dallas in 1963." "LHO was well-acquainted with Roscoe White, who was the "body double" of his own Backyard Photographs." "Marina had taken one (and only one) photo of LHO with his weapons and wearing black, while LHO and Roscoe worked after hours at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall to forge four "plausibly deniable" FAKE Backyard Photos with LHO's face pasted onto Roscoe White's body." "Roscoe White also shot at Tippit." "LHO and Roscoe White both ran off in different directions." "LHO watched and waited for his Kill-Fidel accomplices." "I admit that the bus ticket is real -- however -- I maintain that it was NOT found in Lee Harvey Oswald's pocket. Rather, the Dallas Police got it from some street source and claimed it as a support to the charge that LHO was a Lone Shooter who had NO ACCOMPLICES." "[Lee Bowers] was probably murdered because of his firm position on the JFK Assassination." "The likely explanation, in my opinion, is that there was a group of renegades from the Radical Right (perhaps including some rogue Dallas Police) who wished to silence anybody who made their detection more likely." "I would guess that Rambler Man told Oswald to walk over to the Texas Theater...to meet another Kill-Fidel accomplice there." "The Radical Right (Walker, Surrey, Weissman...) and the whole Dallas Police and Deputy force are PRIME SUSPECTS in both the JFK Assassination and the murder of Oswald in their care." "Captain Will Fritz lied and lied and lied." [End quotes by Paul Trejo, every one of which is filled to the brim with "ASSUMPTIONS"---not to mention make-believe fantasies.] Can somebody say "POT & KETTLE"?
  21. Rich Pope

    So Rambler Man decides to pick up Oswald---IN BROAD DAYLIGHT---right in front of the Depository just after the shooting---with tons of witnesses around who could potentially see LHO get into his car??? But then, after getting safely out of Dealey Plaza, Rambler Man decides to not stick around and wait for his co-plotter named Oswald on Beckley Avenue. The Rambler Man, instead, takes off and leaves Oswald to fend for himself, even though Beckley Avenue isn't anywhere near as crowded with "assassination witnesses" as was Dealey Plaza. In fact, there's NOBODY around on Beckley to scare off Rambler Man. (And all that is supposedly part of this "brilliant" assassination plan??) Face it, Paul, your theory has virtually NO basis in actual FACT. You've got Roger Craig's Rambler story, sure. But when we couple THAT story with the VERIFIED PROOF that Oswald could not possibly have gotten in that Nash Rambler when Craig said he did, the "Oswald Got Into A Rambler" story falls completely apart. In other words --- Why do conspiracy theorists so often hang onto the WORST evidence and always discard the BEST?
  22. Rich Pope

    Paul, Do you have any idea WHY "Rambler Man" decided to just ABANDON Lee Oswald after driving him to his roominghouse on Beckley? And.... Since you think LHO had an accomplice to drive him from point to point after the assassination, then why did Oswald even NEED to stop at his roominghouse and pick up his pistol (and thus run the risk of being captured)? Why didn't Rambler Man prepare things better and have a couple of revolvers at the ready for their "getaway"? What a bunch of sloppy, unprepared boobs these conspirators were.
  23. Rich Pope

    Which, interestingly, was something that was a COMMON OCCURRENCE in front of 1026 North Beckley EVEN ON DAYS WHEN PRESIDENTS WEREN'T BEING SHOT IN DALLAS. (Shouldn't that fact give conspiracy theorists a moment of pause?) http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2012/05/jfk-assassination-arguments-part-195.html http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2014/06/jfk-assassination-arguments-part-725.html http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2017/11/acquilla-clemons-and-murder-of-jd-tippit.html Why do so many conspiracy theorists continue to want to drag other people into the middle of J.D. Tippit's murder? It's a murder that couldn't be any easier to solve, featuring various types of evidence (eyewitnesses plus ballistics) that provide the proof that ONLY Oswald killed Officer Tippit. IMO, those CTers who refuse to accept LHO's lone guilt in the Tippit murder---despite the evidence that's on the table which unquestionably proves his guilt---are doing a major disservice to the memory of Officer Tippit and to the search for "truth". http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2011/04/index.html#JD-Tippit
  24. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Why the need to fake BOTH a bus ride AND a cab ride? It's silly beyond belief (as usual with CTers). And I suppose Bill Whaley's positive I.D. of Oswald was a lie too, right? And Whaley's testimony about his passenger wearing a silver bracelet on his left wrist must be a lie too---or an amazing coincidence, huh? (See pic below.) And Oswald (or Fritz) lied too when Oz admitted he took a cab to his roominghouse on 11/22, eh? This case has more liars than the TV game show "To Tell The Truth".