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  1. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    You are right, Martin. I apologize for posting Bud's message from another forum, which did indeed (indirectly) break the Education Forum's rules via its harsh language. Again, my apologies. PS -- Bernie needs to edit his recent post above (2 posts above this one), and get rid of the offensive comment that he has copied directly into his post. Kathy removed the rest of it. Thanks. DVP
  2. White House protests...

    Here's the link to the America.gov site on conspiracy theories. There doesn't seem to be much there, however. But apparently they're just getting started. I'd love to plug my JFK blogs into this site: http://www.america.gov/conspiracy_theories.html
  3. Not unless the number of questions we each get to ask is increased. 5 or 10 questions isn't nearly enough. I need at least 30 in order to pummel you incessantly with each major piece of evidence against your favorite "patsy" that you will be forced to say is fake.
  4. JFK & JBC were, indeed, hit at Z224. That's not "making up stuff". That's called "evaluating the evidence properly". Geesh. Jim D. thinks JFK was hit at around Z190 or Z195. Can I now say that you are "making up stuff" too because of your evaluation of the Zapruder Film? Single-Bullet-Theory.blogspot.com BTW, Frankie's example above is really silly too. My simulated courtroom arguments are obviously just that--simulated. And I, of course, have fully identified them as such in my posts, like the one below: Bugliosi vs Lane
  5. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Earth to Jim D.: Lots of people saw Oswald kill J.D. Tippit (or flee just after the crime). Question for Jim: What would it take to get you to positively identify a person in a police lineup who you knew was NOT really the person you saw commit the crime? Would any amount of strong-arming or coercion be enough to make you FALSELY IDENTIFY a person you knew was innocent? And in the Tippit case, there are approx. 13 witnesses who each positively IDed Oswald as the killer or as a person fleeing the scene with a gun in his hands right after the murder. Jim, you're in a dream world. Oswald killed Tippit, and there's plenty of evidence to prove it. (Even without your sacred 5024 form.)
  6. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Jim, You are ignoring the obvious truth (regardless of the paperwork snafus that may or may not exist in the revolver transaction): Lee Harvey Oswald was caught RED-HANDED with the Tippit murder weapon on him in the Texas Theater, just 35 minutes after Tippit was shot. It doesn't get much more definitive than that on the "OSWALD MUST BE GUILTY" scale.
  7. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    I'll admit--I have no idea. I would think a receipt would be issued at the post office if a cash transaction was involved. But on OSWALD'S end, not finding any such receipt among his possessions eight months later doesn't seem strange in the slightest. Why would he keep such a receipt for 8 months? I doubt he would. But on the POST OFFICE side of the transaction, I'm not sure. Would they be required to keep on file a copy of any such receipt for eight months (or forever)? I just do not know. Well, Jim, I think it's quite likely that Oswald paid cash. That's why we have no money order in evidence. And we couldn't have any check either, since Oswald had no checking account. I have no idea. But if Oswald paid with cash (which I think is quite likely), then obviously there could be no tracing of a particular money order or check via such an FBI investigation. And if he paid with cash, there almost certainly would be no possible way to trace Oswald's $21.22 that he gave to the post office clerk, because that cash would have gone into a cash drawer and then would have merely been part of that day's "cash" deposit, along with the cash given to the post office that day by many other customers who bought stamps, etc. Well, there is no "proof" of the money transaction, other than Heinz Michaelis' testimony, in which he verified to the Warren Commission that the $19.95 COD payment was made to them at Seaport Traders. And WHO would have made that payment? My guess would be it was the same guy who mailed the order form for the revolver (along with a $10 bill) to Seaport Traders in Los Angeles.* * = And, btw, as I mentioned to William Kelly in another post, it's my belief that Oswald very likely mailed the order form for the revolver on the exact same day he mailed [via Air Mail, btw] the order form for the rifle--March 12, 1963--even though Oswald wrote the date "1/27" on the revolver order form. But that doesn't mean he had to actually drop it in the mailbox on January 27. I think he might very well have mailed the two forms together, and both via Air Mail, which is why we find "March 13" dates on the invoices at both Klein's in Chicago and Seaport Traders in Los Angeles. As for Oswald getting the revolver, even though it wasn't mailed under his name---well, the exact same thing happened with the Carcano rifle at about the same time in late March of 1963, with the only difference being: the rifle package was paid in full with no COD attached to it. I.E.: 1.) Oswald finds a card or piece of paper in P.O. Box 2915 at the Dallas Post Office. 2.) LHO then takes this card to the front desk. 3.) The clerk at the front desk then goes and gets the package. 4.) Oswald then pays the clerk $21.22 (the $19.95 COD plus the REA $1.27 service charge). 5.) Oswald is then given his Smith & Wesson revolver. And the reason OSWALD was given the package, even though the package was mailed to HIDELL is because when a person takes a card/slip to the front desk that he got out of a P.O. Box, the clerk at the post office assumes that the person with the card/slip is entitled to the package because that person must have had access to the P.O. Box in the first place -- which is exactly the same scenario that occurred with the rifle too, as explained by Harry D. Holmes, the postal inspector whom Jim DiEugenio loves to call a xxxx and a document-tamperer, such as when Jim made this ridiculous and unprovable statement about Mr. Holmes earlier tonight: "Holmes obviously faked the money order after the fact." So, the post office doesn't automatically assume that the person wanting to claim a package has stolen the key to someone else's post office box. Instead, the post office assumes that the person with the slip of paper is a person who rightfully gained access to the P.O. Box. So, the package is given to the person who produces the slip of paper to the clerk. Maybe the post office (circa 1963) should have checked everyone's I.D. to make sure they weren't giving merchandise to people who weren't entitled to it. But they obviously did not do that. Hence, Oswald got his rifle....and his revolver. Plus, even if some identification had been required at the post office, Oswald could have easily provided it. He had "Hidell" fake I.D. cards. He could have flashed one of those (with his picture on it too). I'm sure that would have satisfied the postal clerk at the desk. In fact, Harry Holmes suggested that Oswald might have done that very thing when he picked up his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle: "And on the other hand, he had this identification card of Hidell's in his billfold, which he could have produced and showed the window clerk. Either way, he got it." -- Harry D. Holmes
  8. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    I never said you were lying when you quoted Hurt, Jim. I merely said for you to get away from Hurt because he hurts. (Just like you told me to get away from VB & RH.) The AMOUNT TO BE PAID line I think refers to the amount to be remitted to SEAPORT TRADERS. And Seaport was only due $19.95, not the full $21.22. Now, yes, I'll admit it's possible that the post office might remit the whole $21.22 to Seaport, and then Seaport gives REA its $1.27 service charge. I really don't know with 100% certainty how that would work. But we can know for certain that Oswald did pay somebody the $21.22 to get his gun. Otherwise, as I said, the post office would not let him have the gun, because it had a COD balance due on the package. Do you think they'd just say--"Here you go, Mr. Hidell. Just pay the $21.22 whenever you can, but you can have the gun now anyway"?? I kinda doubt it. There's no "signed receipt" for Oswald picking up his C2766 rifle at the very same post office either. Big deal. Happens every day. People pick up packages at their local post offices and don't have to sign anything to get them. On several occasions, I have found one of those yellow slips of paper in my mailbox telling me I have an oversized package to pick up at the post office. I then take the slip to the counter, the clerk gets the package from a back room, and the clerk hands me the package. No signature. No receipt. Nothing. And I would guess that the yellow piece of paper that I gave them gets tossed in the trash right away too, because it serves no purpose after I've already picked up the package. And the CTers who love to talk about how Oswald could have walked into a gun shop and bought an untraceable gun are apparently the same people who have a big problem with Oswald doing the same basic thing at the post office when he picked up his mail-order rifle. In other words, why weren't the very same "firearms forms" required at a brick-and-mortar gun shop? Were such firearms forms only required during a MAIL-ORDER transaction? That's silly. But whatever you do, Jim, please remember to never use any common sense when assessing the totality of the evidence in the JFK & Tippit murder cases. Otherwise you'll run the risk of having your ABO [Anybody But Oswald] membership revoked.
  9. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Jim DiEugenio's last batch of answers are just as hilarious and goofy as his others. First off, Belin didn't examine Michaelis--Joe Ball did. (Ball's a rotten evil cover-up agent too, no doubt; right Jim?) The $19.95 in the "Amount" box on Michaelis No. 5 is correct -- because it's only reflecting the amount to be remitted by the post office to SEAPORT TRADERS, not the REA fee. Oswald was given exactly what he ordered--a $29.95 .38 Smith & Wesson Commando, and Michaelis #2 proves the COMMANDO was a gun that was being sold by Seaport for $29.95, not $39.95. Why DiEugenio thinks otherwise is a mystery. REA didn't just merely "hope" that the customer (Oswald) would pay them, for Pete sake. They shipped the gun to the address provided by Oswald (PO Box 2915), and then the post office undoubtedly made sure that the COD charges were paid by the customer (Oswald) before the post office employee handed over the gun to LHO. The post office then must have remitted the $1.27 service charge to REA, plus they remitted the $19.95 that was owed to Seaport Traders. If Oswald didn't fork over the cash, he doesn't get the gun. (Duh.) Gerald Hill never said that the SHELLS themselves were examined before a radio report was made regarding the "automatic". Get away from Hurt, Jim. He hurts. Why would anyone believe there was more than one gunman at the Tippit murder? Not even Acquilla Clemons said that. She never said TWO GUNS were involved. And every single witness other than Acquilla said ONE PERSON and only one person was involved in the shooting. Hence, ONE GUN was used. And the LONE GUNMAN was seen physically dumping shells out of that ONE gun at the corner of 10th & Patton. Hence, no automatic could have possibly been involved in the Tippit murder. Jim, you're really looking desperate by pretending Oswald was innocent of shooting Tippit too. Only a CTer in the farthest-out regions of Conspiracy Land could possibly begin to think Oswald didn't kill Tippit after evaluating the wealth of evidence in the case that proves he was guilty. I'll repeat my "bottom line" that I posted earlier, because it applies in this post too: "The key bottom-line fact: The Tippit murder weapon was in the possession of Oswald on 11/22/63, and he was caught red-handed with it in the Texas Theater just half-an-hour after that same gun was used to murder J.D. Tippit."
  10. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Good job, Jim DiEugenio. Keep focusing on the unimportant chaff, while the wheat just sails right by your nose. You're doing an excellent job at pretending a double-murderer didn't murder anybody in November 1963. Your posts on this revolver matter are truly pathetic. (Not to mention laughable. My weak bladder will attest to that fact.) P.S. --- If DiEugenio tries hard enough, I'll bet he'll find a way for Jack Ruby to be completely innocent of shooting Oswald too. How 'bout it, Jim?
  11. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Wrong. Lee Harvey Oswald (aka A.J. Hidell) ordered a .38 revolver for $29.95. And Seaport Traders mailed him a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver worth that exact amount -- $29.95. Michaelis Exhibit No. 2 proves this fact: Jim DiEugenio apparently thinks that because there's a ".38 S&W Special" listed for $39.95 on this order form that Oswald used to purchase his .38 revolver, this must mean (per Jim D.) that Seaport shipped the wrong gun to Oswald/Hidell. Jim, as usual, is wrong. Quite obviously, BOTH the $29.95 gun that Oswald ordered and the $39.95 gun marked as a "Special" in the above-linked advertisement were BOTH considered to be Smith & Wesson "Specials". Jim D., as always, is focusing on the wrong information, as well as twisting other information into his liking, to serve his pathetic "Anybody But Oswald" purposes. There was very likely no need for Oswald to go to the Railway Express office to pick up the revolver. The gun itself was physically shipped by REA to Oswald's Dallas P.O. Box. We know that via Michaelis Exhibit No. 4 and the testimony of Heinz W. Michaelis [at 7 H 378]: JOSEPH BALL -- "I will show you another document here which is a slip of red paper marked "Railway Express Agency" which has been heretofore identified with an FBI Exhibit No. DL-29 [which was marked by the Warren Commission as "Michaelis Exhibit No. 4"]. What is that document?" .... HEINZ MICHAELIS -- "That is a copy of the receipt which we got from the Railway Express Agency showing that on March 20, 1963, one carton with a pistol was shipped to A. Hidell, P.O. Box 2915, Dallas, Texas. It shows, furthermore, that Railway Express is instructed to collect a c.o.d. fee of $19.95. And it shows furthermore the number of the original receipt, which is 70638." So the merchandise itself (the revolver) was shipped by REA to Oswald's Dallas post office box. And if REA's procedure was to collect the C.O.D. and service fee directly from the purchaser (in this case, Oswald/Hidell), then why would they ever actually physically ship the merchandise to a POST OFFICE BOX in the first place? They would obviously realize that the purchaser would likely not be standing beside his P.O. Box waiting for the REA truck to come by. There are, btw, special instructions for "Agent At Destination" and "Agent At Shipping Point" on the REA C.O.D. shipping document (Michaelis Exhibit No. 5, shown HERE). The "Agent At Shipping Point" instructions would obviously apply to the post office workers who would ultimately be handling the gun package that was shipped to P.O. Box 2915 by REA. And the post office workers would place in Oswald's P.O. Box a slip of paper telling him he has a C.O.D. package at the front desk. The post office would then collect the proper C.O.D. charges from Oswald/Hidell. I suppose it's possible that I'm wrong about how these types of "COD" transactions worked when companies shipped merchandise to P.O. Boxes, but if the PHYSICAL ITEM itself was actually shipped to P.O. Box 2915 (and Heinz Michaelis said it was in his WC testimony), then it means that the post office employees would be initially handling the money from Oswald (since, quite obviously, Oswald didn't set up camp and live right there inside his post office box as he waited for the delivery truck to show up with his pistol). But, then too, only conspiracy theorists actually believe that all of this chaff about the REA paperwork is the slightest bit important. Reasonable people, however, can easily determine that Lee Harvey Oswald received revolver #V510210 from Seaport Traders in March 1963 and he killed Officer J.D. Tippit with that gun on 11/22/63 (regardless of any paperwork and red tape that might be missing from the official records of the Railway Express Agency). And that's very likely due to the fact that Oswald didn't need to go to the Railway Express office to pick up the revolver. He picked it up right there at the post office. Plus: Even if Oswald was required to go to the REA office to get the gun, why on Earth would the slip of paper telling him to do so need to be retained by anybody? That type of paperwork would very likely get thrown away after Oswald picked up his merchandise. And that's because Oswald didn't need to sign anything, as explained by Heinz W. Michaelis [at 7 H 377]: HEINZ MICHAELIS -- "The order received by mail is written up and invoiced in quadruplicate on a snap-out form. .... The fourth copy is the acknowledgment of the order copy and lists on the back side a statement which has to be signed by the respective customer." JOE BALL -- "What statement? MR MICHAELIS -- "A statement to the effect, I believe that it said that the buyer states that he is a citizen of the United States, and that he has never been convicted in any court of the United States, territories, possessions, et cetera." MR. BALL -- "Well, now, this fourth copy that has on the back this statement by the customer, is that mailed to the customer?" MR. MICHAELIS -- "It is mailed to the customer, but not in this particular case. Indicated on the invoice are three X's, which indicates that we have already a statement to this effect on file because this particular mail order coupon has already the statement, and the name of the witness." Here again, to a conspiracy theorist like Jim DiEugenio, the stuff that ISN'T in evidence (which the CTer thinks should be in evidence) is always much more important than what IS in evidence. In this instance, Jim is much more concerned about a "5024 form" not being in evidence than he is about the fact that Oswald had on him the EXACT GUN that Seaport Traders mailed to "A.J. Hidell" at Oswald's P.O. Box. In other words, chaff always trumps wheat if you're a conspiracy theorist the likes of James DiEugenio. Oh, good heavens! Tell me it ain't so, Jim! I guess this must mean we should let Oswald off the hook for shooting Tippit then. And, btw, if you're referring to Michaelis Exhibit 5, the amount written in the "Amount To Be Paid" box ($19.95) is not incorrect at all. That is the correct amount to be remitted to Seaport Traders. The other amount (the $1.27 C.O.D. service charge) goes to Railway Express, not Seaport Traders. No certificate was required in this case, because Oswald had already provided that information via his fake "D.F. Drittal" endorsement on the mail-order coupon that he sent to Seaport Traders. (Also see my response to your #4 item above.) You're wrong. And Heinz Michaelis provided that information in his Warren Commission testimony [at 7 H 378-379]: JOE BALL -- "Is there anything in your files which shows that the Railway Express did remit to you the $19.95?" HEINZ MICHAELIS -- "The fact that the exhibit number...was attached to the red copy of the invoice...indicates that the money was received." Plus: The word "Paid" is written right on the invoice too. (Michaelis No. 2) I guess Jim DiEugenio thinks that Oswald should have kept every receipt he ever had in his possession for everything he ever purchased throughout his life. LOL. And as indicated earlier, it's very likely that no "receipt" was ever given to Oswald (by anybody) regarding his purchase of the revolver. Therefore, of course, no receipt is going to be found among Oswald's possessions after the assassination. JIM DiEUGENIO SAID: >>> "10. There is no evidence the ammo was ever purchased." <<< This is just too silly to talk about. Oswald quite obviously DID purchase some bullets to go into his Smith & Wesson revolver. We know he acquired several bullets to go into that gun, because he fired at least four (and maybe five) of those bullets at Officer Tippit on Tenth Street. Plus, LHO had five bullets in his pants pocket and six additional bullets inside the chamber of the gun when he was arrested in the theater just thirty-five minutes after Tippit was slain. The math's pretty easy to figure out here (except if you're in the "Anybody But Oswald" club, of course). JIM DiEUGENIO SAID: >>> "The first reports were of automatic shells found at the scene." <<< But those early (and inaccurate) reports weren't as a result of a cop actually examining the shells themselves. The initial confusion about the shells possibly being from an automatic came mainly from eyewitness Ted Callaway, who told the police that the gunman he saw leaving the Tippit crime scene was carrying the gun in such a manner that he thought the gun was an automatic (which could be loaded through the handle of the weapon). Hence, the incorrect information was broadcast about the killer being armed with an "automatic". Plus, this whole "automatic" argument is really, really stupid in the first place (even if you're a conspiracy believer). Why? Because if an automatic gun had really been used to kill Officer Tippit, then the bullet shells that were recovered at the crime scene would have been found right next to Tippit's patrol car, instead of where we know they all were found--in the Davises' yard at the corner of 10th & Patton. Does Jim DiEugenio really believe that the real killer of Tippit picked up his four spent "automatic" cartridges and then tossed them into the bushes at the corner of Tenth and Patton? There's not a single witness who ever said anything like that occurred. The gunman was physically dumping shells out of his gun at the corner, which MUST mean that the killer shot Tippit with a revolver and not an automatic. JIM DiEUGENIO SAID: >>> "What happened to Poe's initials?" <<< Let's have a look at what Dallas Police Officer J.M. Poe told the Warren Commission on April 7, 1964 [at 7 H 68]: JOE BALL -- "Did you put any markings on the hulls?" J.M. POE -- "I couldn't swear to it; no, sir." So, as we can see via the above testimony, Officer Poe told the Warren Commission that he wasn't sure whether or not he marked the two bullet shells that Domingo Benavides handed him. But, naturally, anything that anybody told the evil, rotten Warren boys is supposed to flushed down the toilet. Right, Jim D.? DiEugenio pulls this same trick with Darrell Tomlinson too (the man who found Bullet CE399 on Governor Connally's stretcher at Parkland Hospital). Tomlinson told the Warren Commission over and over again that he wasn't sure which of the two stretchers he had taken off of the elevator at Parkland. He said he wasn't sure about TEN different times during his WC session. But, naturally, that testimony means zilch to an "Anybody But Oswald" conspiracy theorist like James DiEugenio. Plus, the two "Poe" bullet shells aren't even needed in order to know with 100% certainty that ALL FOUR shells found at the Tippit murder scene were shells that came out of Oswald's V510210 S&W revolver. Why is this so? Simple: Because we know from the weight of the witness testimony that ONLY ONE GUNMAN was ejecting shells out of ONE SINGLE GUN near the corner of Tenth Street and Patton Avenue just after Officer Tippit was killed. And since we know for a fact that the OTHER TWO SHELLS FROM OSWALD'S GUN that were found by TWO additional witnesses on that same day of November 22 have absolutely no problems or question marks hanging over them regarding the chain of custody....this, therefore, must mean that ALL FOUR of the shells had to have been left at the scene by the one gunman who was dumping shells out of ONLY ONE GUN at the crime scene. Conspiracists never seem to want to perform the above common-sense math. (Gee, I wonder why?) THE MURDER OF J.D. TIPPIT AND THE HILARIOUS DEFENSE OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD
  12. Examples please. (Just a single example showing where I just "make stuff up" will suffice.)
  13. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Oh, sure. It's much MUCH more "likely" for the revolver to have been "planted" on Oswald in the theater than it is to believe Johnny Brewer and all of the cops who were there (who all said Oswald pulled the gun out of his waist and tried to shoot some people with it) -- right Jim? LOL. Jim, please stop! You know my bladder is a very weak one!
  14. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Because conspiracy theorists have had a willful desire for over 4 decades to mangle and twist the known "Oswald Did It" facts in the case. (Plus there's the fact that very few CTers have any ability at all to evaluate evidence properly and with common sense.) That's why. http://Oswald-Is-Guilty.blogspot.com
  15. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Oh, sure. And the police in the Texas Theater just shoved the S&W .38 into Oswald's hands in the theater and whispered to him -- "Hey, Lee, would you be kind enough to go along with this patsy plot we're undertaking today, and take this gun and act like you want to shoot a bunch of us cops with it? How 'bout it, buddy? Will you help us out with this thing? I'll buy you a beer (or a Dr. Pepper) if you do."
  16. Texas Gun Laws

    Good info, Bill Kelly. Thanks.
  17. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    And only in the world of conspiracy-giddy theorists could such things like OSWALD BEING CAUGHT WITH THE MURDER WEAPON ON HIM within 35 minutes of the murder of a policeman be considered "silliness". You're doing great, Jim. Please continue. And I want to hear more about your fantasy about Wes Frazier and Linnie Randle being forced by the rotten & corrupt DPD to make up the "bag" story out of whole cloth. That's a tale Aesop would reject out of hand.
  18. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Yep, you sure did. Better watch this video again, James: (I'll now await the addition of Johnny C. Brewer to Jim DiEugenio's ever-growing list of "Liars/Crooks/Cover-Up Operatives". Brewer's going on that list of yours, right Jim? Don't disappoint me now.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrN0VkJUxas
  19. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Yeah, Jim, I thought you'd like the Aynesworth quote. Naturally, Jim DiEugenio thinks Aynesworth is (and always was) nothing but a rotten, evil CIA-sponsored xxxx. Good job, Jim. You're doing great in the "Everybody's A xxxx" regard.
  20. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    James R. Gordon, The photo linked below was (purportedly) taken on the afternoon of the assassination by LIFE Magazine's Allan Grant. There are curtains and curtain rods in place: Oswald's Room; 11-22-63 Also -- Hugh Aynesworth told me last year that he saw the curtains and curtain rods in Oswald's Beckley room on the afternoon of Nov. 22nd: "David: I was in that rooming house -- Oswald's room -- within two hours of him leaving it that day and there were good curtains and rods there. Absolutely no reason to replace them." -- Hugh Aynesworth; September 15, 2009
  21. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Jim D., All of those "problems" that you think exist regarding Lee Oswald's revolver evaporate immediately when you take one good look at CE790 [in conjunction with the last paragraph in this post]. CE790 is a Seaport Traders order form that was filled out by Lee Harvey Oswald himself. Hence, he ordered the gun. Was Oswald's handwriting forged onto that Seaport Traders order form too, Jim? And how did the unknown/unseen "they" do that, Jim? "They" were sure good at duplicating Lee Oswald's handwriting and handprinting on a myriad of documents associated with this case, weren't they, Jim? All of this "did he order it or didn't he?" business is just another of the thousands of smokescreens put up by conspiracy theorists who are desperate to exonerate a double-murderer named Oswald. And in the revolver instance, it's especially silly. Why? Because even if we didn't have CE790 to confirm that Oswald himself ordered Smith & Wesson revolver #V510210, so what? We know for a fact that S&W revolver #V510210 was the Tippit murder weapon (and CTers can't use the "Poe didn't mark the shells" excuse; I'll explain to you why if you want me to), and we know for a fact that Oswald was brandishing that same gun in his own hands just 35 minutes after Tippit was slain. So that's the key bottom-line fact: The Tippit murder weapon was in the possession of Oswald on 11/22/63, and he was caught red-handed with it in the Texas Theater just half-an-hour after that same gun was used to murder J.D. Tippit.
  22. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Well, Drittal certainly isn't spelled with an "LE" (Drittle) as William Kelly suggested in an earlier post. It looks like DRITTAL to me (via CE790). What's it look like to you, Tom Scully?
  23. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Hi Bill, Good to talk with you again. I don't have a definitive answer to your question there, Bill. But I will offer up this possibility (which I think is a reasonable answer to this mystery): I think it's quite possible that Oswald mailed the order forms for both the rifle and the revolver at about the same time--possibly mailing them on the very same day (March 12, 1963). Just because the Seaport Traders order form has a "January 27" date written in by Oswald, that doesn't necessarily have to mean he mailed that order form on that exact day in January. Maybe he waited and mailed it in March. We can never know for sure. Oh, come now, Bill. You're tugging at my lower extremities here, aren't you, you jokester you? You and I both know that "D.F. Drittal" is another invented name that was created out of thin air by Lee H. Oswald. Just as "A.J. Hidell" was created out of thin air. So, Drittal and Hidell were pals with nobody--except their inventor, Lee Harvey. I doubt very much that Oswald could have walked into any store in Texas and bought a gun without any record being left behind. I'm pretty sure that's Conspiracy Myth #884, and is one that Oliver Stone propped up as the truth in his 1991 fantasy film too. Just recently, Jean Davison posted THIS INFORMATION, which deals with this very subject regarding tracing guns that were purchased in brick-and-mortar stores in Texas in 1963. Albert Yeargan's July 1964 affidavit (which is referenced by Davison in the post linked above) certainly indicates that RECORDS WERE KEPT of the sale of firearms at the H.L. Green Sporting Goods store in 1963. This whole topic is something that I very recently started thinking about more and more, and via Jean Davison's post linked above, it certainly looks to me as though Oliver Stone (and other CTers) have been peddling a myth regarding Texas gun shops, circa 1963. I first brought up this topic just last month in fact, in this post (excerpted below): "I'd like to know if conspiracists are right when they say that Oswald could have walked into any gun shop or department store in Texas in 1963 and bought a gun that could never be traced? "No paperwork was required at a gun shop in Texas in '63? No signature from the purchaser? Nothing? Just grab the gun and run? "I'm not saying that perhaps that wasn't how it worked in Texas gun stores, circa 1963, but I'm just wondering if it really was that cut-&-dried--even back in '63? I've never really ever seen that confirmed anywhere (that I can think of). "Could that be just another of the many conspiracy myths that we've been saddled with since the JFK assassination--with Oliver Stone giving it a handy push in his blockbuster movie too? I just wonder. "~~Thinking about the "Benavides' Brother" myth that was destroyed recently, with Domingo's brother really being killed in 1965, not 1964~~" -- DVP; July 21, 2010
  24. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    Good lord! What a load of crap this is. There are actually conspiracy theorists here at this forum who think Oswald DIDN'T OWN A REVOLVER?? Even with Commission Exhibit No. 790 available for everybody to see (which, of course, has Oswald's writing all over it)? Was his handwriting supposedly "planted" on this order form too?: Plus: To believe that the gun was "planted" on Oswald in the Texas Theater, you've got no choice but to call civilian witness Johnny Brewer a xxxx. Brewer saw Oswald pull out a gun and attempt to shoot policemen with it. Is Brewer lying here?: http://dvp-potpourri.blogspot.com/2010/07/johnny-brewer.html And a whole bunch of different police officers would have to go into the "liars" pool too, who each testified that Oswald pulled out a gun and grappled with the police as he tried to shoot cops with that gun. Are Nick McDonald and Paul Bentley telling one lie after another here too?: http://dvp-potpourri.blogspot.com/2010/06/nick-mcdonald-and-paul-bentley.html Is there any end to the number of people that conspiracists are willing to call liars and cover-up agents? Or is the sky truly the limit?
  25. In Lee Harvey Oswald's Room

    The answer to that question can never be known. You know that. Everybody knows it's an unanswerable question, and different people will have different opinions about it. My own "opinion" is that he probably made the decision to try to make an attempt on JFK's life sometime on Wednesday evening, November 20th. He then asks Wes Frazier for the unusual ride to Irving on Thursday morning and LHO invents his "curtain rod" lie at that time. So it's pretty clear that by Thursday AM, he had it in his mind to make an attempt on JFK's life. But on Thursday night, per Marina, LHO says that he would get an apartment in Dallas "tomorrow" if she would agree to come back to Dallas with him to live right away. So it's highly unlikely he would have taken that rifle to work with him on Friday if Marina had said "Yes". The rest is history, of course. LHO took his rifle to work on Nov. 22 and got extremely lucky when he found himself completely alone on the sixth floor at exactly 12:30. If Bonnie Ray Williams (or other employees) had been up there on the sixth floor at 12:30, there is no way, IMO, that Oswald would have fired a single shot at JFK. So, yes, Oswald was one LUCKY Presidential assassin on November 22, 1963. No question about that. But he WAS a Presidential assassin that day. There's no question about THAT either.