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  1. Ten-Four. I was just curious if this forum offered up some kind of "Thread Participant Statistics" or something like that there. But thanks for admitting you performed such a meaningless manual mathematics task in order to try and bash Francois and myself some more. Good job! Yeah, I usually do that same thing when I see your posts too----"skim & ignore". I'm not "upset" in the least. I'm actually kind of pleased that this thread was started, because it has given me some opportunities to add some of my thoughts about certain aspects of the case that I don't think I had yet archived at my website in the past ---- such as these comments concerning Buell Wesley Frazier, which have arisen in this thread.... http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2019/02/jfk-arguments-part-1308.html#The-Rough-Treatment-Of-Buell-Wesley-Frazier http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2019/02/jfk-arguments-part-1308.html#Frazier-2002-Bombshell My "Part 1308" is getting to be pert-near as long a page as Part 1058 (the "Hidell Money Order" discussion, which I think has the current record for "longest page" on my site at this time; that one takes about a year-and-a-half to read [~wink~]; but it's worth it, because it's such a fun battle, with more twists and turns and conspiracists in denial than a whole month's worth of posts at EF & DPF combined!).
  2. When looking this up in the Warren Report, I noticed a rare error in the WCR's Index, where it says "O.V. Campbell" is mentioned on three pages of the Warren Report, including Pages 334-335. But when going to p.334-35, we find it's not "O.V. Campbell" being mentioned at all, but instead it's Don Campbell on those two pages. So O.V. Campbell is mentioned only once in reality---on p.154. https://history-matters.com/archive/jfk/wc/wr/html/WCReport_0452b.htm
  3. That's a fair question. (And, yes, I know what you're implying by asking that question. I'm not quite as stupid as most CTers want to believe.) And I don't have an answer to your question, Tony. I have no idea. But, as I stated in a previous post, I definitely do think there was some "conflation" of the facts going on in those early stories that were being printed in the various newspapers around the country and being broadcast on TV and radio. It's my belief that the Dallas Morning News article is really describing the encounter with Oswald that took place on the second floor, not "in a storage room on the first floor". But the DMN, quite obviously, must have gotten the (erroneous) info about the "storage room" from somebody. They certainly didn't just make it up out of whole cloth. So, yes, somebody told someone from the DMN that a policeman had stopped Oswald on the first floor. Who provided that information to the DMN? I haven't the foggiest. Maybe it was Ochus Campbell. I don't know. Do you know? Does anybody? But, to me, there is ample corroboration between both Marrion Baker and Roy Truly to verify and prove that the one and only "encounter" that Officer Baker had with any person (i.e., suspect) inside the Book Depository occurred on the second floor and no other floor. The above paragraph is either true---or the conspiracy theorists who think otherwise are going to have to do some picking-and-choosing of their own when it comes to which first-day story they want to believe....i.e., Do CTers want to believe what was printed in the Dallas Morning News on Saturday morning, November 23, 1963, which says that an "officer", with his "gun drawn"...."spotted Oswald"...."in a storage room on the first floor"? Or do conspiracists want to believe Marrion Baker's 11/22/63 signed affidavit, which states that Baker encountered a man on "the third or fourth floor"? They can't both be accurate, right? So one of those two accounts must be wrong. Although, strangely enough, it seems as though many conspiracy theorists seem to want to embrace both of those accounts as being the absolute truth. ~shrug~ Or, as an alternative, do CTers want to believe that there were really TWO different "encounters" between police officers and suspects within the TSBD on 11/22/63, with one of those encounters occurring on the 3rd or 4th floor, while another encounter (involving, apparently, a policeman who was not Marrion L. Baker) occurred "in a storage room on the first floor"? It looks to me as if the CTers also have a choice to make as far as the things they want to accept as "true" vs. "erroneous" when it comes to evaluating some of the first-day information that was being revealed in the newspapers and in affidavits. And, as everyone knows, erroneous information gets published and broadcast on television and radio all the time. And there were quite a few mistakes that made it "on the air" concerning this (JFK) case [see the video below].
  4. Yeah, but what was the EXACT question that Frazier was asked?.... Was he asked: Is this person [Prayer Man] Lee Oswald? Or was he asked: Do you know who this person in the doorway is? That could make a big difference in the response you'd get from Buell Frazier.
  5. Yes. (Slightly.) But it's going to take a LOT more than that Ochus Campbell contradiction to get me to believe that Lee Oswald was located in a storage room on the first floor at the time of JFK's death. For one thing, Campbell's story seems to change slightly again when you read the 11/23 Dallas Morning News. In that particular newspaper story, it's implied that it was NOT Campbell who actually saw Oswald in the "storage room", but it was Roy Truly and a policeman instead. The DMN says Campbell was running toward the Grassy Knoll at that time. So the story in the Dallas Morning News about the "storage room" doesn't match the New York Herald Tribune story at all. So I think there's some major conflation of the facts (plus some erroneous "facts") in BOTH of those newspaper accounts involving Mr. Ochus Campbell.
  6. Of course Callaway needed to ask those questions. Why? Because Ted Callaway DID NOT SEE THE ACTUAL SHOOTING OF OFFICER J.D. TIPPIT WHEN IT WAS OCCURRING. Callaway saw only the aftermath. And he needed to confirm that the guy he did see (Oswald) was the ONLY shooter. How was Callaway supposed to know those things from a block away? Mental telepathy? Geesh, use your head, man. This is incredibly obvious stuff.
  7. When did Buell Wesley Frazier ever say that his family was "threatened" (your word)? Please point that out to me. And if you're talking about this 2013 interview with Frazier, you're wrong. Because Frazier most certainly did not say that his family had been "threatened" by anyone. He was merely speculating about what he thought could happen to his family if others besides Oswald were involved in JFK's murder. You, Vanessa, are reading something into Frazier's words that simply are not there (if you are referring to that 2013 interview, that is).
  8. The Frazier 2013 video is also on the Sixth Floor Museum YouTube channel.....
  9. I have no idea what you mean by this. Care to elaborate? You seem to be implying that I am a CTer myself. (???) And why would having a Blogger.com JFK blog be "pushing it"? (Google = CIA? Is that it?)
  10. Where did you get that info? Does Edu. Forum offer detailed analytics on every thread? (Or ---- Don't tell me you actually went through all 23 pages and counted the posts by hand? You didn't really do that, did you? Surely not.)
  11. And then CTers could have blamed the CIA for murdering Vince too!
  12. I rejected the Campbell "sighting" because.... 1. Campbell, on 11/24/63, said to the FBI he had never seen LHO in his entire life, which contradicts Campbell's alleged statement in a newspaper from the previous day. So, which report should we believe? I really don't know, but I'll ultimately choose the "never seen" report. Why, you ask? See #2 below. 2. I'm satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that Oswald could not possibly have been in a storage room near the front entrance of the TSBD on the first floor at the time Ochus Campbell allegedly said to have seen Oswald in that room, and that's because the evidence (in total) indicates that Oswald was on the sixth floor shooting at JFK at 12:30.
  13. After watching the last minute of the previously-mentioned 2013 video featuring Buell Frazier, and after reading Tony Krome's post [seen above] concerning Frazier's remark about "keeping silent", my previous comment — "stuff like this gets taken out of context a lot in this (JFK) case" — rings even truer. Here's the complete quote by Frazier that can be found in that 2013 video: "But I knew, if there was people behind this, you best keep silent." So Buell wasn't saying that somebody had told him to "keep silent". He was saying that IF there was anyone else involved in the President's assassination, he thought it would be better to "keep silent"---even though Mr. Frazier has been far from "silent" in the years since 1963. He's made numerous appearances over the years, even in the year just following the assassination, including an appearance in the Oscar-nominated 1964 feature motion picture produced by David L. Wolper, "Four Days In November". But the way that Tony Krome has got that quote written out in his post, it makes it look like some third party is telling Frazier: "You best keep silent." But that's not what Frazier said or implied at all. Now, even when the correct context of Frazier's quote is taken into account, CTers can still believe (if they want to) that Buell Wesley Frazier is "keeping silent" and concealing (to this day) a big secret concerning the identity of "Prayer Man". But, Tony, you should have shown Frazier's whole quote, in order to give the proper context, don't you think?
  14. http://jfkfiles.blogspot.com/2017/11/Lane, Clemons, And Tippit
  15. I don't understand. What's INappropriate about linking to a JFK discussion at a JFK Facebook group? I do it all the time at Jim Hess' FB group and Ed Cage's group and my own JFK FB group. FYI / BTW, here's my Facebook group (which has 800+ members) (and I've got it set up as a "Public" group, so anybody [even non-members] can view its contents; it's not a "Closed" group, which many FB groups are): If you want to join my group, Derek, just come on by. I've never refused membership to anyone who has asked to sign up. (Or maybe you're a member already. I can't recall.) I really don't understand that mindset, Derek. This is a forum entitled "JFK Assassination Debate". It's not called "JFK Forum For Conspiracy Believers Only". Good gosh, do you really want a forum on a controversial issue like this one that is totally one-sided? Do you really think that in my 5,000+ posts I have done nothing but "gunk up" the place? Do you really think I've offered up no evidence at all for my stated Lone Assassin position? Come now. Let's be a little reasonable.
  16. But stuff like this gets taken out of context a lot in this (JFK) case. Take Acquilla Clemons, for example.... "CLEMONS: But see, I take care of an ill man here. And she don’t want me in anything because it would upset him. She’s awful fond of me... [Dale Myers speaking:] This is the first ah-hah moment – one that has been hidden from public scrutiny for better than fifty years. Here, for the first time, we have Mrs. Clemons explaining that it’s not a cadre of faceless, nameless law enforcement officers harassing her to keep quiet (as everyone has been led to believe by Mark Lane and the conspirati), but rather, a strong suggestion by her employers – John and Cornelia Smotherman – who are no doubt sick and tired of the parade of “journalists” (remember, this is the third visit in as many weeks) who keep showing up at her home." -- Dale K. Myers; November 1, 2017 More:
  17. Jimmy just now posted at 3:47 AM his time in L.A. I guess Jimmy, too, "really does not have a life". And the hypocritical irony exhibited by a certain conspiracy theorist in the state of California continues. (Ya gotta love it.)
  18. Yes. But that was an AFTER-the-assassination alleged "sighting" of Oswald, and Buell said he saw Oswald walking along the side of the TSBD Building about "5 to 10 minutes" after the shooting..... 2002 Interview With Book Depository Employee Buell Wesley Frazier So even if Frazier is right about his later (2002) "sighting" of Oswald, that fact wouldn't change a thing with respect to where Oswald was at the time of JFK's murder and with respect to the evidence that will still point directly at Mr. Oswald as the murderer of both President Kennedy and Police Officer J.D. Tippit. And here's another thought I had regarding Frazier's 2002 "bombshell".... If Tony Krome is right about the "Psychogenic amnesia" stuff, AND if Oswald was really the "Prayer Man" figure, then we'd have to wonder WHY Frazier still said nothing about seeing Oswald on the steps at the time of the shooting? Or did Frazier's "Psychogenic amnesia" only wear off PART OF THE WAY in June of 2002 when he said to Gary Mack that he saw Lee Oswald on Houston Street five to ten minutes after the shooting? And will Buell suddenly burst forth with Bombshell #2 in a few more years when his Psychogenic amnesia wears off to an even greater degree so that his memory blockage will be completely removed and he'll suddenly recall that LHO was with him on the steps all along? And then when that unlikely scenario I just painted re: Frazier does occur, the conspiracy theorists of the world would then only need to reconcile all of these other problems with the "Oswald Is Prayer Man" theory.... ....Why didn't Oswald HIMSELF shout from the rooftops (when he was provided with multiple opportunities to do so when the live television cameras were focused on him at Dallas City Hall on both November 22nd and 23rd): "I was outside with Wesley Frazier at the time of the assassination! Just ask Wesley! He'll tell you!" ? ....Why didn't Billy Lovelady, Bill Shelley, or any of the other people who were near the steps at the time when JFK was shot say they saw Oswald on or near the steps at that same critical "12:30" time? Were ALL of those other people suffering from "Psychogenic amnesia" too? And when do you suppose they too (if they are still among the living) will be able to free themselves from that affliction the way Frazier was freed from it? ....Why did Oswald tell Police Captain J. Will Fritz (within earshot of James Hosty and James Bookhout, who wrote the same thing in this FBI report) that he (Oswald) was INSIDE the building and specifically on the "first floor" at the time when JFK was being shot? ....Why didn't Oswald tell his wife or his brother or his mother the truth about how he was located out on the steps at 12:30 when all three of those relatives visited Oswald at City Hall on November 22 or 23? (Or are we dealing with three more cases of "Psychogenic amnesia" here?) ....Why did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot and kill J.D. Tippit if, in fact, he had really been located on the TSBD steps when John Kennedy was killed by some unknown non-Oswald killer(s)? That should keep the conspiracy theorists busy for a few more years----even if Buell Wesley Frazier were to suddenly appear on CNN or Fox News beneath a Breaking News banner and declare on live television: "I saw Lee Harvey Oswald on the Depository steps at 12:30 P.M. on November 22, 1963; my Psychogenic Amnesia has just now totally worn off!"
  19. Let me remind everyone what Frazier told the Warren Commission in 1964 regarding the subject of "The Last Time Buell Wesley Frazier Saw Lee Harvey Oswald On November 22nd, 1963".... JOSEPH A. BALL - When was the last time you can remember you saw Lee? BUELL WESLEY FRAZIER - You mean on the 22nd? Mr. BALL - On the 22nd, that day. Mr. FRAZIER - Somewhere between---it was after 10 and somewhere before noon, because I remember I was walking down to the first floor that day, that was the only time I went up on the elevator was, like I say, for a few minutes and, I put that box of books up and put it down, and I was on the first floor putting up books all day and I seen him back and forth and he would be walking and getting books and put on the order. Mr. BALL - That was the last time you saw him all day? Mr. FRAZIER - Right. Mr. BALL - You didn't talk to him again? Mr. FRAZIER - No, sir; I didn't.
  20. Yes, that's true. But my main point was that no matter how many "unidentified" people we have in the Dealey Plaza photos and films, the physical evidence that points to Lee Oswald is not going to disappear. It's going to be there until the cows come home (and beyond).
  21. That's ridiculous. The PM figure doesn't need to be identified in order to provide a reasonable theory of the shooting. You might as well also say that every person in this Z-Film frame below needs to be IDed in order to come to any conclusion about this case. And why would anyone think that? There were dozens of people who were in Dealey Plaza who very likely will never be officially identified, including the beloved "Prayer Man". But that doesn't suddenly erase the fact that all the physical evidence points to Oswald as the killer. It's my opinion that you simply cannot have this much evidence pointing directly at one individual (Oswald) and still have that individual being innocent.
  22. I doubt that very much. (Check Frazier's first-day affidavit again.)
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