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  1. Kennedy Videos

    1963 Color Motion Picture Filmed By Tom Atkins & Robert Knudsen of the White House -- "The Last Two Days" (with 1080p HD Upgrade).... Click image below to play video....
  2. Kennedy Videos

    William F. Buckley interviews David Belin and Robert Blakey (September 1981)....
  3. David J., All of the various botched versions of Lee Harvey Oswald's name that we heard coming out of the mouths of different reporters during the weekend of JFK's assassination—which included, btw, ALL THREE of LHO's names (his first, middle, and last), and not just his middle name—can, in my opinion, be categorized as plain ordinary non-sinister errors. And you'll notice that each time somebody got LHO's name wrong, they managed to get the first letter correct in the botched version of his name, e.g., Leo H. Oswald and Lee Henry Oswald and Lee Harold Oswald and Lee Harvey Osburn. So each reporter seemed to know the correct three initials (L, H, and O), but at various times just couldn't recall the exact name.
  4. Absolutely none (of course). Cronkite merely got LHO's middle name wrong in that one instance on 11/25/63. And, as I previously said in July 2016, Walter messed up LHO's name on other occasions that weekend too---first calling him "Leo H. Oswald", and one other time calling him "Lee Harvey Osburn". So, should I now attach some kind of conspiratorial "significance" to those two other incorrect monikers too (Leo and Osburn)? And should I also think there was something fishy about the fact that KRLD reporter Bob Huffaker kept calling Oswald "Lee HAROLD Oswald" on November 24th? (Huffaker, btw, said he got the "Harold" name from Glen King of the Dallas Police Department.)
  5. I finally found the CBS footage showing Cronkite saying "Lee Henry Oswald". It's at the 25:35 mark in my video linked below, and it occurred on Monday, November 25th (after JFK's funeral).... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzTwSedFirxtSHBDTmU1eldNNU0/view
  6. To hear Walter Cronkite's "Leo" remark, go to the 2:29:15 mark in the video below (top link). That "Leo" reference, btw, is the first time LHO was mentioned on CBS-TV after the assassination. I haven't been able to locate Cronkite's "Lee Henry" reference, but it's definitely located somewhere within the CBS Nov. 22-25 coverage (2nd link).... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8UwZ588YcqIM2QxZ09BRHpSWnM/view http://jfk-assassination-as-it-happened.blogspot.com/2012/03/cbs-tv.html http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/19926-when-was-oswald-first-ided-in-media/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-331272
  7. Kennedy Videos

  8. The very moment the world was change forever!

    Here's a direct link to the largest version I have of the Croft photo (click it again after the picture loads).... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_6kYzhJGqq2M/RyxiSHwgMZI/AAAAAAAAAD0/w3b1lrO3KIE/s1600/15c.%2BCroft%2BPhoto%2BShowing%2BJFK's%2BCar%2BOn%2BElm%2BStreet.jpg
  9. The very moment the world was change forever!

    Cory, et al..... The picture in question was taken by bystander Robert Croft. It equates to approximately Zapruder frame #161. I've got a full-sized version of the photo on my Kennedy Gallery website, here.... http://kennedy-photos.blogspot.com/2012/06/kennedy-gallery-035.html
  10. Kennedy Videos

    Since no bullet at all entered near the EOP of JFK (just as the autopsy photos indicate), then there certainly would be no need for David Wolper to include anything in his 1964 motion picture about any bullet entering John F. Kennedy's cranium near the external occipital protuberance. Since the three autopsy doctors didn't lie at all about when they CONFIRMED FOR SURE that Dr. Perry had performed the tracheotomy incision over the top of the bullet wound in JFK's throat, then there would of course be no reason at all for Mr. Wolper to include in his film any such non-event about the autopsy physicians telling a bunch of lies. Why would Mr. Wolper want to put a total myth in his movie, Micah? There's no proof whatsoever that any autopsy photographs were (quote) "destroyed". It's possible that some autopsy photos are missing from the original inventory of pictures. But I'm not sure that is an absolute fact either. Here's what Vince Bugliosi said.... "For years conspiracy theorists have charged that the "missing" autopsy photographs are, in their minds, one more indication of a conspiracy in the assassination. .... But...with literally hundreds of people from various official investigative agencies...examining and working with the photos throughout the years, I not only don't find it suspicious, I find it completely predictable that one or more photographs ended up missing, misplaced, or expropriated by people through whose hands they passed." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 275 of Endnotes in "Reclaiming History" (2007)
  11. Kennedy Videos

    My plethora of webpages featuring my all-time favorite JFK Assassination film (deserving of a re-watching every November).... Classic--Movies.blogspot.com/Four Days In November (1964 David L. Wolper Film) Four-Days-In-November.blogspot.com JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Four Days In November (1964) JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Re-Created Scenes From The Film "Four Days In November" DVP-Video-Audio-Archive.blogspot.com/Four Days In November (1964) DVP-Potpourri.blogspot.com/Four Days In November (1964) JFK-Assassination-As-It-Happened.blogspot.com/Four Days In November (1964) Drive.Google.com/drive/folders/Four Days In November (1964) Amazon.com/DVP Review For "Four Days In November" (1964 Motion Picture) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review Excerpts.... "Many of the facts surrounding President Kennedy's assassination have been disputed and debated by researchers for decades. And this tragic crime will likely remain a topic that shall cause heated debate for many more years to come. But what the film "Four Days In November" does accomplish is to allow the viewer to re-live those sorrowful November days, in the order in which the events transpired, based on the evidence available. [...] In late October 2010, I was discussing the movie "Four Days In November" with Vincent Bugliosi, and he told me something I had never heard before -- Vince said that in the early stages of writing his JFK book (when the book was still untitled), David Wolper told him that he wanted to make another documentary on the JFK assassination, which would be based on Bugliosi's book. Unfortunately, however, that documentary was never made. Mr. Wolper passed away at the age of 82, on August 10, 2010. He will be remembered for producing many excellent documentaries, mainly for television. And the Academy Award-nominated "Four Days In November", which was a United Artists theatrical release, is certainly one of his finest accomplishments. Anyone who has a collection of John F. Kennedy-related videos and DVDs should definitely own a copy of this remarkable motion picture." -- David Von Pein; July 2001 and November 2010
  12. Kennedy Videos

  13. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

    JFK'S SPEECH AT THE YOUNG DEMOCRATS CONVENTION IN MIAMI, FLORIDA (DEC. 7, 1961) BASEBALL GAME: JUNE 14, 1965 (10 innings of no-hit ball by the Reds' Jim Maloney---and he loses!)(It *must* be a conspiracy!)
  14. The TSBD roof

    Pat, Marrion Baker straightened that out in his Warren Commission testimony. David Josephs posted it earlier [repeated below]. That testimony makes it clear that the "Ladder to the roof" (as depicted in the diagram of the 7th floor) is, indeed, the "stairway" Baker referred to in his testimony. Baker merely used the word "stairway", but it was really a "ladder". No big deal there, IMO. And, actually, it wasn't really BAKER who called the ladder a "stairway"; it was BELIN. Baker merely agreed with Belin (see testimony below). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr. BELIN - Officer Baker, I am going to hand you what the court reporter, what the Commission reporter, has marked as Exhibit 507 which purports to be a diagram of the seventh floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building and on that diagram you will see at the top the marks of two elevators and then, what looks to be the south, a stairway marked "Ladder to the roof."Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir.Mr. BELIN - What is the fact as to whether or not this stairway marked "Ladder to the roof" is the stairway that you took to go to the roof?Mr. BAKER - Yes, sir; it would be. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. DVP's New Master Video/Audio Index

    JFK'S SPEECH IN NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK (DECEMBER 6, 1961) http://dvp-video-audio-archive.blogspot.com/2016/12/dvp-audio-video-master-index.html#Baseball-Games-And-Highlights
  16. Rare: Sylvia Meagher Interview

    I think the answer to the "license plate" controversy/mystery is a very simple one --- Marina Oswald simply walked out to the curb where James Hosty's car was parked and looked at the license plate. She then wrote down the number and later gave it to her husband, Lee. Lee then wrote the license number in his address book [see Commission Exhibit No. 18]. And the scenario I just laid out above is also exactly what Vincent Bugliosi asserts in his 2007 book, "Reclaiming History". Let's have a look at what Bugliosi wrote.... (Quote On:) "The next day, Tuesday [November 5, 1963], Jim Hosty made another trip to Fort Worth. Since his route took him past Irving and Ruth had told him she would try to get Lee's address in Dallas for him, he decided to stop by to see if she had done so. His partner, Agent Gary S. Wilson, went up to the door with him, and Hosty spoke with Ruth on the doorstep for a few minutes. She had not asked Lee for his address in Dallas, but she had given him Hosty's telephone number and thought he would call. Ruth mentioned the fact that Lee had told her that weekend that he was a Trotskyite Communist. She found what Lee told her more amusing than anything else, and told Hosty Lee was "an illogical person." Hosty wondered to Ruth whether Lee had mental problems. Ruth responded that she did not understand the thinking of anyone who espoused Marxism, but that was far different from a judgment that Lee was unstable or unable to function in a normal society. The interview at the front door lasted only a few minutes, and Hosty and Ruth recalled Marina appearing briefly just as the agents were leaving. She had actually been outside while Hosty was talking to Ruth, memorizing the license plate number of Hosty's official FBI car and walking around the car several times to see if she could determine the car's make, which she could not. The two women watched from the front window as the FBI agents drove away from the curb, made a U-turn, and went back the way they had come, heading for the highway to Fort Worth. Then Marina, in accordance with Lee's instructions and still without Ruth's knowledge, wrote the license plate number down on a piece of paper. Either she got one number wrong or Lee copied it wrong into his address book, where it was found, written in his hand, after the assassination." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 777 of "Reclaiming History" (End Quote.) Mr. Bugliosi utilized several different sources for the above book excerpts. Here's a complete list of those sources (with links included, where available, plus additional comments made by Bugliosi within two of the source notes): .... 1 H 48, WCT Marina N. Oswald; .... 3 H 99, WCT Ruth Hyde Paine; .... Hosty with Hosty, Assignment: Oswald, p.51 (in Hosty’s testimony before the Warren Commission [4 H 453] he said he didn’t see Marina); .... McMillan, Marina and Lee, p.498; .... 9 H 398–400, WCT Ruth Hyde Paine; .... License plate in address book: CE 18, 16 H 64 (the entry is a few spaces below the date, November 1, and name James P. Hosty; Ruth told Oswald on November 1 about Hosty’s visit earlier in the day; the license number almost assuredly would have been put into his address book after Hosty’s second visit on November 5, when Marina got it for Lee); .... One digit off on license plate number: 5 H 112, WCT J. Edgar Hoover. Addendum.... Despite the fact I disagree very strongly with virtually everything Sylvia Meagher said in the January 1967 interview presented above, I still enjoyed listening to the interview very much. It seems quite obvious to me when listening to her speak that Sylvia was a very intelligent and articulate lady. I think she was 100% wrong when she said that the 888-page Warren Commission Report "is a false document", but I still respect Sylvia's savvy and her communication skills. In my opinion, one fairly big mistake that Meagher makes when talking about Lee Harvey Oswald's supposed "Coke alibi" is that Sylvia seems to totally ignore the fact that during the Warren Commission's re-enactment of Oswald's alleged movements just after the assassination (which culminated in Oswald being confronted by Dallas policeman Marrion L. Baker in the Book Depository's lunchroom on the second floor approximately 90 seconds after President Kennedy was shot), the Secret Service agent who performed the re-creation (John Howlett) was only moving at two different "walking" speeds when travelling from the sixth-floor Sniper's Nest to the second-floor lunchroom [Warren Report, Page 152]. Oswald, therefore, could very easily have shaved many seconds off of Howlett's fastest re-enactment time of 74 seconds if he (Oswald) had been moving faster than just the "normal walking pace" or the "fast walk" that were employed by Special Agent Howlett during the re-creations of the event. I think it's quite logical to believe that Oswald was, indeed, very likely moving quite a bit faster than Howlett was moving when Oswald left the Sniper's Nest and headed downstairs on 11/22/63. But judging by the words we hear spoken by Sylvia Meagher in her 1967 radio interview, Mrs. Meagher doesn't seem to allow for even the possibility that Oswald could have arrived in the second-floor lunchroom ANY faster than Agent Howlett's quickest re-created time, which was 1 minute and 14 seconds. [More here.] Plus, Meagher doesn't allow for other possibilities with respect to the crossed-out "Drinking a Coke" reference found in Marrion Baker's 9/23/64 signed statement. More discussion about "The Coke" can be found in this article. http://jfk-archives.blogspot.com/2017/09/sylvia-meagher.html
  17. Kennedy Videos

  18. Kennedy Videos

    All of JFK's news conferences....
  19. Kennedy Videos

  20. Kennedy Videos

    Revised website....
  21. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    Jim, WTF??? Are you actually implying that I was part of that "charitable cause" business? From your post above, it sure sounds like you're saying you think I was involved in that "charity" stipulation. And if you are suggesting that, you are dead wrong. I never EVER said any such thing regarding any "charitable cause". Maybe some other LNer said that, but I certainly wasn't any part of it. And regarding this comment from your "acquaintance".... "Sorry Jim. It's long gone. I've upgraded computer/hard drives twice since then." ....It sounds as if you must be talking about some private conversation that I supposedly had with McAdams and Reitzes, which I certainly do not recall at all. Was it supposedly a 3-way e-mail discussion of some kind that your "acquaintance" got ahold of and then it was lost when he changed hard drives? Because if your source was talking about ANY conversation I have had with McAdams on the INTERNET, well, that type of discussion would never be "long gone" at all. It would still be there on the Web via McAdams' aaj forum (which is the only place I've ever talked with McAdams, except for a few brief e-mails). All aaj newsgroup posts are archived FOREVER. All it takes is a search of this aaj site and you'll find stuff going back to 1994. So if that's what your source means, then it's not long gone at all. It's still there. I'll admit, my memory is not as good as it used to be, but I have absolutely NO memory at all of any of the conversations you are saying I engaged in. If you can dig up the Internet discussions to prove me wrong, please do. I'd love to see them. But I sure don't recall them. And you definitely have me confused with another LNer regarding that "charitable cause" thing, because that is something I would never have said or done in the first place.
  22. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    True. I guess there was technically no "need" to respond, but I felt the response was appropriate after your post, in order to provide the "common sense" aspect of the argument concerning the bullets and fragments that exist in the JFK case.
  23. Yes, I went directly to the Dallas Municipal Archives website several days ago (before you ever provided a link) and searched all the boxes. I searched the Mary Ferrell site as well. I couldn't find a thing. But the FACT remains that Gary Murr (bless him) dug up that hospital memo (dated "Nov. 22, 1963" in what appears to be Audrey Bell's own writing) in the NATIONAL ARCHIVES. It was at NARA among a lot of other JFK "evidence" and documents. And despite your pretending to know who handled that document (and when), you really have no idea who saw that memo or why it was located where Gary Murr found it at NARA in the 1990s. And, of course, I don't have any answers to those Who?, When?, or Why? questions either. So you and I are in the same boat as far as that matter goes. But just look at the B in Bob Nolan in the memo/receipt. And then compare it to Nolan's "BMN" initials in CE842.... ---- But, Bob Harris, even after you admit that the Bs are identical in writing style (and the Ns are very close too), are you the type of conspiracy believer who agrees with many other CTers here at the Edu. Forum, who have said to me: Well, Dave, we all know it's very easy to forge somebody else's signature? If you do hold such an opinion, Bob (and I'm not saying you do; I'm just speculating that you MIGHT hold such a view), then what difference would it make at all if I were to "verify" Nolan's and Bell's signatures on the hospital memo? Many CTers totally disregard and toss in the toilet the testimony of the several "experts" who have stated that all the rifle and revolver documents were definitely written BY LEE OSWALD. And I imagine those same CTers would also not accept the same determination regarding the Bell & Nolan writing on the hospital receipt (had there been such an "expert" determination).
  24. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    I merely stated the facts. What's wrong with that?
  25. John McAdams Loses...AGAIN!

    Was I the first person to write a post in this thread devoted to "NAA"? Answer: No. Who was? Answer: Sandy Larsen. And who was the first person to mention "NAA" in this thread? Answer: Jimmy DiEugenio.