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  1. 37 minutes ago, David G. Healy said:

    you have a short memory. The very generational thing you are touting right now was told to you, and lone nuts worldwide regarding the Nix film and the Zapruder film, years ago.... what was the resolution of a .jpg, png image on the net till 5 years ago, again regardless of overall size? 72dpi sound familiar? We can also discuss multi generational image contrast issues [if] you'd like....

    What does anything you just uttered have to do with my general (and factual) comment about the Internet autopsy photos not being "first generation" images (and thus, not to expect very high quality from them)?

    ~shrug city~


  2. Evan,

    But you must keep in mind the fact that none of the autopsy photos we now have access to on the Internet are first-generation photos. The bootleg Internet versions are probably two (or more) generations removed from the originals. So you can't expect HD quality.


  3. 1 hour ago, Joseph McBride said:

    David must get awfully tired of spewing his baseless 1964-vintage clichés about the case but probably closes his eyes and thinks of his regular checks.

    Attention forum moderators....

    Please give Joseph McBride the warning and/or suspension he so clearly deserves for making the stupid and unwarranted comment quoted above. Thank you.

    Here's the forum rule (which I will now cite every time I again see this crap being directed at me). After a few suspensions, maybe this nonsense will cease....

    Accusations of Member Credibility:-

    Members that post and/or imply that a fellow member of this forum may be paid to post on this forum...


    Such behaviour may lead to a suspension or ban from the forum.


  4. 5 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

    Because he was never ever on the roof.

    Correct. He was on the sixth floor----where his gun was, where his paper bag was, where his prints were (right IN the Sniper's Nest, which CTers have no problem with whatsoever), and where shells from his gun were located.

    A failing first-grader could figure out the solution to this crime. CTers, however, can't seem to do it.


  5. The TSBD roof was not a feasible location for an assassin.....as we find out in the WC testimony of policeman Marrion L. Baker, who said this....

    "I immediately went around all the sides of the ledges up there, and after I got on top I found out that a person couldn't shoot off that roof because when you stand up you have to put your hands like this, at the top of that ledge and if you wanted to see over, you would have to tiptoe to see over it."


  6. 1 hour ago, Rich Pope said:

    Call me naïve but...I knew JFK was disliked by a lot of people. But after reading some of Farewell America last night, I learned he was hated by everyone. He was hated by poor blacks, blue collar workers, almost everyone in government, the military, almost everyone in business, academia, women...

    Oh sure. That's why the following two facts existed after JFK's death---because "everyone" hated him so much.... Eyeroll-Icon-Blogspot.gif

    "In a large-sample national poll in March of 1964...an astonishing 53 percent of those interviewed said they had wept when they heard the news of Kennedy's death (New York Times, March 7, 1964, p.11). This percentage is remarkable by itself, and becomes even more so when you factor in the number of people who, though grieving as much, cannot bring tears to their eyes."


    "With respect to President Kennedy's grave site, in 1962, the year before Kennedy was assassinated, one million people visited Arlington National Cemetery. During the six months following the assassination, NINE million came."

    -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 142 and 1504 of "Reclaiming History"


  7. JFK rides in the SS-100-X limousine with the President of Ecuador, July 23, 1962. Note the different configuration of the Lincoln limousine in this photo, lacking the "handhold bar" that was usually in place when the President rode in this car. (And somebody famous must also be located in the second car in this motorcade too, given the press attention focused on that vehicle as well.) ....



    Photo Source: JFK Library.org


  8. On 2/25/2019 at 1:31 PM, David Von Pein said:

    So it's really Tip O'Neill's quote, right? O'Neill quoting O'Donnell?

    I'd love to have heard that quote coming straight from O'Donnell's mouth, to see how it might have differed from "The O'Neill Version".

    Think there might be a tad bit of difference?


    Quoting from a Usenet Newsgroup post....

    ---Quote On:---

    "O'Donnell vehemently denied ever telling O'Neill that.

    "The story is an absolute lie…whoever gave that story is lying. It’s an absolute, outright lie." – Kenneth O’Donnell, Chicago Tribune, June 15, 1975.

    But I guess he lied about lying? To help cover up the murder of the president and his close friend?

    The number of people that you conspiracists are willing to accuse of crimes is stunning. Not just ordinary people but JFK's closest friends."

    -- Steve M. Galbraith



  9. David G. Healy said:

    Pleeeeeeze, Your one and only goal in life, based on my witness of your posting actions over the past few decades, is to support the conclusions of the 1964 WCR, PERIOD! Whenever, wherever that takes you. Of course you'll post and adhere to ridiculous situation{al) *required* demands. It's your job!

    Bzzzzz!! Forum Violation Alert!!

    Looks like Healy is not aware of this forum rule:

    ---Quote On...---

    "Accusations of Member Credibility: Members that post and/or imply that a fellow member of this forum is using an alias on this forum or an alias elsewhere designed to deceive members at [this] forum or any other forum, and/or that he/she may be paid to post on this forum. Such behaviour may lead to a suspension or ban from the forum."

    ---Quote Off.---

    David G. Healy,

    Please very carefully read all of these Forum Rules before you ever again attempt to speak to me via the pages of this forum, lest the Wrath Of Gordon befall you.


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