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  1. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    We know Nagell’s card is a fake, do you gentlemen think Oswald’s is legit or not? (Off topic comment deleted)
  2. The Stamp on the Military ID card

    Hi Jim - either your link doesn't work or I don't know how to use it.
  3. A good read - thanks Jim. At the end of the article, Joseph E. Green provides the link to his interesting website, which contains an error. This will work: http://www.dissentingviews.com
  4. Jack T. Martin

    Hi Jason, What your son will see between 1:14 and 1:27 is two separate shots of two separate but similar looking young men (in their 20s?) standing on the inside of the entrance to a building. We see one man standing for a few seconds. The film is stopped and then started again, but another man has taken his place. These men are obviously posing for the camera but this footage is very dark. The entire 3-minute film appears to be a very poorly made home movie, but I submit that it was very likely filmed to appear so. The men in the foyer are essentially unnoticeable by the casual observer and I submit that this was intentional. The men were the filmmakers giving themselves a cameo, an intentional appearance that could only be appreciated with close scrutiny. If I’m wrong about this, I’ll apologize in advance to your son (or anyone else that wants to take a close look at this) for wasting his time. Tom
  5. Jack T. Martin

    I wish you all the best of luck in finding John T Martin, Paul (or “Jack T Martin”, if you prefer). New topic - The Film: I’ll go a little farther out on a limb and say that if a good hand with Photoshop were to look closely at 1:14 through 1:27 of the John T Martin film and report back to us, we just might see Lee Harvey Oswald and one of his cohorts. http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/search@/19/title-asc?t:state:flow=f8868938-26bf-4013-87ba-785a360b41c4 Thanks for the new link, Chris. One needs to enter “John T Martin” in the “Search” window (Jack T Martin won’t get it). How about letting this post sit here for a few minutes to see if that hypothetical Photoshop hand will take the bate? Tom
  6. Jack T. Martin

    What up? The John T Martin film that the 6th Floor Museum made available at the link below is gone - replaced with the Jackie Tindel film: http://emuseum.jfk.org/view/objects/asitem/classification@Films/9/title-asc?t:state:flow=b3cfa3d9-2faf-449b-9beb-32dee07c3297 I hope you made a copy, Paul.
  7. Jack T. Martin

    Hi Jason and Paul, Sure, trying to locate the real John T, or Jack T, Martin might be fruitful, but since the film appears to be so blatantly coincidental, it looks to me like a possible trap somebody set for Walker. The real meaning of the film might be in the film itself, and here’s a suggestion I made in November of last year on this thread: “A shot in the dark: It’s my suspicion that John T Martin is a fictional character, and that the real filmmakers filmed a cameo of themselves at a building in downtown Dallas. The footage is between 1:14 and 1:27 and while it’s very dark, someone on the forum with the proper skills and software might be able to give us a good look at these fellows - it might turn out to be important.” I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we all know the two guys in that cameo footage, but somebody on the forum with Photoshop skills would have to shed some light on the subjects, and identifying them looks a whole lot easier than identifying Prayer Man. Tom
  8. Philadelphia did-it

    Bill Kelly has some interesting Philadelphia stuff here: http://jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com/2011/08/ And if memory serves, he also has something to say about the seemingly disproportionate number of connections between Philly and the assassination, but I can’t find it right now, if in fact it exists. Maybe he’ll join in. Minutiae: Oswald, or an Oswald impersonator, bought tickets at Top Ten Records on the morning of 11/22/62, bought tickets to Dick Clark’s up-coming appearance in Dallas. You know, The Dick Clark Show, American Bandstand from Philadelphia (until 1964 anyway).
  9. Igor Vaganov

    http://digitalcollections.baylor.edu/cdm/compoundobject/collection/po-arm/id/28787/rec/5 Thanks for your post, Michael, it gives me the chance to thank Jim Hargrove for steering me toward this long article. I had actually read it a few years ago and was put off by it but I didn’t remember why until I re-read it. John Berendt: “In spite of the unanswered questions, it would appear that the Philadelphia group is on to the wrong man [Vaganov]. He’s a curious individual. True, Vaganov tells a tall tale once in a while, he has acute fuzz paranoia and there are coincidences which lend sinister implications to his visit to Dallas. But his lies are usually the self-aggrandizing type, his fear of cops stems from his bad-check days and his coincidental movements are no fault of his own. Vaganov’s willingness to be questioned, to have his picture published in a national magazine, to go to Dallas and face the Tippit eyewitnesses, would by themselves tend to rule him out. Furthermore there is not one shred of direct evidence linking him with either the killing that day or with any of the principals involved. If indeed he was involved in something shady in Dallas, it was something other than the assassination....all that matters now is that the critics [of the Warren Report] are probing on their own, chasing down suspects and unintentionally infringing on the privacy of innocent people. They are sincere in their efforts, but sooner or later somebody is going to get hurt.” John Berendt appears to be telling us to move along - nothing to see here. I have no reason to think that Igor Vaganov shot Tippit, but I have every reason in the world to think that Igor Vladimirs Vaganov was involved in the assassination in a very interesting way and should be studied thoroughly (see my previous post). While I concede Mr Berendt’s point about infringing on peoples privacy, the point is now moot in the case of Igor Vaganov as he’s no longer with us according to the Social Security Administration. What I wouldn’t give for five minutes with Igor. It’s my hypothesis that Richard C Nagell created a puzzle language and that he and Igor V Vaganov told us the whole assassination story, from their point of view, with a focus on Oswald’s part in the plot. I’ve been trying to learn that language. Tom
  10. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Maybe it’s just me, but there seem to be a disproportionate number of possible “MC” or “CM” connections to Lee Harvey Oswald. “MINOX CAMERA” “MARINE CORPS” “MANNLICHER CARCANO” “MEXICO CITY” “CARLOS MARCELLO” “MICKEY COHEN” “CORD MEYER” “MERCURY COMET” “MORRIS CHILDS” “MONTREAL CANADA” “MARGUERITE CLAVERIE” “CARL MATHER” “MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE” To an anagrammer, some of these appear to be related. For example, “Cord Meyer” anagrams to: “YO, RED MERC” It was a red Mercury Comet that Oswald, or an Oswald impersonator, wildly test drove shortly before the assassination. “RED MERCURY COMET” anagrams to: “CORD MEYER, C MURET” Hmm, Oswald’s connected Uncle Dutz, “CHARLES MURET”, another “CM”. “MINOX CAMERA” anagrams to: “AMERICAN MO: X” Can anyone think of any more “CM” or “MC”, connections?
  11. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    In the third post on the thread linked above, Jim posted what appears to be a Dallas Police note pertaining to the two half dollar bills. My take on the bills is different than Jim’s. I think they are a puzzle and I’ve have done a couple of lengthy posts on the topic.
  12. Help with photos please

    Enter “Photobucket” in the search engine at the top, and you will see a very long list of disabled Photobucket images that had been posted on this forum going back to 2005. Lots of work by, Ray Mitcham, Robin Unger, Chris Davidson, Robert Prudhomme, John Dolva, and, Jack White, just to name a few. Disabled! $399! Drat!
  13. If this has been covered recently on this forum, I apologize for having missed it. A recent change in Photobucket policy has crippled many older posts containing 3rd party hosting of Photobucket images. They now want $399 a year to continue this service. I won’t be doing that. I’m a low-tech sort of person and I want to fix my part of this mess. I’m looking for advise and recommendations. Tom
  14. Possible origin of Hidell name.

    Several hundred hits on the last two posts and not a single reply. Maybe I use too many words. Anagram of “Jekyll and Hyde”: “A. J. HYDELL KEY: ‘N D’” “N D” is a “KEY”. It is a “Simple Substitution Cypher”: D..E..F..G..H..I..J..K..L..M..N..O..P..Q..R..S..T..U..V..W..X..Y..Z..A..B..C N..O.P..Q..R..S.T..U..V..W..X..Y...Z..A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H..I..J...K..L..M We obviously need to substitute the “Y” in ”Hydell” with the letter “I”. New anagram of “Jekyll and Hyde”: “A. J. H_DELL KEY. ‘ND’ Y” “‘N D’ is now a verb acting on the letter “Y”. Apply “Y” to the cypher key above and make this anagram: “A. J. HIDELL KEY” Here’s a re-anagram of “A. J. HIDELL KEY”: “Ye JK, A Hidell” For all practical purposes, the “N D” cypher key above is identical to the “D T” cypher key used by Richard Nagell and his band of good-guys. The “D T” cypher has been featured in most of my posts over the last few years. A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H..I..J..K..L..M..N..O..P..Q..R..S..T..U..V..W..X..Y..Z K..L..M..N..O.P..Q..R..S.T..U..V..W..X..Y...Z..A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H..I...J I submit that “Jekyll and Hyde” is not only the likely origin of the “Hidell” name, but the origin of the valuable puzzle cypher above as well. One final anagram to put a finer point on my last statement: "DR JEKYLL'S" full name is "DOCTOR HENRY JEKYLL". This anagrams to: "JEKYLL HYDE ROOT. RCN" This was a keep-it-simple experiment. An attempt to not bombard you with tons of relevant information-packed connections. There's a bonus question in the PS below. Tom PS: Either Lee Oswald and an associate, or a Lee Oswald impersonator and an associate, appear to have put on a memorable show at the Sports Drome Rifle Range in Dallas shortly before the assassination. According to some researchers the two guys signed the guest register thus: JOHN NICHOLSON 2732 BONNYWOOD W. NICHOLSON 2732 BONNYWOOD Bonus Question: What is the possible connection between the “A Hidell” alias and the “John Nicholson” alias?
  15. Steven Hager: The Two Oswalds

    Maybe Al Felde #1 and Al Felde #2 were in the same undercover doppelganger program as Lee Oswald #1 and Lee Oswald #2. Maybe the waters were intentionally muddied. There’s also the tangle of nearly identical ex-Marine “Steve Landesberg” names surrounding the circa 1960 "Steven Yves L’Eandes" mystery. Several Lee Harvey Oswald impersonation overtones here.