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  1. Tom Hume

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    Sorry, I forgot to post this link to "Oswald and the Helsinki Hotel", by Ian Grigs in the post above: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=4270#relPageId=10&tab=page Only two pages long and quite interesting.
  2. Tom Hume

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    Thanks Jim, and there's this too: "Oswald and the Helsinki Hotel", by Ian Griggs.
  3. Tom Hume

    HELSINKI by train Oct 15 - 16, 1959

    Jim, was Ian or anyone else able to come up with a ballpark price for those hotel rooms?
  4. Tom Hume

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Yo David, I feel rejected. Clicking on your link above yields: 403 Forbidden The access to the resource has been denied.
  5. Tom Hume

    Russell's question

    "16 Questions on the Assassination", by Bertrand Russell: http://22november1963.org.uk/bertrand-russell-16-questions-on-the-assassination
  6. Tom Hume


    Mervyn Hagger wrote: “It is my understanding, David, that the moderators only wade in when attacks on members of this Forum [sic] become personal.” Alas, I’ll confess a yearning to make a few personal attacks since around the middle of January. I’ve been told there are folks that are intentionally antagonistic. Ignoring the chronically disagreeable is probably a better strategy, at least for me.
  7. Tom Hume

    Albert Schweitzer College

    That’s very strange, Mervyn. I have trouble reading the date on the envelope, but it’s not a matter of the 1960 date on the letter being a mistake, because the letter makes reference to the first lecture taking place on Tuesday, April 19, which is consistent with 1960, but not 1959 (April 19 was a Sunday in 1959). Puzzling.
  8. Tom Hume

    Albert Schweitzer College

    No again, David. Here’s the best I can do: “SCHWEITZER” anagrams to “Re: EZ SWITCH”. Grin.
  9. Tom Hume

    Albert Schweitzer College

    Hi David, No, I didn’t mean to “tease”. I had posted a link to some interesting things Greg Parker had written several years ago in an article entitled “Oswald and the Albert Schweitzer College”. But then I noticed that Jason Ward had recently provided a link to the same article on the “What is known about Oswald’s time in England?” thread. Jason wrote: “Mervyn, found rhis [sic] great link about Oswald and the Albert Schweitzer college: http://coverthistory.blogspot.com/2005/07/oswald-and-albert-schweitzer-college.html This is an amazing point from Greg Parker's article. Oswald needed an educational purpose in order to legally leave the US while still under military service obligation: As an inactive Reservist, Oswald could be called up in a mobilisation any time during the balance of his enlistment (3 months) and therefore could not leave US shores without a legitimate reason. One reason recognized as legitimate by the authorities was “education". End quote. More by Ed Ledoux and Greg Parker here: http://reopenkennedycase.forumotion.net/t1167-albert-schweitzer-college-intuition
  10. Tom Hume

    "My New Thread"

    Many of us are following closely and appreciating the path you have chosen, Andrej.
  11. Tom Hume

    "My New Thread"

    I don’t think I’m disagreeing with either Andrej or David by pointing out that “Lee Harvey Oswald” anagrams to: “A SHADY 11/22 OVER LEE” A bit of a double entendre as well. (A=0)(B=1)(C=2)(D=3)(E=4)(F=5)(G=6)(H=7)(I=8)(J=9)(K=10)(L=11)(M=12)(N=13)(O=14)(P=15)(Q=16)(R=17)(S=18)(T=19)(U=20)(V=21)(W=22)(X=23)(Y=24)(Z=25)
  12. Tom Hume

    Well...it happened

    I’m inclined to agree with Rich about Wallace. A brilliant pick by the planners to keep LBJ in line.
  13. Thanks Jim, and during that period at Ft. Monmouth, a young Lt. Walker’s path might have crossed with the mysterious genius Cryptographer, John Hurt. As you discovered, John Hurt was an original member of William Friedman’s group of Cryptologists at Ft. Monmouth that eventually evolved into the NSA.
  14. Fascinating, Jim. Please tell us about the Walker/John Hurt association.