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  1. Steve Cearfoss

    "I'd rather my children be red than dead."

    who is being quoted?
  2. Steve Cearfoss

    An Open Message to Michael Clark

    ‘With all due respect,’ ‘IMHO’ — ‘LOL’, ad nauseum, me thinks the best way to confront this stuff and nonsense from an insincere, calculating xxxxx is to simply ignore him. Have a nice day, Tommy, and I mean it.
  3. Steve Cearfoss

    Lisa Pease on James Angleton

    Lisa mentions author 'Bill Davy' is that the correct spelling
  4. Steve Cearfoss

    Bull Stock Market!

    Sorry. Mea culpa. No citation threw me. My oversight not to note the date at the top. I am familiar with the book, as a matter fact I still have an old copy of it. Please forgive. Thanks
  5. Steve Cearfoss

    Bull Stock Market!

    What is this nonsense doing on the JFK assassination site?
  6. Steve Cearfoss

    Where Were You, 11/22/63.

    My response was a feeble attempt at humor ala Hunt and Nixon. Mea culpa
  7. Steve Cearfoss

    C2C 2017 JFK

    "George H.W. Bush couldn't remember where he was on the day that JFK was killed." Hearsay. I have not been able unearth a direct report of Bush saying he didn't remember where he was that eventful day. Witnesses, and there were many, say he was speaking at the Blackstone Hotel in Tyler, Texas on November 22, 1963. Propagating the myth that he couldn't remember where he was that day does not help the cause, indeed it only gives the 'lone nutters' more reasons to denegrate the work of serious scholars of the JFK assassination.
  8. Steve Cearfoss

    Where Were You, 11/22/63.

    I can’t remember.
  9. Steve Cearfoss

    Souetre picture 632-796

    ID mr Papich please
  10. Steve Cearfoss


    “There are multiple researchers and more inquisitive people than I that should confer their important observations on the most important subjects coming to light recently and (possibly) in the near future. “ ???
  11. Steve Cearfoss

    Veciana and the CIA

    Parnell: 'As Morley says, two CIA employees did indeed say that they thought Phillips used the name Bishop. However, both later recanted. In a HSCA deposition, former CIA director John McCone stated that he thought that a Maurice Bishop had worked for the agency. [8] However, just over a month later in a letter from the CIA’s office of Legislative Council, McCone recanted.'[9] So where should we put the weight, on the original statement or the recantation? Just because somebody recants does not mean the original assertion was untrue. After all, 30 years after the assassination, in Posner's book, some of the Parkland doctors disavowed their November 22, 1963 assertions regarding the JFK head wound. And we all know what nonsense that was. As a matter of fact, original statements are usually given freely, and we may surmise that a later about-face could very well be the result of intimidation or coercion.
  12. Steve Cearfoss

    Two Princes and a King

    Thanks for your response, Jim. I can see now why you think it's an angle that should be explored more thoroughly. Enjoyed your thoughtful review of Savastano's book.
  13. Steve Cearfoss

    Two Princes and a King

    In your review of Savastano's Robert Kennedy section, you say that he gives short shrift to the 'girl in the polkadot dress' angle. I'm not at all sure that this angle merits much attention. I could never fathom why a woman, complicit in the shooting, would have been running away shouting, ''We shot him! We shot him!” It always seemed more likely to me that this woman was simply frightened and shouted, 'They shot him! They shot him!' Also, yelling that 'We shot him!' would of course irrationally call attention to herself. Her purportedly demonstrative physical and vocal exhibitions certainly do not seem like something a member of what seems to be a fairly professional and sophisticated hit would be inclined to do.
  14. Steve Cearfoss

    Jefferson Morley starts a new job on Monday

    'Trump is openly contemptuous of the intelligence agencies that any commander in chief must rely on to make decisions.' The only stance he's taken that has any merit.