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  1. Marc Gendron

    Louis Mortimer Bloomfield

    Paul Brancato, Maurice is still alive and well.
  2. Marc Gendron

    Biography: Maurice Philipps

    Maurice, I would like to add my support in your drive to releasing these long overdue files of Mortimer Bloomfield. He stated that he wanted his files rendered public 20 years after his death....the Canadian judicial system sure honor his wish.!!! What support can I give you (and maybe others) that feel the same as I do? I would like to spread the word! Thank you, Marc Gendron
  3. Marc Gendron

    Biography: Maurice Philipps

  4. Hello Maurice, thank you for accepting my request. :)

  5. Marc Gendron

    Louis Mortimer Bloomfield

    As of October 29th, 2011, after I had contacted via email, the Canadian Library & Archives this week, a Mme. Sophie Tellier in an email, stated that there are still restrictions to the files of Mortimer Bloomfield.
  6. Why would the zapruder film then be fake?

  7. Marc Gendron

    Marc Gendron

    Born in upstate NY, educated in USA & Canada, Dawson College. Worked in sales in NYC for 25 years.