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  1. I have just joined this forum and am keen to know if there is much interest in the role of teachers' assessments as part of formal assessment programs. I am a consultant based in Queensland, Australia where there are no external subject-based exams at the end of high school. There is growing interest in teachers' assessment in many countries and I am keen to build discussion and interest for this important aspect of teachers' professional skills. I have developed web-based technologies for assessment design and moderation. You can find them at www.proema.com.au I am also doing a PhD study on consistency of teachers' assessment judgments.
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    Suzanne Henden

    I am an educational consultant specialising in school-based assessment. My consultancy includes the development of new web-based technologies for moderation and assessment design. I have a Masters of Educational Studies and am currently undertaking a PhD study of consistency of teacher judgment. I also provide professional development courses for teachers and schools. The web technologies are at http://www.proema.com.au/