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  1. very simple answer. the secret service agents and others will testify that they saw a hugh blowout in the rear of the head but then say they still believed that all shots were fired from the rear by oswald. why to refuse to acknowledge that their observations refute the theory they so strongly support?Its because of false patriotism. they simply cannot accept that a conspiracy could have occurred in the USA or that the government would have lied about it because as Bugliosi said in his boo, this would mean we are no different than the Europeans and resemble a third world country. it would put a lie to the notion of American Exceptionalism. they just cannot emotional accept this possibility.
  2. Debra Conway has decided to concentrate on book publishing so CAPA has agreed to host the November in Dallas Conference. The planning co-chairs are Chris Gallop, Brian Edwards, Bill Simpich and me. We will change things up a bit but still have great content.
  3. the fragments identifed as CE 840 were collected from the limo after it was returned to the WH (late friday nite/early sat morning) The two fragments referred to in the above memo refer to ADDITIONAL fragments discovered when the limo was sent to Detroit in December. two entirely different events.
  4. it would be really great to know what happened to his files. there are files/interview from other authors and researchers involving interviews with deceased witnesses that could be historically important. an effort needs to be made to assemble them. i suspect the Truth and Reconciliation Committee would be willing to serve as repository
  5. i hate to say this but I agree with David that the obligation to be courteous should be limited to this forum. people should be free to express their opinions on other internet platforms so long as those comments comply with the rules of that particular group. why should a conversation or even screaming match elsewhere be a concern to the administrator of this group so long as the conversion in EF remains civil?
  6. dont see the relevance. SS numbers are issued based on post office locations. two people filing same day from same PO would likely have consecutive or close #s. but if filed from different POs, might not be close....
  7. The bag is not reliable evidence. would not likely have been admissible in court for a variety of reasons. many witnesses have said their unsworn and unsigned statements produced by the DPD and FBI were changed. We have other numerous examples of how witness testimony and other parts of the historic record was "manufactured". I'm working on a piece that focus on this part of the "historic record". As a result of the Innocence Project, we have learned that manufacturing of evidence is unfortunately common in our criminal justice system.
  8. if he didnt go to the Paines house Thursday night, then the false narrative would have changed and they would have said he brought the rifle at a different date. The cover story is done looking backwards. what "facts" can be manufactured to support the situation as confronted.
  9. Bill Simpich and I were able to get a hung jury at the 2017 Mock Trial after only being allowed to put on two hours of Oswald defense....and based on the jury deliberation recording, the jury was headed in the direction of acquittal
  10. David Von Pein- what's your point? That one guilty man was acquiited because of an inept prosection?
  11. I will admit there are lots of wacky conspiracy theories that are advanced. You conflate lots of them into your 9 points. Consider this possibility. The conspiracy was organized by the mafia or exiles out of desperation. the planning was not based on logic but anger/betrayal. the goal was to ensure he was killed. It didnt matter if they were caught. The coverup was an independent response by the government to prevent the world from knowing these were people who we had trained and worked with try to assassinate Castro. Evidence could easily be planted against LHO and making him look like a cop killer incentivized the DPD to frame him. Fairly simple
  12. first- ""Rules of Evidence" that only apply inside a courtroom."? The rules of evidence are a bedrock to our system of justice. They are intended to prevent junk or fake evidence from being used to wrongfully convict innocent people. You cant dismiss them simply because they are inconvenient or make your case harder. The evidence in this case has serious chain of custody problems that would either cause the evidence to be excluded or the questionable providence going to the weight (credibility) of the evidence. There is NO evidence the gun was fired that day. we can do another post on the evidence if you want.
  13. he just agreed to sign the 10-point statement that was prepared at the JFK mini-conference this past weekend in SF.
  14. I interviewed Jim at the CAPA conference. he is very credible and ernest. He believes he saw a shipping casket but also explained in his book and in the interview how the skull wound became enlarged as they retracted the scalp
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