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  1. Bill Moyers - LBJ's trusted aide is getting

    the TradeMart was selected by Connolly as part of the local Host Committee
  2. Two Questions For James DiEugenio

    why is this post/question relevant tot his group?
  3. David- your argument that we expect too much efficiency from government employees is a Trojan Horse. First, as an environmental attorney, I work with many very professional and diligent government. employees. Second, you are using painting with broad strokes with wide brushes. there are obviously unmotivated government employees who are just putting in time waiting for their pensions. but we are talking about employees who were working with intelligence officials to help protect the country. i doubt these individuals who be so casual and inattentive to avoid a rifle being delivered to a former defector and subscriber to communist publications. I'd even give you one pass on the pistol. but to expect both shipments to not draw attention really pushes the limits of credulity.
  4. do you have a link to the 1993 interview?
  5. presumably a tangential shot? BTW-Roger McCarthy did an experiment for the 1992 ABA mock trial using a frangible bullet and a plastic milk jug containing water. the bullet exploded on impact and did not exit the the plastic jug. as far as DVP is concerned, presumably autopsy doctors had to protect their jobs and pensions. financial interest can be a very motivating and strong force especially when under orders. The HSCA medical team would have had similar career motivations through existing relationships
  6. Here is the link to ethics presentation of John Orr from the mock trial. He discusses his findings of organic material on one of the bullet fragments in the limo, evidence of a second rear gunman from the roof of county courts building and his dissection/refutation of the single bullet theory. the ethics piece is the obligations of a prosecutor when confronted with new evidence or the science changes.
  7. Lee Harvey Oswald's possessions

    and no black shirt or black pair of pants that he supposedly wore when he stood for the backyard photos were ever found among his belongings.
  8. Chesser/Mantik cut from Mock Trial

    The Mantik/Chesser testimony actually turned two jurors. all they needed to see was the dust particles at the front of the skull and that this was consistent with soft-lead bullet. The Millennial issue is indeed a problem which the juror exit interviews seemed to confirm. what is needed is more of these programs across the country to undo the teaching from their youth that LHO was the lone gunman. That was why we invited Alec Baldwin to speak at our dinner as he is very popular with that generation. we are thinking of preparing a teacher's manual.
  9. at the banquet for the mock trial, Alec Baldwin said he was told by a producer at MSNBC that it was the policy of the NBC Network to support the warren commission conclusions. More on point, it appears we had a generational divide in the mock trial jury with the younger jurors more inclined to accept the lone gunman theory. This may be because they were taught in school that oswald was the lone gunman. the jury results reinforced a concern I expressed during my interview with Baldwin that the percentage of citizens who believe the official story will go up as those of use who lived through the event die off. To address this issue, it may be necessary to develop teaching materials that contain the complete story. and as Alec and I said, its important for millennials to recognize that the JFK assassination is not simply a historical event but that it continues to influence the path of our country. As exemplified by Baldwin's experience, the nation's institutions continue to support establishment position because as Bugliosi himself wrote on page 986 of his book that when claiming there was a coup de etat "They are talking about the United States of America, the most powerful, democratic, and economically stable country in the world, as if it were no different from Nicaragua or Tanzania-in effect, comparing us with banana republics and Third World countries..." The forces led us into Vietnam and told us there was WMDs in Iraq continue to control our country while the Fourth Estate impotently stands by because of false patriotism.
  10. CE399 and its connections to...

    Hi Guys, sorry for late reply. been busy prepping for the mock trial. Prosecution is only have one live witness- Luke Haag. the rest of the evidence will be from that previously developed by the HSCA and WC. It will be introduced by the prosecutor in narrative form. Orr is presenting at the ethics portion of the program. he does believe the organic material on the nose fragment is muscle tissue. the thrust of his presentation is the obligation of prosecutors to evaluate new information or science that can have impact on prior cases...
  11. CE399 and its connections to...

    Pamela- a researcher told me earlier this year that there was bullet damage to the ashtray behind the limo driver's seat. are you aware of any such damage?
  12. CE399 and its connections to...

    some former postal workers have suggested the franking mark does not represent where the envelope containing the PO was deposited but represents the machine in the GPO that marked the envelope. we are trying to get to the bottom of this for the mock trial...........
  13. CE399 and its connections to...

    John Orr (former DOJ prosecutor) will be discussing his research and discovery of organic material resembling muscle cells on the nose fragment discovered in the limo at the mock trial in two weeks. His findings were covered in the 2013 Fox Special on the 50th anniversary. he will also discuss the computer animation that pointed to gunman on the roof of the Records Building.....
  14. Ball, Belin, and the Depository Witnesses

    Sandy- why would Shelley and Lovelady lie?
  15. Ball, Belin, and the Depository Witnesses

    do we have any information on where TSBD employees first reported to when they arrived in the morning? I understand they did not have timestamp but was there an employee locker room or some area where they checked in?