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  1. I do think there are parallels with Trump and the Deep State but for different reasons. The Deep State was afraid of JFK’s policies and felt he was a traitor. The Deep State battle with Trump is personal (they believe is was too inept to be President) and he is now is declared war on the deep state. I sent a note to a contact in the White House and suggested if The President really wants to hurt the Deep State, he should order the immediate release of the remaining JFK records. 😊 still working to leverage this idea. let’s not forget the enemy of our enemy is our friend. We should try to exploit this division to get Trump to order the release of the records.
  2. I think it is important to allow all views. Opposing views can provide important feedback and provide perspective as well as expose fraudulent or poorly-reasoned conspiracy theories. Some of the ideas posited on this forum are simply absurd and hurts the pursuit of the truth.
  3. Rolf's presentation will be very interesting. He will offer the perspective of a CIA case officer who understands how the agency plans and carries out operations. He will lay out an outline or template through which researchers can perhaps reassess the facts and/or modify the analytical basis for finding a breakthrough that might establish what really happened, and who did it.
  4. Anyone who makes such sweeping statements lacks judgement
  5. you are right that the Castro assassination business stopped after the JFK assassination. Was this b/c they realized it backfired and they were not going to reward the exiles community or the intelligence community? However, the JFK backdoor peace feelers with Castro ended with his death. Message received?
  6. Rolf Mowatt-Larsen will be speaking at the CAPA conference on Nov. 23rd. he is former CIA. he will be presenting his theory of where the plot originated. He believes it came out of the Miami office.
  7. I genuinely believe that the passions of the time and LBJ's need to show strength would have led to a world war if the lone gunman theory was not reached. There would have been enormous pressure to punish castro or USSR (even though it was likely rightwing conspiracy). So maybe he really did save the lives of us on this thread. I'd give them all a mulligan if they just came out now and admitted that they lied because they thought that was what was best for the country.
  8. You'll get your answer if you do a little digging into the origins of the research grants of the author of the article.............
  9. thanks. Query- does it really make sense that Klein's would microfilm envelopes of orders? i can see microfilming the money order but why waste microfilm on envelopes. seems expensive i 1963. i wonder how many companies actually took images of envelopes.....
  10. we are accepting questions for both him and former WC associated counsel Burt Griffin who will also be speaking at the conference
  11. what evidence are you suggesting? the current historical record was in large part manufactured and would not have survived scrutiny in court much less be admissible
  12. Lance- what's your take on Armstrong's analysis of the postal franking mark on the envelope that is alleged to have contained the money order for the rifle. Armstrong believes the mark represents where the envelope is deposited as opposed to the general PO office where mail is processed before being mailed out-of-town. Another question is how banks processed postal money orders in 1963. My research so far suggests they may have been handled like cash but i'm not finished with my research.
  13. Im not surprised he was selected. he is a former medical examiner in nyc and has worked on many high profile cases. Not disagreeing with the views expressed herein but simply explaining he was a logic as logical choice in thes 555circles.
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