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  1. Lawrence Schnapf

    JFK Secret Service Agent: hole in windshield of limo!

    @Joe Bauer- this is how an attorney "creates a record". Specter would ignore areas that were not helpful to the official story, ignore problematic answers and if that didnt work, then go off the record to try to intimidate the witness into making the right statements..........
  2. Lawrence Schnapf

    Carter: the POTUS nearest to JFK?

    There was also an alleged attempted assassination of Carter shortly after he said the problems in the US go back to the JFK assassination and planned on making a big speech that was believed to have involved sweeping changes in US government. The speech was cancelled. One of the suspects was named "Raymond Lee Harvey" and the other "Oswaldo Espinoza Ortiz". See May 12, 1979 NYT or other papers for details (tried to upload but got message file was too large) .
  3. Lawrence Schnapf

    Dallas Conference

    we have animations showing both the improper wound location of the WC and the proper location
  4. https://www.wsj.com/articles/wisconsin-high-court-backs-marquette-professor-in-academic-free-speech-case-1530891600?mod=ITP_us_0&tesla=y
  5. Lawrence Schnapf

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    all extant photos were included along with precise laser measurements that takes into account changes in Dealey Plaza. The software engineers were independent and not paid by any organization. The incorrect wound locations relied on by the WC and others on this page were tested along with the correct wound locations. No cartoonish manipulation like that done by Dale Myers. Errors of prior renactments are also shown. The model can be used to test ANY potential shooting perch.
  6. Lawrence Schnapf

    Dallas Conference

    CAPA will have a conference on Nov. 15th at the old red court house building. Tentative title is "Completing the Historic Record".we will invite key witnesses who will discuss what they knew but werent allowed to publicly share in the past. We will also plan to preview the 3D animation of Dealey Plaza that will put the final nail in the SBT coffin. announcement will be forthcoming-hopefully in next week or so
  7. Lawrence Schnapf

    Evidence of collaboration between Garrison and RFK?

    and of course, RFK didnt want the castro assassination attempts/mafia associations inadvertantly revealed that could have derailed his political career
  8. Lawrence Schnapf

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    The evidence supporting the SBT had been contorted to support the proposition. it does not hold up under scrutiny/close examination. when I am free to disclose the news, i will share with this group.
  9. Lawrence Schnapf

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    stay tuned for big news later this fall that will debunk the SBT beyond a reasonable doubt....
  10. Lawrence Schnapf

    What Will It Take To Believe?

    This is not about facts. it is about defending the reputation of our country. The myth of american exceptionalism is that we are different from the Europeans and the rest of the world. conspiracies dont happen in our country. take a look at pages 986-87 of Bugliosi's book. He reveals what is really at the heat of what they are defending. a conspiracy to kill JFK would call into quesiton the institutions that are fundamental to our democracy. if a conspiracy had occurred, it would mean we were no better than a third world banana republic. read those pages for yourself. the WC supporters are blinded by false patriotism.
  11. Lawrence Schnapf

    Corsi's Book

    I have. nothing new in Corsi's book. mainly rehashing what is already known in the record. ok for beginners
  12. Lawrence Schnapf

    Statute of Limitations?

    from a practical standpoint, the state attorneys have full caseloads and are not going to voluntarily devote time to a 50-year old case.. Likewise, John Orr encountered the same response when he presented his report to DOJ in the late 1990s. However, CAPA has a strategy to force the issue and is hoping to take the first step this fall. Stay Tuned.
  13. Lawrence Schnapf

    Bursts of Cosmic Improbability

    unless i misunderstand your what your saying, it appears the the line of women are visible in the Moorman photo in the background behind the McBride
  14. Lawrence Schnapf

    Why was JFK assassinated but Trump has not been?

    Having been quoted about this possibility back in March 2017 by an article on Inforwars, I think the reason this hasnt happened is that social media has made physically assassination of presidents unnecessary. we now engage in character assassination to the point where a leader is forced to resign or loses vital powers. Except for his judicial appointments, there is very little that Trump has done that cannot be reversed by another president. the Deep State has basically kept him reined in with investigations and resistance. Think of it- Trump is trying to get help from Congress to control parts of his own Executive Branch.....
  15. maybe try comparing the rifle with the one in evidence we could really use help of a computer person to help with analyzing forensic evidence.