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  1. Cliff Spiegelman who wrote papers refuting the comparative bullet lead analysis and participated in several mock trials as a witness for the defense.
  2. No documents should be "sold". We have too many paper silos that are inaccessible to researchers. Everyone should scan their docs and make them publicly available. There may researchers focusing on issues that an "owned " document might be relevant that the owner might not realize. These docs have no inherent value. They aren't like an autographed baseball or a letter written by a president. They should be part of the " commons"
  3. we are doing enhancements to the background to make the animation more photo-realistic. hopefully will be available next spring...
  4. I didnt realize Photon was exposed. Thanks for this article. he claimed to have expertise in all kinds of disciplines. In the end, he was just a pretender.
  5. Not sure where you are finding the alignment of the bodies. The 3D animation video project that John Orr and I have financed is the only accurate recreation of Dealey Plaza as it existed on 11/22/63 (Dale Myers model was a cartoon that distorted the size and spacial relationships of the bodies to support the SBT). We used laser-scan and photogrammetry and match-moving technology. We scanned the extant photos, exact replica of the presidential limo, the street and buildings comprising Dealey Plaza -- even taking into account that Elm Street was paved several times since 1963 so it is several ce
  6. I completed a comprehensive interview with Dr. Donald Curtis and he went into detail on Specter's interrogation tactics. very important to show how WC intimidated the Parkland Doctors and other witnesses. I have transcribed the recorded interview and will be turning it into an article.
  7. I'm not sure if the Dodd question has been adequately run down. The two gun shops LHO allegedly ordered his weapons from were under investigation from the Dodd committee. i was thinking of reviewing his papers at UCONN. do you know if anyone has done this?
  8. its like the pot calling the kettle black (can we still use that aphorisms) The people with the real psychological difficulty are those who believe in the single gunman theory. It is based on what i call False Patriotism and exemplified by pages 986-87 and 1011 of Bugliosi's book. You see, a conspiracy and the coverup by respected institutions of our country would expose the lie of American Exceptionalism. It would mean we are no different than the Europeans and resemble a third world country. These false patriots cannot simply accept the fact that a conspiracy to assassinate a president could
  9. it's because the "stock market" is not reflective of the entire US economy. Tech stocks dominate the NASDAQ and S&P. there is nothing suspicious hete.
  10. presumably the role LHO played in 1963- it was well known that castro agents had infiltrated the anti-castro exile groups. LHO would pretend to be a pro-castro sympathizer to flesh them out
  11. i tend to agree with Terry but if that time ever comes, it will be long after the soft tissues have disappeared talking the key wound evidence with them
  12. We need to separate Trump the person from his claims about the Deep State. He is a terrible messenger but he is right about the risk posed by the Deep State.
  13. This is only the first step. now we need to scan the test bullets fired from the MC by the FBI and digitally compare them to the alleged assassination cartridges/fragments
  14. You have to understand how the Parkland doctors were treated by the WC and how their testimony was obtained. They were provided with a copy of the autopsy report to read BEFORE their testimony was taken which was intended to change their recollections. They had only seen the president for at best 20 minutes and had been forcused on saving his life. So the natural reaction was to believe that of their recollection was different from the autopsy, their recollection was wrong. They also were "pre-interviewed" by Spector who employed a variety of intimidation tactics. During depositions, Spector w
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