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  1. Lawrence Schnapf

    Why was JFK assassinated but Trump has not been?

    Having been quoted about this possibility back in March 2017 by an article on Inforwars, I think the reason this hasnt happened is that social media has made physically assassination of presidents unnecessary. we now engage in character assassination to the point where a leader is forced to resign or loses vital powers. Except for his judicial appointments, there is very little that Trump has done that cannot be reversed by another president. the Deep State has basically kept him reined in with investigations and resistance. Think of it- Trump is trying to get help from Congress to control parts of his own Executive Branch.....
  2. maybe try comparing the rifle with the one in evidence we could really use help of a computer person to help with analyzing forensic evidence.
  3. Lawrence Schnapf

    Project for AV/Animated GIF experts

    i understand the Hollywood 8 version will not be made publicly available though others may have more info. CAPA is working on a project to collect ground-based and aerial laser measurements of the Plaza and to produce essentially a 3D-Z film that will be able to view from any perspective in the plaza.
  4. Lawrence Schnapf

    Enfield rifles

    if you look at Seymour Weitzman's original handwritten statement, he referred to a "mauser bolt action" and not a mauser rifle. apparently, the bolt action was often generically referred to as a mauser.
  5. @Evan Marshall I agree that once Lee Oswald was arrested for allegedly murdering Tibbit, this became a cop killer case more than assassination of president. it was very shrewd move to set him up as a cop killer.
  6. Lawrence Schnapf

    How did the conspiracy to kill JFK start?

    the underlying assumption in your query is that oswald intended to kill the president. the more likely scenario is that there was a plan in place and he was positioned to become the fall guy and had no intention to shoot the president. the walker shooting has unreliable and inadmissible evidence linking LHO to the attempt.
  7. Lawrence Schnapf

    Barbara Bush's letter home

    is this the right time to ask the question? I would think respect for her passing would suggest we wait until she is buried before discussing this stuff?
  8. Lawrence Schnapf

    Plot or Blot?

    clearly a blot meant a spot like an ink blot on a shirt.
  9. another issue to understand is that many witnesses had three or more different statements. first, they had statements taken by DPD, then FBI and many then testified before the WC. The FBI interview procedure is to have one agent ask questions and the other take notes that are then transcribed. however, there is no recording so the transcription can be shaped to fit a narrative. if the witness then testifies under oath that the 302 statement is not what they said, the government can bring perjury charge agst the witness for its sworn testimony even if its truth! [note the judge in the Boston Marathon bombing case instructed the jury that the FBI 302 reports could not be treated as verbatim statements.] The WC lawyers were specifically told by the Chief Justice not to record pre-testimony interviews. so there was ample opportunity for the lawyers to convince witnesses to change their recollections with no record of such coercion. we will be speaking with some key witnesses this year to more fully understand the pressure they may have been put under by the FBI or WC. and then there are the veiled threats by Gerry Ford and Alan Dulles when they were interviewing the three black men who had been on the 5th floor and Givens. They were all asked if they had ever been in trouble with the law. Only black witnesses were asked this question. they apparently got the message.
  10. we developed the following Oswald timeline for the mock trial. it shows that there were multiple sightings of LHO on the first floor as late as 12:25. this means he would have had all of six minutes to get to the sixth floor, assemble a snipers nest consisting of 50 lb boxes, assemble and sight his rifle and then shoot the president. comments welcomed to the timeline. oswald whereabouts.pdf
  11. Lawrence Schnapf

    Specific youtube video about second and third shooters

    Cliff- you seem to be conflating a number of topics/issues. 1. The "ethics panel 1" covers the research work of John Orr. He is not a CAPA member and is independent of CAPA. FWIW-His conclusions match closely to those of Dr. Randy Robertson. 2. what do you mean by the medical panel at CAPA? are you referring to the doctors who testified at the mock trial on Day 1? There is no CAPA "medical panel" per se . Dr. Wecht is the chairmen of CAPA but there is no medical panel within the CAPA structure. Dr. Wecht's views are of his own. CAPA does not have any specific positions except to support efforts to uncover the truth. There are members of CAPA that disagree on specific intepretations of evidence. Bob Tanenbaum was responsible for the witnesses for the first day of the mock trial. 3. My FB page "Hard Evidence or Junk Science" is independent of CAPA and is a work in process. All physical evidence falls within the definition of hard evidence. I am currently focused on the ballistics and chain of evidence. Other pieces of evidence will be discussed in the future. 4. The term "Junk science" is a term used by courts. It can include a flawed theory or flawed evidence .
  12. Lawrence Schnapf

    Specific youtube video about second and third shooters

    take a look at the animation that John Orr (former DOJ prosecutor) and Peter Russo (former Fox producer) that shows second gunman on roof of county courts building. very similar to Randy Robertson analysis. The animation is from the mock trial. available on CAPA website and my JFK FB page (JFK: Hard Evidence or Junk Science).
  13. Lawrence Schnapf

    General Walker - for the rest of us

    Tying the Walker shooting to Oswald was a critical part of the case the WC built against LHO. It was supposed to show he had a capacity to commit murder, similar nature of the crime as well as use of the rifle. Of course, the man who missed his stationary target from point blank range was supposedly able to hit a moving target from a longer distance.
  14. Lawrence Schnapf

    Oswald's Real Target

    Take a look at the whereabouts timeline that was prepared for the mock trial and tell me how LHO could have been on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting. oswald whereabouts.pdf
  15. Lawrence Schnapf

    Change in 6th floor lone nut mausoleum politics?

    I have had a number of conversations with Mr. Fagan and based on these chats along with those of others, he seems to be a breathe of fresh air.