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  1. CE399 and its connections to...

    Hi Guys, sorry for late reply. been busy prepping for the mock trial. Prosecution is only have one live witness- Luke Haag. the rest of the evidence will be from that previously developed by the HSCA and WC. It will be introduced by the prosecutor in narrative form. Orr is presenting at the ethics portion of the program. he does believe the organic material on the nose fragment is muscle tissue. the thrust of his presentation is the obligation of prosecutors to evaluate new information or science that can have impact on prior cases...
  2. CE399 and its connections to...

    Pamela- a researcher told me earlier this year that there was bullet damage to the ashtray behind the limo driver's seat. are you aware of any such damage?
  3. CE399 and its connections to...

    some former postal workers have suggested the franking mark does not represent where the envelope containing the PO was deposited but represents the machine in the GPO that marked the envelope. we are trying to get to the bottom of this for the mock trial...........
  4. CE399 and its connections to...

    John Orr (former DOJ prosecutor) will be discussing his research and discovery of organic material resembling muscle cells on the nose fragment discovered in the limo at the mock trial in two weeks. His findings were covered in the 2013 Fox Special on the 50th anniversary. he will also discuss the computer animation that pointed to gunman on the roof of the Records Building.....
  5. Ball, Belin, and the Depository Witnesses

    Sandy- why would Shelley and Lovelady lie?
  6. Ball, Belin, and the Depository Witnesses

    do we have any information on where TSBD employees first reported to when they arrived in the morning? I understand they did not have timestamp but was there an employee locker room or some area where they checked in?
  7. why would they lie about going to the railyard?
  8. i dont remember precisely when it was determined to be a fake but its been several years-perhaps at lease a decade
  9. this memo has been established as a fake. Bogus.
  10. If I was a subscriber to the Washington Post, I would flag the article with #JFKFakeNews and #MassmediaJFKlies

    it looks like the Deep State devoted more time to preparing media response to the deadline than actually reviewing the files............
  12. Ball, Belin, and the Depository Witnesses

    Not sure why anyone would be surprised at how these highly skilled lawyers were able to create the right record of evidence. They selected the witnesses, prepped them for their testimony (often by telling them what has been learned so they would conform to the script), asked the questions that would lead to the answers they wanted (hint- hypothetical questions to doctors); ignored inconvenient answers, went off the record when witnesses went off script and if necessary threatened witnesses or flat out changed their testimony. Specter and Belin get particularly high grades for these tactics....
  13. apparently Five Thirty Eight missed alot of college-educated voters during this poll just like they did during the 2016 presidential election.
  14. Registration is now open for the two-day mock trial that will held at the South Texas College of Law in Houston on Nov. 16th and 17th. We will use what has been learned about forensic evidence from the Innocence Project and use 21st century tools to evaluate the evidence that was used to link Lee Oswald to the assassination. The jury will be selected from the Houston Jury pool. Lawyers will be able to receive 10 CLE credits (including 3 CLE ethics credits). For those who cannot attend the event, there will be a live stream. Alec Baldwin will be the keynote speaker for our Thursday night dinner. To register, please go to www.stcl.edu/oswald.