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  1. Hi Chris. These are the actual measurements made of the entrance steps of the TSBD, made at my request some years ago by existing TSBD  staff . Hope they are of some help.


    If they don't transmit properly. email me at ray.mitcham@btinternet.com and I will send them via email.





    TSBD Steps measuremnt.pdf

  2. Ray Mitcham

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Rubbish. I've just tried it and my shoulders stayed level, because my weight was on the lower leg not on both. Try it yourself.
  3. Ray Mitcham

    New Book!

    Brilliant, Ernie. Thanks for your trouble.
  4. Dougherty's Warren testimony is a load of contradictions. He thought the shots happened before he had his lunch, which was at twelve o"clock. "Mr. BALL - And it also says, this report from Mr. Johnson, states that you told him that just prior to 12 noon you and five other men were working on the sixth floor. Were you?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes; we were working on the sixth floor.Mr. BALL - What were you doing?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I was getting some stock off of the sixth floor.Mr. BALL - You weren't helping the men lay floor?Mr. DOUGHERTY - No, sir.Mr. BALL - Did you go down to lunch?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes.Mr. BALL - To what floor?Mr. DOUGHERTY - The first floor." He thought that the East Elevator had buttons, then he thought it was the West one which had buttons. "Mr. BALL - Which elevator did you take?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, you see, there's one on this side and one on this side the one on this side is the one I took.Mr. BALL - Well, now, "The one on this side and the one on this side," doesn't mean much when it's written down.Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I know it.Mr. BALL - Can you tell me whether it was the east side or the west side elevator?Mr. DOUGHERTY - East side.Mr. BALL - Is it the one that you punch a button on? Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes, sir. Mr. BALL - I believe that is the west side, isn't it?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes, I believe it is. He said he asked Eddy Piper if the President had been shot, then denied he had asked him. "Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, then immediately I heard a loud noise---it sounded like a car backfiring, and I came back down to the first floor, and I asked Eddie Piper, I said, "Piper, what was that?" I says, "Has the President been shot?'. He said, "Yes."Mr. BALL - You didn't say--did you say, 'Has the President been shot?"---you told the FBI agent that you went down to the first floor and you saw a man named Eddie Piper and asked him if he heard a loud noise.Mr. DOUGHERTY - I asked him that too.Mr. BALL - And Piper said he had heard three loud noises and told you that somebody had Just shot the President; is that right?Mr. DOUGHERTY - That's right.Mr. BALL - Who mentioned the fact that the President had been shot first--- you or Eddie Piper?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Eddie Piper.Mr. BALL - Did you say anything to Piper about the President being shot?Mr. DOUGHERTY - No, sir.Mr. BALL - When you talked to Eddie Piper, did you know that the President had been shot?Mr. DOUGHERTY - No, sir; I didn't know that at the time.Mr. BALL - When is the first time you heard that the President had been shot? Mr. DOUGHERTY - When Eddie told me that.Mr. BALL - Eddie told you that?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Yes. He said Shelley told him that he saw Oswald with a large package, when Shelley never said that in his testimony. "Mr. BALL - Did you ever see Lee Oswald carry any sort of large package?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, I didn't, but some of the fellows said they did. Mr. BALL - Who said that?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, Bill Shelley, he told me that he thought he saw him carrying a fairly good-sized package.Mr. BALL - When did Shelley tell you that?Mr. DOUGHERTY - Well, it was--the day after it happened. Shelley to the W.C. "Mr. BALL - On the 22d of November 1963, did you see him come to work that morning?Mr. SHELLEY - No, he was at work when I got there already filling orders. Dougherty was either completely stupid or a paid dis-informant.
  5. Thanks for posting David's posting, Douglas. Makes you realise how lucky you are to be in good health.
  6. Ray Mitcham

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    I hope I'm still around to answer, Ron.😀
  7. Ray Mitcham

    Mrs. Stanton, Mrs. Sanders, where are you?

    Lovelady was standing like this, Ron.
  8. https://ibb.co/i6QwUx
  9. To me, the blackened area looks like the reflection of the shadow of Air Force One's body. You can see the matching slit of light caused by the shadow of the tailplane (horizontal stabiliser) and the shadow of wing.
  10. Hello Ray:

    I have just discovered the new  Prayer Woman thread on JFKassassinationforum, and could read your posts in response to Brian's posts. I just wanted to thank you for asking Brian to provide evidence or at least to demonstrate some knowledge, I appreciate. However, I can also understand how much energy and emotional balance it takes to deal with an individuum like Brian. I will therefore understand when you withdraw from the discussion over there and let Brian talking to himself. 

    Brian is wrong in everything that he says, especially the shadows (which you have correctly pointed out), the location of Billy Lovelady in Altgens6 (Lovelady stood on the 2nd step, not on the top landing, both in Altgens6 and some Wiegman frames), his shadow estimate based on Lovelady's figure (??)  and so on and so forth.

    Brian does not understand that the new doorway model was a major work which took me many months, and which I completed only because I got to realistic measured dimensions of all aspects of the doorway. Similarly, reconstructing a photograph of such historical significance as Altgens6 is a major task which I will do as long as it needs. I would not post anything which would not be thoroughly considered from every angle: there were too many blind shots in JFK assassination research, and I will not provide another one. 

    Please find here a figure which is a part of my next blog article about the missing lady, Mrs. Stanton, in Altgens6. In (A), Lovelady stands on the top landing, and he is just too tall relative to Bill Shelley. In (B), the Altgens6 proportions are reproduced if Lovelady stands on the second step. In (C-D), the overlay of the model and Altgens6 proves that the fit (B) was correct. I would be grateful if you would not post this figure on Duncan's forum or anywhere else. However, this figure may give you more assurance in the disputes over there, especially regarding Brian's claim that Lovelady stood on the top landing.

    Best wishes





    1. Ray Mitcham

      Ray Mitcham

      Thanks, Andrej. Unfortunately I normally can't resist calling the idiot, Doyle to account. You are probably correct in saying that I should ignore his ramblings, but it is very difficult when his replies are so stupid.

      I have just posted that unless he answers my question arguing with him is futile. As he won't answer the argument is over.

      By the way well done on your reconstruction, it must have been quite a struggle.

      I assume that angle of the sun on the entrance is 18˚

      TSBD at 13˚ West of North and sun at 185˚ to North at 12.30. (13˚ + 5˚)




  11. Please accept my apologies, Trygve. I should have spelled your name correctly. I wasn't criticising your comments just suggesting what may have happened.
  12. Who said it exited, Trigve? Look at the tracheotomy, does it look like a normal one to you or a butchered attend[mpt to get at a bullet?
  13. LBJ was aboard Air Force One quite some time before the Kennedy clan got aboard. LBJ was there when the coffin with the President in was loaded. What on earth could he have been up to whilst he was on there?