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  1. Ray Mitcham

    A question to David Lifton

    Seems he doesn't.
  2. Ray Mitcham

    A question to David Lifton

    But do you have an answer to my question, Francois?
  3. Ray Mitcham

    A question to David Lifton

    How do Francois and DVP explain the butchery of the President's trachetomy?
  4. Ray Mitcham

    Book Excerpt-Fred Litwin

    Garrison got too close to the truth, Sandy. The powers that be have to continue to try to destroy his legacy.
  5. Ray Mitcham

    Book Excerpt-Fred Litwin

    After reading Chapter two, I'm glad I didn't buy the whole book.
  6. Ray Mitcham

    Who Hated JFK in 1963?

    Seems we have found ourselves a French Brian Doyle.
  7. Ray Mitcham


    Quote by Butler. "This is not what he originally said. What he originally said was that two shots were fired when the presidential limousine was in the Main and Houston intersection. If the changed testimony is to be believed then no shots were fired during the assassination while the president was on Houston Street." No he didn't, he said the presidents car turned into Houston from Main. He then said in a separate sentence there were two shots fired. He didn't say that the two shots were fired immediately after the turn. Learn to understand what people say.
  8. Ray Mitcham


    You are quite right it doesn't. He doesn't say that immediately after the turn from Main onto Houston, he heard 2 shots. They are two separate sentences. Elsewhere he says that he heard the two shots as the limo passed the TSBD. From his W.C. testimony. "Mr. WILLIAMS. After the Presidents car had passed my window, the last thing I remember seeing him do was, you know--it seemed to me he had a habit of pushing his hair back. The last thing I saw him do was he pushed his hand up like this. I assumed he was brushing his hair back. And then the thing that happened then was a loud shot--first I thought they were saluting the President, somebody even maybe a motorcycle backfire. The first shot--there was two shots rather close together. The second and the third shot was closer together than the first shot and the second shot, as I remember." From his statement made 11.23.63 https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7461280 “There he joined two other men known to him as Hank and Junior. They were looking out of the window on the South side of the building approximately at the middle of the building and saw the car of President John Kennedy come North on Houston Street and then make a turn going West on Elm Street down into the triple underpass and passing directly in front of the Texas School Book Depository. While they were watching this car pass, WILLIAMS heard two shots which sounded like they came from right over his head." Hardly time to adjust his testimony as it was made the day after the assassination.
  9. Ray Mitcham


    Citation, please. Williams said the first shot was fired as the car went past the front of the TSBD.
  10. Ray Mitcham

    Cabana Motor Hotel

    Been in love with Doris since I was a kid, and saw her in "Calamity Jane"
  11. Ray Mitcham

    I'm leaving

    Sorry to see you go, Steve. Have enjoyed your posts. All the best for your new life. Be happy and safe.
  12. Ray Mitcham

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    Good spot, Ron. Look like that to me as well.
  13. Ray Mitcham

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    Thanks, David.
  14. Ray Mitcham

    FBI shows KLEINS never got C2766

    David, those two lower links are showing access"403 forbidden" to me.
  15. Ray Mitcham

    I Was a Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak

    Could the shallow wound in JFK's back have been used by whatever caused the "backfire" sound? A small specialist firearm for example? Maybe fired from the laundry van at the junction of Elm and Houston? Just a suggestion.