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  1. Ray Mitcham

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    Before I answer, maybe you would like to answer the question I posed above. i.e "do you still think that the photo I posted was a faked?"
  2. Ray Mitcham

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    "Put me on your ignore list".... I would never put you on my ignore list, John, because I will always post against stupid comments, whoever posts them. You didn't answer my question, John. "Do you still think that the first photo I showed you is a camera trick? " p.s. I believe the photos are faked, by the way.
  3. Just before the thread is closed was it Brian Doyle, Albert Doyle or Popeye Doyle who interviewed Sarah Stanton's grand-daughter?
  4. Ray Mitcham

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    Your statement "I have not read anything sensible here that can explain 3 conflicting shadow directions in the same photo, hence in the same time frame. The sun does not cast shadows in different directions. " Seems you now agree that they do. Do you still think that the first photo I showed you is a camera trick? "Whose [sic] Albert Doyle? Don't know the fellow. I assuming your casting some kind of aspersion." You obviously haven't been on this forum for long otherwise you would. "I'll go channel Jack and see what he has to say about you. " As I said, stop while your losing, John.
  5. Ray Mitcham

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    "The shadows in your photo depend on the relationship of the trees to the sun. If a tree is off and not directly in front of the sun then the shadow appears to be angled off the sun. " How can the tree not be directly in front of the sun if we can see it's shadow? Seems like you are turning into Albert Doyle, John.. Has this photo been manipulated as well? Get your uoiji board out and ask Jack White. How about this one? All the shadows are parallel but seem to diverge because of the perspective of the camera.
  6. Ray Mitcham

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    Try another, John. How many before you admit that shadows from the sun can appear to diverge and converge? It depends on the point of view of the camera. All the tree trunk shadows shown are parallel. From the position of the camera they appear to diverge away from the sun, or, if you prefer, converge towards the sun..
  7. Ray Mitcham

    Backyard Photos, invitation for Jack White.

    You better get back to him and tell him if he keeps telling porkies, he might transferred to a lower place.
  8. Hi Chris, I think it might be more productive for you to study the three horizontal shadow lines which cross the vertical stair post. These are supposedly the shadows of telegraph wires alongside the house. Assuming that the lines truly show these, how come they move so much down the post,  in the short time that Marina allegedly took the photos. 

    The highest three lines are in C1333A showing that it must have been taken earlier than the rest, when the sun was higher in the sky. Try to calculate how much distance there is between the three lots of shadows and see how much time there must have been for them to have moved that far. Also compare Oswald's shadow in all three compared to where the sun would have been to have caused the shadows of the power lines. 

    I believe this could be these shadow lines could blow the theory that the photos are genuine.

    Just a thought.


    Keep up the good work.






    1. Chris Bristow

      Chris Bristow

      Hi Ray, I have done a study of those shadows and found some surprises. First it is not the lines that run down the West side of the ally. The angle of the Sun from 3pm to 430pm shows the shadow would have to have been made by lines that are way down the ally. 75 feet from Oswald. The elevation of the sun shows that a 40 foot pole casts a shadow 26 feet long, so it cannot be a shadow of those lines. Very confusing till I found an old photo showing lines that ran right next to the house on the same side of the ally. Those lines were on an approx 30 foot pole with no crossbar. It ran to the backyard of the house behind Oswald. The angle and shadow length match  so I assume they must be the lines shadowed in the photo. I also was wondering why those shadows move faster than all the other. The reason is it is the longest shadow. I took the distance of the shadow times 2 time 3.14 and divided the result by 360. It turns out the shadow should move about 4 inches per degree and the elevation changed by 1.6 degrees every ten minutes. So the shadows moved about 6 inches up the 2x4 pole which represents about 7 minutes between the 1st and last photo. So it seems to make sense that the shadows move as they do, and why the other shadows do not move. The total change of elevation is about one degree or less so we might not be able to see it. 
       Still I think the backyard photo's may be faked. Even the head being pasted into the photo may be true even if they got the nose shadow right. I am looking at Oswald's lean now. I found a way to test the stance without having to duplicate the entire posture. It seems so far that the only way to duplicate it is to turn the right knee and foot way out and also be able to hyperextend the knee to get that weird 10 degree angle of the right femur as it angles out from the lower leg. Oswalds right foot is at about an 18 degree angle and I carefully measured the hip angle and he is almost straight forward. The hips are at about a 6 degree angle from the camera. I think it may be impossible to keep those two parameters and still lean so far, still testing it with my nephew who can hyper extend his kneeThat is why i posted recently asking about Oswald maybe having a minor case of knock knee. I did a video on it(below), you may have already seen it from my post a few weeks ago
         The final bit of weirdness I am looking at right now is the Sun's reflection of the tip of his left shoe. It is actually slightly to the right of center and the Sun is to the left. That is truly interesting, we will see. 



  9. Ray Mitcham

    A question to David Lifton

    Francois, what is you take on the conversation between Valerie Giscard D'Estaing and Gerald Ford? " On the evening of May 19, 1976, President Valery Giscard d’Estaing of France visited President Gerald Ford in Washington. Giscard, a calculating centrist, had come for a state visit. Ford, the former Michigan congressman, had succeeded the disgraced Richard Nixon. Both men were new to their high offices. In the limousine ride to the state banquet at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon, Giscard asked Ford about a sensitive issue: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 13 years before. ‘Here is an indiscrete question, Giscard said, “You were with the Warren Commission. What was your take?’ Ford, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives in 1963, served on the Warren Commission, which investigated Kennedy;s assassination and concluded there was no conspiracy. Former French president Valery Giscard D’Estaing Publicly, Ford defended the lone gunman finding. Privately, he offered a different opinion, according to Giscard. ‘It is not satisfactory,” Ford replied according to Giscard. “We first concluded that it was not an isolated crime, it was something organized. We were sure that it was organized. But we were unable to find out by who it was organized’ Giscard told the same story to Le Parisienmagazine in 2013. He said Ford told him, “We came to the conclusion that this assassination had been prepared. There was a conspiracy. But we were not able to identify which organization had sponsored it. ”
  10. Ray Mitcham

    Very poor taste by the French.

    Strange that nobody has mentioned "Mash", an absolutely brilliant humorous take on the Korean conflict, with contrasting humour and tragedy.
  11. Ray Mitcham

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    To the unbiased mind, the SBt is the least plausible solution To those who are somewhat knowledgable about physics, ballistics and anatomy, the SBT is nothing short of a miracle. And if those same people who are physics savvy, also happen to know a few facts about the incident and its aftermath, the SBT is totally impossible.
  12. Ray Mitcham

    Need single bullet theory diagram

    Precisely, Cliff. The trouble is DVP doesn't seem to understand the corner he painted himself into.
  13. Ray Mitcham

    Bernard Wilds' website of rare JFK research PDFs

    That's been blocked as well, Micah.
  14. Ray Mitcham

    Bernard Wilds' website of rare JFK research PDFs

    Apparently according to an email from Bernard, it contravened copyright rules.