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  1. "Mayor says police will conduct thorough investigation into death of Joshua Brown, a key witness in Amber Guyger’s murder trial" 🤭 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 😲
  2. According to a Mrs Martin who spoke at length to Father Hubert he first said that it was a bullet hole until he heard that the shots came from behind JFK. http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/H Disk/Huber Oscar L Reverend/Item 02.pdf
  3. In addition, "Father Huber Father Oscar L Huber was one of the priests that gave the last rites to the already dead JFK . Part of the ceremony included tracing a cross on the President's forehead using holy oil. Obviously, Father Huber would have been in an excellent position to look at JFK's head wounds. Father Huber was quoted in the press the weekend that the President died saying that he had seen a terrible wound over the President's left eye . "
  4. According to Occhus Campbell, when Truly came back down to the first floor, he said that "Oswald was missing." If he and "the officer" had apprehended Oswald on the second floor, as per their concocted story, why would Truly say that Oswald was missing?
  5. When the arrest photo is blown up, it appears that the ticket booth is in fact rectangular, as can see the right hand front corner (as we look at it)
  6. I often wonder how the fires in the top of the twin towers caused these cars to be burnt out at ground level.
  7. DVP does not allow comments on his site. I wonder why.
  8. It looks like he stole Grouchos' eyebrows. 😁 Note his sexual assault on the girl in the green shorts at 19 seconds.
  9. Chris, the deniers will just say "the front of the shirt must have bunched up".😁
  10. DVP How can you prove something didn't exist?
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