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  1. Ray Mitcham

    Prayer Man

    If Prayerman was Oswald, and holding a camera, what on earth happened to the camera afterwards?
  2. link to the above mentioned BBC documentary "Dead in the water"
  3. Looks to me as though two vertical notches, one box and one below, of material have been cut into the original horizontal hole in the left photo. Probably for samples. The left photo looks as though it is the outside of the shirt, the centre one the inside.
  4. The entrance on the back of the shirt only seems to line up at the same level as the slits by the collar because the top button is unfastened. If it is fastened, and the button meets the button hole, the collar rises, and they don't line up, Pat.
  5. Ray Mitcham

    Pre Autopsy Surgery

    Ron , this is a link in Mary Ferrell's site. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=4885#relPageId=33&tab=page
  6. Oswald, it is alleged, Francois. He was never found guilty.
  7. Ray Mitcham

    Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

    If you imagine the button and the hole, lined up, as though they were buttoned, the shirt collar would be lifted between one and two inches (guesstimate). Thus the slits in the front of the shirt, would not line up with the hole shown in the back of the shirt. In the photo above, they only appear to line up as the button and hole are not fastened. I wonder if in the first photo (the color one) the front of the shirt was pulled towards the center to hide the hole in the back of the shirt.
  8. Just because somebody paid $35,750 for taxi, doesn't mean it was kosha. The (fake)Hitler Diaries were bought for $3.7m.
  9. Ray Mitcham

    Shirt bunching experiment (SBT)

    This is the photo with the "heart" shape filled with yellow. Makes it easier to se that it is a fraud.
  10. Lance you seem to have missed an important word on the site you quote. "The Checker is believed to be the car in which Mr. Oswald briefly rode while making his getaway following the shooting of President Kennedy in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963."
  11. Didn't Monica Lewinski say something similar?.
  12. Ray Mitcham

    The Minox Camera

    Don't think it was me, James. However makes sense for them to permanently close the camera, who can check the details?
  13. Joe, It's the first photo I've seen, which shows the two men in tandem. I just drew the line from the alleged back wound, as the W.C. said in the neck, through the tie knot. I haven't tried to show the angle from the TSBD. It doesn't look like the angle matches. Maybe some whiz kid can print out the angle, and show the line through the two men.
  14. Frame from the video shows the absurdity of getting the magic bullet, which allegedly hit JFK in the neck and exited through his tie knot, to hit Connally in the shoulder.
  15. Agree second name down appears to be Frazier. Bottom name looks more like Elmer Todd.