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  1. Angleton and Mark Lane experts, your thoughts?

    Great post, Rob. Unfortunately the hawks in Russia soon got rid of Kruschev.
  2. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Castro was forced into the arms of Russia by the actions of the USA against Cuba.
  3. Interesting debates a few years ago at the Washington Press club in front of retired Senators etc. Found the discussion every interesting. Hope you do.
  4. Rich Pope

    "The evidence presented is the typical CIA-did-it CTers evidence -- 'because I said so." A lot like your Walker scenario, eh, Paul.
  5. JFK X-RAY - Where is rear bullet entry point?

    Doesn't look anything like this back of the head does it.
  6. Rich Pope

    Geneva White, the wife of Roscoe White, was interviewed by Harrison Edward Livingstone for the book, High Treason (1990)
  7. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Whaley describes "Oswald" as having on two jackets. Mr. WHALEY. That jacket now it might have been clean, but the jacket he had on looked more the color, you know like a uniform set, but he had this coat here on over that other jacket, I am sure, sir. Mr. BALL. This is the blue-gray jacket, heavy blue-gray jacket. Mr. WHALEY. Yes, sir. " If it was Oswald, where did he get the blue-gray jacket from?
  8. Roy Truly

    The turn is approx 150˚left. (NOT from an expert)
  9. "we're gonna do it",

    Thanks, Chris.
  10. "we're gonna do it",

    Interesting video, David. I wonder if that was the reason for them cutting so many frames out of the Zap film. At 1.21 (in the Towner film,) it seems to be the corner buildings to the right of Elm Street seem unreal..
  11. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    In view of her support from McAdams, shouldn't Davidsonisms be renamed Davidsonoids?
  12. The H&L "two schools at the same time" mystery

    Great reposte, up to your usual standard,David.
  13. When did the Coke Appear?

    Yeh, go ahead and believe those statements which suit your stance, David. p.s Merry Christmas to you and all Forum members. Have a good one.
  14. When did the Coke Appear?

    So according to Fritz, Oswald said he was having lunch on the first floor when the president was shot. Then he went upstairs and got a coke. So if you want to believe everything that Fritz said was true then Oswald couldn't have been on the sixth floor when the President was shot.
  15. Fritz supplied the ammonia

    "Mr. FRITZ. I just wouldn't be sure because there were so many people talking at the same time, I might have; I am not sure whether I did or not. Mr. BALL. Did you think it was a Mauser? Mr. FRITZ. No, sir; I knew--you can read on the rifle what it was and you could also see on the cartridge what caliber it was. Mr. BALL. Well, did you ever make any---did you ever say that it was a 7.65 Mauser? Mr. FRITZ. No, sir; I am sure I did not. He "knew it was Mauser as he could read it on the rifle and he could also see the cartridge caliber" Yet he never said it was a 7.65 Mauser! Keystone Kops come to mind.
  16. When did the Coke Appear?

    I wonder how he could afford a ranch on a patrolman's money.
  17. When did the Coke Appear?

    You think murder is worth joking about, David? Shame.
  18. When did the Coke Appear?

    What happened to Marrion Baker subsequently?
  19. It is important to know which autopsy photographs Dr Mc saw when he said he agree with them. Without knowing that, we can only go on what he has always said that the hole in the back of the head was in the occipital region and the six of an orange. This is nothing like the damage shown to the top of the head.
  20. For every doctor in Parkland to mistake this head wound for a wound in the occipital area the size of an orange, means one of two things. Either they were all blind and/or incompetent, or the damage seen was done after the body left Parkland.
  21. Quote by {Pat Speer. " And, no, I'm not clutching at straws. While most recent manuals and websites describing tracheostomies describe a vertical incision, vertical incisions were not the norm in 1963. An Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery, by Dr. John M. Lore, Jr., a medical text from 1962, for example, instructs: "About one or two centimeters below the cricoid cartilage a horizontal incision is made from 4 to 6 cm in length." Well, heck, the incision on Kennedy's neck was reportedly 6.5 cm, only slightly wider than normal, and not the wide, gaping, act of mayhem claimed by all too many conspiracy theorists anxious to "debunk" the photos. " It would appear that you don't know the difference between length and width, Pat.
  22. " Dr. Robert McClelland saying on PBS-TV in 1988 that the trach incision in the autopsy pictures looks "exactly the same size and the same configuration" as it was when he saw it at Parkland. " Do you know of certain which autopsy photos the doctors shown, David? If not. You can't say that the wound was the same as shown in the photos we see.
  23. Description of the throat wound. "Dr. Perry made an incision across the bullet wound, just large enough to accommodate a breathing tube. During a phone conversation in 1966 with author David Lifton, Perry said the incision was "two to three centimeters" wide [4, p. 272]. Drs. Paul Peters and Robert McClelland, also present in trauma room one, said the incision was "sharp" and "smooth," respectively [4, p. 275]. After the breathing tube was removed, the incision closed, revealing the original wound in the throat, as described by Drs. Charles Crenshaw and Malcolm Perry. Dr. Crenshaw recalled, "When the body left Parkland there was no gaping, bloody defect in the front of the throat, just a small bullet hole in the thin line of Perry's incision" [5, p. 54] Dr. Perry described the bullet wound in the throat as "inviolate" [6, pp. 100-101]." I wonder how "the body wasn't altered" supporters explain how the thin incision in the President's throat became the gash we see in the autopy photos.
  24. Thank you for apologising for being wrong.
  25. Quote by Michael Walton. "You're right that David Lifton has been around for 50 years. But his basic premise - that some how, some way, while Kennedy's wife was with the coffin during the entire time from Dallas until you see her get off the plane with it, military and/or intelligence personnel squirreled the body away from the back of Air Force One, put it in a helicopter, and flew away with it so other military/intelligence/medico personnel could look at it and cover up all manner of conspiracy - is right up there with many of the other "out-there" theories that have been bandied about over the years." Seems you don't even know the basics, Michael. Jackie kennedy wasn't with the coffin the whole time on the plane. She left it to watch the swearing in of LBJ in the passenger compartment.