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  1. Larry Hancock

    1963, Heroin, Cocaine, and the assassination

    Actually there were an ongoing series of propaganda articles planted in major papers, pointing fingers at Castro as a major drug dealer attempting to undermine the U .S. with shipments via Cuba. A search might find the articles, I came across a number of them which also showed up in Miami papers. In one neat twist Castro was serving as an intermediary for Red China. As I recall Hoover could always be counted on for a comment endorsing such fears.
  2. Larry Hancock

    Who was QJ/WIN

    It appears that both Staff D and the crypt QJWIN appear to have been used as financial covers for disbursements that were highly compartmentalized vest pocket operations involving only a handful of officers - largely shielded from the formal Branch and Directorate administrative procedures. You have someone very senior ordering an activity and then a couple of field officers involved, very peripheral CIA assets used, and then we only learn about it because somebody, somewhere had to sign off on travel expenses or payments. Certainly that is true for the Congo, its also true for the Harvey/Roselli Castro assassination project. Apparently John Newman knows of at least one other instance where QJWIN was used but I've been unable to get any detail on that. I don't really think there were QJ/WIN offices but it seems that the crypt was used by more than one office, both overseas and in the second phase of the Cuba project
  3. Larry Hancock

    2018 Lancer Conference in Dallas

    Micah, I'm afraid you will need to direct a message to Larry Schnapf for those sorts of details; he has posted here on that model recently so you might find that thread or just message him directly - he is an Ed Forum member.
  4. Larry Hancock

    2018 Lancer Conference in Dallas

    I wanted to call out a few additional speakers for the conference that I didn't mention last time. In addition to Jim Jenkins, from the events at Bethesda we will also have Hubert Clark who was on the honor guard with JFK's coffin. Ralph Ganis will be speaking to his new book and has promised some documents as handouts. John Or and Larry Schnapf will be joining us from CAPA to review the new 3D Plaza modeling tool which John has developed. John Newman will be speaking twice; his subjects and those of the other speakers are listed on the conference speaker page: http://jfklancer.com/Dallas2018/index.html
  5. Larry Hancock

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Its worth noting that the DRE and several groups inside Miami began circulating the story that Oswald had met with Fidel in Cuba, that he had met with Castro agents in Miami and that Ruby had also met with and been paid by Castro. They were spreading that story as widely as possible in the weeks right after the assassination.
  6. Larry Hancock

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    Paul, I know you want to go that direction, but to me all it really shows is that Berlin was the most important spot for post WWII intelligence and that it served as the beginning of a great many careers...in Shadow Warfare I follow them from Berlin to Guatemala then to SW Asia and ultimately back to Miami and then on again to SE Asia and Latin America. In all of their assignments they routinely used surrogates. At this point I'm pretty comfortable with Cuban exile surrogates in Dallas; I'll need something more definite to add any another party. I'm watching, just haven't seen that yet. I've edited this to add that if I were looking for someone who had some history with actually "contracting" for political assassinations, that had been associated with JMWAVE , who appears to have had a very bad history of telling his superiors and subordinates the whole truth and who clearly had serious personal with JFK I would look towards Tracy Barnes. He had a long standing reputation as being the guy at headquarters who had no hesitancy to approve extreme actions.
  7. Larry Hancock

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    I would certainly expect that Paul, Cummings and Interarms/Interarmco did business with everyone globally and was one of the largest international arms dealers for at least a couple of decades. They were they place to go..literally. When Sturgis was buying weapons for Castro he went to Interarmco, when Masen could not come up with weapons to sell to DRE in Dallas the suggestion for them was to go to Interarmco, when AMWORLD was formed, Artime's people went to Europe to get weapons from Interarmco. I suspect it would be harder to find someone buying weapons from the fifties through the seventies not to have shopped with or bought from Cummings...I'm not sure if that carried into the Contra period or not but I suspect it did. Would have to check; I cite some good books on international arms sales in Shadow Warfare including one specifically on Cummings and his companies.
  8. Larry Hancock

    Stephan Weiss [The 112th M/I Group]

    That's the same unit Steve, in 1963 the unit was regional and headquartered at Fort Sam Houston but with offices around Texas and in New Mexico and Louisiana as well. One of the reasons for that was that it was tasked with doing background checks on both Army and civilian personnel employed by the Army and that covered a lot of territory. That's also one of the reasons personnel were authorized civilian apparel for some activities.
  9. Larry Hancock

    Gifts from uncle Malcolm.

    I do know that Artime himself, in recruiting at Fort Benning and other locations, was using the cover story that his new sponsor's and trainers were going to be a combination of European donors and support from Nicaragua. In some of his remarks he was even adamant that the US would no longer support efforts against Castro so he had to turn to Europe and Latin America - all part of the cover. However related documents make it clear that was actually an authorized by the CIA as a cover given that AMWORLD had to be totally deniable and offshore from the US. Its also clear that a lot of his political contacts and organizing was to be done in France and Spain to move that offshore and that his weapons buys were to be though Interarmco and European suppliers...but the money was from the CIA and was going though offshore bank accounts in Switzerland. A number of the AM/LASH meetings were in France. I don't know what PDS was using as a source though for those remarks though, have never seen that.
  10. Larry Hancock

    Stephan Weiss [The 112th M/I Group]

    Has Malcolm verified that he really was a Lt. in the 112th and if so where was he stationed? I know the ARRB interviewed a number of officers out of the Dallas office and I think Amarillo as well as the headquarters. Certainly they went to considerable length to locate and interview former members so if he was on record they should have been looking for him after this correspondence even though his information doesn't appear to actually have anything to do with that organization or 1963. His Army service record should have been available to them.
  11. Larry Hancock

    2018 Lancer Conference in Dallas

    Debra has spoken on both and I think wrote articles in the JFK Chronicles magazine but I'm really dating myself with that given how long ago it was. Certainly the Bowers family thought his death was suspicious and his brother was convinced of it; he was adamant that Lee had been threatened and had seen things that he might be called on to testify later...posing a risk. He had talked just enough about things he had thought were suspicious to become a question, even if the WC had not pressed him or really explored the little he had mentioned. I'll get the daily rate for you and yes you just walk into the registration and pay there, it works well for students as well as for folks that can't devote themselves to the whole program (the schedule goes from 8am to around 10 pm each day). We are getting things ready to post, the speaker list is virtually complete but I'm still wrestling with the day by day schedule...
  12. Larry Hancock

    2018 Lancer Conference in Dallas

    I've heard the same rumors but never discussed them with Deb. When she moved to Dallas she got very involved in some local investigations...her interviews with the bartender at the place in Fort Worth where all the SS agents were drinking the night before was enlightening and so were her interviews with Lee Bowers family. Don't recall the cabin ever coming up.
  13. Larry Hancock

    2018 Lancer Conference in Dallas

    Ron, two things, first the price bump after the Early Bird will be $30 I should also mention that their are daily walk in rates for the conference for those who can only make it for a single day. Second, Debra does the Saturday night arrangements and there will be a banquet this year - she handles the speaker and all the media for that so I better not do any "reveals". Of course she has been known to keep it secret from me too...grin. By that time I'm normally occupied looking for a gin and tonic.
  14. Larry Hancock

    Question for Doug Caddy

    I suppose I should comment in sequence.. On Hunt, we do know that when Artime returned from Cuba he officially contacted Morales at JMWAVE and RFK. Later he contacted his old friend Howard Hunt and a host of other people (Artime was like that). In fact Artime was so "social" that he tried to get Hunt into the AMWORLD project and Henry Hecksher had to write a protest memo with Hunt being instructed to butt out. Apparently Artime was so insistent that ultimately Hunt was brought into some DC level meetings, which were going on the week of the assassination. Unfortunately we cannot place Hunt in the meetings with documents, we can hardly place anybody there other than RFK and certain Cuban exiles including Artime and some military personnel who he had brought in from Fort Benning. We know that Hunt was given cover and dispatched to Spain to work the project in some form from the political side in 1964. So could Hunt have been in DC and in meetings and have refused to give that as a specific alibi at his trial...maybe. On the other hand he was assigned to Domestic Ops under Tracy Barnes - it was Domestic Ops that had contacted Oswald on his return to Dallas, it certainly makes sense that they would have monitored he and Marina but we have no records to show they did. Would it be outrageous to think that after his return to Dallas from MC that Hunt had been assigned to go down to Dallas and see what Oswald might be up to with Cubans, of any flavor...maybe not. Would anybody admit that after the fact...hardly. Would somebody write a memo they should worry about that during the HSCA...maybe. As to Lorenz and documents...that makes no sense at all. What makes sense is that she may indeed have been interviewed, just as Sturgis and Hemming and others were after coming out of Cuba. Given her closeness to Castro and given that one of the plans (Pathfinder) involved a sniper attack eliminating Fidel at Veradero Beach I could see her being questioned a bunch about his movements and behaviors. But beyond that she would be the biggest security risk in the world...talk to her sure, give her anything, not likely. Sturgis talk to her, sure, he talked to everybody and he was working for the CIA as an informant while doing so. But let's be real, at the time of the purported caravan to Dallas, she was making front page news in Miami with her paternity suit and photographers were following her around getting great pictures...she was quite photogenic. Not exactly the type of person to bring in as "cover" for a motorcade. That's about as likely as sending her into the swamps for paramilitary training. In short, no on Hunt and the conspiracy...and if Morales had pitched it to him and Hunt passed its hard for me to see Morales leaving him on the sidelines...in a pool of water in the Everglades, maybe. And on Lorenz, nope. But I would hold open the possibility that Hunt might have been in Dallas and the Agency would never want to have to explain it if it indeed did relate to monitoring Oswald (which might make some sense given that Hunt was familiar with a good number of the exiles, both the political folks and as with Martinez, even some of the PM operators).
  15. Larry Hancock

    2018 Lancer Conference in Dallas

    Eddie, as I recall I contacted David several months ago to revisit Mexico City this year and he was not able to commit to the conference at that point. I don't think I've heard anything more from him since then...at least that's off the top of my head. I'll drop him another note.... Update: I did check back with David and he knew he had an open invitation but is unable to make it to the conference this year.