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  1. David Morales

    In the photo I have I really don't see anything but very large and high bushy eyebrows and that is not apparent. In the lower photo you show it does not appear to be that prominent. Have no idea whether it is actually a scar or not, I can say in talking with Reuben about his exploits and in reading of them I do not recall any discussion of an injury that might have left it and I don't recall any distinctive marks being mentioned on his personnel sheets. Still, it certainly could be...I just don't have anything to confirm it or when it might have happened although that photo and the one I have are from relatively late in his career/life. Mine is the later since his hair is even whiter in it.. Wish I could help.
  2. David Morales

    Paul, the only known fact I have is looking at his photo, which is taken at the standard, relatively close up distance. Its in SWHT and on my website. Take a look and see if you see a scar; I don't. But that's the extent of what I can say about it. If there is a document confirming a scar I've forgotten it, all I have within arms reach is the photo.
  3. David Morales

    No, I don't remember that and it is not at all obvious in his CIA separation photo...which is on my web site. If its there it has to be something you would see only really close up....at least from the best photos I've seen.
  4. David Morales

    Family members have been contacted over the years, unfortunately the last researcher contacts of a few years ago - when the claims of Morales being at the Ambassador hotel were investigated and rebutted - appear to have pretty much closed off that angle, even though they were cooperative at the time. At this point in time the things they could comment on such as his assignments, his and their travels have been pretty well documented and corroborated. Of course we do have a good amount of commentary from his friend Reuben, who shared as pretty much all he had heard from David, certainly in the areas we are concerned about.
  5. David Morales

    Ron, Flawed Patriot deals with the Angleton and Harvey relationship....the Morales connections are from me based on other associations and activities entirely, not something in that book.
  6. David Morales

    The book is Flawed Patriot https://www.amazon.com/Flawed-Patriot-Rise-Legend-Harvey/dp/1574889915 As far as in the loop, Shackley was aware of some of Harvey's operations but not fully read into the Castro assassination things with Roselli, beyond that there is no sign the two were close and many indicators that Morales operated on his own very possibly wearing a couple of hats including Staff D work in MC where there was a standalone JM WAVE substation. As to Helms, nope and a lot of indications that Harvey did not like him at all and for that matter felt he had been put out on a limb with ZR/RIFLE and hung out to dry, which is why he took some of notes with him when he left. One of the very few Agency folks he seems to have actually connected with personally at a senior level was Angleton.
  7. David Morales

    Definitely Angleton and Harvey were much closer than most folks think; I really recommend the most recent bio on Harvey which goes into this at some length, including the ongoing correspondence between the two men and the letters suggesting they shared a secret. I develop a good deal of this in NEXUS, including the evidence suggesting Angleton was far more involved in Cuban counter intelligence than is generally discussed. Its been my proposition for some time that it was the combination of Angleton, who knew of the JFK backchannel talks, and Harvey, with his contacts at JM/WAVE - centering on Morales - that was the driving force in what developed as the attack on JFK in Dallas. With the experience, connections and common motives of those two it was an extremely dangerous combination.
  8. George, my intent was simply to provide a warning to consider it as a source. As you can see by the post above, certainly the American intelligence community and the current administration consider it as representing foreign interests. As to sources I would refer you to the US study on Russian influence messaging, in particular Annex A which has a lot to say about RT: https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/ICA_2017_01.pdf Of course since that comes from our own government and our own intelligence community that will be challenged here I'm sure. There are some good reasons to challenge the actual reach of RT as far as broadcast television, its internet reach, especially including tweets and retweets is much broader. You might also want to search out the commentary from some of its employees such as RT editor in chief Margarita Simonyan. Everybody needs to do their own homework and certainly RT does offer some interesting content, some of it very factual and very solid - programs on fracking, on voting fraud, on vote hacking etc. But it also spends a lot of time on negative stories, even including coverage of various state succession movements such as in Texas and California. As with any media outlet it needs to appear to show some level of balance - it may actually appear more balanced than Fox for example. But it does have its own editorial objectives and as President Putin has clearly stated in public, he expects any State funded media (and any media owned by patriotic Russians) to reflect the interest of the State. In any event, whatever impact RT may or may not have, its only a very small part of a much larger history of both US and Russian messaging and it might best be compared to other state funded outlets, such as Radio Free America. Both the US and Russia have a long history in information warfare, the US used to have better tools but Russia has caught up very quickly and given the US funded democracy initiative (funded out of the State Dept) which irritates them no end, they have no intention of not responding in kind. If you want to chat more about it email or message me, I've already diverted this thread to much already.
  9. David Morales

    Gentlemen, yes its pretty busy but I think I can handle this...first on the building name question, I think its important to note that the name was given in the 1999 intelligence authorization act, after Bush had been both Director and President, certainly a first for the CIA who has not had its former senior officers achieve all that much political success or recognition. Also Bush was well liked within the Agency as he did not try to massively reform it as some former Directors had, and for that matter Bush actually launched fewer major covert CIA operations initiatives than virtually any of his predecessors, leaning more to intel and analysis than covert action. Of course that may have been because he was so tied up with overt military action but it is interesting and its a point I make in Shadow Warfare. General Eisenhower was far more into covert operations than Bush was...as an example. On Morales, actually Bill Simpich and I will be speaking on Staff D and ZR/RIFLE at the conference and we will be talking about the link between Morales and Harvey and equally about the link between Harvey and Angleton and Morales and Angleton given that Angleton was deeply into Cuban intelligence, worked with Moarales' AMOT group at one point and was very close to Harvey and his new assassination project which ended up restarting ZR/RIFLE with Roselli. My speculation is that Harvey did meet with both Roselli and Morales in Florida in the spring of 63. Its also important to appreciate that Harvey carried out his Staff D role though much of 1963 and Staff D was very much involved in Mexico City, as Bill will be detailing.
  10. Well said Paul and to be fair RT may have more balanced content than Fox....now shutting up again..
  11. Paul, they do have some good content...David Phillips is a good lesson in that you always have to have some truth in the mix....I simply raise the caution that you have to treat it for what it is. Which of course is how all media needs to be treated, the overall editorial control on RT is simply the issue. And now I really will shut up, having annoyed Jim enough already. I don't think I have actually seen him tell anyone to shut up before - my job here must be done.
  12. I'll weigh in on this and take a very opposite view of RT which is indeed a deep and sophisticated Russian propaganda outlet - which has actually been successful at recruiting some liberal US news commentators...sadly. Even RT former employees have acknowledged its disinformation mission (and of course you always have to mix good news and spin for disinformation). I won't argue the point further but I would encourage everyone to do their own very deep searching on RT. Jim and I have very different views about Putin and Russia it appears - I will leave him to his but feel compelled to offer my own advice on it since I've been studying the entire subject of Russian political warfare, of which RT is actually a marginal piece given that they have far greater reach with internet tools and various types of active measures.
  13. Eugene Dinkin: The Saga of an Unsung Hero

    Hi Steve, I know this is old ground but could you just give the confirmation for that assertion of his code breaking job not to mention the OAS traffic...I'm still open to it, I just need to see something solid and all I see in the papers you linked to is the same old story..or have I missed it.
  14. Good work as always David! Also so much for the much touted name protection in the releases, looks like that was probably the only reason they withheld this in the first place - lets hope they make more of the same mistakes.
  15. Very interesting Toby, we do have Jenkins "resume" and can compare that to this....at first glance there do appear to be either some contradictions or some revelations - this person was Deputy and then acting Chief of Station in Havana before Castro booted us out...and some of the documents appear to show him more as a manager than a field operations person which Jenkins was. Also he married a Cuban woman inside Cuba and then apparently got a divorce in Mexico. That would be certainly be new. Going to require a lot more work to make sure but in particular look for some assignments in SE Asia and for assignment to JM/WAVE in an operations position as early as 1960....