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  1. It goes a bit deeper than that in terms of Cuban affairs, Harvey consulted with Angleton on his assassination assignment..., was given introduction to British CI to discuss possible outsourcing and specifically knew it was targeting Castro as Angleton made arrangements to provide one of his own sources inside Cuba as support for Harvey and the effort. Harvey's biographer also describes an especially close relationship not only with Angleton but also a very tight relationship between not just Harvey and Roselli but also with David Morales. And Morales of course supported Harvey in the restart of the Castro assassination effort under Task Force W and Mongoose. All this becomes especially important because prior to this relocation to Italy, Harvey remained involved with CI activities (as Bill Simpich as illustrated) but with virtually nobody else to relate to at HQ after Task Force W was shut down, would had ample time for visits by Angleton...who would have kept him updated on a variety of things.....including the initial back channel Castro contacts for a dialog with JFK. If anyone wants to know how Harvey felt about JFK and RFK you might find these remarks by his wife to be interesting: https://jfkfacts.org/a-true-sounding-of-the-politics-around-kennedy-when-he-was-assassinated/
  2. I think the best characterization of Oswald - from George D. - was that he was a proto hippie, interested in a great many things and not at all willing to accept established practices (or orders in the Marines), wanting adventure, to try new things, ready to start an argument with anyone appearing to be traditional or dogmatic. Delgado described him as interested in the revolution against Batista but as much so for adventure as for social justice. But he did sour on the Russians, you see that in the manuscript, and hippies could be patriotic as well, some even enlisted. In the end it might was likely his sense of adventure and willingness to play outside the box that made him useful....to people with quite different agendas.
  3. If anything Oswald represented a great source of anti-Russian, anti-Communist propaganda. Having essentially chosen the Soviet Union and spent time there, his unpublished monograph contains harsh remarks about Russia essentially using ideology strictly for their nationalist purposes. It would have been great stuff...and Domestic Ops was fully aware of it. For some reason the decision was made to defer on that, taking advantage of Oswald's interests in Cuba and Castro's socialist revolution - apparently with the hope of using him against the FPCC - a new target for both the FBI and the CIA in 1962/63. The result in New Orleans was the production a major propaganda piece built around Oswald (including a record of his radio appearance), published by INCA, scheduled for wide scale distribution across Latin America and failing in that purpose only by being subsumed in the assassination. The fact that Kent himself had taken up office in New Orleans during that period suggests Oswald being a useful idiot against communism and Cuba and the FPCC...and the refusal to release CIA files related to Joinnedes and the DRE is another indication that CIA was using Oswald's connection with the DRE and subsequent events (very likely manipulated via DRE) as a propaganda tool. --- at least to me...
  4. (edit: and that's why I find it makes sense that Hoover assists the CIA with their Mexico false story... or risk it being exposed that Oswald was an informant for the FBI) Totally agree with this David, in fact compliance was insured because full disclosure would have exposed the fact that the FBI was using him as a source and had him under subversive group monitoring - as well as the fact that the CIA was using him - in Alan Kent's (Joinnedes supervisor's) term as a "useful idiot". https://aarclibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/dan_hardway_aarc_9_26_14.pdf
  5. If we are correct about Oswald not being in Mexico... it becomes even more likely that the Odio's see him when they said they did... meaning he traveled to Dallas on the 24th/25th of Sept and spent the week there. Given what was done to Odio's information... I wonder about your thoughts on how Mexico was indeed significant to the basic conspiracy. ..........My current thought is that Oswald was being "handled" by individuals that took him to Dallas, to McKewon's, possibly to Houston and possibly on through south Texas and on across the border at least into Mexico. As to going across the border, I'm still fascinated by the material turned over to the DPD which would have shown Oswald being connected to a variety of suspicious individuals including Ruby...material which multiple officers described before it was turned over to Alexander - who acknowledged it, admitted it was in his possession and stated he had determined not to introduce it in Ruby's trial - and apparently destroyed it. I do hold open to the fact that there was material prepared to associate Oswald with Cuban and Castro agents that never got used as planned based on the plan being aborted with his capture at the Texas Theater. As I've said before, we have a picture of what happened but no idea of the totality of all that might have been planned - as Martino privately stated to his friends. Laying out such thoughts in a structured manner and supporting them remains a work in progress.
  6. Hosty did state that during his Lancer conference appearance, expanding on it a bit to clarify that it came from friends of his serving in the MC field office. I followed up on that point with him by email and eventually by phone and he confirmed his remarks to me. Interestingly enough he was quite adamant about that and other points which are at variance with the official FBI position. The one thing which I brought up to him and which he would never comment on or really acknowledge was the point of his telling a Secret Service agent that Oswald had been under observation meeting with subversives shortly before the assassination....I even provided him with documentation on that and he declined to comment.
  7. In regard to Jim, to be clear, my choice is not to post new "work" here because I feel serious work requires a lot more context and discussion (and citations) than you get in a thread, which inevitably begins to wonder into other directions. I certainly do publish, with JFK and other subjects on my blog and with projects like the Wheaton names paper which has research (thanks to David Boylan and Bill Simpich) available nowhere else. We just need to get that up in its newest version, its at version 9 now. And I plan to make my thesis paper on the conspiracy available free of charge on the internet - when its done. Aside from that, my newest book will be available in March and among other things hopefully it will totally change the conversation about President Kennedy, the Cuba Project and the Bay of Pigs. David, I have no corrections to offer, although I don't consider what happened in Mexico City as totally resolved; I do consider the official story to be indefensible and less and less relevant. I also hold open the possibility that Oswald was taken to Mexico (not necessarily Mexico City) for another purpose...but that's another story entirely. What I would say it has now reached a point where I do not consider Mexico City as being significant to the attack in Dallas nor to the basic conspiracy. But that will step on lots of toes and drive everyone to defending their territories so that's another story for a later time.
  8. I wish I had Paul, so far the only conclusion I have is that the official story of it does not wash at all. And that something about Mexico City raised grave concerns in regard to Oswald and impersonation - within the first 24 hours after the assassination. Otherwise there would be no need to have removed a record from the Johnson phone call log relating to his call to Hoover Friday evening and then take 14 min out of a tape from the following morning when Johnson calls Hoover specifically to raise the issue of new information regarding Mexico City - and in response Hoover brings up evidence of others being involved with or impersonating Oswald there - and then a section of the tape is removed. I haven't given up on constructing my own scenario for why Oswald might have at least been in Mexico, if not in the fashion of the official story, and that will show up in my final thesis about the overall conspiracy. But that's a ways down the road....
  9. This is one reason why I often don't post here other than to offer information....simply because even introducing speculation or a new lead seems to force everyone into taking a position. If you read my blog entry I state that I remain totally open on the whole question of Mexico City and totally question the official story line, although I believe Oswald was in Mexico for some time at least. I've followed David on the official story and accept that there overwhelming holes all though it....Including the photo issue which we discussed in the show. I had even invited David to present on his studies at an earlier Lancer conference. Clearly there is reason to question that Oswald himself was in either embassy, and I will be blogging about more in that. Anyone interested in a focused discussion can follow or post on it there. JFK research used to be pretty open ended, it seems to have become more a matter of finding what fits a preferred scenario or even political worldview - and then defending that territory. I don't believe that's the best approach so I'll leave it at that.
  10. Paul, Carmine describes the new information at different points in the session, primarily having to do with his research on the third secretary of the Soviet embassy in Mexico city. The overall conversation is really about the host of anomalies that go along with the official story of Oswald's visit to Mexico. I am discussing it on my blog so you might want to check that for reference. I should certainly point out that it is speculative, just one more attempt to make sense out of an official story and timeline that simply does not work, as has been pointed out on this forum many times - and why the fear in Washington that weekend (including the missing call and tape erasure related to Johnson/Hoover conversations which are so suggestive of information being suppressed) was all about a confrontation with Russia rather than Cuba. I won't pursue it here, but jump into the blog responses if you choose, some good point-counterpoint already. https://larryhancock.wordpress.com/2020/01/11/wrestling-with-mexico-city/
  11. One of the reasons the numbers were considerable is that RFK was really pushing the program - to a large extent as a way to deal with the influx of young and active military trainees had come back from Cuba in the prison release deal with Castro for the Bay of Pigs prisoners. Given the agreement with Russia as a result of the missile crisis the Kennedy administration was wrestling with its Cuba strategy, turning to more covert operations yet facing a larger and growing Cuban anti-Castro community in the US. As JMWAVE missions operations were slowing down trained paramilitary Cubans were being released, and during 1963 even the DRE was being told that its members should give up their independent activities and join the MRR and Artime. Even star JMWAVE operative Felix Rodriquez had been sent off to Fort Benning for Army training. As for Artime and his group, with the start of AMWORLD he and his recruiters were given access to the Cubans in Army training as well as other Cubans in training with the Air Force at Sheppard AFB in Texas. He was successful in recruiting a number of them, including Rodriquez. One of the consequences of all this was that a goodly number of very well trained Cuban exiles would go on to become active, sometimes in sanctioned projects and often in very independent actions, across Latin America, and even into SE Asia. Some of them would help fuel the exploding drug trafficking and in new areas of organized crime. As one of them was remarked after a bombing in Miami - the CIA and the United States trained us well, we have lots of skills.
  12. I don't have the book in front of me, as I recall their was a last letter exchange not long before Harvey's death and I think Angleton also contacted his wife afterwards...and then of course their was a burglary but not all the papers got taken (certainly reminds one of Angleton's personal MO about collecting things after deaths). As for "secret", that was likely a paraphrase on my part - as I recall the letters they simply refer to something the two share that should not be discussed...something like that. I doubt he actually said anything quite that dramatic but the exchanges certainly suggested they had done something together that needed to remain private.
  13. There are two areas of Angleton "overlap" that have not been much discussed, one involves Angleton and Harvey in assassinations - Harvey approached Angleton for advice on the ZRIFLE project targeting Castro. The two men met, Angleton introduced Harvey to his British intelligence contacts for advice and also offered to assist him within Cuba. He may have done more, we don't know. Harvey's own notes comment on asking Angleton for advice and most especially how to make it deniable. Angleton's involvement in Cuban affairs is also not discussed - by anyone but me I don't think. In 1961 he was asked to assess and organize Cuban intelligence, both in terms of CI and in setting up a new intel service....that took him into association with the work Morales had done, with the AMOTS and in the establishment of the new Cuban intelligence service based on the AMOTS that Morales had trained and was still running after the Bay of Pigs. How close Angleton was to Morales we don't know but he certainly was very much into his work and the AMOT group, at least during 1961. As to the wording, I will look at what I might quote in NEXUS but I may have to go back to Stockton's book and I'm not even sure where that is not - pretty much all my attention is focused on In Denial at present.
  14. In one fell swoop Trump managed to totally undermine growing protests inside Iraq about Iranian influence and gut the populist movement against the hardliners in Iran....all with the targeted killing of one hardliner who will be immediately replaced. No reason to step up and acknowledge the large scale failure of targeting killings to date, its seems so simple and somehow satisfying. And makes great political theater. Sort of like torture to get intelligence. It almost never works but clearly some people find satisfying as well .
  15. Greg, it is discussed and cited in NEXUS but the actual source is the excellent biography of William Harvey by Flawed Patriot by Bayard Stockton....based in documents and letters provided by Harvey's wife. Up to Stockton's work there had been a false narrative that the two men did not like each other and were either competitors or adversaries - Stockton's work totally put the lie to that. We now know that Angleton assisted Harvey with his Castro assassination efforts and beyond that they appeared to have had some shared secret which we can only guess at. I heartily recommend Flawed Patriot as required reading as it overturns a lot of the misconceptions about Harvey from the earliest years of JFK research.
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