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  1. I'm not looking to start a new thread on Danny, plenty of those here. However I seem to recall someone here posted that they had known his family or even Danny Arce himself in later years. If that is true please contact me directly at larryjoe@westok.net -- thanks
  2. Yes, that is what Groden did say - and that generally brings up a lot of counter arguments about timing - its surely is one of the points about Oswald's known movements that would have been offered up by a good defense team if he had gone to trial. Along with the lack of any motive, and his positive comments about JFK, his movements that day would have been a real problem for the prosecution (assuming that the fellows testifying would have felt safe telling the truth - and that's a big assumption).
  3. I definitely think we will be expanding into Zoom, either as part of the conference or for different, more focused activities. Lots of discussion going on about that - and more after everyone recovers from the conference. As to the books, selling books published by Lancer or supplied by speakers with different publishers made some sense in the earlier days, especially when a physical book room was possible. However now in the days of print on demand and with so many titles in play, just the physical constraints of stocking and shipping cut into any margin there might be in direct sale
  4. Thanks Hugo, I will definitely pass that on to Gabriella and Debra....the time differential is something that we will have to think more about in future efforts but at least we do have the ability to return to all the sessions for a later listen. That was one of the problems with the live sessions, if you had to do something that took you away for a portion of a presentation there really was no option but to wait months for the DVD and try to pick it up that way. This is at least quicker..
  5. Updating for the virtual conference attendees. We did live stream footage from the Plaza on the Lancer and Conference Facebook pages. That stream will be posted on the Conference page which will be maintained after the conference concludes so it can be reviewed there. We did have some difficulty posting the extended Walking Tour so that will be added to the Conference Facebook page this evening and left in place for ongoing viewing - I'll make myself available to answer questions about the tour on that page. Day 3 of the conference resumed at one thirty this afternoon. If you hav
  6. For those attending the conference: We will be uploading a live feed of Dealey Plaza tomorrow between noon and 1 pm. Also, keep a lookout for a pre-recorded virtual walking tour to be posted on the conference Facebook group on Sunday morning - it should go up on the page around 11 AM Central and I'll be available on the conference page for questions during the tour. The regular conference session will begin at 1:30pm on Sunday and the speaker schedule is posted on the conference page - it includes Alan Dale's interview with John Newman, a panel discussion and other speakers includin
  7. I think Gabriella is working on a revised Sunday schedule to update it and catch a couple of shifts like he move of the Newman segment and William Law. When she does it will include the pre-recorded walking tour.
  8. Ron, the schedule on the conference facebook page for today is correct, it started with Jim. However the web hosting developer got confused by the fact that he had two "Larry's" back to back and put in Larry Haapanan first (he was on the schedule). My presentation on the Bay of Pigs will follow and I will be online on the conference page for comments afterwards.
  9. Nagell's information would have forced any real investigation to look at Oswald in a much broader context and blown away the concept of him as a "lone nut". It would also have tied him directly to anti-Castro exiles masquerading as Castro agents) who were planning an action against JFK. Both those things would have blown the Warren Commission report out of he water.
  10. Ron, I don't know if you have begun reading Tipping Point but it extends David's presentation into all those areas....but first it really is necessary to dig into the names David introduced, their histories, their social network, their operational backgrounds with people like Rip Robertson etc. David was presenting that background, which was an extension of what we covered in the very detailed Wheaton lead research paper. Your question, "by who" will be answered in Tipping Point - of course that answer is just my/our analysis and position on the attack, the people directly involved, and
  11. Due to technical problems Alan Dale with John Newman has been moved to the Sunday session so you really didn't miss it. And yes that's what David was saying ....grin.
  12. Thanks Steve, some of this I recall but its been ages since I revisited it. I would suggest you open a new thread to discuss it.....my rather simple minded view is that the detective would have been given access to TSBD personnel files and made his list from that source. The police certainly could not generate that themselves quickly unless they sat down with personnel files. A side question would be why would Oswald be the first person on such a list which would normally be alphabetical, by date of employment, etc. The answer to that would be that it would have to have been long en
  13. Steve, first on the employee list - I just don't see how that list of names would have come from anywhere other than the school book depository itself, given to DPD. Of course that would raise the question of out of all the employees why was that name wrong....did Oswald himself apply that way or use that name there? Assuming that an employee list would have to come from the TSBD itself, and that it would be Lee Harvey, that would imply it was changed in DPD custody...why? On the memoir, I suspect Lee made some notes for himself and that the whole thing was indeed written after h
  14. Very interesting question Steve, problem is that we don't have the DRE internal documents and of course not the CIA documents Jeff has been pursuing. What we do have are the various communiques from DRE to and from the other groups and their letters to Congress about Oswald. As far as I know those were all Lee Oswald but Morley would probably be the best person to answer that....I'll ask him about it. My guess however is "no" based on the fact that DRE was using the name that had become quite visible in New Orleans, in newspapers, radio etc - and that was always Lee Oswald or Lee Harv
  15. One mystery solved Ron, the web developer actually running he conference was on Mountain time, hence the initial difference...but its up and running now.
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