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  1. A Question for Gary Murr re: the alleged Bell receipt

    Very good dialog, now this is real research...thank you Robert and Gary. To raise one point, it might be interesting to ponder the alternative scenario of a whole bullet and at what point it could have been removed from evidence. Certainly it would not be the only whole bullet that may have either gone missing or been replaced by something more acceptable to the emerging official story of the day. Studies of exactly where, when and with who are especially interesting to me.
  2. Ron, not sure if that was a question for me or for someone else....I think I described a couple of ways in which Sturgis was used - and not used - in an earlier post. Both Hemming and Sturgis were smart guys with their own agendas, I recall listening to a tape of Sturgis talking to his lawyer in later years, describing how he hoped to entrap people accusing him of things so he could file for slander.
  3. OK, since I have mentioned this so many times, here it is - the Keys to Conspiracy includes documents on Nagell, Martino, Hemming/Sturgis, and the 112th/Prouty. You can order it through through the page shopping cart on the following link: http://jfklancer.com/catalog/CDrom.html I won't belabor it any further...I'll leave it up to anyone reading the material to come up with their own appropriate name for the roles Hemming and Sturgis were filling...
  4. As much as I want to stay out of this, for those who have not already made up their minds I need to say that key records on Sturgis have been available for some time. The same can be said for Hemming (who was also cleared as a CIA source for a short period after he came out of Cuba, until he violated some basic security protocols). For those who don't know, Hemming was continually volunteering information to the FBI and the CIA, as were Hargraves and Howard. Generally on other groups or people they were competing with for donations or publicity . I dug into this about a decade ago and got the files on Sturgis which show exactly how he became involved in Cuba, his involvement in buying and smuggling in weapons - much like McKeown. After he came out he appears to have been paid with unofficially with discretionary funds (most likely by Hunt) to do wild things like the leaflet and bombing runs over Havana (they even helped his buddy the former Cuban Air Force chief Diaz Lantz acquire the surplus plane to do that) and how eventually he was brought on as a "source" informing generally on any and all exile Cuban activities. I should also note that the documents show that before coming out he volunteered to put together an assassination of Castro, the offer got to the CIA and they rejected it. Hemming called Sturgis a snitch and eventually he was, his information shows up in JM/WAVE station reports. Again, it appears he was paid for that with discretionary funds, was certainly not an officer and most likely not on any formal payroll (as Cuban exile assets were). Hunt and Barker held the money bag and Barker in particular was doing a good deal of private stuff on the side, some of it apparently illegal and that got him dismissed. I put all this in the Keys to Conspiracy CD which will indeed be available shortly from Lancer, they just burned new copies. Anyone interested can email me and I'll let you know when and how you can order it.
  5. Yeah, and Marita was out in the Everglades doing military training with the Cuban exile guys....which apparently didn't take since by 1963 she was making Miami newspaper headlines because of her paternity suit against a Latin American dictator in exile....suggest enabling sanity check...
  6. I'll be interested to see what documents John has turned up that show ZR/RIFLE specifically associated with Lumumba and Trujillo. Has anyone dug into Countdown to Darkness on that subject...I just have not had time yet.
  7. Probably so Pat, others are following it much more closely than I am able to...however my point is the same in that it will tend to minimize media attention if its spread out. Of course these days I'm not sure there is any bandwidth left for anything outside the White House.
  8. Well I can say that in years past I have paid money for similar or worse copies, sometimes several duplicates in the same batch and in regard to FBI reports in particular often getting three pages and four times that many which were duplicates. This looks no different from a good percentage of the trash I got over the years...
  9. Lois Liggett: Challenge to Jim Di Eugenio

    Jim should be commended for his detailed response, I second his evaluation.
  10. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    Michael is concerned by a thread diversion here but I need to offer one more possibility.....this is just from memory but I think the two crop duster types attended the same meeting (DRE) that Oswald was reportedly sighted at. That never was confirmed but it would have been SOP for the FBI to be monitoring such meetings and if they were aware of both Oswald and had the crop duster pilots as suspected infiltrators it could well explain Hosty's comments. Again, just from memory but worth pondering.
  11. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    Well I was being a bit coy Steve, actually I think there is a reasonable chance that Odio was being monitored and I would not be terribly surprised if Oswald had been either asking about her or in contact with her or for that matter if the "visit" was a diversion after the fact. Problem is I just see no way to know for sure. However, since we know that residents of the Harlandale house were being investigated and that the FBI even had an informant in that group, I think chances are probably best in that direction as far as what Hosty was talking about - I especially feel that way since we got a photo of Masen and I don't see the faintest resemblance to Oswald. I just don't know what made Dick Russell even think that. My bet is that Oswald was a visitor and that he was described in a surveillance report...
  12. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    Steve, I think that is the only documentation we have on that, only Patterson's story of the remarks by Hosty - clearly it made a strong impression on him. Can't say that is surprising. As to subversives vs. subversive agents, I can say that Heitman was in the midst of an investigation of an individual living at the House on Harlandale who was suspected of being a Castro agent so that might qualify. If Oswald was there that would give you one suspect. I gather from the research I've done that there were suspicions Alpha 66 and DRE were being penetrated by other agents so that could explain a second suspect. Another option is that the FBI was tasked with breaking up any weapons buys, especially those associated with weapons to be used in attacks on Cuba - Oswald crossing paths with anyone buying weapons might have been thought of in the context of subversive agents - and we know there were folks in Dallas and folks in Dallas from Miami all looking for weapons. The thing is this sounds pretty personal, not like Oswald was in some larger meeting with suspects but actually had personal contact. We could get wild and crazy and say was Sylvia Odio and her little sister who was going to college and hanging with some known radical DRE types who were hunting weapons...but I'm not ready to go there yet. I don't think Oswald contact two FBI agents handling subversive tasks would classify as Top Secret - unless it revealed Oswald was an active FBI informant. I can only repeat what I said before, the remarks by Patterson were something that Hosty totally refused to discuss with me, otherwise he was very open and even discussed some pretty strong assertions such as Oswald being under FBI surveillance in MC. He was very much a gentleman about it all though, and was well received when he agreed to speak at the Lancer conference one year.
  13. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    Jim, the book reference I gave you was from a summary discussion, I'll look for the actual report citation when I have more time. As to the subversive file, beats me, either classified or destroyed....would you really expect it to ever see the light of day? I asked Hosty about this exchange myself and showed him a Patterson document ...he had been very cooperative on all my other questions but simply declined to comment about this. I've written and blogged about this many times previously but I certainly can carry it no further than Patterson's remarks. I'm thinking of wrapping all this up for a Lancer conference presentation, but that's a couple of months off. It won't be until then that I dig back into it including document citations.
  14. The St. Ruthie and St. Michael "We both know" call

    It was the conversation with the Secret Service agent William Patterson (who was first to interview Marina Oswald later) Sat morning at police headquarters in which Hosty told him Oswald had been seen two weeks before with known subversives and that a classified security report had been filed. Hosty expressed a belief that the classified file would be handed over but it never was. Paterson was not interviewed by the WC. Patterson prepared an SS memo on the conversation but was never questioned further about it. (see SWHT 2020 p198 - 199) The exchange with Revill was another, separate incident and would seem to confirm that at point in time Hosty was very well aware of a subversive file related to Oswald and assumed it would become part of the investigation.
  15. I suspect that Jim is on the money here....the Administration could care less about something like this....heck, the majority of its appointments have still not been made....this is just to move it out at a time when the news is subsumed in Trump, Health Care etc knowing that nothing else is getting media attention now. After all, once NARA has it ready, why hold it for some event to focus attention on it....this makes it look like its no big deal at all.