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    Hilliard (Suburb Columbus), Ohio
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    Very much interested in the JFK murder. I also have developed my own web site (1st) to promote newly published hardbound editions of Upton Sinclair's epic World's End Series. Strickly a labor of love...not for profit, for me anyway.

    Retired early from a Sales Management position with what is now AT&T due to a Joseph Mengele type botched back surgery. I am able to due a lot of things, like elliptical workouts, walking, light yard work. I am kept busy by a 12 year old Blue & Gold McCaw and a almost 7 year old Springer Spaniel. Divorced. I graduated The Ohio State University in 1976 and I am a US Army veteran, serving for almost a year near Seoul Korea. Much more about me and my background and political views are on the home page of my primitive web site. My emails are; jsc12109@hotmail.com and jsc12109@gmail.com. My home phone is 614-777-0551.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael for over a year plus. We have spoken and exchanged detailed emails often, three, four or five per week. It has been my personal experience on amazon.com to encounter what I would classify as disinformation agents of the so called "Intelligence" community. For someone to question Michael's legal qualifications takes some large onions. Were one to have the privilige to work with Michael and to get to know him as I do, it would be impossible to question his integrity, objectivity and legal acumen. Michael just finished a twenty page work of brilliance on the murder of President Kennedy. Having read 150 plus books on the subject, seen countless DVDs and all forms of blogs and articles, this recently released essay is simply one for the ages. Succinct and to the point after thousands of hours of serious study, this should be required reading for the attention deficit American public. If you have not read it, here it is: Q&A About...doc View online Download(120.2 KB) If after reading this brilliant summation and the detailed history of the "Unspeakable" forces behind the Coup D'etat on November 22nd, 1963 and can honestly refute this work, I for one would be most happy to hear why you doubt the veracity of Michael's work. But to question his legal skills and qualifications, you are wasting the time of people who are interested in the truth about this seminal event in our country's history in the past 100 plus years, certainly the past fifty years. I am proud to know Michael and to call him my friend. I highly respect him both as a human being and as a passionate voice for the truth. If this link does not work (first time pasting it), I will be happy to copy the entire twenty pages and paste it to this forum. I have read it three times and I consider it well researched and even better written by a man of the highest integrity and legal training..
  2. Hello to all of the members of this forum. You may not be aware that petitionspo.com was stolen and hidden, vacating the almost 1000 signatures we had accumulated. However, not one to give up easily, I began a new petition at; www.change.org, search Abraham Bolden. There is a complete history of Abraham's case and the egregious misconduct on the part of the Judicial System. In less than two weeks we are nearing 200 signatures, some by the same people who signed the petitionspot.com petition. I keep updating and adding new info every day to get more attention to Abe's plight. Please sign and post to your social media platforms. Unlike the petitionspot petition, this one has no restrictions on how many people from the same household can sign. It is easy to find and sign. Abe has adamantly stated he will not accept a pardon, and I respect that. This petition asks the President to expunge the bogus railroading job the government did to Abe in 1964. I would appreciate any feedback on how to make this petition more successful, faster. Time is growing short and we need people to sign and contact their Senators, Congressmen/women and of course President Obama. I have added recently the Mark Lane video (about six minutes) and Abe has given me permission to post his contact information, which is on news updates of the petition. If everyone involved in the research community signed and forwarded this petition, we can be successful in absolving Abe's good name. Thanks to treefrog, Mark Lane and COPA (John Judge) we are beginning to get some traction. Abe is so grateful for the support and a quick email to him helps to give hope and encouragement to this brave man. Thanks, Stephen
  3. To my total bafflement, the petition for Abraham Bolden has disappeared from the internet. The link became broken a week or so ago I am told. I spent the entire week tracking down who host the petitionspot site and found it is amazon.com. godaddy.com has the petitiionspot name registered until November 2013. If anyone knows how to reach an actual person at this site, I would be greatly appreciative. I sent an email through petitionspot.com@domainsbyproxy.com by who knows where that ends up. This is a most frustrating struggle. It was suggested that there may be new owners, hacking or the server is down. amazon will not give you anything but the email above. I don't know if there are hundreds of petitions effected or just this one. Any help would be encouraging. Thanks.
  4. This is off the subject and somewhat, ok a lot, digusting. I believe I read in one of my JFK books that Lemay literally "peed" on President Kennedy's grave. I thought I read it in Doug Horne's five book Magnus Opus, but it is not, unfortunately indexed. I have gone back through several dozen books I have read on the Coup D'etat since last fall and I cannot find this reference. I hope I find it isn't true, but if anyone can substantiate this vulgar act, from a known vulgar man, would you please reference for me? Thanks.
  5. Hi Shepard, thanks for the great feedback and for signing the petition. If only the students and researchers of the treachery in Dallas signed the petition, we could easily get the 1 million signatures that Abe would like. I have called the White House and written President Obama. Also call your Senators and Congressperson (great suggestion from Robert Morrow. The address is: www.whitehouse.gov. Thanks again.
  6. Hi Tom. Thanks for the suggestions. I did do some checking and while there were some related threads (and detailed ones), none were specific enough to achieve what I think should be done as easily as my title to the thread. There are literally tens of thousands, if not millions of JFK students and researchers. I am going to Tree Frog to try and get more exposure. If enough of us contact President Obama and Attorney General Holder, we can perhaps gather enough momentum to get results. It is easy to reach the White House. The web site is: www.whitehouse.gov. It has the mailing address, telephone number and email form. I just want Abe to get a pardon. Whatever it takes, letters, phone calls, emails, and the petition. Let us keep the pressure on the White House and the Attorney General. Robert Morrow's exchange below is an excellent idea. Congressmen and women as well as your Senators can be of help. Thanks also for the heads up on the "protocol" of signing my name. As I said earlier, I am new to the forum, but not to the conspiracy that resulted in the Coup D'Etat on November 22, 1963. I have almost 18 years of effort into this study, reading 60 plus books, owning most of the DVDs (Including Jim Fetzer course) and many many hours on the internet. I will try hard to follow the proper protocols as I learn them. In the mean while, let's give this thread some time to see if it attracks a following. We began with around 587 signatures as a guideline.
  7. A quick check found the information on how to contact the white house. www.whitehouse.gov will give you the address,phone number and email for President Obama. I wish to think everyone for their support for this cause. Robert, thank you for your gracious help.
  8. Hello Patrick, thank you for the kind comments and for signing the petition. I agree 100% with you observations and would ask if you would forward the email (I just cut and pasted Abe amd my exchange)for friends, aquaintances and family to sign the petition and to write letters to President Obama. Hon. Barack Obama President of the United States The White House Washington, D.C.20550 202-456-1111 email: www.whitehouse.gov
  9. I tried to contact Bolden several years ago. His son was very protective and wouldn't let me anywhere near his father. Probably a good call. The Boldens are a very tight family unit. The son refused to talk about his father's time with the Secret Service, in fact, I was asked not to contact them again. James
  10. Tim, this is a new thread I began Sunday soliciting signatures for Abe. Abe can be contacted on the link at the bottom of his reply to my initial email and there is a link to sign the petition for a Presidential Pardon for Abe. Would you be so kind as to sign it if you have not yet? Thanks, Stephen Mr. Courts: Thank you very much for your very positive review of my autobiography that you posted on Amazon.com. Also, I am deeply grateful for your continued interest in my plight as evidenced by you email below. Currently, I have a petition at: http://www.facebook.com/l/dAQE0FLPHAQH80IGL1dROYF8ltCBcRjraPL0QkZ2OFoKbWA/www.petitionspot.com/petitions/abrahamwbolden/ I would be deeply appreciative if you would sign the petition and encourage your facebook friends to do likewise. For a more substantive individual effort on my behalf, I advise you of additional courses that have a much greater influence upon clearing up the matter of my illegal conviction. The government, by not refuting any of the allegations about misconduct that occurred during my trials and subsequent imprisonment has already acknowledged the truth of what is documented in my book. The lack of denial is known in law as a Tacit Admission. The government's stand seems to be that regardless of the evidence, they are not going to give me any relief through the court system. The courts have consistently failed to address the constitutional issues raised in previous court filings. That failure was not by accident. Expunging or vacation of the conviction are means by which this travesty of justice might be brought to a conclusion. Expunging of the record or other relief by the government can be obtained if the Attorney General, Eric Holder, in consultation with the President, on his own volition reopened the case on motion of the government and requested a vacation of the conviction for lack of constitutional integrity. That is the only way that this conviction can be expunged. President Obama has the authority to prod the U.S. Attorney to recall the case in court and then further action could be taken. Letters to these authorities would go a long ways toward achieving justice that is long over due. Thanks again for your help and interest. Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. 7632 South Sangamon Street Chicago, Illinois 60620 Email:a.bolden@sbcglobal.net Telephone: 1-773-488-4822 Fax: 1-773-409-0660 Visit website at: http://www.facebook.com/l/JAQE8pLl1AQGdd8aL-CDqmGrTRp7LAte4e3CZkdWIJyZwjQ/www.echofromdealeyplaza.net Conversation History James Stephen Courts 11:21am Jan 29 Good morning Abe. I read your book (hardbound, had to do some fishing on the net) and did a 5 star post on amazon.com. I have a few goals left on my time on this water coil and one is to see you receive a Presidential Pardon. Is there now any organization working towards this goall that I can get involved with? I have written Senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio, someone I admire and support. I don't wish to reinvent the wheel but would like to help. Could you advise me of any existing effforts on your behalf? Thank you for the fabulous life you have led and the efforts to tell the real story. You are an inspiration and a man I admire greatly. JFK would also be proud of the life you have led ! Warmest wishes and a belated birthday wishes, Stephen Courts
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