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  1. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Two quick points. You can't get between Michael and me, because I have set his Forum account to IGNORE. The only reason I respond on your thread is because you yourself are responding to Michael. Also, I disagree about what the JFK plotters expected as an outcome from the USA. They truly expected an invasion of Cuba, IMHO, and they were stunned when that failed to happen. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  2. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, I agree with this, too. I've already explained that Walker's claim that the DPD really arrested Oswald on 4/10/1963 was his mistaken belief, possibly due to paranoia. But Walker believed it. And, he keeps bringing up the issue for the rest of his life. Why? That's my question, too. Does it relate to the date of the crystallization of the Patsy? I think so. Also, crystallization is a good word for it, because it suggests a "slow development." I agree with that. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  3. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, OK, I can agree with this. Anyway, your thread wants to focus on the moment that LHO was crystalized as the Patsy. I agree that this group tends to lose focus pretty quickly. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  4. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Do you honestly believe there was nobody else in Dallas named Lee Oswald? That's all you have? The name of "Lee Oswald" on the back of a business card? Because that's all that the WC witness, Albert Guy Bogard had. Not "Lee Harvey Oswald," just "Lee Oswald." As for a description, here is what he said: Mr. BALL. Now, what kind of a looking man was he, or could you describe him? Mr. BOGARD. I can tell you the truth, I have already forgotten what he actually looked like. I identified him as in pictures, but just to tell you what he looked like that day, I don't remember. Mr. BALL. You don't have a memory of it? Mr. BOGARD. No, sir. Come on, Jason, this is totally weak. There is even more to show that it was a simple case of "mistaken identity" but this exceeds the theme of your thread. Just to be clear -- I'm not accusing these "mistaken identity" witnesses of outright lying. They are simply making honest mistakes, and that is simple and clear from their testimony -- if the reader is objective. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  5. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Ty, Ed Buck was simply confused. His story comes long after the JFK assassination -- after Lee Harvey Oswald at the TSBD had long been demonized. Ed Buck rightly identifies Michael Paine as boasting to some college students in April 1963 in a cafeteria that he personally new a man who defected to Russia and came back to the USA with a Russian wife. That part is true. But Ed Buck confuses his story by claiming that Michael Paine said that his man was working at the TSBD in April, 1963. It's simply a confused story from a over-excited witness (which is fairly common). There's nothing more to it than that, rather obviously, IMHO. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason,K Yes, OK, but at least consider the evidence. Walker and Banister ran in the same circles. For example, they both knew Kent and Phoebe Courtney very well (and we have written evidence). Also, they both knew Gerry Patrick Hemming very well. Also, they both knew Loran Hall. Also, they both knew George Lincoln Rockwell. Also, they both knew Reverend Billy James Hargis. All these people were active members of the Radical Right movement in 1963. There were many others. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, The Sportsdome gun range sightings were not only cases of "mistaken identity," but the witnesses contradicted each other. The car dealership WC witnesses also contradicted each other. These are clearly "mistaken identity" cases. In my CAREFUL reading, all of the so-called Oswald impersonations or doubles were cases of "mistaken identity." This includes the Mexico City bus ride, and the Dallas bus ride, and the Dallas taxi cab ride. None of those witnesses tells a consistent story. It doesn't take special logic to show that -- only a CAREFUL reading, I say. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  8. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Yes, I agree with this. --Paul
  9. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Your question is when Oswald was "crystalized" into the JFK plot Patsy. My proposal is that -- whenever it was -- it MUST have something to do with General Walker. The most public evidence is Jeff Caufield's CT (2015). Going by that CT, the connection between Walker and New Orleans is double -- namely -- Guy Banister and Gerry Patrick Hemming. If we had direct evidence that they "schemed" in the JFK plot, then there would be no more need for any debate -- at all in the past 50 years. What Jeff Caufield shows is that Walker and Banister had the same politics and the same friends, and that they "likely" met at this or that common rally. They both had a personal contact in go-between Gerry Patrick Hemming -- we have written correspondence from Hemming to Walker in Walker's personal papers (about Cuba and Interpen). In my reading -- not Jeff Caufield's -- Walker was the victim of Lee Harvey Oswald's April shooting -- then Walker found out about it from DeM-Voshinin-Hosty on Easter Sunday, 1963 (cf. Dick Russell, TMWKTM). That was when Walker chose to get revenge on Lee Harvey Oswald. Walker called Guy Banister for help, IMHO. Guy Banister called David Ferrie for help, IMHO. Then David Ferrie convinced LHO to move to New Orleans only two weeks after the Walker shooting. When did this crystalize into a JFK plot? Not until everybody could be reasonably sure of success. JFK could have been killed in Miami (and a different Patsy would be used). JFK could have been killed in Chicago (and a different Patsy would be used). All the stars lined up for Dallas, however, and LHO was double-dipped for extra good measure in Mexico City. That was the crystallization, as I see it. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Jason, Just to be clear, I don't think Oswald's trip to Russia had ANYTHING to do with the JFK assassination -- except that it made General Walker hate Oswald's guts the second that Oswald stepped off the airplane back into Dallas, Texas. General Walker absolutely hated Communists -- and anything associated with Russia. He was a one-sided fanatic on the issue. That Oswald had a Russian wife also irked Walker. Also, Walker considered Dallas to be his personal backyard. Otherwise -- there's no connection whatsoever. I say this because I'm convinced that there is no CIA plot whatsoever involved with the JFK assassination. (I'm not as certain about the Russian trip.) Regards, --Paul Trejo
  11. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Michael, The Furniture Mart incident is OBVIOUSLY a case of "mistaken identity". Read the WC testimony more CAREFULLY. You keep jumping to your prejudiced conclusions. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  12. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Ty, I see no direct link between General Walker and Jack Ruby. The indirect link is with dirty cops in the DPD. Jack Ruby, the pimp, would do almost anything that these dirty DPD cops asked of him. After they failed to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in the streets, as planned (since they already had Oswald's rifle in hand) they had a major problem. So, it was the dirty DPD cops (not Walker) who turned to Jack Ruby for help. They (most likely) convinced Jack Ruby that he would be a national hero if he killed JFK's killer, who was now also a cop-killer. They convinced Jack Ruby. (This latter account I get from Seth Kantor's book, Who Was Jack Ruby? (1978)). Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Michael, Read it more CAREFULLY. It says: "...that Lee Harvey Oswald...be granted the right of TEMPORARY sojourn in the Soviet Union for ONE YEAR, and that the QUESTION of his permanent residency in the USSR and his receiving Soviet citizenship be resolved upon the EXPIRATION of that period." OK, now we know two facts about Lee Harvey Oswald in the USSR: 1. He never gave up his US Passport, even when requested by the USSR. 2. After ONE YEAR was over, Lee Harvey Oswald did not pursue any procedure to apply for Russian citizenship. He just kept living there on his temporary visa. (By the way -- one could not be a member of the Russian Communist Party without that citizenship.) In other words, Lee Harvey Oswald played a trick on the USSR. Read CAREFULLY. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Ty The first I read about Gareth Wean's account (before Caufield) Walker was always the lead. Nobody hi-jacked the operation -- it was secretly planned by Walker from the start to include a real assassination, but most people in the operation did not know that -- they were lied to. That's how Jeff Caufield states it, too. This is how they got high-ranking people to cooperate in the first place. So -- it was well known around Dallas. By the way -- General Walker was also the organizer of the violent protests against Adlai Stevenson only 30 days before the JFK assassination. That was very well known in Dallas, too -- but it got almost no press. General Walker was respected and feared in Dallas. Almost as much as HL Hunt. Few people know that. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. WHEN does Oswald crystallize into the patsy?

    Ron, In my reading, there is more evidence than the Warren Commission allowed us to see. To support the LN theory, the WC had to invent that Oswald took the bus and a taxi to his rooming house -- but the eye-witness testimony to those claims falls apart in the reading. The opposite WC testimony by Dallas Deputy Roger Craig, that he saw Oswald jump into a Green Rambler a few minutes after the shots, was simply called nonsense by the WC attorneys -- it did not match their prejudice of a Lone Nut. Once we begin to see other people involved in "handling" Oswald physically after the JFK murder, then we begin to see more clearly. Oswald knew something was wrong once he heard that JFK was actually shot, perhaps, so he fled. According to Jeff Caufiield (2015) and Gareth Wean (1971) it was Texas Senator John Tower and Dallas Sheriff Bill Decker who admitted to Audie Murphy and Gareth Wean that General Walker had set up the plot -- but it was supposed to be a False Flag plot -- that is, just a warning shot to scare JFK and convince the USA that the Communist Menace in the USA was REAL. Regards, --Paul Trejo