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  1. Cory, The photos are stills from the well-known Bell Film, showing the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. What the new release shows is the larger exposure of those same photos, showing the second story of the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. For 55 years, NARA has distributed the cut photo, showing only the first floor of the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. Finally -- after 10/26/2017, we can see the second story. The second story shows two gunmen with rifles standing at the windows of the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. Jason Ward carefully expanded the photos, to show the arm insignia of a Dallas Deputy and a Dallas Policeman on these figures. It was also in the Bell Film, IIRC, that Joseph Milteer shows his own smiling face. Jeff Caufield linked Joseph Milteer with Guy Banister and General Walker thoroughly in his 2015 book. Perhaps Jason will read this thread and share the photos. I'm photo challenged, and don't have much time now. By the way, Cory, if you have some recent FBI releases about Walker and Milteer -- would you please share them here? If Jason doesn't share the photos here, soon, I will try to do so by this weekend. All best, --Paul
  2. Mervyn, My theory about Jack Ruby is entirely summarized by Seth Kantor, a reporter who was also a witness for the Warren Commission. His book is entitled, Who Was Jack Ruby (1978). Have you read it? Kantor had known Jack Ruby in Dallas for years. Kantor is a reliable witness, in my view. He swore under oath that he saw Jack Ruby at Parkland Hospital within minutes after JFK was killed. I believe him. The Warren Commission did not believe him. Anyway -- to make a long story short -- Seth Kantor says that Jack Ruby was too scatter-brained to be trusted in any conspiracy to assassinate a President. HOWEVER -- Jack Ruby's brain was also pliable enough so that these Dallas Police and Deputies whom Jack had befriended, could prevail upon him to kill Lee Harvey Oswald for them. Seth Kantor was yet one more Dallas resident who suspected the Rightists among the Dallas Police and Deputies as central to the JFK assassination. Not side players -- but the core players -- the planners and executors. Insofar as any outside players were involved, they were subordinate to these local, Dallas residents --- who did not need outside players. The best shooters in the world lived in Dallas. The most dedicated Rightists in the world lived in Dallas. (The real pity is that Washington DC did not know this. It was the duty of the Dallas FBI to keep the Washington Secret Service apprised of this -- and the Warren Commission volumes are filled with admissions that the Dallas FBI dropped the ball in this regard.) Anyway -- Seth Kantor maintains that Jack Ruby had no clue about the JFK assassination. None at all. But when his "friends" among the Dallas Deputies and Police prevailed upon him to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in custody -- promising him a "slap on the wrist," and even public heroism -- Jack Ruby couldn't resist. This is the opinion of Seth Kantor, a Dallas reporter who knew Jack Ruby for years, and saw Jack Ruby at Parkland on the day of the JFK shooting. I find Seth Kantor to be entirely believable. What about you? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  3. Hi Cory, I've been away from the Education Forum for the better part of a year. I've been following only snippets from the release of records of President Bush's 1992 JFK Records Act deadline, i.e. October 26, 2017. Some of the most interesting records releases include never-seen-before photographic evidence of armed Dallas Deputies and Police at the DalTex building, snooping out of windows as JFK passed by. Have you seen that? This speaks directly to my long-time CT of a Radical Right conspiracy in Dallas by Dallas residents. The most famous and vocal of those Right-wing Dallas residents was Ex-General Edwin Walker -- who had an open vendetta against JFK. Please, Cory, tell me what specific new records that you are contemplating in the 2017 JFK Records Act release. All best, --Paul
  4. Paul Trejo

    Who was QJ/WIN

    Rich, I maintain that this supports my theory that the Dallas Radical Right killed JFK. I suspect as many as 12 shooters, mostly from Dallas -- all volunteers with no money allowed for any shooter. The main motivation for the shooting was therefore political and ideological. This would attract people from all over the USA, Mexico and Europe, obviously. There were dozens of players -- and the official CIA was in the dark. The FBI should have been on top of it -- and I believe the FBI knew far more about it than we have currently seen revealed. In any case -- the telling thing about Mike Mertz isn't that he was French -- but that he was ARMY. These were the guys who tried to kill De Gaulle -- one of their OWN. The US Radical Right has always been weighted with Ex-Military with strong political and ideological views on the right. Birds of a feather flock together. The Radical Right in 1963 spread from the USA through Mexico, into Europe. The main shooters in Dallas were already selected, I say, but enthusiasts from all over the planet, when they heard the rumors from the Radical Right grapevine (mainly from blabbermouth Joseph Milteer) just had to be there. For example, Lee Bowers saw two cars from out of Texas drive into the private County parking lot, with mud up to their door handles. These caught his attention because he was accustomed to seeing the regulars parked there -- all County workers, especially Deputies. This was a locked parking lot -- and the entrance was the exit. Somebody who worked for the County had to let these cars inside. They were mainly part of the background support. The Dallas boys had it all under control. The Warren Commission -- read from this perspective -- reads like a Confessional. Best regards, --Paul Trejo
  5. Rich, You've take the words of Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) at face value. That's your error. Although LHO couldn't drive, that does NOT mean that he took the bus everywhere, even to Ex-General Walker's house for the April 10, 1963 shooting. We have Mexico City Immigration records that demonstrate that LHO rode into Mexico and out of Mexico as a passenger in a car. We have an eye-witness to a discussion between Loran Hall and Larry Howard in Southern California, making arrangements to be the chauffeurs of LHO from New Orleans to Mexico City, and then to Dallas. LHO had people drive him around. That's how he got to the Walker shooting. But Marina Oswald didn't know about these people. LHO treated Marina like a mushroom -- he kept her in the dark and fed her BS. Marina Oswald told the Warren Commission what LHO told her -- but in the case of the Walker shooting, that happened to be false information that LHO told to her. You're also mistaken about the shell recovered from the scene -- all authorities agreed that it was too mangled and fragmented to identify in the slightest. I must repeat my key theme. LHO shot at Ex-General Walker as part of a Dallas conspiracy against Walker, from the few Liberals in Dallas at the time. This included George De Mohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt, as well as some of their associates -- perhaps some like Michael Paine. Perhaps even Roscoe White, since his chin, neck, strong shoulders and lumpy right wrist are featured in LHO's famous Backyard Photographs. This is the best, rational explanation for this bizarre letter to Senator Frank Church by Ex-General Edwin Walker in June, 1975: http://www.pet880.com/images/19750623_EAW_to_Frank_Church.pdf Best regards, --Paul Trejo
  6. Mark, I was very busy at work yesterday, and had no time to login to the Forum to see your posts. That's the only reason I didn't make those corrections yesterday. This morning I awoke to a special message from James Gordon explaining your many complaints yesterday. That's how I found out. Anyway, I made those corrections just now. I'm trusting that this will be satisfactory. It was just a mistake, Mark. I meant nothing personal by it. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  7. Mark, I apologize for conflating your name with that of Michael Clark. You're right -- it was Michael Clark who posted those four CIA-did-it videos about the RFK assassination. I mistakenly assumed that you were still pressing for an RFK detour. Again, sorry for the confusion. I have changed my previous post to reflect the facts. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  8. Mark, I did not intend to insult you. Sorry for the confusion. I raised the issue of RFK strictly within the context of a Letter by General Walker on the week after the RFK Assassination. General Walker spoke about the assassinations of JFK and RFK, and said that if Oswald had not been freed on April 10, 1963, that both JFK and RFK would still be alive. That was the context. I was not attempting to change the topic to the details of the RFK Assassination -- nor trying to insult you. I apologize for any confusion. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  9. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell has had no place on this thread so far simply because Earle Cabell gave the WC so little information. Jim Garrison considered Earle Cabell interesting mainly because his brother, Charles Cabell was a ranking officer of the CIA. In Garrison's late CIA-did-it CT, he naturally named the Cabell brothers, because JFK had fired Charles Cabell after the Bay of Pigs screw-up. IMHO, Charles Cabell bore a great deal of the blame for the Bay of Pigs, so JFK dealt correctly. In any case, I would be astonished if Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell wasn't an informant for the CIA, mainly because he was Mayor of Dallas, and only secondarily because his brother had a high post in the CIA. A Dallas Mayor (like many big City Mayors) has access to lots of Big Business and International secrets. In any case, like Jason Ward, I am moved to ask -- that and what else? When I watch the video of JFK and Jackie getting off the airplane at Love Field, and watching how obsequious Earle Cabell behaves while shaking JFK's hand, I also suspect that Earle Cabell knew very well what Walker, Surrey, Decker, Fritz, Hosty, Sorrells, Curry, Westbrook and Holmes had planned. However, my suspicion does not amount to material evidence. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. Paul Trejo

    The Warren Commission And Their Ego

    Evan, It's interesting that you've read the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission -- not many people have done that. I've also done that in the past quarter century, and here's my take on it: 1. All of Lee Harvey Oswald's family told the truth in their WC testimony. This includes Marina Oswald. 2. All of the Russian Emigre's told the truth in their WC testimony. At the worst, George De Mohrenschildt held back on matters he knew but nobody asked him about those. 3. All of the childhood character witnesses of Lee Harvey Oswald told the truth. 4. All the Marines from El Toro base told the truth about LHO. 5. Silvia Odio told the truth. 6. All of the authorities from Washington DC told the truth -- with the exception of J. Edgar Hoover -- who knew very well that Lee Harvey Oswald was never the Lone Gunman -- but for reasons of National Security, held the truth back (with the full knowledge of Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren). 7. All of the medical witnesses in the WC volumes knew the truth -- but were forbidden to tell that truth by the FBI and the Supreme Court. They danced around it. 8. The most vile lies in the WC begin with the Dallas Officials. The Dallas Police. The Dallas Sheriff. The Dallas Deputies. The Dallas Mayor. The Dallas Postal Inspector. The Dallas FBI. The Dallas Secret Service. There are more lies in their WC testimony than anybody has counted in the past half-century. 9. The lies in the WC continue with the Radical Right in Dallas. General Walker. Robert Allen Surrey. Bernie Weissman. Warren Reynolds. Robert Krause and Revilo P. Oliver. The liars in the WC volumes form the core of the JFK Assassination, in my reading. Best regards, --Paul
  11. Paul Trejo

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    David, I don't know about Paul Brancato, but I, for one, opine that Captain Fritz lied through his teeth about NEARLY EVERYTHING he claimed Lee Harvey Oswald ever said. NEARLY EVERYTHING. This goes for EVERYBODY who was in Captain Fritz's office during the final hours of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald (including James Hosty, James Bookhout and Harry Holmes).. All their reports agree, because they all took several weeks coordinating their public reports. It's bizarre that anybody would accept everything that the Dallas Police testified. Jason Ward has done some superior work analyzing the WC testimony of Captain William Westbrook and DPD Officer Gerry Hill -- and many more Dallas Police and Deputies whose WC testimony stinks to high heaven. Following these Radical Right Police in Dallas, one will eventually solve the JFK Assassination after more than 50 years. That said -- since I accept every word that Marina Oswald said while under oath -- I take it as a fact that LHO (1) had a pistol; and (2) outdrew JD Tippit in a fair fight. Otherwise, JD Tippit was ready to shoot LHO in the streets of Oak Cliff. I have no doubt of this. If anything -- Roscoe White was a second shooter at Tippit. Evidently, the pressure of the events of 11/22/1963 overwhelmed JD Tippit -- who had drawn his own pistol for some reason -- but most likely to kill Lee Harvey Oswald on the spot. All best, --Paul
  12. Paul B., Just in case you weren't paying attention -- that four-part video series that Michael Clark posted on this Walker-LHO-Dallas thread is boldly marked: "CIA Agents Killed RFK." Didn't you notice that? Too busy insulting? Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  13. Mark, RFK deserves his own thread -- wouldn't you say? After all -- TONIGHT IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE RFK ASSASSINATION. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  14. Says me and the US Government and Sirhan Sirhan himself. The CIA-did-it CTers look sillier every year. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  15. IN MEMORY OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY (1925-1968) A half-century ago, shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, RFK was shot in Southern California by a local Christian from Jordan, Sirhan Sirhan. RFK died early the next morning. One week later, General Walker sent his "Friends of Walker" society the four-page newsletter that I attach at the bottom of this post. Here is how this newsletter begins: I am neither shocked nor surprised. A Kennedy President was purged by political assassination. A Kennedy Senator and candidate for President was purged by political assassination. The message is clear. The liquidation of Kennedy family power was ordained by international intrigue. Here is how this newsletter ends: If authority, in the hands of the Attorney General and the Justice Department, had not seen fit to free Oswald and his associates in the attempted assassination of Edwin A. Walker -- there is no reason to doubt that President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy would be alive today. http://www.pet880.com/images/19680612_No_Tears_for_RFK.pdf IN MEMORY OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY (1925-1968) All best, --Paul Trejo