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  1. I perceive a new interest in the CT that the Radical Right in Dallas was behind the JFK assassination. This would include such WC witnesses as General Walker, Robert Alan Surrey, Revilo P. Oliver, Bernard Weisman, and possibly included Dallas officials, Will Fritz, BIll Decker, Jesse Curry, Buddy Walthers, Harry Holmes, James Hosty, Forrest Sorrels, Earle Cabell and others in their company. Such a theory would attempt to harmonize with Jim Garrison and Joan Mellen's identification of a dozen people in New Orleans, including Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Jack S. Martin, Fred Crisman and Tommy Beckham. Also implied are Rightist elements in the South including Joseph Milteer, Billy James Hargis, Ed Butler, Carlos Bringuier and Kent Courtney. It would also include people who have already confessed, such as Frank Sturgis, Howard Hunt, David Morales, Roscoe White, Loran Hall, Gerry Patrick Hemming and Lee Harvey Oswald. As a starting point, the recent book by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015) is presented. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  2. There is a weak consensus among CTers that since Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot at JFK, then he "could not have" shot at General Walker, as if there is some real connection between the two. I have maintained for six years on this Forum that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't one of the JFK shooters -- nevertheless, he certainly was one of two shooters at General Walker. My material evidence for this claim, ironically, comes from General Walker himself, in a letter he wrote to Senator Frank Church in 1975. Here is the letter: http://www.pet880.com/images/19750623_EAW_to_Frank_Church.pdf It is precisely because of the content of this letter that General Walker tracked Lee Harvey Oswald from April 1963 through November 1963, including the Mexico City episode. General Walker, I propose, planned both the deaths of JFK and of Lee Harvey Oswald to occur on 11/22/1963. All best, --Paul P.S. After some weeks into this thread, it became clear that to speak of General Walker was to speak of the Dallas Radical Right, and thus to include more people in Dallas than only Walker and Oswald. Dallas Officials who testified to the Warren Commission became a special target of this expansion, so the title of this thread was changed in early April to include "Dallas Officials."
  3. Mark, I was very busy at work yesterday, and had no time to login to the Forum to see your posts. That's the only reason I didn't make those corrections yesterday. This morning I awoke to a special message from James Gordon explaining your many complaints yesterday. That's how I found out. Anyway, I made those corrections just now. I'm trusting that this will be satisfactory. It was just a mistake, Mark. I meant nothing personal by it. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  4. Mark, I apologize for conflating your name with that of Michael Clark. You're right -- it was Michael Clark who posted those four CIA-did-it videos about the RFK assassination. I mistakenly assumed that you were still pressing for an RFK detour. Again, sorry for the confusion. I have changed my previous post to reflect the facts. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  5. Mark, I did not intend to insult you. Sorry for the confusion. I raised the issue of RFK strictly within the context of a Letter by General Walker on the week after the RFK Assassination. General Walker spoke about the assassinations of JFK and RFK, and said that if Oswald had not been freed on April 10, 1963, that both JFK and RFK would still be alive. That was the context. I was not attempting to change the topic to the details of the RFK Assassination -- nor trying to insult you. I apologize for any confusion. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  6. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell has had no place on this thread so far simply because Earle Cabell gave the WC so little information. Jim Garrison considered Earle Cabell interesting mainly because his brother, Charles Cabell was a ranking officer of the CIA. In Garrison's late CIA-did-it CT, he naturally named the Cabell brothers, because JFK had fired Charles Cabell after the Bay of Pigs screw-up. IMHO, Charles Cabell bore a great deal of the blame for the Bay of Pigs, so JFK dealt correctly. In any case, I would be astonished if Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell wasn't an informant for the CIA, mainly because he was Mayor of Dallas, and only secondarily because his brother had a high post in the CIA. A Dallas Mayor (like many big City Mayors) has access to lots of Big Business and International secrets. In any case, like Jason Ward, I am moved to ask -- that and what else? When I watch the video of JFK and Jackie getting off the airplane at Love Field, and watching how obsequious Earle Cabell behaves while shaking JFK's hand, I also suspect that Earle Cabell knew very well what Walker, Surrey, Decker, Fritz, Hosty, Sorrells, Curry, Westbrook and Holmes had planned. However, my suspicion does not amount to material evidence. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  7. Paul Trejo

    The Warren Commission And Their Ego

    Evan, It's interesting that you've read the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission -- not many people have done that. I've also done that in the past quarter century, and here's my take on it: 1. All of Lee Harvey Oswald's family told the truth in their WC testimony. This includes Marina Oswald. 2. All of the Russian Emigre's told the truth in their WC testimony. At the worst, George De Mohrenschildt held back on matters he knew but nobody asked him about those. 3. All of the childhood character witnesses of Lee Harvey Oswald told the truth. 4. All the Marines from El Toro base told the truth about LHO. 5. Silvia Odio told the truth. 6. All of the authorities from Washington DC told the truth -- with the exception of J. Edgar Hoover -- who knew very well that Lee Harvey Oswald was never the Lone Gunman -- but for reasons of National Security, held the truth back (with the full knowledge of Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren). 7. All of the medical witnesses in the WC volumes knew the truth -- but were forbidden to tell that truth by the FBI and the Supreme Court. They danced around it. 8. The most vile lies in the WC begin with the Dallas Officials. The Dallas Police. The Dallas Sheriff. The Dallas Deputies. The Dallas Mayor. The Dallas Postal Inspector. The Dallas FBI. The Dallas Secret Service. There are more lies in their WC testimony than anybody has counted in the past half-century. 9. The lies in the WC continue with the Radical Right in Dallas. General Walker. Robert Allen Surrey. Bernie Weissman. Warren Reynolds. Robert Krause and Revilo P. Oliver. The liars in the WC volumes form the core of the JFK Assassination, in my reading. Best regards, --Paul
  8. Paul Trejo

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    David, I don't know about Paul Brancato, but I, for one, opine that Captain Fritz lied through his teeth about NEARLY EVERYTHING he claimed Lee Harvey Oswald ever said. NEARLY EVERYTHING. This goes for EVERYBODY who was in Captain Fritz's office during the final hours of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald (including James Hosty, James Bookhout and Harry Holmes).. All their reports agree, because they all took several weeks coordinating their public reports. It's bizarre that anybody would accept everything that the Dallas Police testified. Jason Ward has done some superior work analyzing the WC testimony of Captain William Westbrook and DPD Officer Gerry Hill -- and many more Dallas Police and Deputies whose WC testimony stinks to high heaven. Following these Radical Right Police in Dallas, one will eventually solve the JFK Assassination after more than 50 years. That said -- since I accept every word that Marina Oswald said while under oath -- I take it as a fact that LHO (1) had a pistol; and (2) outdrew JD Tippit in a fair fight. Otherwise, JD Tippit was ready to shoot LHO in the streets of Oak Cliff. I have no doubt of this. If anything -- Roscoe White was a second shooter at Tippit. Evidently, the pressure of the events of 11/22/1963 overwhelmed JD Tippit -- who had drawn his own pistol for some reason -- but most likely to kill Lee Harvey Oswald on the spot. All best, --Paul
  9. Paul B., Just in case you weren't paying attention -- that four-part video series that Michael Clark posted on this Walker-LHO-Dallas thread is boldly marked: "CIA Agents Killed RFK." Didn't you notice that? Too busy insulting? Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  10. Mark, RFK deserves his own thread -- wouldn't you say? After all -- TONIGHT IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE RFK ASSASSINATION. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  11. Says me and the US Government and Sirhan Sirhan himself. The CIA-did-it CTers look sillier every year. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  12. IN MEMORY OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY (1925-1968) A half-century ago, shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, RFK was shot in Southern California by a local Christian from Jordan, Sirhan Sirhan. RFK died early the next morning. One week later, General Walker sent his "Friends of Walker" society the four-page newsletter that I attach at the bottom of this post. Here is how this newsletter begins: I am neither shocked nor surprised. A Kennedy President was purged by political assassination. A Kennedy Senator and candidate for President was purged by political assassination. The message is clear. The liquidation of Kennedy family power was ordained by international intrigue. Here is how this newsletter ends: If authority, in the hands of the Attorney General and the Justice Department, had not seen fit to free Oswald and his associates in the attempted assassination of Edwin A. Walker -- there is no reason to doubt that President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy would be alive today. http://www.pet880.com/images/19680612_No_Tears_for_RFK.pdf IN MEMORY OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY (1925-1968) All best, --Paul Trejo
  13. Paul Trejo

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    I agree that Gerry Spence was unprepared.to defend Lee Harvey Oswald in London against Vincent Bugliosi. IMHO, Bugliosi arranged to sell his forthcoming book by convincing the London Trial Broadcast producers to avoid hiring Mark Lane at all costs. Even though the great Mark Lane never fully solved the JFK case, he would have mopped the floor with Vincent Bugliosi. Simply by excluding Mark Lane, the London Trial Broadcast producers demonstrated their bias. They deliberately chose a beginner in the legal defense Lee Harvey Oswald, instead of the world leader in his defense...who was available! Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. Hi Jason, I don't think I'm missing a link -- I think I'm missing final proof -- the smoking gun. I think we have enough proof that the Dallas cops and deputies were political motivated toward the Radical Right. They despised Washington DC folks as the "Eastern Establishment." They didn't like these Yankee snobs treating Texas natives like hillbillies and rednecks. It comes down to this -- who has the Power based on the Property. Texas in 1963 had more oil wealth than all the banks in New York city -- according to some. So, the next US President should have been a Texan -- and the days of Eastern millionaire Presidents were ancient history. I think we can see the Radical Right ideology -- the South versus Washington DC -- as a running theme in the WC testimony of the Dallas cops and deputies. The only question, as you say, is about their Leader. Was it Sheriff Bill Decker? Was it Chief Jesse Curry? Was it Captain Will Fritz? Was it Captain Westbrook? Perhaps. Yet I see far more plausibility in the leadership of General Edwin Walker -- the de facto leader of the Radical Right in Dallas. None of these other men were similarly extolled in Newsweek, for example: All best, --Paul
  15. Paul Trejo

    The Tippit Case in the New Millenium

    Paul B., In my opinion, the reason that that JFK's head first pushed forward before snapping backward was due to this: 1. A shot from behind pushed the head forward, and then, a split second later, 2. A shot from in front pushed the head backward. This explains many factors in the JFK cover-up by the FBI and the LBJ Administration, for example, why the JFK autopsy report was mangled; and why the JFK brain went "missing" and why the JFK autopsy photos are self-contradictory. The truth will show (IMHO) that there were at least TWO bullets in JFK"s brain --from Frangible bullets that would not exit the head, but explode in the skull... Regards, --Paul Trejo
  16. Jason, I will continue to wait patiently for your analysis of the WC testimony of Ex-General Edwin Walker (aka. General Walker), I know it's a ton of work. Please, take your time. In your analysis of General Walker, you might be interested in my 2012 thesis for H.W. Brands about General Walker. I cite Chris Cravens as one of my sources, but most importantly I cite the Briscoe Center for the Study of American History, and their collection of 90 boxes of the personal papers of General Walker. Anyway, here is how all Forum readers can access my thesis (in three parts) totally free for the next four days: A Brief History of Ex-General Edwin Walker -- Part One https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/501625 Promotional price: $0.00 Coupon Code: RG63Z Expires: June 4, 2018 A Brief History of Ex-General Edwin Walker -- Part Two https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/501629 Promotional price: $0.00 Coupon Code: HQ39Z Expires: June 4, 2018 A Brief History of Ex-General Edwin Walker -- Part Three https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/501646 Promotional price: $0.00 Coupon Code: CV94J Expires: June 4, 2018 You go to the URL, you navigate to "buy" the book, but instead of entering credit card info, you enter the Coupon Code in the box provided. Then you can download the essay freely. 'All best, --Paul
  17. Harry, Thanks for offering an excerpt from your personal manuscript/book, Crossroads (1990). You outline here the very definite clash in 1961-1963 between the John Birch Society and US President JFK. As Roger De Laria noted above, the 1993 masters thesis by Chris Cravens is another great source on this period. Cravens positively confirms your perceptions of the politics of 1961-1963. The advantage that you have over Cravens is that you were actually there. You were not only active politically in 1961-1963, first with the FPCC in Chicago, and then with the John Birch Society in Southern California, but you also met Loran Hall, Larry Howard and General Walker personally in Southern California. You saw first hand how JFK and the John Birch Society would clash head-on in the political arena. For example, on 4/27/1961 JFK gave a speech in which he slammed the Radical Right in the USA -- famously remarking that "they even protest the fluoride in our water." Also, when JFK gave a speech at the Hollywood Palladium on November 18, 1961, General Walker led a large group of protesters from a John Birch Society (JBS) meeting at the Hollywood High School gym to the Palladium, to picket JFK's presence in Southern California. Your quotations from Robert Welch (founder of the JBS) above clarify the intense hostility of the JBS towards JFK, at a level that could be called "paranoia," except that a Cold War was raging in the USA. Robert Welch thought of himself as a "Boston Tea Party" political figure, and his "hang separately" quip was borrowed from Ben Franklin, who wrote to his fellow Revolutionaries in 1776, "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." The JBS knew that they were guilty of undermining the USA -- and some of them feared actual reprisals from the FBI. But they really did nothing wrong -- until some rogues and extremists from among their number assassinated JFK in Dallas. There's my opinion. Finally, Harry, I will conclude with a note to Forum readers that you are the only source of your manuscript/book, Crosstrails (1990), and that interested readers can Message you privately on this Forum. All best, --Paul
  18. In Memory of our Fallen on this Memorial Day, 2018. My dad and three uncles served in WW2, in the Navy, in the Pacific theater, and one uncle died in uniform. I'm very proud of all of them.
  19. Jason, Regarding DPD Captain William Westbrook -- I appreciate this snippet from Dr. Jerry Rose which identifies DPD officers Baggett and Hawkins as his chauffeurs. Great work by Rose there. Yes -- Captain Westbrook's WC testimony is so messed up that one might suspect that he didn't care if people could figure out his motives or not -- he was almost bragging . I perceive this same attitude in General Walker's WC testimony. I saw the same attitude in General Walker's Mississippi Grand Jury testimony of January, 1963. Walker practically beamed with pride in describing his leadership among the student rioters at Ole Miss in September 1962 -- basically bragging in a muted manner (though hundreds were wounded and two were killed). So -- we agree with Doug Campbell that DPD Captain Westbrook is a prime suspect. Let's go further. What was Westbrook's role? It seems to me that Westbrook did basically nothing at the TSBD, so his testimony that he was even there is suspect. His main role seems to be to ensure that Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) was killed in the streets in Oak Cliff. That murder, in my opinion, seems well-planned. Here are the steps that I see -- half of this is from WC testimony, and half of this is my speculation that attempts to connect the dots of various WC witnesses. 1. LHO didn't shoot JFK; however, LHO knew the people who did. LHO had to get out of the TSBD as soon as possible. 2. LHO met an accomplice in a car outside the TSBD a few minutes after the JFK shooting, who drove him to his Oak Cliff rooming house. 3. LHO saw his rooming house supervisor, Earlene Roberts, around 12:45 pm, and he quickly got a jacket and collected his pistol. 4. While LHO was at his rooming house, a DPD police car came by with two policemen, and hocked the horn, twice, and then drove away, says Earlene Roberts. *** In my opinion, these two police were JD Tippit and Roscoe White. The honk was a signal for LHO to meet these officers down the road apiece. 5. LHO went outside to the local bus stop in view of Earlene Roberts. After a minute, he walked toward that police car waiting down the road apiece. He got into the car. *** LHO had no idea that Tippit and White had planned to shoot LHO in the streets. After all, LHO was already very well framed in New Orleans. 6. Tippit, White and LHO drove around Oak Cliff, arguing over something, and the argument turned into a fight. LHO got out of the car and kept walking. 7. Tippit and White drove up to LHO on East Tenth Street, near Patton, and LHO stood by the passenger window to continue the argument. 8. When JD Tippit exited the driver's side and pulled his weapon, both LHO and Roscoe White shot JD TIppit dead. 9. At about 1:15pm, a citizen used the car radio to call in the murder of Officer JD Tippit. 10. Captain Westbrook and his two chauffeurs (Baggett and Hawkins) had been waiting for a call to confirm that LHO was shot dead. Tippit's death was a shock to them. 11. Westbrook, Bagget and Hawkins immediately drove to Oak Cliff, along with at least five other DPD police cars. 12. Most of the DPD policemen who sped to the Tippit murder scene were not part of the JFK/LHO plot. *** So, Westbrook, who had agreed to kill LHO soon after JFK was killed had a new problem. How could the DPD plotters kill LHO in sight of all DPD police who were not part of the plot? *** Obviously, they could not. They had to settle for an arrest and a Plan B. 13. Once LHO was under arrest at the Dallas City Jail, a seat-of-your-pants plan to frame LHO quickly was hatched by Westbrook, Curry and their minions in the plot. 14. Most urgent of all was that LHO would not see legal counsel, and would be held at Dallas City Jail beyond normal limits, until he was murdered there. 15. Whoever was secretly counseling LHO -- somebody from the Radical Right in Dallas -- possibly Roscoe White -- convinced LHO to call Attorney John Abt in New York. *** LHO never heard of John Abt before, and John Abt never heard of LHO before. Yet Abt's name appears as a villain in JBS literature, so the "Abt ruse" was almost certainly a JBS subplot. *** As long as LHO remained convinced that Attorney John Abt was poised to "come and give him legal assistance," LHO would not demand any further legal counsel. 16. DPD Chief Curry and Captain Westbrook pressured the policemen in their plot to call in favors on an emergency basis, to find some underworld stooge to kill LHO for them. 17. DPD officers contacted Jack Ruby, and called in their favor. 18. After Jack Ruby killed LHO on 11/24/1963, Captain Westbrook's role in the JFK Assassination was finally over -- LHO was dead, as he had committed. So, Jason, there's a plausible sketch of Westbrook's role in the JFK Assassination, in my reading. I don't see Westbrook as the "mastermind" of the JFK plot, although admittedly, as the street supervisor of the death of the Patsy, his role was substantial. Yet, in my reading, Westbrook ultimately needed the help of Chief Curry to bail him out of the snafu that JD Tippit was shot in the streets of Dallas on 11/22/1963 -- instead of LHO. So, he had a secondary role, and he didn't do it very smoothly. That's my reading. All best, --Paul
  20. B.A. Copeland, I'm pleased to discuss these matters with anybody who is open to a Dallas-did-it CT. You are correct to interpret my posts as part of a Walker-did-it CT. I know Doug Campbell very well, having appeared on his Podcast three times now. I am pleased that Doug is working on his own Dallas-did-it CT, and I welcome his views in this thread. I would like to discuss why Doug suspects DPD Captain William Westbrook of such a central role in the JFK plot that Westbrook would be the man who invited General Walker into the plot. As for CIA officers in the JFK plot -- I am also certain they were involved -- but at a lower level. It's not that I want Dallas to be the only focus of the JFK Assassination, yet in my opinion, Dallas has received 1% of the attention in the past 50 years, and that is unacceptable. I am certain that Mexico City is a central player in the JFK Assassination -- but not as a CIA plot. In my view, the Mexico City CIA was clueless about the role of Lee Harvey Oswald there. That was proved by Bill Simpich (2014) in his theory of the top-secret CIA Mole Hunt of October 1, 1963. There would never have been a Mole Hunt if the CIA top command knew what was going on. Instead, in my reading, Mexico City was the third site (after Dallas and New Orleans) of a Radical Right plot to assassinate JFK and blame Lee Harvey Oswald and the Communists for it. A few CIA rogues joined this civilian plot. All best, --Paul
  21. Hi Jason, The Assistant Director of the FBI, Alan Belmont, specifically told the Warren Commission that the FBI carefully checked out the claims that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with the FPCC back in Dallas in April 1963, and the FBI flatly concluded that the claim was false. Here is the actual WC testimony. Mr. STERN - Question 8, Mr. Belmont, on page 5, sets out the information from a report by Agent Hosty regarding alleged Fair Play for Cuba Committee activity by Oswald while he was still residing in Dallas. Have you found that an investigation was conducted to determine whether that was accurate and do you think it should have been investigated? Mr. BELMONT - As to whether he was active with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Dallas? We did check. We have rather excellent coverage of such activities. There is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that he was active with the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in Dallas. And, as a matter of fact, I can go a step further and say that following his dissemination of pamphlets and his activities in New Orleans, our inquiry of our sources who are competent to tell us what is going on in the organizations such as Fair Play for Cuba Committee, advised that he was not known to them in New Orleans. So that his activities in New Orleans were of his own making, and not as a part of the organized activities of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Therefore, despite the falsehoods that Dallas FBI agent James Hosty tried to spread regarding Lee Harvey Oswald -- even early in 1963 -- he had no support in Washington DC among the FBI. So, now, Jason, as to your question about how the shooting at General Walker on April 10, 1963 was related to Oswald's move to New Orleans on April 24, and his later connection with the FPCC in the summer of 1963, here is my opinion. 1. We must first recognize that Lee Harvey Oswald discussed a move to New Orleans, with Marina, obtaining her strong approval, on April 17, 1963. This was only one week after the Walker shooting. 2. Marina Oswald told the WC that she strongly approved Lee's moving to New Orleans, because she was terrified that the police were looking for Oswald with regard to the Walker shooting, and she wanted him to get out of Dallas as quickly as possible. 3. On the afternoon of April 24, 1963, as Ruth Paine testified, she and her babies drove to Neely Street in Dallas to visit the expectant Marina Oswald and her baby, to enjoy a walk in the local park. Ruth was stunned to see Lee Harvey Oswald there. His bags were packed and he asked her for a ride to the Greyhound bus station, to leave his bags there before he moved to New Orleans -- alone. 4. Lee's plan was to buy two tickets -- one for himself and one for Marina -- but leave Marina alone in the Neely Street apartment for a few weeks until he found work in New Orleans, and then she would take the bus to New Orleans. 5. Ruth was outraged by this unloving proposal. Any normal man would take his wife and baby with him, wherever he was going (especially to a relative's house). Ruth at that point believed Marina's continual complaints that Lee Harvey Oswald wanted to abandon Marina and June, and even send them back to the USSR if he could -- because he was a failure at supporting them. 6. Ruth drove everybody to the Greyhound station, and there Ruth decided that she would finally propose what was on her mind for two solid months -- to invite Marina and June to come and live with her. 7. Oddly, Lee Harvey Oswald immediately jumped at that prospect. He took Marina Oswald's bus ticket back and cashed it in. He split the cash with Marina. Lee left his bags with Greyhound, and then they all drove back to Neely Street and Lee single-handedly loaded up Ruth Paine's station wagon with all of their meager belongings. Ruth was delighted to have Marina and June live with her and her two babies for a few weeks. 8. While Lee Harvey Oswald was in New Orleans -- specifically on May 26, 1963 (a full month after he moved there) -- he first wrote to the FPCC in New York City, asking their permission to establish a branch in New Orleans. They soon wrote back denying LHO a branch. LHO set it up anyway. 9. OK, now for my conclusion. 10. Lee was laid off from Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall on April 1, 1963, for poor performance. He delayed telling Marina as long as he could. His last day there was April 6, 1963. Ruth Paine had no idea about this, because Marina never told Ruth. 11. Lee took a pot-shot at General Walker on April 10, 1963 knowing he had no further work in Dallas -- and since he was laid off by J-C-S for poor performance -- they would not give him a positive reference for another job. 12. Four days later, on the late night of Saturday, April 13, 1963, George and Jeanne De Mohrenschildt got the Oswalds out of bed with the ruse of bringing baby June a toy Easter bunny from the local drug store. Actually, they wanted an answer nagging at them with every news report of the Dallas police seeking the shooter(s) at General Walker the previous Wednesday. 13. George and Jeanne were really looking for evidence that Lee was as wacky as he seemed. Jeanne asked Marina to show her around her apartment, and Jeanne snooped around until she found it -- a military rifle with a scope on it, there in the Oswald closet. 14. Jeanne shouted out to George, "Here is a rifle!" George asked Lee, "Lee, did you take a pot-shot at General Walker?" Lee froze and did not answer. He looked at Marina, who also froze. Marina looked back. They looked at George. George started laughing. Then they all started laughing. That cut the ice. Then the De Mohrenschildt's politely said goodnight, and left -- never to see the Oswalds again in their lives. 15. Early the next morning, George visited his best friends in Dallas, Igor and Natasha Voshinin, and over coffee, he told them his deep suspicions about Lee Harvey Oswald. Igor and Natasha never liked the Oswalds. They advised George to instantly tell the FBI. George said he could not do that, and he left. 16. The moment George left them, Natasha picked up the telephone and called the Dallas FBI, telling them everything that George had just told the Voshinins. 17. Numbers 12 to 16 above are from the report by Dick Russell (TMWKTM, 1993). My personal opinion begins now. 18. The Dallas FBI immediately told General Walker about the suspicion that Lee Harvey Oswald was his shooter. 19. General Walker then called all of his friends in the Radical Right -- from Georgia to Mississippi to Louisiana. When he told Guy Banister, Guy noted quickly that his close associate, David Ferrie, knew LHO in childhood, and had LHO's confidence. They could manipulate LHO for Walker. 20. A deal was made. Guy Banister and David Ferrie and their team at 544 Camp Street would involve LHO in their various Radical Right schemes. 21. Perhaps David Ferrie was able to contact Lee Harvey Oswald in the next few days, and make some attractive offers and promises of CIA employment (which Ferrie could not legally make, since Ferrie was never a CIA officer himself; yet the lie was more important than the truth here). 22. In any case, we know from WC testimony that Lee and Marina discussed his moving to New Orleans only 7 days after the Walker shooting. She strongly encouraged Lee to get out of Dallas. 24. By April 24th, only two weeks after the Walker shooting, Lee Harvey Oswald arrived in New Orleans, and lived with his aunt and uncle for two weeks. 25. Lee got a job at Reily Coffee Company. This was literally across the street from 544 Camp Street. Thus, it was a myth that LHO spent all his spare time at the garage next door to Reily Coffee Company when he was missing from his duties -- the likelihood is greater that LHO spent a great deal of his time at 544 Camp Street -- to the neglect of his machine greasing duties. 25. By May 26th, Lee Harvey Oswald first contacted the FPCC. These are how the dates play out, according to the online Timeline of LHO by Tracy Parnell (of this Forum) All best, --Paul
  22. Hi Jason, Thanks for this recognition of the weaknesses of all the major CT's out there -- the CIA-did-it, the Mafia-did-it, Hoover-did-it, LBJ-did it, or the Communists-did-it. We have plausible suspects in Dallas, deep inside the Dallas Police and Deputies, whose actions as revealed in their WC testimony makes them collectively, "Suspect Number One." The question now, is to describe -- by using material evidence only -- how they were organized -- who were the leaders -- and who were the followers. I think that we have the basics as follows: (1) the leaders in the Dallas Police were the actual high-ranking men inside the Dallas Police, namely, Chief Jesse Curry and Captain Will Fritz; (2) the leaders among the Dallas Deputies were the high-ranking men inside the Dallas Sheriff's Office, namely, Sheriff Bill Decker, Deputy Buddy Walthers and Deputy Luke Mooney; (3) the leaders among the Dallas FBI were James Hosty and James Bookhout; (4) the leader inside the Dallas Secret Service was Forrest Sorrels; and (5) the leader inside the USPD was postal inspector Harry Holmes. There were others underneath these men -- and most of them tended to have titles. This was, in my opinion, a well-organized plot by the Dallas Police and Deputies, with the assistance of the local branches of the FBI and Secret Service, and the local USPD office. I want to emphasize my opinion there -- that the Dallas FBI and the Dallas Secret Service plotted against JFK -- not the Washington DC offices of the FBI or Secret Service. That distinction is crucial. The key tendency of the Dallas plotters was an impatience to frame Lee Harvey Oswald as a Communist member of the FPCC, and that therefore the Communists-did-it. This tendency arises often within the WC testimony of these men. While I recognize that there were rogues within the CIA who confessed long ago to some role in the JFK Assassination, they could not have controlled Dallas as thoroughly s the Dallas Police and Deputies. They could not have controlled the crime scenes, the witnesses, the suspects, the suspects families and friends -- as well as the Dallas Police and Deputies. What, then, did these CIA rogues do? In my opinion, Jim Garrison in 1968 had identified their main roles -- almost entirely limited to New Orleans -- establishing the illusion for Lee Harvey Oswald that he was part of a legitimate Intelligence Team to kill Fidel Castro -- and that he would be greatly rewarded once that task was completed. Jim Garrison mainly identified the players around 544 Camp Street in New Orleans (and BTW I visited that location to see it close up). Joan Mellen also identified and interviewed many of them. Not one was a genuine CIA officer -- yet they all claimed to be CIA officers. An elaborate illusion was provided for Lee Harvey Oswald -- lasting several months, and taking him to Mexico City at the end of the summer of 1963. The names included Roy Hargraves, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Loran Hall and Larry Howard -- and these were active players in New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrian there. In Mexico City (according to Harry Dean) Loran Hall and Larry Howard drove Lee Harvey Oswald to Mexico City as a passenger in their car. As for the telephone impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City on October 1, 1963, I suspect CIA agent David Morales -- not anybody else -- because the operation was delicate -- it involved inside knowledge that the Cuba Consulate line to the Soviet Embassy was the single most wire-tapped telephone on planet earth. Only a CIA agent would know that. Next, it involved news from the Soviet Embassy that Lee Harvey Oswald, in his bumbling, had spoken with KGB assassin Valeriy Kostikov (without knowing it). This opportunity could not be missed -- that chance meeting must be made a matter of the CIA record there. Thus, a savvy CIA agent risked the telephone impersonation. The CIA translators figure out it was an impersonation within minutes. That started the Simpich Mole Hunt (2014). All the other CIA rogues who were vouching for the death of JFK, were also smart enough to stand behind people with a higher rank inside their secret plot. The highest ranking was David Morales. After him, E. Howard Hunt. After him, perhaps Rip Robertson. All others were citizens with no titles, like Frank Sturgis and John Martino. They did what they were told -- when they could be trusted to be team players. Anyway -- at the tippy top of the Dallas plot I find that the one thing the Dallas plotters all had in common was Radical Right ideology as voiced by the John Birch Society and the Minutemen in Dallas. The most outspoken leader in these two groups was General Edwin Walker. He deserves a careful examination, I believe -- starting with his WC testimony -- but also adding elements from his personal papers, and from the daily press in late 1963. Finally, if we can find anything in the new JFK Act Release of 26 Oct 2017 of 35,000 pages of unredacted text about the Dallas Police and Deputies -- and General Walker -- then I feel sure that would help enormously. All best, --Paul
  23. B.A. Copeland, In general, I have carefully examined the careers of these individuals in relation to the CIA-did-it CT when I was a CIA-did-it CTer 15 years ago. I am confident that David Morales was involved in the JFK Assassination at a lower level, as a rogue CIA officer. I am confident that Morales recruited the mercenary (and sometime CIA asset) Frank Sturgis to cooperate in this plot -- and I am confident that Frank Sturgis recruited CIA officer E. Howard Hunt. I am confident in these three, because they all confessed to an involvement. Nevertheless, I also feel confident that just because these three confessed to a role in the JFK Assassination, is no reason to jump to the conclusion that the CIA-did-it. Not in the slightest. Actually, all it means is that two rogue CIA officers, and one mercenary confessed to a role in the JFK Assassination. Yet how did they act, then, as rogues? In my CT, they all joined a Civilian JFK plot, namely, the one led in Dallas by General Walker. As for William Harvey -- I find no role at all for him. We cannot claim that everybody who hated JFK and RFK was a plotter in the Dallas murder of JFK. William Harvey admittedly hated RFK and JFK -- and would have joined a plot if he could -- but by 1963 he was living in Italy with a reputation of being a total drunkard from morning until night. He was an alcoholic -- a ruined man. While it is true that several Cuba raiders referred to Harvey's guidelines for political assassination, these were not unique plans. Rip Robertson is more complicated. A CIA officer in the 1940's, and an active agent in South American politics, and one of the players in the Bay of Pigs invasion, he was deeply resentful of JFK and RFK following the failure of the Bay of Pigs. Then he joined the JM WAVE station in Miami, and became part of the Bayo-Pawley mission to intercept two ranking Soviet defectors in Cuba. David Morales was also part of that mission, and so was John Martino. Larry Hancock maintains that John Martino had first-hand knowledge of the JFK Assassination, and I place a lot of weight in Larry Hancock's objective scholarship (as well as in his scholastic relationship with Bill Simpich). As with David Morales and E. Howard Hunt, I can accept the status of Rip Robertson as a rogue CIA guy who joined the Civilian plot in Dallas. (Larry Hancock, for example, records that John Martino was an active speaker in the John Birch Society in 1963.) Like Frank Sturgis, civilian John Martino was no CIA officer, but only a fanatic mercenary. Other civilian names associated with Rip Robertson include Roy Hargraves, Gerry Patrick Hemming and Felipe Vidal Santiago. Santiago was a Cuban naval officer who opposed Fidel Castro in 1959. In 1961 he joined Interpen, along with Hemming, Hargraves, Loran Hall and Larry Howard, and made Cuba raids with them. According to Dick Russell (TMWKTM, 1993) Felipe Santiago was an information channel to General Walker in Dallas. Larry Hancock (SWHT, 2003) agrees with this. Some researchers claim that they have photographic evidence of Felipe Santiago on the Grassy Knoll with Roy Hargraves. Some claim photo evidence of Rip Robertson on the corner of Main and Houston in Dealey Plaza. I accept as a good possibility that these Radical Right mercenaries eventually joined a plot with CIA rogues to support General Walker in a Dallas-based plot to kill JFK. The only question is the role that they played. For example, E. Howard Hunt himself claimed to have a role "on the sidelines." Felipe Santiago reported that General Walker at one point "lost interest in the Cuban Exiles." If that's correct, then that was because he had enough fanatical, local volunteers among the Radical Right inside Dallas. BOTTOM LINE: No CIA plot. These players worked within a local Dallas plot, led by General Walker. I think Felipe Santiago's mention -- along with Gerry Patrick Hemming's mention, and Loran Hall's mention of General Walker -- provides ample reason to keep digging inside Dallas. There's my opinion. All best, --Paul
  24. Hi Jason, The work of Jim Garrison shows a large quantity of investigation of the Radical Right in Louisiana and the USA South generally, and then he suddenly shifted to blaming the CIA near the end of his work, in 1968, when the Trial of Clay Shaw came to court (with flimsy evidence). The turning point was possibly when David Ferrie turned up dead -- either by suicide or murder. If it was a murder, I see no reason to blame the CIA rather than to blame the Radical Right. The Radical Right was just as willing to commit murder for its cause as any other fanatical group. (The murder of Medgar Evers on June 12, 1963, and the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church on September 15, 1963, provide sufficient evidence.) With the death of David Ferrie on February 22, 1967, the case of Jim Garrison was also dead. This may have contributed to his change of heart. One should know something about the John Birch Society, however. Even though most JBS members were middle class true-believers who never suspected foul play in the group -- those who organized it from the beginning knew the model -- in fighting the "Communist Party model" of local activism, the JBS imitated the Communist Party model of local activism. This was part of its vast power in the South -- the JBS consisted of local cells with an organized head which was well-funded. At a certain point, its allies included the coast-to-coast, heavily armed militia of the Minutemen. This was no militia of the US government. This was a coast-to-coast militia dedicated to toppling the US Government, which it called the "Eastern Establishment." They convinced each other that Washington DC was Communist, through and through. Based on this ideology, JFK was "wanted for treason." Yet Jim Garrison could not find enough data to solve his case. He had hoped that somebody in Dallas would step forward. To push this along, he floated a lie that he really had some secret person in Dallas already, who was gathering all available data. Yet the plotters in Dallas merely had to stick together and keep their mouths shut. This alone would guarantee that Jim Garrison's case would fail. All best, --Paul
  25. Hi Jason, The problem of Jim Garrison is one of the most interesting in all of 20th cetury US history. Jim Garrison surprised the world with his material evidence that New Orleans was a key feature of the JFK assassination. Jeff Caufield (2015) who maintains a Walker-did-it CT, says that he had access to all of Jim Garrison's papers in his reasearch. Jeff Caufield told me personally that in his opinion, Jim Garrison's first CT was that the Radical-Right-did-it, and that he only changed his position when he realized he would get no official help from anybody in the US Government (or in Dallas) for his important research. It was a matter of personal safety that led Garrison to blame the CIA -- because the CIA does not hit back. To address your numbered questions and documented sources: 1. I wholeheartedly agree with Jim Garrison that "serious students" of the JFK Assassination believe that LHO was a right winger. *** I myself maintain that LHO was an extreme right-winger in New Orleans. *** LHO was also a moderate right-winger (a Marine) since 1957, except for one brief period in early 1963, when he came under the influence of George De Mohrenschildt, a braggart who put on airs of being a CIA agent. Actually, George did some Russian translation for the FBI and CIA on occasion, and was certainly never a CIA official. *** Yet, believing that George De Mohrenschildt was a CIA operative, and might help get LHO a job in the CIA, our young LHO clung to old George. *** When George DM made it clear to LHO that George hated General Walker with a purple passion, our young and naive LHO made fast plans to please George by killing General Walker. (That's been my CT for longer than I've been on this Forum). *** George DM and his young engineer pal, Volkmar Schmidt, who both bad-mouthed General Walker -- certainly didn't want LHO to kill General Walker. They were both shocked by this outrage, and they distanced themselves from LHO immediately and forever. *** After this stupid act -- which LHO probably regretted as soon as he saw that George and Volkmar ran away -- LHO returned to the Right wing. *** Why LHO moved to New Orleans -- within days after the Walker shooting -- is unclear to all CTers for the past half-century. *** In my CT, General Walker learned of LHO's name (from Voshinin/FBI) in connection with this attempt on his life, and called his friends in the Right Wing immediately (Easter Sunday 14 April 1963). *** Walker quickly learned from his many rightist contacts in New Orleans that David Ferrie, who worked closely under Guy Banister, had known LHO since childhood. *** In my CT, Walker, Banister, Ferrie and Shaw hatched a plan to get revenge on LHO (starting on Easter Sunday 14 April 1963). *** If LHO wanted to be in the CIA so badly, they would promise LHO a guaranteed job in the CIA. All LHO had to do was to kill Fidel Castro. *** According to their secret plan, if LHO could kill Fidel Castro, he would be forgiven. Otherwise, LHO would be framed so perfectly that LHO could be killed anywhere in the USA with impunity. 2. There is never any reason to bring the CIA into the JFK Assassination when all the material evidence points to the Radical Right wing. They are two, vastly separate entities. *** According to Jeff Caufield, the original work of Jim Garrison was a focus on the Radical Right wing -- and he could get data on New Orleans players, but he failed to get information on Dallas players. He turned to the CIA-did-it CT for sheer safety. 3. The same applies to Guy Banister. When we recognize that he was a Radical Right leader -- a racist who ran for public office on the platform of racially segregating Louisiana Public Schools -- there is no need to bring the CIA into the picture. 4. I think that Jim Garrison is 100% correct to recognize that David Ferrie reactivated his former teenage student Lee Harvey Oswald into Radical Right politics in New Orleans. *** Jim Garrison did historians a massive service -- single-handedly -- with his discovery of a Radical Right plot in New Orleans to frame LHO as a Fake FPCC Communist. 5. I personally doubt that Oswald's patsyhood began with the 21 July 1963 FBI raid on the Cuba Raid camp at Lake Pontchartrain, led by David Ferrie on land owned by Carlos Marcello. *** As an aside, the name of Carlos Marcello was an alias. It means 'Karl Marx' in Spanish. It was a joke, of course. Even Mafia bosses have a sense of humor. *** In my opinion, since Oswald created a Fake FPCC in May 1963, his patsification began after the Walker shooting. I think the timeline supports this theory. *** Now, it may be possible that Walker and Banister obtained extra support from their Rightist lackeys, like Gerry Patrick Hemming, Loran Hall and Larry Howard, to kill JFK on the basis of this FBI shutdown of their Cuba Raid camp on 21 July 1963. *** It is likely that the JFK Assassination itself was not hatched early in the year, but it became more and more plausible as the year unfolded. *** It is interesting that LHO was in New Orleans when this FBI raid occurred on a Cuba Raid camp in which LHO was involved. *** Yet the first stirrings of the JFK Assassination -- in my opinion -- can be seen in the murder of NAACP hero Medgar Evers in his driveway in Mississippi very early in the morning of 12 June 1963. *** On the night of 11 June 1963 JFK appeared on television to announce that he supported Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his plea for Civil Rights in the USA. *** Actually, it was less than six hours after this JFK speech that Medgar Evers was shot and killed. *** Medgar Evers was best known for advising James Meredith in his bid to be the first Black American to attend Ole Miss University in September 1962. *** It was at Ole Miss that General Walker took his greatest political defeat -- not only in the failure of his massive and deadly protest march at Ole Miss on 30 September 1962, but also in Walker's involuntary commitment to a US Army insane asylum the very next morning, on 01 October 1962, ordered by JFK and RFK. All best, --Paul