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  1. Lee Henry Oswald

    Bill, Yes, it's volume 4 of the Warren Commission Hearings, on Thursday, June 11, 1964. It's around page 395. Here's a snippet: Mr. McKENZIE: Mrs. Oswald, you said a few minutes ago that Mr. Paine knows more about your husband’s attitude about the United States than you do. Why did you say that? Mrs. OSWALD: Because my husband’s favorite topic of discussion was politics, and whoever he was with he talked to them politics and Mr. Paine was with him a fair amount, and I am not sure they talked about polities. They went to meetings of some kind together, I don’t know what kind of meetings. Mr. McKENZIE: Do you know where the meetings were? Mrs. OSWALD: In Dallas. After they came back from some meeting my husband said to me something about Walker being at this meeting, and he said, “Paine knows that I shot him.” I don’t know whether this was the truth or not. I didn’t know whether it was true or not, but this is what he told me. Mr. McKENZIE: Would they go in Mr. Paine’s automobile? Mrs. OSWALD: Yes; it was about 2 days after this incident with [Adlai] Stevenson or the next day, or maybe it was the same place, or the next day that a meeting was held where General Walker appeared. The time and place check out. General Walker's US Day rally was on October 23, 1963 at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium new Dealey Plaza. Adlai Stevenson's UN Day rally was on October 24, 1963 at the Dallas Memorial Auditorium. Stevenson was humiliated in Dallas that night, as planned by General Walker and his people the night before. I interviewed Larrie Schmidt about this some years ago, and he admits that Walker organized that humiliation. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  2. Lee Henry Oswald

    Bill, Ever since 2014, when I first read your free eBook on the Mary Ferrell web site, I came away with the opinion that your Mole Hunt discovery had acquitted the JJ Angleton and the CIA high-command from any knowledge about who had Impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald over the heavily wire-tapped telephone in Mexico City, at the Cuban Consulate, calling the Soviet Embassy there. Your eBook, State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City (2014) has completely changed the narrative paradigm for the JFK CT community, in my opinion. Yet I was surprised back in 2014 when you distanced yourself from my interpretation of your Mole Hunt discovery. I am still surprised, but I am grateful that you are willing to discuss this disconnect directly. I do agree with you that JJ Angleton was so obsessed with the USSR and the domino theory (to which JFK also subscribed) that he completely neglected the Radical Right in the USA. I think the same can be said of JFK, to some degree. JFK did lay down some barrier lines for the John Birch Society in one of his Los Angeles speeches -- the "fluoride" speech. Yet he did not insist that his people especially track General Walker for him -- any more than they already did. The FBI was tracking General Walker through James Hosty (according to Hosty himself, 1996). The CIA's duty was to look overseas for signs of trouble. So, one could rationally excuse Angelton for letting Hoover handle the domestic stuff. The real question for me is this -- WHO IMPERSONATED LEE HARVEY OSWALD -- and why didn't the CIA high-command know? It had to be a CIA agent, because the impersonator knew that this was the most wire-tapped phone in the world, and also that LHO had visited Kostikov (not knowing who the heck Kostikov really was) only the weekend before. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  3. New Book!

    Well, Ernie, that door swings both ways. For the past 53 years, Harry Dean has given the JFK CT community facts and truths that are IMPORTANT. The fact that some unethical forces distorted Harry's story in the early 60's through the early 70's, must be reviewed seriously, for a change. The nonsense that Harry Dean was an both an FBI agent and a CIA agent is patent fiction, written by a well-known fiction writer of the time, W.R. Morris. This sort of nonsense even infected the FBI perception of Harry Dean in the early 1960's, and of course during J. Edger Hoover's obsession to push his "Lone Nut" theory of Lee Harvey Oswald, the FBI would stomp down irrationally on any "Conspiracy Theory" in the USA -- especially any that wanted to focus attention on General Walker and his Minutemen in Dallas, along with the rest of the Radical Right in Dallas, in the South, and in Southern California. Harry Dean is one of the most persecuted eye-witnesses in the entire JFK saga. One must look to Ruth Paine and Marina Oswald to find witnesses who were even more persecuted in the past half-century. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  4. New Book!

    Ernie, Your statements now just boil down to being mean, don't they? Your incessant and virtually obsessive attacks on Harry Dean over more than a decade, is a spectacle all in itself. As for Harry Dean and I, we remain good friends, even though we are no longer business partners. As for Jeff Caufield, he is ten times the scholar you'll ever be -- despite your achievements in FBI record dissemination -- because Jeff knows how to be objective. My statements are, aside from a few errors here and there, based on careful scholarship in the works of SCHOLARS. I read lots of material, and I combine their writings to form my opinions. I don't make stuff up like many CTers do. Your irrational attacks on me and on Harry Dean -- for many years -- are disturbing on this thread and in this Forum. As for Harry Dean -- I maintain that his account of the JFK Assassination has more truth that any CT in the CIA-did-it universe, and that Harry is a welcome support for the Walker-did-it CT of Jeff Caufield and myself. I also say that Harry Dean is a great American, and I'm proud to know him. His exploits for and against Fidel Castro are exciting to read about. I would remind the reader that Harry Dean's manuscript, Crosstrails (1990) is available from Harry Dean and nobody else. Harry is over 90 now. Consider that. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  5. The photographs on this thread are wide open to question. I have a more plausible answer to the 2.5 teeth missing in the LHO middle school photo -- the photo was retouched. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  6. New Book!

    Ernie, When it comes to FBI research (and only FBI research) I am not alone in respecting your work. You've collected a lot of material and organized it for faculty and students alike. I do respect that, still. But when it comes to JFK research, you appear to me to be a fish out of water. You're out of your element, Ernie. You know the least about JFK CT literature than perhaps anybody on this Forum -- ever. That's not speaking with a forked tongue -- that's just saying it like it really is. You have some strengths, and you have some weaknesses. You're human. What I REALLY object to, however, is your incessant, unrelenting, almost obsessive attacks on Harry Dean, year after year after year. To keep this post on topic, I'd add that Jeff Caufield, unlike yourself, was willing to take an objective look at Harry Dean's account. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  7. New Book!

    Ernie, IIRC, this was BEFORE you joined the Forum. In my opinion, for some bizarre reason, you chose to come to this Forum with the express purpose of persecuting Harry Dean. My defense of Harry Dean has occupied your time for YEARS. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  8. Why Would Oswald Have Hidden the Gun?

    There was no reason for LHO to hide his rifle -- so he didn't. However, he DID tell Marina Oswald on the night of the Walker shooting that he hid his rifle. (NOTE: The Russian word for "buried" also means, "hid.") Yet LHO was accustomed to lying to Marina Oswald. Another lie that LHO told her was that he was alone. He was not alone. Another lie that LHO told her was that he was on foot. He was not on foot. Another lie that LHO told her was that he also took the bus. He took no bus. LHO had accomplices who had cars and other rifles. Insofar as LHO tooka rifle, then he left it in his accomplices' car for the night. He Simple enough, in my reading. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  9. Douglas, In my reading, it is extremely unlikely that the answers to the JFK Assassination rest in foreign nations, since there it has been a half-century, and there was never any "Lone Nut" ban placed on JFK evidence in foreign nations. If foreign nations had HARD EVIDENCE, they would have entered the US Free Press marketplace and tried to make their millions, just like every other CT out there. I'm not surprised to see Miami and its Cuban Exile aristocrats attempting one more time to blame the Communists and Fidel Castro for the JFK Assassination -- since it is extremely embarrassing to them that JFK was Assassinated during the generation that thousands of wealthy Batistas came to escape Fidel here in Miami. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  10. New Book!

    Ernie, The reason there is no way to quote what you posted about 4 years ago, is because it was deleted from the Internet - probably at your request. The claims you made were on a web site called, "The Strange Love of Billy James Hargis" by Lee Roy Chapman. He was in the process of writing his page, and about 4 years ago you and I had a spirited debate on the topic of Harry Dean. When a reader goes to that web page now, all the Q&A was DELETED (probably at your request) and Mr. Chapman only has a "thank you to Ernie Lazar and Paul Trejo," in the ending credits. Anyway, Ernie, that's where you claimed that Harry Dean had no FBI Number and so you knew as a FACT that he had no FBI Records. I proved you wrong. You have always failed to admit that -- to this very day. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  11. The Southern born LHO also lived in New York for several years. Also, when he was very young, his wealthy step-father, Edwin Albert Ekdahl, an engineer, was continually traveling for his work, and he took Marguerite and young Lee along with him everywhere across the USA. They stayed at only the best hotels and resorts. Lee knew what "room service" was when he was barely five years old. Born in New Orleans -- yes. Raised in the South? No. Naturally, then, he would never speak with a Southern accent. Remember, too, that boys in the South would pick on him, calling him "Yankee" which got him into a few schoolyard fights. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  12. New Book!

    I would point out that about 4 years ago, Ernie Lazar said publicly that Harry Dean HAD NO FBI Records at all, and that Ernie knew this for a FACT because Harry had no FBI Number. I presented this as a question to Dr. Jeffrey Caufield, knowing he was working on the book which is the topic of this thread. Dr. Caufield immediately sent me the FBI Number for Harry Dean. (I'm very busy at work today, so I'll find the details later for this thread. For now, I'll go by memory). In any case, Ernie Lazar immediately changed his tune, and found dozens of FBI files on Harry Dean, and claimed that he always knew this. He never gave Jeff Caufield or myself any credit for this knowledge. This is the sort of person we're dealing with here. Lazar always knows what he knows AS A FACT -- until he gets more facts. US Navy sailor, Harry Dean, is important to US History and to the JFK Assassination saga, because of these connections in his life: 1. Fidel Castro (1961) 2. The FPCC in Chicago (1961) 3. The FBI in Chicago (1961) 4. Gabby Gabaldon in Southern California (1962) 5. The John Birch Society in Southern California (1962) 6. The Minutemen in Southern California (1963) 7. Loran Hall in Southern California (1963) 8. Larry Howard in Southern California (1963) 9. General Walker, visitor to Southern California (9/1963) Insofar as these persons were involved in the JFK Assassination, the claims of Harry Dean since 1965 on the Joe Pyne Show, remain vital to this very day. (Add to this list the FBI in SoCal) Skeptical dogmatists like Ernie Lazar, in the final analysis, are JUST JEALOUS that such a humble guy as Harry Dean could have lived such a colorful and exciting life. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  13. What are the chances that this photograph was altered -- not recently -- but way back in 1964, or when it was presented to LIFE magazine. Could it be a hoax? Or what about the chances that this photograph was altered (retouched) way back in 1954, in middle-school, as a teenage prank? I ask because I still haven't received a good explanation for the photograph showing 2.5 teeth missing -- instead of one tooth. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  14. Sandy, It's not two, it's easily more than two. Please comment on the blowup -- one could fit more than 3 teeth in that space. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  15. Jim, You've evaded my question again. The photograph you extol -- in any reproduction, but especially the blow-up -- shows that Lee Harvey Oswald was missing at least 2.5 teeth. How do you explain that? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  16. Lee Henry Oswald

    Tommy, I choose option (A). James Jesus Angleton had no clue about who Impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald -- so he wasn't part of the JFK Kill Team. Of course he was as paranoid as a squirrel, but that has nothing to do with the issues at hand. The CIA Mole Hunt to find the truth about the Impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City on October 1, 1963, is, in my reading, the very exoneration of the CIA high-command in the JFK Assassination. This was not intended for public consumption -- so its discovery a half-century later by Bill Simpich is, in my reading, a key event in US History. Best regards, --Paul Trejo
  17. The KGB and the JFK case

    I also find Silvia and Annie ODIO to be credible. I would like to point out Harry Dean's claim that the "2 Cubans" were in reality the Cuban-American Loran Hall, and the Mexican-American Larry Howard. Both Silvia and Annie said that the second Cuban "looked like a Mexican." Harry Dean said that Loran and Larry were his good friends, and they all had a fourth friend and fearless leader, Gabby Gabaldon, who gave Loran and Larry a big wad of money to drive Lee Harvey Oswald to Mexico City and back again. It is interesting that Mexico Immigration Records records that LHO entered and exited Mexico as a passenger in a car. Most of the "bus trip" witnesses are easily shown to be victims of "mistaken identity." A few were in direct complicity with the FBI "Lone Nut" paradigm. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  18. Lee Henry Oswald

    Tommy, Bill Simpich also answered that question in 2014. Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA 201 File was modified approximately ONE HOUR after the Impersonation itself, by the CIA high-command at the Mexico City station on the premises, immediately following the urgent English translation by the expert linguists on site. The English translators at the CIA Mexico City station knew within minutes that this was an Impersonation. I opine that the person who handed Ann Egerter the modified LHO 201 file was also ignorant that it was modified. A Mole Hunt is always conducted ONLY at the very tippy-top highest levels of any organization -- otherwise it is ineffective. In my opinion, the most important question is how FBI agent James Hosty came to see the October 10, 1963 cable that Ann Egerter sent out. Hosty describes it in chapter one of his book, Assignment Oswald (1996), claiming that this is when he first heard about Valeriy Kostikov, KGB killer, who had met Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City on September 27 and 28, 1963. All best, --Paul
  19. Lee Henry Oswald

    Bill, This 83 page document refers to the top secret CIA Mole Hunt to determine who Impersonated Lee Harvey Oswald on October 1, 1963. On pages 75-79 we learn that Ann Egerter was not a part of that CIA Mole Hunt -- it went over her head. She was left out of the loop. She sent out a cable on October 10, 1963, with data from LHO's modified 201 file, without knowing that the 201 data was modified. In this document, Ann Egerter was still embarrassed that the cable data was incorrect, because it was her job to ensure the correctness of the cables. So -- again Mr. Simpich -- your "CIA Mole Hunt" discovery obtains fresh reinforcement today. I'm not surprised. I think the ignorance of the vast majority of CIA agents and clerks in 1963 with regard to the Mexico City Impersonation of Lee Harvey Oswald is a profound discovery in your unique JFK Research. Very well done. In my opinion, this specific "CIA Mole Hunt" must be included in any JFK CT going forward after your discovery -- or that CT is obsolete. Best regards, --Paul Trejo, MA
  20. New Book!

    Ernie, It really isn't as "cute" as you think, to speak of me as being "off your meds." A Moderator should look at that. You have nothing to stand on to allegedly "correct" my errors. On the topic of the JFK Assassination, you're a beginner. Other people here at least have a JFK CT, but you don't even have that. The CTers are obviously biased, though, like you are. I've not only read Jeffrey Caufield's book, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015), but I actually supported him with encouragement, and with photographs from General Walker's personal papers at UT Austin -- just as he sent me photographs from other Walker collections, during the time that Caufield was writing it. Caufield carefully targets the FBI memos that he uses, to build his CT in the JFK Assassination. You, on the other hand, post FBI memos willy nilly, by the hundreds or thousands, just on their own. You use this Forum thread about Jeff Caufield's recent book as your personal dumping ground. To accuse me of being a "mental midget" is also less "cute" than you think it is, Ernie. A Moderator should look at that, too. While it is true that I've been suspended four times in the past 6 years of my activity here -- that was entirely due to biased members who gathered together to try to get me banned forever, simply because I successfully challenged their CT, to which they had only feeble responses. I was suspended as Forum Leaders examined the evidence. The biased members always failed. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  21. How did Hosty expect to talk to Marina?

    Pamela, I wonder if you'd agree with me on this one point. If (and only if) Marina Oswald was telling the complete truth in her WC testimony, then FBI agent James Hosty was evidently over-reaching for some political reason when he publicly suspected Marina Oswald of being a KGB sleeper agent (i.e. he also claimed this in his 1996 book). Regards, --Paul Trejo
  22. New Book!

    Ernie, In your desperation to prove me wrong for the past several years, you are now denying that you are trying to prove me wrong. This only underscores your failure to accomplish your mission. Nobody knows why you don't get tired of it. It's like your years and years of attacks on Harry Dean -- perhaps the most important living witness of the JFK Assassination through the eyes of General Walker, Loran Hall and Larry Howard. You continue to post page after page of data about FBI files related to anything EXCEPT the JFK Assassination. It's as though you're oblivious to the fact that this is specifically a JFK Forum, and not a defend-the-FBI Forum. Oh, well. As long as the Moderators allow your nonsense here, so will I. But I'll keep pointing out that it's nonsense. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  23. Did the Dallas Radical Right kill JFK?

    Jason, ROTFL Former agents of the KGB have fallen all over themselves trying to make money on rumors about Lee Harvey Oswald. No doubt many are getting ready to try it all over again. The only credible KGB eye-witnesses to Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 were Valeriy Kostikov and Oleg Nechiporenko. Kostikov was kind enough to avoid rumors. Nechiporenko (1993) at least told the truth about his opinion and Kostikov's opinion of Lee Harvey Oswald on September 27 and 28, 1963, namely, that they body thought that Oswald was "neurotic" (Passport to Assassination, p. 106). Finally, the KGB material has not been held back by the JFK Records Act since 1992. So, these rumors of KGB "secret files" merely represents some more money-grubbers trying to make another buck off of Lee Harvey Oswald and JFK. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  24. I perceive a new interest in the CT that the Radical Right in Dallas was behind the JFK assassination. This would include such WC witnesses as General Walker, Robert Alan Surrey, Revilo P. Oliver, Bernard Weisman, and possibly included Dallas officials, Will Fritz, BIll Decker, Jesse Curry, Buddy Walthers, Harry Holmes, James Hosty, Forrest Sorrels, Earle Cabell and others in their company. Such a theory would attempt to harmonize with Jim Garrison and Joan Mellen's identification of a dozen people in New Orleans, including Guy Banister, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Jack S. Martin, Fred Crisman and Tommy Beckham. Also implied are Rightist elements in the South including Joseph Milteer, Billy James Hargis, Ed Butler, Carlos Bringuier and Kent Courtney. It would also include people who have already confessed, such as Frank Sturgis, Howard Hunt, David Morales, Roscoe White, Loran Hall, Gerry Patrick Hemming and Lee Harvey Oswald. As a starting point, the recent book by Dr. Jeffrey Caufield, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015) is presented. Regards, --Paul Trejo
  25. Jim, You keep posting that "toothless" photograph of LHO in middle-school, but you continually evade my question. That space in the teeth as portrayed in that photograph is as large as 2.5 teeth. And yet you continually maintain that only one tooth was missing. How do you explain that? Regards, --Paul Trejo