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  1. If I remember correctly, wasn’t the car in this last photo registered to Mary Ferrell and her husband? They were driving through Dealey Plaza that day. Did they drive all the way to the hospital?
  2. Larry, did Tom offer any opinions about the rifle or rifles found that day when he was filming? Or what the officers who found and viewed them said in front of him? Chris
  3. Do you all think Westbrook was trying to pull a fast one by changing 107 to 207, which had an alibi attached to it?
  4. It’s worth noting here that Clarence A. Rector was actually interviewee by the Warren Commission because of his connection to Jack Ruby. Clarence stated that he had an automobile transportation business. And that he had recently been in Cuba. Just a few more data points for this mysterious Car 107. -Chris
  5. Wow, Remegio Arce really does bear a string resemblance to Bernard Barker. Is it possible that Seymour Weitzman actually saw Arce on the grassy knoll instead of Barker, who he later identified? Chris
  6. Thanks, DVP. I've watched dozens of hours of material that you have collected. Always appreciated. Chris
  7. Thanks, Chris. I did find a place called Film Rescue International that will still develop Kodachrome. But since the chemical process was kept secret when Kodak stopped using it, they can only develop in B&W. http://www.filmrescue.com/old-movie-film-developing/ -Chris
  8. Chris, I'm sure you've mentioned this in an earlier post somewhere. But is it your opinion that Zapruder shot in slow motion (48 FB's) and that that film was altered at Hawkeye Works to bring it down to 18.3 fps? Do you also feel that they made splices in the film such as the turn? And that they cropped the field of view at the bottom? Just wanted to make sure I knew where you (and perhaps David as well) stood on the film. I seemed to remember a photo of you standing in the place Zaprider was. Did you take some test film of your own? Recently I obtained one of the B&H Directors cameras
  9. David, Just an idea, but if you were to put it on Google Docs, you could make it easy for others to collaborate on it if that is your intention. Of course, you can control who can view and/or edit it. Best, Chris
  10. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and analysis. This has been fascinating reading, especially the timeline. Look forward to learning more! -Chris
  11. That's a good point, Richard. I had never thought of the "sniper's nest" as a red herring before.
  12. The timeline of what happened in the TSBD has been analyzed to death. But most of the onus has been put on whether LHO was (or could have been) on the sixth floor when Kennedy was shot. I accept the fact that it was highly unlikely he was on the sixth floor at 12:35pm that day. But presuming there was a two-person shooter/spotter team in that building, how did they get in and out at the proper time given that they also had to setup LHO as a patsy? Here are a few data points to start the discussion. 1. The shooters couldn't know the motorcade was running late at least until it left Love Field
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