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  1. Hey Len, Yes, he was. Apologies, I knew when he died, and what I wrote above was a mistake. I edited my above post to fix it and I posted a quick thanks for pointing it out to me. Also, I've looked into this case in particular quite a bit in the past, I've watched various documentaries on it, posted about it on another forum and so on. I found it truly fascinating, although let's just say I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert just yet. Far from it. With posting this thread I'd be interested to hear what everyone's opinion on it is, that's all. I wanted to take an opportunity to try and
  2. Oh, I'm sorry, I guess I just assumed. Anyway, here's some information from the Spartacus.Schoolnet site. (Source)Here's a documentary on him: The Murder of Fred Hampton, part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn0PiDvVXDY The Murder of Fred Hampton, part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgwrD-dOI70&feature=relmfu The Murder of Fred Hampton, part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6CEaS0PBhc&feature=relmfu The Murder of Fred Hampton, part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPrYLhh2mPs&feature=relmfu He really is a fascinating person in my opinion, and It's a shame he we
  3. Hey all, As well as the JFK case, there’s other incidents from American history, despite me being a Brit here, that I just find truly fascinating. The case of Civil Rights leader Fred Hampton is certainly one of those. Supposedly, to cut a long story short, he was murdered through the rather controversial Cointelpro program during a raid on his apartment while he slept on the 4th of December, 1969. Information on his apartment coming from and being provided to the FBI by William O’Neal I believe, an informant for the FBI who got close to Hampton and was later found through the Church Commit
  4. I don't post too much admittedly but I have to say, I'm very much looking forward to reading this as well. Thanks for posting about it. The calendar has been marked.
  5. Hey there Rodney, I hope you're doing well. Yeah it was down for a short while yesterday, I think an hour or so at a maximum (Although I'm not even sure how long exactly to be honest). It's still new and everything though so I've been working on various stuff, such as a new layout for example. I brought it down a few times while I worked on that as at times it looked rather messy let's say - All is working now however and I have something set up which I'm happy with. But yeah, that's why it my have been down. In regards to thing's picking up.. they have done. A lot. I was kind of surprised
  6. Hello Mr. Hall, Thank you. And thanks to all those who choose to join and share some of their knowledge. It is appreciated at least by me.
  7. Hey Kathleen,

    No, I know on the internet not everyone's going to be so comfortable with throwing out their personal details so I'm not making it so using real names are mandatory. I've used mine though to try and promote that use and to show it's ok and everything but nothing like that is being forced. I just don't think it's entirely fair.

  8. Hello, Well this was a bit of a surprise to see admittedly, lol. But a nice surprise as it's my forum being advertised, I set it up with-in the last week or so now. I agree with Robert, no one has to, or is being asked to leave this forum. Far from it. I like it here myself, some of the debates I've read (as I have been more of a reader than a poster) have been truly fascinating, have been full of knowledge and I really do hope they continue. With setting up my forum though I originally wanted to have a place of discussion of my own though, an add-on to the main site I was building up - Th
  9. Hello John, Yes, it is a very interesting case to discuss and think about I've found. In fact It's just one of those cases which, after you've started to look into it even a little bit, you find just impossible to ignore. I'm also pretty interested in other cases as well btw, such as the RFK assassination, the Chappaquiddick incident, the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, Jack the Ripper, the unfortunate death of Marilyn Monroe, Lee Bowers, Dorothy Kilgallen and many more. On another forum I'm a member of I think I've wrote about all of these cases if I remember right. So because of this I may
  10. Hello to all who may read this post. On another forum that I'm a frequent member of I recently started a thread on the topic of James Kelly and his potential connection to the original Jack the Ripper from the late 1800's, but upon doing some research into this character I found that towards the end of his life, and shortly after returning to broadmoor asylum after a dramatic escape around 40 years earlier, he's said to have wrote out a rather detailed "end of life confession" as it's sometimes known, or a diary of his movements in the time he went missing from 1888 to 1927. Particularly di
  11. Hello, My name’s Billy, I’m 19 years old and I’m currently living in the UK where I’ve been all my life so far. I came across the JFK assassination over a year ago now where I chose to look into it just by chance (I guess I wanted to see “what it was all about”) and ever since I’ve just been so fascinated with the entire case, particularly Lee Harvey Oswald, his time in Russia, the possibility of Intelligence work involving the assassination of JFK, and of course the events surrounding his death at the hands of Jack Ruby. Ever since looking into this case just over a year ago and a few mont
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