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  1. The "database" is a collection of articles pasted together with logical or intelligent separators between each article, into a large plaintext file. Pasteups are extremely simple and automated - all that's required is for each article to have a relevant header and filename. Indexes are generated by an indexing program, which can be set to index each word (using an exclude list for "and", "the", etc.) or index phrases consisting of a defined number of words. I generate multiple indexes and then access each through a "carousel"-style menu. None of this was ever converted to Windows code, so the databases weren't sold after ca. 1999. Still, they do a lot more lots quicker in DOS..... Access to the "database" is through the index screen that shows 40 or so results per screen surrounded by context, toggles to the actual text (which allows string/substring searches in the body of text) and returns to the index as needed. The toolset also allows creation of dictionaries, paragraph queries, etc.
  2. Craig, like many people who worked in that area in 1963, was just another quirky guy who happened to enjoy the deputy sheriff job, or it just paid better than the alternatives. A relatively unsophisticated man, whose expertise was guns and shooting, he would be woefully unprepared to deal directly with the crooks from Washington DC. I'm 99.9 percent certain that Craig was as honest as they get, and the fact that we know as much from him as we do in the middle of a big Secret Service murder of the president of the U.S. is a miracle itself.
  3. Johnson not only took immediate charge, he cleansed the limo, grabbed clothing from Henry Gonzales' possession and laundered it, had the SS (which he controlled) take possession of the body and mangle that evidence. Everything points to LBJ, not as plot instigator, but as the key coverup man, who BTW was the no. 1 beneficiary.
  4. Which shot nicked Tague with the piece of flying concrete? The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, six, seventh, ... ? --Tommy The shots were apparently in volleys, so that probably adds confusion as to the sequence number of any one shot.
  5. Our most basic problem that has never been addressed is that we allowed the chief suspect in the crime to control all of the evidence and investigations from the beginning. This is absurd. We know of course that new laws have made the killing of the president a federal crime, but even then, the highest federal law enforcement official is under direct control of the successor to the dead president, so the new laws still allow the chief suspect to control all of the evidence and investigations. Does anyone else see a problem with this? An analogy would be if a woman is murdered in her home, and she has a husband or boyfriend, they are usually the first suspect. If the suspect has an alibi, the alibi does not preclude the suspect having hired a third party to murder the victim. This is even more true with a political murder. The new president, Lyndon Johnson, oversaw the murder of JFK, RFK, and MLK.
  6. One of the interesting points about the shooting sequence based on the assumption of all shots originating in the 6th floor sniper's nest is the trajectory down to the curb near where James Tague was standing. From what I remember, that shot is very, very wide of the president's car. It's hard to believe it was accidental (when shot from the sniper's nest).
  7. The problem you'll have getting this to sink in to the general consciousness is 49 years of acceptance by the JFK research community to argue around this standard. Our acceptance of rumor, false evidence, speculation etc. for argument's sake, along with our acceptance of the notion of 'Conspiracy Theory' and 'Conspiracy Theorists' has cost us a lot of traction in this case.
  8. He does seem to have gotten a revolver, but there are only two *reasonable* possibilities for shells found near Tippit's body. 1) The revolver shells were planted, not ejected from the gun, or 2) They were ejected by the semi-automatic handgun used to shoot Tippit. Don't even try to pass the notion to this jury member that Oswald would frame himself by emptying a revolver next to Tippit's body. EDIT: It might also help for persons who have experience with low-cost revolvers to describe the process of emptying and reloading. In the JFK film they have one scene of that based on the Oswald example, but where they show the shells falling out easily while the killer is moving quickly, it doesn't square with my experience. In my experience with the lower-cost revolvers, the shells are usually difficult to remove, more often than not requiring use of the ejector tool, and you can't do that while running.
  9. State your very best couple of evidences then, since you're dealing with a lot of very knowledgable readers here who will quickly deconstruct anything less than the best.
  10. I've taken the position for a long time that Conspiracy Theorist is one of the rare hate-word terms still allowed in general discourse, especially major media, to characterize honest persons and real researchers as just the opposite. Since Barry's book is about evidence, I'd suggest looking at that instead of using the disinformation technique of character assassination.
  11. Good to see David posting here. If he wasn't I'd be concerned he was somewhere else getting into trouble. But since we have those two things that prove beyond a reasonable doubt Oswald's guilt, I'd better take that wrapped up package of hangers out of my car before someone thinks I'm about to go on a shooting rampage. And g_d forbid there be an oil stain on the package. Ah, but why worry, it can always be added later. As to the rifle assassinating the president, who knows? The rifle could have been anywhere during the actual shooting, although I'd suggest it would have to be fairly close to the car since the scope was unusable. In any case, if I were taking the Single Bullet scenario to a real jury, I think I'd revert back to the Mauser and say the Carcano was also found but not fired, just so we have a real rifle capable of such incredible performance. Tying the Mauser to Oswald wouldn't be a problem - just say DeMohrenschildt gave it to him.
  12. The controllers are getting their way here, and the truly sincere are leaving. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  13. Billy, the reason this case is so important, and the reason there is so much disinformation and lying and coverup and even murder of witnesses and investigators is because of who did it. Not a lone nut, but persons in authority in the United States. I don't mean to be pessimistic or scare anyone, but I can tell you that the closer you get to making a difference in this case, the greater will be the backlash against you from the keepers of the official secrets. This is not an old case - the JFK case is very much current events. There are some very important things you need to do to insure your effectiveness, and those are to learn to identify disinformation people (who are very subtle and clever), and to avoid being drawn into discussions that tie you up and waste your time, by those same people. To get some idea of what you're up against if you start your own blog or forum, read as much as you can about projects like Mockingbird where the CIA gained control of every major news outlet in the U.S., and maintains that control to this day. Read also about Northwoods and the reality of military terrorism in the U.S., which in my view and the view of many other good people includes 9/11. Many good people have lost their lives battling government corruption, and the JFK case is the Rosetta Stone of modern day government corruption. If you are able to develop a forum or blog on JFK, try to learn how disinformants work and keep them off, because their highest priority is to discourage other people from participating by whatever means they can use to accomplish that. Screening people is probably the most difficult thing in the world to do, but our examples from real life show that the really influential persons who are assassinated are almost always done in by someone on the inside. That may even apply to JFK.
  14. Gil, you might want to expand a couple of items. At the Tippit scene, the shells were obviously planted, since revolvers don't eject shells. On the jet effect, it requires a true "head snap", not a "body snap". Note how Kennedy's entire upper torso is thrust backward, and Jackie behind him (in relation to the camera) does not move an inch. So the head snap is actually a body thrust, where the torso weighs 20 times as much as the head, and Jackie doesn't move even slightly, so it wasn't accelleration of the car. And don't let anyone bully you on those revolver shells. They are quite obviously planted "evidence".
  15. I think what Robert said is all relevant. At the top we have Harriman and his Skull-n-Bones'ers, McCloy, Rocky, Dulles - basically the guys who had the power to hobnob with the Nazis and walk away clean. Support of the joint chiefs would be necessary. Johnson would be required at the core, if the coup wasn't to go public. But in spite of the golden-boy committee that decided JFK must die, the assassination still had that very unique, perhaps unique in the entire world up until then (and after) character of a revenge hit for a double cross. If the mob wants someone out of the way, they shoot him. If they want serious revenge, they take him back to the meat packing plant and burn off his private parts with hot irons etc. They couldn't do that to Kennedy, but they did the best they could, splattering his brains all over the road. Note: I'm not suggesting this as a mob hit "as mafia", although they got to take part. I'm suggesting a much bigger mob acting in that style.
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