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    Medicaid funding for children's mental health treatment, helping parents find solutions to delivering excelling mental health treatment to their children, JFK truth, fly fishing.

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  1. I've read CHAOS too and want to echo Dr. Neiderhut's comments. I'm a psychologist and the revelations in O'Neill's book about Dr. West and the coincidental emergence of "psychosis" in Jack Ruby shortly after his meeting with Dr. West is certainly anomalous. There are too many instances of seeming "protection" given to Manson and his group, closely associated with his parole officer (who had just one client - Manson) who became a close friend, which is another anomaly. The thought occurred to me that Dorothy Kilgallen died with information about Ruby and I wonder if she met with him before and after May 11, 1964 when Ruby's "psychosis" emerged coincidentally with Dr. West's visit; I wonder if she observed the change and put two and two together.... In any case, the depth of depravity displayed by the "Poisoner in Chief" (Sidney Gotlieb, I think, who was Dr. West's boss) and by West and others in that era (MKULTRA covers a lot of sins) perpetrated by "doctors" is startling. Kinzer's book regarding the CIA involvement in medical experiments on human subjects without their knowledge or consent certainly fits with the horrific murders in 1969. Looking forward to more revelations as the perpetrators and their protectors die off and leave incriminating evidence behind. The truth will out, if we keep looking for it.
  2. I am trying to locate recordings of the Dallas Police Department radio transmissions between 9:00 am and 12:noon on 11/22/63. Almost all of the available recordings begin after 12:11 pm. If anyone has information about those earlier time recordings, please let me know. I’m looking into the verbal record of the DPD and the available transcripts differ tremendously. Best wishes. Steve
  3. David Lifton's been working on a follow-up to Best Evidence for several years, gathering material that refines his earlier work and could contribute to this project. Any thoughts on involving him?
  4. Dallas was also the home of “The Hollywood of the midwest” (Jamison’s) so any photo / movie editing could be done efficiently with the most modern equipment available.
  5. Wondering where the JFK audio tapes and dictabelts are now. It looks like JFK Jr got the Cartier watch but I wonder where it is today. Anybody know?
  6. Mercury bonds to metal (gold, certainly) and remains on/in it because it’s a molecular bond, so a gold watch would be a perfect permanent repository of mercury atoms released in its vicinity that would be removed easily from clothing.... I found some blatant errors in regard to the Dealey Plaza assassination time line (vocalizations by JFK, etc) but the book raised more than a few thoughts of pieces fitting into a larger puzzle than we’ve been examining. For that alone, it’s worth the read. The truth will out, but only if we keep looking for it.
  7. Success in revealing the truth cannot be judged by the responses of anyone else. It has its own reward that cannot be taken away and that is why people tell the truth. People who are whistleblowers understand that, and take solace in knowing it.
  8. Interesting. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the angle of the shadows in the Noel Cook photo stored in the 6th Floor Museum showing AF1 and two other aircraft from the port side (see the top link above in Trygve's post) indicates that the sun was more directly overhead than the shadows in the "starboard side of AF1" photo indicate (the shadows look a lot longer in the latter photograph, indicating the sun was lower in the sky), yet the photos were supposedly taken within 30 minutes of each other. I guess the sun moved faster in Texas in November of '63 than it does now,,,.
  9. Aren't those shadows of the police officers on the starboard side of AF1 a little long for about 2:00 pm? Something isn't right about that late arriving photo of the starboard side of AF1 at about the return of the Kennedy party....
  10. I was wondering if Doug Weldon's manuscript for the book he was working on when he died in 2012 has become available and if so, where?
  11. I was introduced to Dennis David at a conference in Washington a few years ago. I shook hands with him warmly and said "It's my pleasure to meet an honest man." He smiled and said "Thank you." He seemed to be an unassuming, thoughtful man. A rarity, for sure. His influence on history is indisputable and it is only a matter of time before that fact is no longer disputed. The truth will out, but only if it is pursued relentlessly as David Lifton certainly has.
  12. Several pictures of 1963 Lincoln Continental interiors have surfaced and all of them show exposed screw heads attaching the door upholstery to the door frame. The symmetry of the screw heads is very much better in the photos I've looked at, but not exact, so the asymmetry of the features doesn't warrant further comment. The last word I'll have on this is that all screw heads are circular and the feature I've pointed out on the driver's door is not circular. Maybe a bullet struck the door just to the right of the screw? Something atypical caused the unusual, oblong appearance of this feature on the inside of the driver's door; I doubt it was a misshapen screw. I guess we'll never know. Best wishes to the research community that examined this tiny area of inquiry so carefully. The truth will out, but only if we keep searching for it, where ever that search leads.
  13. Apologies for disrupting things. The only thing that makes sense to me is that the feature on the passenger door is different from the feature on the driver's door because they are not the same thing. I think that the feature on the passenger door is a lame attempt to put a comparable feature on that door as a means of creating the debate that has ensued about the appearance of a bullet scar on the inside of the driver's door (which amounts to another "Tague bullet" that further confirms the existence of multiple shooters). I'll look forward to somebody finding out that the upholstery of the doors on the JFK limo wasn't slapped together with one screw placed in approximately the same position on each door so that one had the distinct appearance of a bullet scar. Until then, you can debate this discovery without me. Steve
  14. Please download this .PDF which compares the picture that has become unavailable at the assassination gallery (of the open passenger's side door) with the picture published in the Dallas Times-Herald on 11/22/63 of the open driver's side door. This is the only way to see that the images depict a feature on both doors that is asymmetrical and is definitely not an "embedded screw" in the driver's side door (since screw heads are circular, not elliptical). The feature in the passenger's door may be a screw head; the feature in the driver's door definitely does not meet the criteria for an "embedded screw." Again, if somebody can help me get permission to post pictures on this forum, the discussion would be much more easily supported. https://app.box.com/s/u72vanem50f3pf79w00p3qz75eqhm7ft Steve
  15. This link didn't work for me for reasons unknown; the photo of the passenger door that I downloaded was found in the assassination gallery. http://www.jfkassassinationgallery.com/displayimage.php?pid=6486
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