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  1. I'm thankful for all of the learning opportunities I've had at this Forum. Wishing all health and a long, productive, satisfying future.
  2. Finished Lisa's amazing book. The facts she places in plain sight leave a clear picture of the depth and breadth of RFK's killing and an added benefit of understanding how the judicial process can be so easily corrupted and crimes concealed for the pettiest of reasons. We definitely need more courageous people like Lisa in our world!
  3. Halfway through Lisa's book on RFK's murder and I'm very impressed with writing skill and especially with her presentation of documented evidence. The issue of whether or not Sirhan may have been firing blanks is really a side issue for me (some evidence suggests this was the case), but the clincher for me is that the autopsy reported that RFK was killed by bullets fired from behind and to his right, at a distance of less than 3 inches (he had powder burns on his jacket and right ear). Sirhan never got closer to RFK than 6 feet or thereabouts, and was always in front of him, and nobody said
  4. Is it just me, or does a filming speed of 48 fps indicate some foreknowledge of the assassination on Zapruder's part? Why take a slo-mo movie of the limo driving by? I wonder if he used the slo-mo feature on any prior exposures. Interesting implications for that $16M payout he got for his movie, right?
  5. I edited my post about the timing of the Moorman photo. It must have been taken *before* JFK's head was turned so that the hole at the rear of his skull could exhaust material onto the driver's side tail light and officer Hargis. The Moorman photo shows JFK more-or-less facing forward, so the hole would not exhaust material in the correct direction if the bullet had just struck JFK at or before the Moorman photo was exposed.
  6. I mistakenly placed the Moorman photo in a sequence *after* the bullet exited from the back of JFK's head, but have fixed that error. Moorman's photo could only have been taken *before* the rear exit had been created since the right rear of JFK's head is not pointing toward the driver's side taillight in the Moorman photo (where it had to have been "pointing" in order for the exhaust of blood and brain to have struck that area of the limo and officer Hargis). So Mary captured the first head shot that blasted out part of JFK's skull (caught it in flight over his right shoulder) which had to h
  7. I've corresponded in confidence with David Lifton for more than 10 years so far and have learned a great deal about his ideas and insights in that time. Doug Horne and I talked a good deal as well before he "retired" from the case, so I've had the opportunity to understand his ideas and insights at depth as well. All in all, I'm convinced that the shot that exited from the right rear of JFK's skull entered the right side of his head while he was facing toward the knoll since the exhaust of blood and brain tissue struck officer Hargis and the driver's side tail light area of the limousine. I
  8. This would also help to explain the smell of gunpowder on the clothing of the people coming into Parkland from the limousine -- shooting in the car would explain that, and nothing else (it couldn't "waft down from the grassy knoll"). An inshoot in the left temple means a shot from the direction occupied by the limo driver, whose turn toward JFK at the time of the head shot is unmistakable in the Zfilm. If Greer didn't shoot JFK in the left temple, it's looking more plausible that somebody else fired from that direction and that a split second later, another shot entered the head from the fro
  9. A "vintage" Mannlicher Carcano rifle with an "underpowered bullet" that only penetrated "less than a finger's length" seems to be a balanced equation to me. At least it is conceivable that the people who planted that rifle and CE 399 made that connection and hoped others would too.
  10. The limousine had a feature installed shortly before JFK took possession of it that would raise the back seat about 10 inches at the push of a button from the back seat or from the front passenger dashboard, "to improve the President's visibility during motorcades." I recall reading that Kellerman was "pushing buttons" on the dashboard during the killing in DP. I wonder if the throat shot may have been the result of JFK seeming to "jump up" (as at least one witness reported) during the shooting because the seat was abruptly raised to make JFK a better target. Food for thought, at least.
  11. Thanks so much for the encouraging comment, Andrej. I have been studying the case for 40 years and working (albeit in the background) to refine the understanding we have of "what happened, and when" to the point where we can definitively document specific locations of film alteration and approximate what was removed/retouched to produce the "official narrative" that has been sold to the world since 11/22/63. It is entirely because of the researchers who "won't let it go" that we have moved closer to the truth, little by little, over the decades. David Lifton is one of them, but there are ma
  12. In a very short span of space & time (unless the limousine stopped, in which case the time interval would necessarily be lengthened), it appears that so much head movement must have happened (a turn to the right before receiving the wound that caused the blowout at the back of the head to exhaust material onto the driver's side tail light and officer Hargis, then a turn to the left to be captured by Mary Moorman's photo). Is anyone disagreeing that the physical evidence I'm citing necessarily requires the head movements I'm describing?
  13. It looks like we're learning that the Moorman photo was taken a split second before a bullet had exited through the right rear portion of JFK's skull, spraying material onto the driver's side tail light and onto officer Hargis. At the time the bullet exited from Kennedy's head, he must have been turned toward the Knoll, since fluid dynamics tells us that fluids fly in a straight line, and the source of the shot that caused the blowout at the back of JFK's head and sprayed material onto the driver's side tail light & officer Hargis must have been to his front and right, while his head was
  14. The shot that caused the wound at the back of the head must have exhausted material onto the driver's side tail light and onto officer Hargis. No matter what else may be posited as far as holes in JFK's head is concerned, two facts have to be accounted for: 1) a hole opened in the back of JFK's head in the direction of the driver's side tail light and 2) material exhausted through that hole landed on the driver's side tail light and officer Hargis who was riding in the same vicinity during the shooting spree. We can say what we want as to what caused the hole at the back of JFK's head but w
  15. This trailer and the Indegogo fundraising campaign date from 2015. They were seeking contributions to finish it in 2015 when they claim their original funding ended.
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