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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. The Future of the Education Forum

    Thanks Ron, or Mr. Ecker if you prefer. Mr. Graves - my bet is that Mr. Ecker would agree that all of us should expect to be treated with civility, and without sarcasm.
  2. The Future of the Education Forum

    Mr. Gordon - I can understand how it feels when you ask for a discussion on the future of the forum, and whether members feel that language matters, and you get posters positioning themselves, or bickering with each other rather than addressing your questions. Can we all agree to address each other with the names we prefer to be called? Can we agree to try to let go of past slights? Can we ignore those we still don’t wish to engage with, and keep our public discussions free of personal attacks?
  3. Max Holland Says Enough!

    I'd like to give Mr. Graves a pat on the back for contributing to this discussion without resorting to his bag of tricks. It's refreshing.
  4. The Future of the Education Forum

    Thank you Mr. Knight, Mr. Gordon, Ms Beckett, for your thoughtful response to my thread. Your transparency is reassuring. Many here are not aware when their mailbox is full. I cleared mine out once, and it’s probably time to do it again. As I posted just now on my thread about leaving, I’ve decided to try another way. Even though I agree with Mr. Josephs in his complaints about particular individuals, I think it’s too much to expect the moderators to police the forum. We could try to do that ourselves. I certainly don’t wish to limit discussions to theories I personally agree with. But I do think that annoying behavior should be met with resistance, and if that proves unproductive we could just not engage. The latter is what I’ve decided to do for now. I really appreciate the responses, the support, the involvement of the moderators, the private messages. It wasn’t my goal to elicit compliments. I was hoping that there would be a clearing of the air, accountability by the moderators, restoration of posting rights, and yes, maybe discussion about disruptive behaviors.
  5. Why I am leaving the forum

    To everyone - I didn’t expect the response here, the many shows of support, and the ensuing discussion. Nevertheless I’m very gratified. I have decided not to leave, but please don’t thank me for this, or think I was fishing for support.
  6. Bouhe and DeGolyer

    Thomas - an important connection exists between DeGolyer and Jack Alston Crichton, a man of much interest to me. Crichton, who retired from the US Army as a Colonel, was recruited by DeGolyer in 1947, according to Wiki. There is a good review of his life and connections in the Spartacus entry.
  7. Why I am leaving the forum

    Honestly (really) I didn't expect so much response. I've been thinking about how to proceed. First, to Mr. Kinght, I don't imagine some grand conspiracy behind moderator actions, and understand how things slip between the cracks. I too tried to send Mr. Jeffries a message with the same result. I would think moderators have more personal ways to communicate, but perhaps they don't, and that would be a problem in my view. I am bothered by the actions against Josephs, and also by the lack of transparency. i am not a researcher, but I am a good reader, have a decent memory, and I am forever concerned about 'deep' events like assassinations. That will never change. I still manage to dig up leads while reading through posts, so I won't stop that. For now I will continue to receive private messages. I value the notes I've gotten from many posters here. I have no choice but to stop engaging with posters whose discourse is one sided and dismissive. I beat my head against their walls because I mistakenly assume that if I could just find the magic words things would change. I'm not a masochist, just overly optimistic. i really appreciate the good wishes.
  8. Why I am leaving the forum

    Hello all, when I first joined the forum I found it a pretty decent place to share and to learn. In the years since Simkin's departure it has changed into something I don't recognize. I don't claim perfection my part. I've grown frustrated with two posters here but have continued to try to engage them in fruitful discussions. Both are tireless in promulgating their theories and dissing others. It's not fun anymore. There are many still here, posting occasionally, who I respect for their knowledge. But they have become largely silenced by the din of personal attacks. David Joseph's, whose two Oswald theory I don't agree with, is nevertheless one of the best researchers here. He has apparently been kicked off the site without explanation. Don Jefferies had his post erased, and when I posted asking why it was greeted with little interest, and again no explanation.
  9. General Walker and Lee Harvey Oswald

    Really Paul? I'm insulting? Every time you say I am dogmatically attached to a CIA did it theory it s an insult. You accuse me of not understanding nuance. How about you? Questions I've asked on this thread alone include asking for exploration of Souetre visiting New Orleans, Banister aiding an OAS operation, the affiliations of DPD with Army Intelligence and KKK. Where do you see CIA in my questions and comments?
  10. David Josephs

    I've lost faith in the moderators.
  11. General Walker and Lee Harvey Oswald

    This thread appears to be largely a private conversation between Jason and Paul T. You consistently ignore my posts and questions, especially Jason. Why?
  12. General Walker and Lee Harvey Oswald

    Jason - thanks for the DPD detailed info. No doubt some of them were on the inside of the plot. You are right that they controlled local evidence, crime scene, etc. But your use of the word ‘sponsored’ seems inappropriate, and there were many things Dallas cops and detectives could not control, pre and especially post assassination. I’m not going to list them because I know that you and others reading can easily see this. If Walker was running things, the same caveats apply, though Walker’s military connnections are worth noting. He at least might have been in a position to know he had allies that would be able to control the autopsy. What do you intend to do with your list of names? I would suggest that if you are going to look at biographical info on each one you make note of how many of them, especially the detectives, were members of the local Army Intelligence reserve units, as well as whether they were JBS, KKK, etc. One other thing Id like to point out. Cops always rally around their own. That is the best explanation for the lack of dissenting voices. As far as I recall there was only one cop who dissented from the nearly lock step testimony of the rest - Deputy Sheriff Craig. He is worth paying attention to if only because it takes guts to do what he did.
  13. What happened to Don Jefferies thread?

    Don - I nearly signed out after your disappearing post. I agree with you about censorship. Either it is consistent or not at all except in egregious abuse.
  14. Let's Use Only Established Documents

    Jason - why do you say Dulles and LBJ would 'happily' cover up the heinous crime of killing JFK? I'm guessing it's because you aren't quibbling about their low moral character, rather their willingness to put their necks on the chopping block. Rich - you're answer contradicts the point of your thread, which is using actual documents. I'm not arguing against your list of possible conspirators btw. I was not aware of the testimony of SS agent Howard. I have not seen it. Where did you find it?
  15. General Walker and Lee Harvey Oswald

    Paul Trejo - how dishonest of you. To be more accurate, something your response fails to do, you stated many times on this forum that Walker and Banister took control of Oswald after he tried to kill Walker, that they sent him to New Orleans, and subsequently to Mexico with Cuba and killing Castro as his ultimate task. You also stated many times that it was obvious to you that Oswald was a fake socialist, a right wing radical.