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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Paul Brancato

    Max Boot gets Booted on Lansdale in Vietnam

    Kirk - in regards to Syria, what course of history would you prefer? In your view, what caused the tragic destabilization of Syria? What was your point of view on the first, or second, US and allied wars in Iraq? Just curious. I’m pretty sure all of us would prefer a world without despots. What’s the solution?
  2. Paul Brancato

    Interesting CIA interview with a Cuban exile.

    Not offhand. It would take a while to dig up the exact Sheehan lecture, but I’m sure at some point I posted it on a thread here. Maybe see what searching for Sheehan provides. I don’t think there’s any doubt when it comes to Nazar Haro being in league with cartels. Perhaps you have something to share. I know you follow CIA links with dope running.
  3. Paul Brancato

    Premillennialism and the Assassination

    Today’s Jesus cults (Jefferson used that term in his day) as hypocritical as ever, turn a blind eye to perverse behaviors or violent actions, whether physical or otherwise, of their brethren, such as philandering politicians, mercenaries, doctor killers, whenever it suits their agenda.
  4. Paul Brancato

    What is the Kennedy Cult anyway?

    I love that movie, but don’t agree with the analogy.
  5. Paul Brancato

    What is the Kennedy Cult anyway?

    Mervyn - you’re frustrating me. You said your original attack on this forum was stirring up the hornets nest. But you keep doing it, choosing to take sides as to who here is worthy and who isn’t. I keep trying to see what you have to say and contribute in good faith, knowing that your attitude towards the ‘fanboys’ doesn’t necessarily diminish you’re own field of knowledge. But I definitely agree with Jim and others that you get in your own way by diminishing others. You know so little about 55 years of JFK research, and because you cannot see past your own prejudice clearly enough to see the huge differences between JFK and LBJ and RMN you’re not even interested enough to dig a little. In good faith I’ve suggested several books to you. Yeah, authors quote themselves. Hancock does it too. Why is Jim your whipping boy? I object to the phrase ‘listen to James’ because that’s not what serious people do. This is not a church. We question authority here. But speaking for myself I also respect people that have dedicated their lives to fighting against the official silence and lies. Btw the way, that includes you Mervyn, which is why I’m trying to get through to you.
  6. I can get to foundthreads.com. Which essay are you referring to?
  7. Paul Brancato

    What is the Kennedy Cult anyway?

    Great post Mike.
  8. Paul Brancato

    Premillennialism and the Assassination

    I’ll get to this clip when my daughter’s wedding festivities are over. Getting married today, coincidentally the same day as the latest Royal wedding, which was refreshingly different. Strongly suggest you take a look at the wandering Bishops of the ‘heretical’ Catholic sects in the US. Peter Levenda’s books on the subject are, like yours, from personal experience.
  9. Can we agree that the ‘duplicity’ of the Kennedy brothers pales when compared to what followed their deaths? I think your story is very interesting. But so far there is no link to Oswald other than time and general place. I will read anything you find. There are a lot of uncovered stories like the one you are working on, and researchers dedicated to solving the assassinations are largely unsung heroes.
  10. Mervyn - thanks. I don’t doubt the two track approach that the Kennedy admin took towards Cuba and Castro. As Brandstetter pointed out in his autobiography, mistakes were made with Castro that turned him towards the Soviets. It was not a foregone conclusion. And btw, Brandstetter was no lefty. But he was in the ground in Havana and watched it happen in real time. are you aware that while some covert anti Castro operations were still in place after the Cuban missile crisis there was also a separate diplomatic and supposedly secret ( though no doubt the secrecy was breached ) approach to both Castro and Khrushchev by JFK in an attempt to bring about a peaceful solution to the Cold War and a normalizing of relations with Cuba? JFK and the Unspeakable is a good place to look for this.
  11. Paul Brancato

    What is the Kennedy Cult anyway?

    Cliff and Jim - there are a couple of things I agree with Cliff on that are not necessarily part of this exchange. I agree that high tech weaponry may have been used and was available at the time. I agree that the nexus from which assassins were chosen, whether by Hecksher or someone else, were also involved in the drug trade. I wish both of you you pay more attention to the connections between ‘ex-Nazis’ and the assassination, and with reserve Army Intelligence units. I don’t need to get involved with arguments about where the back wound was only because I think the triangulation of fire is obvious no matter. I care a lot more about who and why than how. I wish you could just agree to disagree about certain points, knowing that there is agreement on why. Am I mistaken on that?
  12. Paul Brancato

    What is the Kennedy Cult anyway?

    So JFK made mistakes. And JFK tried, increasingly, to do the right thing. That’s why I care. Why focus on his mistakes? Somehow it’s important to get DiEugenio to agree? He’s better read than any of us. He’s not perfect. Who is? The books he recommended, which Kirk mentioned, are great books. RFK Jr. himself recommended JFK and the Unspeakable. Newman is digging deeper into the document weeds than anyone. And I agree with Jim completely on the importance of Africa and Indonesia in understanding the difference between JFK and the presidents and policies that came before and after. It’s obvious.
  13. Paul Brancato

    Emilio Americo Rodrigues

    David - I will get to all these links soon. A little busy this weekend. Wonder if Emilio and Arnesto Rodriguez are related to Jose Antonio Casas Rodrigues, the subject of the CIA interview I started a thread on. Common name I know.
  14. Yes. Interesting. Point of information - RFK is mentioned as you have done in writing a few times as having something to do with the ship Mi Amigo. Have you continued your documentary? It starts with the dark cloud over Dallas Nov 22 1963 but does not refer to that event.
  15. Paul Brancato

    Interesting CIA interview with a Cuban exile.

    Skorzeny says he was asked to help Castro and he did, though not directly, and later he helped the enemies of Castro. He also says he worked for many countries doing unspecified jobs, and specifically mentions the US, though he wouldn’t say what he did.