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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. The Paine Files

    Or they would have leant credence to the idea that Oswald was part of an intelligence operation.
  2. The Paine Files

    Whatever they were, it's still an open question in my mind - not whether they existed, but who they belonged to.
  3. Peter Dale Scott suggested that, and I think it's possible. It brings the Senate Internal security subcommittee into focus, the same group that liaised with Pawley's Operation Tilt
  4. Ray Marcus: The Left and the Death of Kennedy

    Not to derail this, Stone's decision and it's long range effect reminds me of Paul Robeson's decision to deny what he knew to be true about Soviet treatment of dissident Jews.
  5. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    It would make a good movie, a sequel of sorts to JFK, a prequel.
  6. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    Gene - I would add that the links between MC operations and JMwave leads up the chain of command. It also leads back to Berlin where Shackley, Harvey, Morales spent considerable time in the '50's. I also think we don't know the whole story on MC even after all this time. PDScott, Newman and others have done revealing work, but there is more. What exactly was the DFS role (LITEMPO)? Nazar Haro? What of ties between Colonel Brandstetter (488th Army Reserve with Jack Crichton) and Philippe de Vosjoli, who was close to Angleton? The attempted murder of DeGaulle by French rightists appears to me to be the precursor to the JFK hit. Does the link between Brandstetter and the Bronfman family (Seagrams) lead to Permindex? Yes, I still haven't given up on that one.
  7. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    Jim - I had never heard of Hallin's Spheres. Interesting. Do you think that media personalities have more chance than journalists of breaking through?
  8. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    Gene - Like you I am not a researcher (I'm a musician) but have read and studied this, and still do. I agree with all your points, most especially that most of our leaders are corrupt. I am not holding my breath waiting for the 2017 document reslease.
  9. Proof CIA did not plan or execute the JFK assassination

    With you David, as usual
  10. JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald Part 6

    Gene - Great post. All true, so unfortunate and frustrating. I'll repeat something I've said many times. Somehow we need to find one or two major media personalities and persuade them to join this community of truth seekers. I say 'personalities' because that is unfortunately the way things work in the media. I would suggest Bill Maher, who stands firmly and cluelessly on the other side of this divide, but seems at least to have some courage.
  11. I encourage our team to hold fast and stay safe. Mr. Herrera, I really can't understand why you persist. This is not some conspiracy against you. I don't think you should begin to cast aspersions on the admin here. Just accept their position and move on.
  12. Cord Meyer and the Assassination of JFK

    I agree Kirk, and fell for the LBJ angle at first. Now I believe otherwise, that it was factions of CIA/military. In my opinion Nixon and Bush were closer to this nexus than LBJ. Not that I don't find Lyndon repugnant. I do, viscerally. And he surely benefitted and perhaps knew in advance but did nothing. He and Hoover could be relied upon to run the coverup, but did not arrange the crime itself.
  13. Henry Hecksher

    Agree David. But for me the question is what about after the war? How familiar are you about Nazi efforts to prepare for losing the War? We know about Paperclip of course. But don't you find it weird that this nexus of characters involved in post war Berlin show up in Miami in 1960 and Laos and the Golden Triangle later? Theodore Shackley was Reinhardt's interpreter and then the top CIA guy in Berlin until 1960. William Harvey was with him. I admit it's not so weird to have German born fluent German speakers like Hecksher and Silver involved in OSS dealings with captured Nazis. But given as you say the prewar connections between American elites like Brown Brothers Harriman, and Sullivan and Cromwell, is it so hard to imagine post war collaboration? Have you ever listened to Daniel Sheehan talk about this? His starting point was Iran-Contra, but his research intersected this nexus and he dug deep. And what about the fascist and Nazi connections in Dallas? George DeMohrenschildt? How much distance do we imagine between the far right in Dallas - HL Hunt, Walker etc, and the American Nazis? Dallas police and KKK or Minutemen? Isn't what we call the military industrial establishment an extension of this anti-Soviet hysteria? Isn't the CIA essentially an extension of what was formerly Military Intelligence (ONI and Army) and private corporate security? One can make an argument in favor of collaboration on the basis of fighting a common enemy to capitalism, or fascism, but we tend to deny its existence instead. The very fact that this conspiracy theory is dismissed so readily, that most Americans believe we won the war and vanquished the Nazi power structure, when the opposite is provable, is enough for me to question everything we've been taught. It was the anti-Soviet establishment that took power here and promoted what was first the Cold War, and now has become endless war against terrorists we conveniently created. And it seems obvious to me that JFK figured this out and tried to stop it, in vain. It's the main reason I really care about JFK, and post here, and have spent a lifetime reading and thinking about all this.
  14. Henry Hecksher

    Bumping this thread in hopes that we can revisit this. Hecksher was OSS, then stationed in Berlin as head of Counterintelligence until 1953, along with William Harvey and Theodore Shackley. Hmm. In the late '50's he was station chief in Laos. Spartacus has a bio on him. He is German born, Hamburg 1910, emigrated to the US in 1938. As part of the OSS in Berlin after the war took part, like Shackley, in interrogations of Nazi officers. I'm reading Newman's second book on the assassination called Countdown to Darkness, and began by looking up QJWIN. There is a chapter called ZRRIFLE and QJWIN. Harvey's deputy in Berlin was German born Arnold Silver, who in 1960 became chief operations officer in Staff D before Harvey became chief. I'm posting all this because I can't help but see a pattern here. The entire Berlin based CIA, working with Reinhardt Gehlen, seems to have moved by 1960 to JMWAVE in Miami. The question I have is what if anything is the connection between these OSS interrogators and later Berlin based CIA officers, and the post war Nazi Operation Odessa. One thing is clear, and that is that the Nazis they interrogated were let loose, not punished. So is there a connection between ZRRIFLE/QJWIN and Odessa?
  15. David Morales

    Larry - I didn't mean to dismiss you're statement the way I did. My apologies.