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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. I think he’s giving Lyman Lemnitzer a very thorough look.
  2. Rich - are you just jerking our chains? I for one recall that a while ago you posted that you had inside info, from your father I believe, as to who the guilty parties were. You never shared that info here, claiming your life would have been put in danger if you had done so.
  3. Ron - I’m not sure how others would answer your question. For me it’s Operation Northwoods, proposed by the joint Chiefs, and specifically by General Lyman Lemnitzer, who, coincidentally (or not) was reassigned by JFK to Supreme Commander of NATO in 1962.
  4. What did you delete? I just went to read it. Was it Lopez but unredacted? Was it the same as Doug’s link?
  5. Mysterious Ronald Stark - reminds me of Reeve Whitson, mystery man in the Manson saga. Not so much in their obvious personas, but in the way that they both offer a glimpse of some super secret operation.
  6. Great interview. I was somewhat surprised that Willens hedged a bit on whether the Red Brigades were infiltrated by the right. Did I read that correctly?
  7. Whew - Has anyone heard of the Khazarian Mafia?
  8. Mr. O’Toole isn’t around to defend his work. So I guess we just have to take your word that Oswald lied when he professed his innocence, and therefore was guilty as charged. That’s some pretty low hanging fruit - bust one conclusion by a dead author and destroy with one stroke the decades of work by hundreds of intrepid researchers.
  9. Thanks Jim - we needed a check on Mr. DeGrilla. Can you believe it - Buell Frazier is his next subject by popular demand.
  10. No David, we don’t. Sorry if I offended you. But Harwood was plenty rude to me and others. Michael is right. I almost left the forum. What was the ‘who is Jim Harwood’ thread that was taken down about?
  11. This is what’s bothering me about Jim Lyndon Larouche Harwood. I noticed that someone started a thread asking who he was, which was removed. Can someone tell me why? He looks me up, because I’m straightforward about who I am, and proceeds to spew fake conspiracy garbage about Daniel Sheehan. I simply don’t trust people who peruse your bonafides without sharing their own. He is a destructive force. The rest of you seem content to mock him.without challenging his reason for being here. I agree with the member who asked him to start his own thread on why the British control everything. It seems he would rather derail other threads instead.
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