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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Bill - I’ve read your book but can’t recall if you knew or had an opinion as to who designed the molehunt.
  2. Assuming that both MC and Odio were efforts to frame Oswald, wouldn’t that indicate two different groups at work? I see your argument and it’s logical but still not ironclad. But you convinced me that it was more likely Oswald at the Odio’s than an imposter. Which of course weighs against the real Oswald being in Mexico.
  3. Misdirection. Veciana wasn’t working for CIA he was working for Army Intelligence.
  4. So here we have it - Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, working for the US Army (ACSI) was possibly getting weapons from Otto Skorzeny through an intermediary. Shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since Skorzeny himself admitted proudly that he was, through an intermediary, supplying arms to the ‘enemies of Castro’.
  5. French espionage activities in the USA - I’ve never seen this before. Astounding. Hoover calls Oswald in MC a false story - that I knew. French espionage in US - two possibilities come to mind. First is Souetre in Dallas. But as that’s not really espionage I’ll go with DeVosjoli, who was working with Angleton prior to his defection to the US. About what? Soviet infiltration into the French Intelligence services. Golitsyn has Angleton’s ear, and he reported the same thing, along with other allegations of a soviet penetration, most notably Harold Wilson. One has to wonder what DeVosjoli has to do with JFK’s assassination. Well, one thing for sure - DeVosjoli left DC by car immediately after the JFK hit and drove to Acapulco, or Dallas (most recently heard PD Scott allege this alternative destination) to see Colonel Frank M Brandstetter in one place or the other, a member (if we are to believe his two biographies) of Jack Crichton’s 488th Military Intelligence Detachment. Brandy and DeVosjoli had become close during their stay in Havana when Castro’s revolutionary forces took over that city. French Intelligence may have had Soviet moles. But another thing they had were connections to DeGaulle’s militant opposition and to French and Corsican assassins. Here we come back to Souetre. I can’t help but think of Hoover’s memo to George Bush of the CIA. Bush and Crichton were clearly in cahoots, probably as off the shelf financial backers of Operation 40, but also in the Texas Republican Party. Hoover’s memo sounds like a warning to George Bush, basically saying I know what you did, so don’t screw with me. I might as well mention here that Oswald may not have been in Mexico City or visiting Silvia Odio. It’s false logic to say it was one or the other.
  6. Larry - I read your blog post and the comments that followed with great interest. In your extensive research over decades have you ever come up with what you consider to be a good explanation for Oswald’s trip to Mexico?
  7. Thanks for posting Gene. On the ground in Dallas, it was the Colonels in the DPD that controlled the crime scene. Of course they are part of a chain of command. Generals are in charge. I completely agree on the somewhat imaginary line between CIA and Pentagon. I remain super suspicious of Colonel Jack Crichton, a man with many connections. He and George Bush, military and CIA, make quite a pair. His MID remains shrouded in secrecy, and is now almost never mentioned when Reserve units are discussed.
  8. I’m inclined to agree with Jim, and Josephs, that Oswald was never there, and that great efforts made to create the impression that he was. No clear motive for Oswald in MC exists, and if there had been a pic of him there, given those efforts to place him in MC, we would have seen it. Why go to such lengths, and then deep six the photo proving the case? I’ve seen Josephs presentation on the bus trip, and it convinced me. Any discussion of KGB/Oswald connections in MC has to address this.
  9. Hi Douglas - two hours - too long. Can you point to a specific place on the tape or summarize what might be new info?
  10. That seems reasonable. I intend to watch the documentary - looks interesting.
  11. I cannot fathom why John Newman thinks Golitsyn a genuine defector. He’s equally convinced that Nosenko was not. Perhaps the latter is true.
  12. Jim - how do you handle the question of deuterium levels in your body? Do you use deuterium depleted water?
  13. I’m curious how you got to Mae Brussell in a post about JVB. That seems like a big gulf.
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