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  1. Kris - was RFK jr shown this evidence?
  2. Wow - now I’m sure I’ll read the book!,,
  3. Bill - I really appreciate your detailed post. I cannot figure out what WU refers to, though it reminds me of WUBRINY in Haiti. You say you think Hunt was in Spain in 1963. Can you flesh that out at all?
  4. Suspicious is a good word for it. The whole nomenclature of who is in CIA, what is an agent, an asset, or .... if the CIA is talking to Souetre and Guerin-Serac they are something. Of course I don’t think they are agents. I have to think that someone can do contract work for CIA and not be ‘in’. Yes you pointed out the change of language in that memo. I think we can at least be sure that the French thought he was in Dallas. CIA would not be likely to say they knew he was there, if for no other reason than their previous contact(s).
  5. I too think Souetre was in Dallas, despite his statements that he wasn’t there or anywhere else in the US in 1963. I believe the French SDECE who were trying to protect DeGaulle. The CIA, in the document quoted in Metta’s book and lots of other places, doesn’t actually say that Souetre was there, as Steve Thomas has pointed out. The document makes abundantly clear however that SDECE thought he was there.
  6. Thank you Steve. I’ve read this before, but it’s good to see it again in context of new info from Italian investigations. As I see it, the memo squares perfectly. In 1963 Souetre and Guerin-Serac are together in Lisbon, future home of Aginter Press (do I have that right?) talking with unnamed CIA officIals who report to Helms. The only thing that doesn’t square is that according to this memo CIA said no to the OAS. Can you look at this memo and see the possibility that it’s part true part false? Do you read CIA memos as being all true all the time? I look at these memos as combinations of truth and CYA. CIA says one thing in a memo but does something else through cutouts.
  7. According to Metta’s book, a special branch of the Italian Carabiniere concluded that two men recruited Yves Guérin-Serac for the CIA - De Vosjoli and Jean Souetre. De Vosjoli was close to several top CIA men including Angleton, Bissell, and Helms, Guérin-Serac founded Aginter Press in 1964-65 and named Souetre commander of mercenaries recruited by Aginter Press. Guérin-Serac’s right hand man was Nazi sympathizer Robert Leroy, who according to Italian documents that surfaced during investigations into the Piazza Fontana bombing, was an instructor during WW11 at a Sabotage school commanded by Otto Skorzeny. The Italian documents make clear that Aginter Press was strongly linked to the CIA and to the Strategy of Tension. When I first came upon this passage from Our Man in Haiti I was taken aback by the meeting as described by De Vosjoli. Now I think it is a clue. If, for Colonel De Lannurien, Chief of Intelligence for SDECE, the French spy agency that De Vosjoli claimed was heavily infiltrated by KGB, including De Lannurien himself, we substitute a member of OAS, which had splintered of from SDECE in opposition to DeGaulle’s Algerian policies, it makes more sense. After all, it’s hard to imagine KGB enlisting Right wing Texans in an assassination of JFK, but easy to imagine such a meeting with a CIA-connected OAS member like Guérin-Serac, known to have been involved later in terrorist attacks in Italy, or with Captain Jean Souetre, who apparently was in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. Note that it’s a small step from Guérin-Serac to Otto Skorzeny, who according to documents released by the US government under the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act, was involved in CIA operations against Castro in 1961.
  8. Paz - since there is no index in the English version of the book, could you give some page numbers for the info on De Vosjoli? If you have the Italian version you can use those page numbers. It will be similar. Does the Italian book have an index?
  9. This is important historical perspective. Thank you Jim DiEugenio. I was struck early in Part 1 by the fact that Southern power structures and individuals were left in place. As a result Reconstruction was a failure, undermined at every turn. When I think about our current predicament, the constitutional crisis we are now facing, the hatred of the ‘other’ that plagues our body politic, it reminds me that we made the same mistake after WW 2. The Nazis were not stripped, they were incorporated.
  10. Paul Brancato

    Interesting video from primary source.

    Meh. Suggest everyone read RFK Jr’s book American Values, Lessons I Learned From My Family. Sam Halpern spread so many lies about the Kennedys, including Joseph P.
  11. Don - nice to see you here. It would take a while to go back to your article and compare the quotes to the fuller passages they were excerpted from, which I found on a Wiki page. One thing I do remember is the mention of the Klan. There is a photo passed around showing Sanger at a Klan rally. I don’t think you used it, but it is clearly photoshopped. The reason there was an effort by the anti abortion right to cast aspersions on Sanger was to get at Hillary Clinton. I’m no fan of the Clintons, but fake news is insidious and often very clever. I have no doubt from rereading all of this Sanger material that she was a eugenics proponent. But it should be kept in context. She was no Nazi, no white supremicist as far as I can tell. Btw, where can I find your article on John Jr?
  12. Paul Brancato

    The Skorzeny Papers reviewed by Michael LeFlem

    not specifically but it covers his wartime exploits in detail.
  13. I just browsed Mr. Jeffries blog and while looking for an article on John Kennedy Jr. I happened upon another one in which he made some pretty serious mistakes in quoting Margaret Sanger. I’ve always enjoyed his writing and his posts here. Admittedly there seems to be a cottage industry in Sanger quotes, misquotes, out of context or edited quotes. It’s a bit of a minefield. Nevertheless he did not fact check this, and instead used sources that were suspect.
  14. This thread is very interesting. What confounds me is the point of an impersonation at the Texas Employment agency. But Laura Kitrell is a convincing witness. How can we square this?