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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. My Brand New Theory-In-Progress

    Once one accepts that it was Golitsyn who was the fly in the ointment it all makes more sense. Angleton got suckered. I don’t wish to argue the point with you Tommy. I’ve read all the material too. I came to a different conclusion than you. There is no way that the Soviets killed our beloved president. Now, if you’d like to examine the scenario that Angleton himself was a mole, that behind the corridors of state power lies supranational entities that defy borders, that the Cold War was a false front for something far more insidious, I’m with you. Seriously, take a look at the chapter from Albarelli’s upcoming book on Otto Skorzeny which Doug Caddy posted a few weeks ago. What’s the point of examining the KGB without the context of CIA deep state operations? Strategy of Tension was and is real.
  2. I’m not sure. I know they were censured and UnionBank operations were shut down.
  3. Angleton and Mark Lane experts, your thoughts?

    Good post, spot on.
  4. Jean-Pierre Lafitte

    It’s amazing to me how little interest is shown by posters here on this subject. I think Garrison was so effectively lampooned by guys like Phelan that we wrote him off. I would say that the French/Corsican connection suffered a similar fate, with all the deliberate name confusion i.e. Souetre/Mertz. Yet if we follow more recent revelations about Shaw, such as his real connection to CMC/Permindex, we can begin to see threads that tie these two theories together. Hank Albarelli, who brought us the info on Jean-Pierre Lafitte, has apparently zeroed in on Otto Skorzeny. I’m very curious what else he has found, whether William Harvey is in the mix, or Souetre. Readers dismiss the Nazi connection too readily because, in my opinion, they haven’t really looked at the post war enlistment of Nazis by the CIA. If Skorzeny was the mastermind it could only be because he was hired and protected. It looks to me like the conspiracy was above top secret, and defied organizational boundaries.
  5. I stopped studying UFO phenomena when I realized it was a template for disinformation. Undoubtedly there is truth in there somewhere, but most of the spokespeople are either dupes or agents.
  6. Judyth Vary Baker

    Speaking of Reilly Coffee Co., John Simkin, on his thread which I bumped on Jean-Pierre Lafitte, uses Hank Albarelli as a source for the claim that Lafitte also worked at Reilly Coffee. Lafitte has a long history as a cooperative source for FBN, as a chef who worked at the International Trade Mart (Shaw said he was the best chef in New Orleans), and as taking part in a theft of Garrison’s office along with a CIA agent and - well, I’ll let you read what Simkin says next.
  7. Jean-Pierre Lafitte

    Jim - thanks for your perspective on James Phelan. I had forgotten that he was the author of the 1967 Saturday Evening Post article on Garrison and his Investigation, an article that was more hit piece than legitimate journalism. This new info on the burglary makes clear Phelan’s role. I googled Phelan and came across the wiki article on Garrison’s trial. I still remember how disappointed I was at the time to read that Garrison thought the assassination was a ‘homosexual thrill killing’. Those are Phelan’s words!! Suggest anyone reading this look at the wiki article. The Phelan hit piece is linked in the sources at the end of the wiki article. It is a real steaming pile. This reinforces the view that Garrison was close, that he was thwarted in every possible way because of that. I would go so far as to suggest that the Ferrie suicide was misdirection, that Russo was a plant, that everything was done to move the investigation away from Shaw.
  8. communications override/hacking?

    The question I guess is who could have jammed Police radio communications and how would it be done? Were there any contemporary reports that suggest something like this might have happened?
  9. So Lance - in effect what you are saying is that the wacky conspiracy theories and theorists that abound convince you that there is no conspiracy when it comes to the JFK assassination, or UFO’s for that matter. So you have hit a nail on its head. I’ve been equally involved my whole life in trying to ferret out truth, and long ago came to the conclusion that the wacky theories which abound have the effect you exemplify. It’s a small step from believeing that Sandy Hook never happened, no jet hit the Pentagon, and the moon landing is a hoax, to the position you now occupy that all of it is bunk. Well, what a great way to hide conspiracy in plain sight. Our job is to separate the wheat from the chaff. You instead throw out the baby with the bath water.
  10. Mae Brussell influenced my thinking greatly. I discovered her radio show by accident driving home late one evening from SF to Berkeley. The signal was weak and I could only get it after dark. I think her exposure of the Nazi connection was spot on, and we are still uncovering that. Have you read the chapter from Albarelli’s upcoming book that Caddy posted here?
  11. Lance, you say you you saw a flying disc while in the company of a skeptic, and that there was a psychic component. Would you tell us more?
  12. communications override/hacking?

    Steve - I don’t know the answer to your question. But I think that if records were available it would be interesting to listen in on whatever the Continuity of Government bunker under the Dallas fairgrounds was broadcasting that day on their secure communications.
  13. Roscoe White

    Does Professor Brown consider the possibility that Tippit might have been a Dealey Plaza shooter? After I read McBride’s book I examined that possibility, mainly because McBride interviewed Tippit’s father (no one had done so before) and found out that the old man’s son was a crack shot. Tippit’s movements before the assassination do not preclude the possibility.
  14. Roscoe White

    Denny - you’re open minded and honest. None of us know for sure what happened, we all have opinions, and sometimes they change over time. Mine have for sure.