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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Paul Brancato

    Angleton's Testimony

    Jim - I think John Newman has been researching this exact point. What I’ve heard is that the normally routine routing was suddenly changed, and that the Soviet Russia Division was cut out of the loop.
  2. Paul Brancato

    Wishlist for researchers

    Thanks for enjoining this legal battle. I agree - it’s important. I’m curious if your research so far has yielded any clues as to why a major Jewish financier would ally himself to a group with strong Nazi and fascist ties?
  3. Paul Brancato

    Alpha 66 run by U.S. Army

    What does USAOSD stand for? what is General Lansdale’s group, referred to at the end of the first link?
  4. Paul Brancato

    Whistling by the Graveyard

    And I would add, were completely unsuccessful in their life mission to get rid of Castro one way or another.
  5. Paul Brancato

    Records release regarding intercepted messages

    Cory - help me out. I looked at all this material, and the linked documents. Then I tried to ascertain the bonafides of the New Nationalist and the three journalists associated with this online publication. I’m not penetrating the veil. What got me started was the misleading summary of Eugene Dinkin’s possible foreknowledge. I am of the personal opinion that his story is extremely important, but I’ve never seen a document where he names individuals. I would dearly love to see Garrison’s evidence on Dinkin. Any idea where I could find his source? I really hope others jump in here. Who funds the New Nationalist? Who are the three journalists? It’s at least clear that one of them, Torchy Blane, is a pseudonym, and judging from the lack of search results the other two are probably too - Thomas Muller and Russ Winter.
  6. You know what I wonder? Eugene Dinkin said he sent a certified letter to RFK warning him of the impending assassination of his brother. Has RFK Jr. ever heard Dinkin’s story?
  7. Paul Brancato

    The Biggest Lies.... Untangled

    I’m going to go over Russ Baker’s book, since it’s been a while. Meanwhile, for Crichton there is some interesting material in The Skorzeny Papers, by Ralph Ganis. For Brandstetter, an important Colonel in my opinion, read his co written autobiography Brandy - Portrait of an Intelligence Officer. Curiously, and suspiciously, Crichton does not appear in that book, though his assignment to the 488th does.
  8. Paul Brancato

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Gene - thanks so much for the history of the expression ‘whistling past the graveyard’. When I called Evan’s post mysterious I was actually referring to his intimation that he knows something others don’t. I wish to encourage him to elaborate. I don’t know who he is or what he knows or doesn’t know. But I do recall him saying that one of the snipers was military from SE Asia. Clearly I’m sleuthing from a different personal perspective, as I have no military training or background. But what he asserts, which you kindly affirmed, is in no way contradictory to the leads I’m pursuing. In the first place, CIA (JMWAVE) is not wholly distinct from Pentagon. Harvey and his agent QJWIN were not on a separate track. COS Shackley and William Harvey both trained in Berlin. Harvey was COS there, and Shackley was there from his time as Gehlen’s interpretor in 1945 until his 1961 posting to Miami. Harvey worked out of JMWAVE until RFK got so fed up with his insubordination that he attempted to fire him in 1962. Helms sent Harvey to Rome instead. The inclusion of SS members into CIA operations is real history. Skorzeny, whether he was QJWIN or not, worked for us by his own admission. SE Asia and it’s lucrative drug trade was an integral part of our involvement there, beginning with the French in Indochina and the gradual takeover of the Golden Traingle by CIA. Shackley, Morales (who also served in Berlin) and many other old boys moved their base of operations to Vietnam in around 1965. News to me, and I’m waiting to see more of this, is Michael Clark’s assertion that Madrid, Skorzeny’s bailiwick, and Frankfurt were connected to AMLASH. E Howard Hunt was stationed in Madrid in 1965.
  9. Paul Brancato

    The Biggest Lies.... Untangled

    Jim - we know so little about Lumpkin and Whitmeyer. It’s really pathetic that researchers have been unable to penetrate this veil. In my limited Google way I have tried to do so, as has Steve Thomas, Bill Kelly and others. I can only assume others have tried as well. I’ve made inquiries to Peter Dale Scott, who I think was the first to look at Crichton, and John Newman. So far nothing. The 488th has no presence in military history. Yet how can we doubt it’s existence when Colonel Frank M. Brandstetter says that his ‘big brother’ at ACSI, Colonel Rose, gives the ok to his reporting for duty to the 488th for weekend training in 1959. Crichton famously said that there were over 100 men in his Unit, nearly half from the DPD. Yet according to Steve Thomas that statement was given in an oral history for which there is no written record.
  10. Paul Brancato

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Mysterious comment.
  11. Paul Brancato

    New document releases 2017

    I’d love to see that Michael,especially references to Madrid.
  12. Paul Brancato

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    You don’t receive messages. Read the Skorzeny Papers.
  13. Paul Brancato

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    And useful assassins GODA
  14. Paul Brancato

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    And as Cliff would no doubt point out, the drug trade intersects all three
  15. Paul Brancato

    Alternative Assassins (names)

    Agree, and think Our Man In Haiti really worth the read.