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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. Saw and enjoyed both movies, and what an ending to game 4 last night.
  2. Robert - 9/11 happened under Bush. I’ve studied the Bush family. You somehow think that Trump drained that swamp. Instead he created his own putrid one. How can you look at Giuliani, or Trump, and not cringe. Manafort was a link between the old and new Republican cesspools.
  3. It’s just incredible lawyering gamesmanship to turn a criminal investigation on its head. It is not illegal to target American citizens suspected of breaking the law. Political bias within the FBI is clearly a two way street, but you only drive one way. Flynn and Manafort and others deserve to be investigated, and it’s misleading to say there was nothing going on. Of course there was. Your main point of attack is that the investigations were politically motivated. So what? They can’t take sides when they see undo Russian influence? That’s their job. Again this seems to come down to an attempt
  4. Clearly Robert, it’s Trump that’s angling for post election chaos, and the Democrats and media are simply responding. How can you not see this?
  5. Kirk - I still wonder if Wheeler actually means any of it. His analysis, his answer to me, was shallow, and William’s as you say substantive. And Cliff’s observation about the complete lack of humor is spot on and very concerning. Trump is very ill. And Robert, I’m a New Yorker myself, born and raised. Trump is extremely disliked on both coasts, by natives and transplants alike.
  6. What is there you like about Trump? Refrain from digressions about Democrats.
  7. Speaking for myself I see a vast well organized conspiracy to confuse the public by spreading multiple conspiracy theories and making them look well documented and real. But they never pass my smell test. It’s far more useful to me to have a political philosophy I believe in, and with which to view and measure news. Some would call this bias, as if that is something to be abhorred. If your ‘bias’ is the Democratic Party and your primary news sources are the NYT or WAPO, NPR and CNN, and you’re not holding your nose while voting for Biden or Clinton, you haven’t learned much in your lifetime. I
  8. Mr Wheeler is too smart to be taken in by the gibberish he posts. Where does that leave us? I see right through this stuff. It’s all fake news Robert. Is it fun for you to xxxxx us?
  9. Love this song. Searched Dave Grohl because I didn’t recognize the name. Nirvana, Foo Fighters, love that. Then I came across my favorite Foo Fighter song Everlong, played by 9 year old drummer and all around talent Nandi Bushnell who challenged Grohl to a drum off. Maybe someone can post this - or explain to me how to post a YouTube link on this site. She is beyond awesome.
  10. I never saw the post Cliff, but thanks for rising to the defense of us lowly trading card authors.
  11. The LaRouche org is apparently in the Russia/China camp. Trump is promoting this geopolitical shift. It’s fascinating to watch the Trump supporters here and elsewhere buy into this. If we had a a Democratic President doing this they would be screaming. It’s all sickness really, which camp this Empire will align with going forward. It’s all endless war no matter which way you look. The Enemy appears to be any organization that supports and works towards a really new paradigm, not just a shift of loyalties. Such as the UN. Heaven forbid we should ever entertain an end to national borders. Let’s
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