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    Classical musician and author of several sets of trading cards including Iran-Contra Scandal, Bush League, and Coup D'etat JFK assassination.

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  1. So - fake news? Snopes says she doesn’t have it. But even if she doesn’t, it seems like a good way to quarantine her, and maybe disappear her later. One thing I would bet on - she will not bring down the elites. I’m less interested in the usual list of well known personages and more interested in unfamiliar names hiding in the shadows, and in having an idea how big the iceberg is.
  2. Robert et al, The ‘deep state’ is not well defined. Do you mean the old eastern establishment, the Wall Street houses? Yankee Cowboy War - have you read it? I think we have competing deep states, though it’s hard to define exactly. Maybe Cliff is right - the old CIA/bankster/mafia drug business is being attacked by rival gangs. But I have a question regarding Epstein and the rest of that sexually deviant iceberg. Who are they.? What have they done? Trump is not outside that circle. You don’t really believe that do you? robert - I break with you on underestimating Putin. Not that I blame him and his oligarchs from fighting fire with fire. But just how bad are they? Where I do agree with you is that elites of every stripe have more in common with each other than with the rest of us. The Panama Papers story died, and there was supposed to be an international group of journalists working to bring the hidden truths out in the open. Elites live protected lives, untouchable physically and legally. Untold $trillions have been socked away offshore, and into real estate, water rights. They are prepared for the Armageddon they have created. We are left to fend for ourselves in an increasingly harsh and soon to be hostile environment while they drink their burgundy and eat their game.they don’t give a hoot about the planet or it’s denizens. I’m starting to take Deagel.com seriously in its dire predictions regarding population. but - Q does not represent the people’s alternative. That’s insane. He is a creature of the deep State, not an antagonist. False conspiracy theories abound not because they are real, but because they keep us divided from truth.
  3. Robert thanks. This seems like a good place to dig deeper into what you think, know, believe. From my perspective you’ve posted many interesting and thought provoking things. On the other hand sometimes your posts seem contrived, deliberately provocative, and other descriptors I can’t come up with at the moment. What is your take on Epstein? And Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, etc? Describe the iceberg as you see it.
  4. Isn’t that something Doug- will wonders never cease? And the article is just further coverup. Everyone who smells a big story here should watch Prince Andrew’s BBC interview. btw could someone remind me of the connection between the father of AG Barr and Epstein? Schoolmates?
  5. Is there any evidence to suggest that the FPCC itself was tied to CIA, maybe not at first but later in its brief existence?
  6. “Several of Maxwell’s attorneys could not immediately be reached for comment” love that line. How many is several? It’s apparently not ‘all’. The law is applied with such inequality largely because only the rich can afford them. There is something basically wrong with this. They write the legislation that becomes law that only they can understand. How clever.
  7. Doug - I worry about the same thing. Even with all the draconian efforts to limit voter turnout, and to influence voters with propaganda and tweets, he may be faced with the possibility that he will lose by a wide margin. Trump hates to lose. He cannot expect the military to help him should he go rogue. He could cry foul on the vote count, but that will end in his defeat. He might not have to start a war or fake an alien invasion. Covid-19 might be enough. As an aside, I keep going back to the 2025 population numbers on Deagel.com and wondering, whoever he is, and I have tried to dig out that info, how he arrives at the prediction that the US population in 2025 will be about 100 million, and he has been making similar dire predictions for many years before this pandemic. as for Epstein and ms. Maxwell, that story could be much bigger than imagined. I suspect that what we know (sort of) is the tip of a huge iceberg. Maybe that’s the story that triggers a Reichstag fire incident, it’s clear enough that reporters have been led away from digging deeper. This arrest will rekindle interest, but I suspect it will die quickly - think Panama Papers. She can buy her freedom, at least temporarily, and keep a trial at bay with her phalanx of lawyers. Everyone who hasn’t done so yet should watch the Prince Andrew interview.
  8. I’ll second that. And thank you Rob for your insightful essay. The research into contemporaneous accounts is prodigious. Bravo. Someday I’ll find one or two of these rare out of print treasures and read them. Way ahead of his time but right on the money. Things haven’t changed all that much since. I can imagine how wonderful this makes Roberta feel.
  9. That’s it Ron - thanks. Jagger is still the greatest, and wonderful to see Lennon grooving.
  10. And speaking of Sympathy for the Devil, Many years ago I saw an incredible filmed version of this, and I’ve been unable to locate it since. I’m betting on one of you knowing what I’m referring to. In this video, Jagger is singing on a long runway or carpet, facing the viewer, while an audience of illustrious ones, including John Lennon and many other stars, surround this ‘stage’ while Jagger does his thing, moving towards and away from the camera. Anyone know where this was filmed?
  11. Why was this building detonated? I can see the evidence that it was, but have a hard time believing it was deliberate. I’ve read that the buildings had a fail safe detonation mechanism built in. Did anyone die in that building? Do readers believe that all three buildings were brought down by detonation? for me the smoking gun has always been the protection of the plot and plotters before and after the event.
  12. Does anyone remember when a Dylan received a lifetime achievement award or something like that during what must have been the Grammies? I will never forget my shock when I realized that Dylan was singing Masters of War. I could barely recognize the lyrics. The lyrics are timeless and still so true.
  13. What a difference a word makes - I didn’t say a corner on, I said a corner of, and I can see how the word corner wasn’t good - I should have said a piece. Anyway, your intuition is all you got.
  14. Castro kicked the mafia and casinos out. That didn’t make a lot of economic sense, but he did it just liked he kicked out United Fruit and others. I’ve never heard or seen any evidence that Castro had a corner of the worlds heroin trade, and I don’t recall reading that Batista did either. Cuba may be strategically located, but you could say that about other islands too. Why wouldn’t Castro do that? Because his goals were not Capitalist.
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