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  1. Wasn't the Dillard photo taken 90 seconds or so after the last shots? If so, it doesn't seem to match Mrs. Mooneyham's timeline unless the unknown person tarried for an extended time. Time estimation also varies like opinions. Far from an exact science. FWIW - The man in question appears to be dressed in a DPD uniform, with a regulation military haircut, and spectacles.
  2. It's very amusing to see all these alpha egos in a tug-of-war over so many personal opinion calculations and conclusions over ONE altered photo. Dr. David Mantik proved long ago that the radiological photos were fake, and not those of JFK's true skull. Why would any researcher assume that the other autopsy photos are any different? US Government hijacked and controlled autopsy, US Government controlled photos, and US Government controlled cover-up. What more do you need to know? Realize until the real autopsy photos are found, which will be never, since LCDR Pitzer was executed for them, thi
  3. Slattery = Von Pein, Von Pein = Slattery. Hopefully neither are still here.
  4. I agree that this presentation is excellent, Randy. It's a video I've had for 15 years (it was made 20 years ago) and I'm delighted that it's finally available on YouTube for everybody to see. It has Information from the original HSCA team (before Robert Blakey's hatchet job). It has video of Malcom Thompson and Major John Pickard as they speak about the Backyard Photographs. Gerry Patrick Hemming speaks up in a relevant way...just excellent. I highly recommended this video to newbies -- it will bring them up to speed and sail they past the Warren Commission quickly. As for Oswald's eff
  5. Excellent presentation. http://www.youtube.c...v=_aPcSI76wC8#! Gerry Hemming (Fellow Marine at Atsugi AB JAPAN) says "LHO" was working for Naval Intelligence. Richard Sprague (Director of HSCA) says "LHO" was given special consideration NEVER before given a DEFECTOR, AKA "Special Dispensation". @ 21:56, "LHO" gets the GREEN LIGHT to bring his Russian born wife out of the USSR. LHO's ties to the Intelligence community have only strengthened over the years. RG
  6. IF ONLY the all and powerful OZ aka THE CIA would release the Joannides file, but we shouldn't hold our proverbial breath. http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKjoannides.htm
  7. Randy, I think most readers on this Forum would agree with you. Yet there are nuances. If Oswald was a "patsy" as he said, then who made him into a patsy? Who got close enough to him for that? How did they get that close? Did he know them? Did he hang out with them? Several times during his time at the Dallas jail house Oswald had a chance to tell the Press about the people who made him into a patsy -- but he didn't do it. Was he covering for them? Did he believe that a good lawyer would set him free if he only kept his mouth shut? Did Lee Harvey Oswald know who the real killers were
  8. "If I had to pick one man in the whole United States to shoot me, I'd pick Oswald. I saw the man shoot. There's no way he could ever have learned to shoot well enough to do the shooting they accused him of in Dallas." - Sherman Cooley, USMC, stationed with Oswald. Oswald didn't shoot anyone.
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