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  1. Wasn't Burkley at the autopsy? If so, how was he at the White House and garage? This story is doubtful.
  2. If it was legal at the time, as noted by the author, then how was it a crime? Was the execution of JFK a crime? His widow was not eligible for millions in public compensation. If there was "shame" per say, then with all do respect, as my fellow litigators say, it falls on the legal system then in place.
  3. My Guantanamo-didit-CT

  4. It Wasn't Ruby

    Maybe it was Jack Rubenstein. Anyone read the book, Jack and Ruben? I forget who was the imposter, and who was the mobster who knew what organization Oswald belonged to!?
  5. Dan E. Moldea

    Read the autopsy report! It appeared to be a "contact" shot to the head that killed Bobby. There was gunpowder burn. No witness places Sirhan or his gun within 1 inch of the back of Bobby's head. There was a second gun unless the coroner was completely inept!
  6. Was CE399 "Planted"?

    My apologies, it is Mr. Josephs!
  7. Was CE399 "Planted"?

    Mr. Joseph's, You are right again. In regard to the aught six, Mr. Knight is correct. My grandfather, who was born in 1905,owned a 30.06 for his last 45 years. No one in our neck of the universe called it an odd six. Bon soir!
  8. Was Lovelady A Big Fat Prevaricator, Or What?

    Tommy, Yes, I do. Witnesses often have trouble with time. Also, most of the labourers, in my neck of the world,did not wear watches to work in the 60s. He may or may not have been stretching the truth, but his comments are not "beyond belief". I joined The American Trial Lawyers Association in 1979. I have dealt with a few witnesses since then.?
  9. Was Lovelady A Big Fat Prevaricator, Or What?

    He may have been trying to say that since he did not have a watch, he was not accustomed to "timing things". I have had witnesses say similar things under oath. Was he overweight? Does it matter? In the final scheme do any of the thousands of dots connect this coup completely?
  10. The Umbrella Man Feature Film

    A man and his umbrella! Is this a fictitious tale? As an aside, I first started using umbrellas during my first year of law school, when it seemed like I walked for miles (1.6 kilometres for my fellow Canucks). I went through 3 umbrellas per year on average. How did Mr. Witt keep the same umbrella for 15 years? (Yes, it is dry in parts of Texas!)
  11. Executive Action

    I saw the movie in 1967, and did not understand some of the subtleties at the time. It does a good job of highlighting a number of points which point to conspiracy, but these could be missed by an audience with little knowledge of the history.
  12. Just had to share

    That is just "eary".
  13. Mr. Caddy's request raises some interesting issues, such as: - where is this Forum based? It was in the UK when I joined about 4 years ago. The time of postings seems to be based on UK times. - why would a US drivers licence serve as proof of ID? How many Forum members live elsewhere? - how many members had to "prove" their ID when they joined this Forum? Those points, and others aside, concerns about bona fides should be a concern for all. Should all members be required to provide same?
  14. Your Best Big Fact of a Conspiracy

    Mr. Berkley purports to be somewhat familiar with criminal prosecution, but seems remiss in criminal defence. A second year law student could not secure a conviction (aside from the fact that he or she could not practise law) because any law student who has completed a course in evidence could have successfully defended Oswald ( in the imaginary world where law students try murder cases.). I base that comment on 38 years at the bar, and 40 years of studying this case. Happy new year to all.
  15. Photo of LHO Lookalike in Ruby's Club

    The "Sturgis" fellow looks like Herman Munster. Perhaps Herman and Lee?