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  1. Joe, With all due respect, Mr. Hellyer was Minister of Defence for 4 years many decades ago. The other posts you list are "junior positions " in our Canadian government. My friend was Minister of Defence this millennium, held several other senior cabinet posts, and served in parliament far longer than Mr. Heller. I started reading UFO books in 1966. I started "reading the law" as we used to say, in 1974. I worked for the government for over 10 years. I am still practising law. (Perhaps some day I will get it right!). There are more credible people in the UFO field than Mr. H. Stay well.
  2. I discussed the Paul Helleyer matter with a subsequent Canadian cabinet minister who has been a life long friend of mine, and was assured that Mr. Helleyer had no credibility whatsoever in regard to his alien visitor opinions. This was a similar scenario to when RFK asked whether "your guys did it" in such a way that he was assured that the answer was truthful. The odds would seem to favour intelligent life in the universe but there does not seem to be much on this planet these days.
  3. Is that why the golpher in chief stopped taking it?
  4. I cannot comment until you post a photo sans hat,😊
  5. Alfred had freckles so that you could tell them apart.
  6. These draconian measures will save many lives. Yes they will destroy all of our concepts of normal daily life, but for many in our "me first " world, they will be totally unacceptable. Look at China and Italy. The UK epidemiologists predict about 1.5 million deaths in the US without these measures. Exponential spread would be a disaster.
  7. Things are getting worse by the day here in Ontario. Everything but essential services has been shut down, including our court system. The Canadian experts and talking heads, and prime minister are all talking about months, or maybe years before a semblance of normalcy returns. This has probably caused a new wave of hoarding. My son has co-authored a number of papers in the UK over the past 2 weeks, 2 published in Lancet. There does not appear to be a quick fix. Keep calm and carry on! But how?
  8. That could explain why some are hoarding hand sanitizer!
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