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  1. Hi Thomas Once again, ignore everything above this line as I am still having problems with the Quote/Reply function. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Thomas If it was just one woman we were looking for it might not be so bad, but we have to find four women unaccounted for; unless we assume Calvery, Westbrook, Hicks and Reed were not actually together as a group. I was thinking about what Pat Speer said about the confusion regarding the two Elm Streets. Is it p
  2. I'm sorry, Bill, but since you seem intent on reporting me to James Gordon every time I disagree with you, I am placing you on "Ignore". I have just been told I stand a good chance of being permanently banned from this forum. It is quite clear at this point that discussing this case with you is rather futile, as you fail to recognize facts for what they are. For example, not having evidence that Linda's remarks were not true and factual? Don't you find that a bit absurd?
  3. I don't really care if you got it from Santa Claus, Bill. What you posted proves absolutely nothing, other than that you seem fond of making assumptions and then attempting to post them as established facts.
  4. " Mr. BALL. Did Gloria come up?Ms.. MOLINA. Yes, she came. I was in the lobby standing there and she came in with this other girl. [if Truly came in 20-30 secs after the shots as Molina says above, and we know Calvery was not far behind him - or Baker and him - and Molina says he SAW her "come in" - then I assumed, pretty logically I think, that Molina had to have followed Truly in, and he was then almost immediately followed in by Calvery. He says he saw her come in so he had to have gone in just after Truly and before her. Does that make sense? ] " Bill Are you by any chance relate
  5. Hi Thomas I'm having trouble still with the Quote/Reply function and it keeps showing the 1st page of this thread. Just ignore everything above this. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Robert, Which begs the question, "Did the FBI fabricate all of their statements because they, or at least one of them, were somehow involved in the assassination?" Why else would the FBI fabricate their statements, Robert?" I'm thinking much the same thing you are, Thomas, b
  6. ac·com·pa·ny əˈkəmp(ə)nē/ verb 1. go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort. "the two sisters were to accompany us to New York" synonyms: go with, travel with, keep someone company, tag along with, hang out with; More
  7. Let me guess. Bill Shelley was using alternative facts, right? What does the word "accompany" mean, Bill?
  8. No, it's a matter of Truly lying. There just weren't enough people standing in front of the TSBD to make a "mob" capable of doing what he described. Did you happen to notice, in the Couch film, that most of the spectators in front of the TSBD entrance have not moved very far from their positions prior to the assassination? Truly had to come up with a good story to explain why he left Ochus Campbell and placed himself at the foot of the TSBD steps. His task was to read Baker's mind telepathically and deduce that Baker wanted to go to the roof of the TSBD. Everyone had their part to play.
  9. Truly is standing all by himself near the bottom of the TSBD steps while a small group of people make their way in an orderly fashion up the TSBD steps. Where is this panicky mob that bore him back to the steps and separated him from Ochus Campbell?
  10. Do you see anyone lying on the pavement or concrete in front of the TSBD in the Couch film?
  11. 1. Did Eddie Piper have a Seeing Eye Dog, Bill? Seriously, he couldn't even tell if the man was a police officer or not. Seriously, this witness does not support the official story. 2. West could barely remember who came in. Another useless witness. 3. Truly told all kinds of fantastic stories in his WC testimony that are not supported by the Couch film. 4. The Darnell film does NOT show Baker running past Truly, nor does it show Truly turning as Baker passes. You obviously don't even know the Couch film from the Darnell film. The Couch film shows Baker within about ten feet of
  12. It's a nice story but not supported by the film. I don't see Baker pushing a single person out of the way in the Couch film. The same goes for this piece of Truly's testimony: "Mr. BELIN. All right.Then what did you see happen? Mr. TRULY. I heard an explosion, which I thought was a toy cannon or a loud firecracker from west of the building. Nothing happened at this first explosion. Everything was frozen. And immediately after two more explosions, which I realized that I thought was a gun, a rifle of some kind.The President's--I saw the President's car swerve to the left and stop some
  13. From the FBI statement of William H. Shelley, March 18, 1964: " Immediately following the shooting, Billy P Lovelady and I accompanied some uniformed police officers to the railroad yards just west of the building and returned through the west side door of the building about ten minutes later . I remained in the building until about 1 :30 PM when I was asked to go to the Dallas Police Dept . t o furnish an affidavit . 1 returned to the Texas School Book Depository Building about 5 PM . I did not leave the building until about 7 PM that day ." That's funny, I don't see any uniformed p
  14. Two independent witnesses on the 1st floor? Oh, you must mean Eddie Piper and Troy West. Let's see what Eddie Piper told the warren Commission, shall we Mr. Miller? From the Warren Commission testimony of Eddie Piper, May 14, 1964: "Mr. BALL. You told us that after the shooting you came out onto the floor? Mr. PIPER. That's right. Mr. BALL. And the first people that you saw on the floor after the shooting was who? 388 Mr. PIPER. Mr. Truly and some fellow---I really don't know who it was; like I say, it was some fellow that was with Mr. Truly.Mr. BALL. Some fellow; how
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