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  1. That's not much of an insight from Kerry, a Bonesman, like Poppy and W. Kerry subscribes to the Cuba/Russia influence cover story. And to say Oswald was influenced by some unknown forces isn't saying anything anyway. Nor does Kerry want to think about a second gunman. Kerry caved on the theft of the 2004 election the next morning even though Edwards wanted to fight it. RFK Jr. wrote a definitive article for Rolling Stone on the theft of that election.
  2. Katrina vanden Heuvel is a granddaughter of Jules Stein, the longtime head of MCA, who had extensive criminal contacts. Dan Moldea, before he started covering up the assassinations, did an excellent book called DARK VICTORY: RONALD REAGAN, MCA, AND THE MOB, which is surprising among film history books for its frankness and depth into delving into the nexus between crime and the film industry, which I describe as "a criminal enterprise." There were rumors about the mysterious death of Taft Schreiber, the longtime MCA exec who was called their "house
  3. William vanden Heuvel, who is still alive, is a former assistant AG to RFK and the father of Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor of The Nation, which, as we know, has a spotty record on telling the truth about the JFK assassination and has mostly been involved in covering up the crime, with some exceptions, including my articles on G. H. W. Bush.
  4. The most moving moment in JFK for me is when Oswald, dying, slumps to the floor of the police station in slow motion as Costner in VO is saying, "Who grieves for Lee Harvey Oswald?"
  5. There are some interesting FBI reports from November and December 1963 regarding Priscilla Mary Post Johnson, indicating Bureau interest in her before as well as after the assassination as having been a possible target of recruitment by the KGB. And the Bureau was interested in her contact with Oswald in the USSR. A December memo indicates she was cleared of the suspicion of being a target of KGB recruitment interest. According to a Nov. 29 FBI memo, she was interviewed in Cambridge, Mass., by two FBI agents from 11:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. on Nov. 23-24, supposedly at her requ
  6. And it's no doubt significant that Fred Korth was the lawyer for Edwin Ekdahl when he was divorced from Marguerite Claverie Ekdahl aka Marguerite Oswald in 1948.
  7. Are you distinguishing between internal WC memoranda and transcripts and so forth and FBI documents, etc.?
  8. I've always been fascinated by the stories about a supposedly dead Secret Service agent spirited out of Dallas. I write what I know about that in my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE.
  9. From my book INTO THE NIGHTMARE: MY SEARCH FOR THE KILLERS OF PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY AND OFFICER J. D. TIPPIT (2013): My journey back to my original understanding of the Kennedy assassination coverup began in earnest in the early 1970s. Studying the Vietnam War as it unfolded and with the help of the revealing Pentagon Papers made me fully aware of how pervasive the level of deceitfulness involved in the assassination was in our governmental system. But it was the Watergate scandal that served as the decisive catalyst for my reexamination of postwar American history. This d
  10. An eloquent show offering worthy tribute to a pioneer researcher, a man of great lucidity and integrity.
  11. The Tippit and Oswald autopsies by Dr. Rose are model autopsies.
  12. Armstrong proves in exhaustive detail that Oswald didn't own the rifle or handgun submitted into what Oswald aptly called the "so-called evidence."
  13. I do mention it in INTO THE NIGHTMARE. I don't have an electronic copy of the article to post. It used to be online but it no longer is. I'd have to look through my research files.
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