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  1. You are probably correct Paul, she should if she was concerned that the right wing congress will prosecute her. If she went for a recount, then she could appeal to the public the reason for such prosecution is because of the recount. She won by 2 million votes, and another 2+ million votes for her were suppressed or purged. She definitely would have a the leverage. So there must be another reason why she is not making her move. Maybe it's simple - move on, forget about the interest of the majority. Thomas Paine is grieving somewhere. mike pence and Operation Cross Check? His po
  2. Tomorrow is the anniversary of when the seeds of fascism began to grow in this country. When I think of the successful cover up of the JFK assassination, with the government going to every length to cover up the truth; even change the locations of the wounds years after the first (warren) report, and how the mainstream media was complicit - then and in this present time. Except for the many patriots 53 years ago and now, who did and are doing what they can to bring out the truth, nothing happened. JFK was obviously killed in a coup, and nothing happened. And the killers of JFK got clean away.
  3. Thanks for the post Pat, Would anybody like to explain why Morrow is no longer allowed to post here?
  4. I will try to contact Groden , to get his position on this. Very interesting, and crazy if it's true
  5. Vince, do have an opinion on the pictures? Anything dramatically different?
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