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  1. New book on Nixon and the Mob

    It's also noteworthy where Bush's first jobs were, and who they were coming from... I keep coming across this Nazi stuff (re post-WWII Bush, Dulles, etc.) lately, and it frankly makes me nervous for the first time in the many years I've looked at this thing...
  2. New book on Nixon and the Mob

    heck, Doug could just tell us...! JUST kidding, Mr Caddy. Carl Oglesby's The Yankee and Cowboy War covers a LOT of the little-known back story and suggests some pretty intriguing "alternate" scenarios, replete with motives... To this day when I see Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein on TV I can't help but think, "dude, you're so full of..." well, not that strong, but with similar sentiment.
  3. New book on Nixon and the Mob

    I would not jump to this assumption so quickly. There are other, more credible, versions, Joe... But this one might fit in there somewhere... parts of it... who knows? most everyone agrees that there's a lot we don't know...
  4. New book on Nixon and the Mob

    A little back story on Nixon's Dallas trip and his "appointment" as Pepsi's attorney (this by Richard Bartholomew, and a nice example of his terrific writing and research, and Peter Dale Scott): ----------o---------- On February 24, 1964, Marina spent the day at the Declan Ford home with the Fords, two FBI agents, her new attorney, William A. McKenzie, and McKenzie's law partner, Henry Baer. Baer was also the secretary of the Reliance Life and Accident Insurance Company, owned by Maurice Carlson, "a close friend of Richard Nixon." Two directors of Reliance Life were the brothers Bedford and Angus Wynne, of the law firm, Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley (and the Wynnwood Shopping Center, [where Ruby's brother had, what was it, an ice-cream store...?]). Law partner Morris Jaffe was George de Mohrenschildt's attorney. The Reliance Life building also housed the Dallas office of the Secret Service. The building was owned by the Great Southwest Corporation (GSW), a real estate investment group based in Arlington. GSW's investors included Dallas oil man Clint Murchison and the Rockefellers. The group owned Arlington's Inn of the Six Flags, where Marina was taken on November 24, 1963 by Peter Gregory and his friend, Mike Howard of the Secret Service [this was just before her silly testimony of how she locked O in the bathroom...]. They, along with another Secret Service agent named Charles Kunkel hid her there from all authorities, including the FBI. (The name Kunkel with telephone numbers was found in Ruby's notebook.) Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley, who represented GSW and LTV, were also the Washington oil lobbyists named in connection with the Bobby Baker scandals. Bedford Wynne was the oil pay-off man to Bobby Baker and the Democrats. Marina's new attorneys who were at the Ford home with her that February day in 1964 had taken over her business affairs a week earlier from James Herbert Martin. This appeared to be a change, but Martin had been employed by GSW as the manager of the Inn of the Six Flags. And Baer and McKenzie had recently left the law firm of GSW (Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley). With this background in mind, stemming as it does from the Fords' relationship with Marina, we now turn to Nixon's stay in Dallas from November 20 to 22, 1963. Nixon's odd memory of this trip seems to explain the presence of Baer and McKenzie at the Ford home. It also shows that the Fords may represent, in addition to links between Oswald and Ruby, ominous links between Oswald, Ruby, and Richard Nixon. In fact many things about this trip to Dallas seem to shed light on the subjects discussed in this paper. Nixon went to Dallas on legal business for Pepsi-Cola (now Pepsico). When Nixon's political career seemed to die after he lost his bid for governor of California in 1962, Pepsi came to his rescue by offering to give their account to the New York law firm of Mudge, Stern if they took Nixon on as a senior partner. According to Peter Dale Scott, This political favor by Donald Kendall, who became president of Pepsi in September 1963, has been viewed as a quid pro quo: Kendall is said to owe his presidency of Pepsico in part to his success (through the good offices of Richard Nixon) in having Khrushchev pose with a Pepsi bottle at the 1959 American exhibition in Moscow. But Kendall's success can also be attributed to his marriage with the daughter of Admiral Edward Orrick McDonnell, the veteran of Wilson's Vera Cruz expedition and a former director of Pepsi, of Pan Am, and (with Henry Crown and Frank Manheim of Lehman Brothers) of the Hertz Corp. Kendall was very involved in Loeb Rhoades, Empire Trust, and General Dynamics investments with close associates of Jack Crichton, Joseph Walker (Air America), Toddie Lee Wynne (cousin of Bedford and director of GSW), and Robert Bernard Anderson. ----------o---------- (As we have seen, Augustin Batista was a member, with Jose Aleman, Sr., of the Anson Group, which was closely tied to Second Naval Guerrilla and to Richard Nixon. As we will soon see, Augustin Batista's Cuban Trust Company employed a director of de Mohrenschildt's Cuban oil company -- a company with close ties to William F. Buckley Sr. and possibly to C.B. Smith and a familiar sounding Rambler station wagon in Miami. Like Anderson, Robert H. Stewart III had financial ties to both LBJ and Nixon. And as a prominent Dallas Republican fund raiser, director of GSW, Braniff and Lone Star Steel (all close to LBJ), president in 1963 of First National Bank, Dallas (FNBD), and future director of Pepsico (1964), and LTV (1970), Stewart, too, had financial ties to the apparent conspiracy to manipulate Marina Oswald's testimony.) ----------o---------- On November 15, 1963, Nixon petitioned to join the New York Bar. Then on November 20 he flew, with Donald Kendall in a Pepsi plane, to a bottler's convention in Dallas. Ten months later Pepsi announced plans to build a multi-million dollar plant in Arlington -- thus enhancing the value of GSW. This project must have been related to Pepsi's intended merger with Frito Lay of Dallas (which interlocked with James Ling's [associate of DH Byrd] Electro-Science Investors). This merger between Pepsi and Frito Lay was objected to by the Federal Trade Commission in a complaint filed November 19, 1963 -- the day before Nixon flew to Dallas. It was a complaint that must have been of great concern that week to Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley (GSW's law firm), Nixon, (Pepsi's lawyer), Robert H. Stewart (director of GSW and FNBD), and Herman Lay (of Frito Lay and director of FNBD). If these men met that week, the meeting represented links to de Mohrenschildt (through Morris Jaffe), post assassination links to Marina Oswald (through William A. McKenzie and James H. Martin), the Bobby Baker payoffs (through Bedford Wynne and Robert H. Stewart), and CIA/Cuba connections (through Nixon). (It was Robert H. Stewart who hired George Bush in 1977 (after President Carter replaced him as CIA director) to be director of First International Bankshares, Inc. (FIB, Inc.) of Dallas. Bush was also named a director of First International Bankshares, Ltd. (FIB, Ltd.), FIB, Inc.'s London Merchant bank. Another FIB, Ltd. director was W. Dewey Presley, the president and chairman of FIB, Inc.'s executive committee. He is also listed in the book Who's Who in CIA (the acronym CIA is used loosely here to mean any intelligence related work). Presley's entry reads: b.: 26.5.1918; 1939-42 in Magnolia Oil and Pipe Line Companies; 1942-52 Special Agent of FBI; from 1960 Vice President of First National Bank, Dallas; OpA [area of operation]: Dallas We have already explored the presence of Magnolia Oil around Oswald, Ruth Paine, and Eugene Hale Brading. There is, however, another intriguing individual at FIB with connections to Magnolia, George Bush, and others discussed in this paper. He is J. Rawles Fulgham Jr., president of FIB, Inc. and chairman of FIB, Ltd. Fulgham was identified in a 1982 news report as a director of Dorchester Gas Corp. (see Nexis). Dorchester Gas was the company owned by Jack Alston Crichton, which had D.H. Byrd as a director. It was Crichton who selected his and Ruth Paine's friend, Ilya Mamantov to be Marina's interpreter. And as we have seen, Mamantov was teaching scientific Russian to the Magnolia employees who met the Oswalds at the party discussed earlier. It will be recalled that one of the three Mamantov students living at the house where the party took place, Volkmar Schmidt, had lived and studied with one of the survivors of the failed plot to assassinate Hitler -- a fact which brings us to another intriguing connection of FIB's president and chairman. Fulgham was identified as a director of Dresser Industries (see Nexis), where Bush's father had been a director and Bush himself got his first job. It is recalled that Dresser is also where Hans Gisevius, another survivor of the Hitler plot, friend of Allen Dulles and Ruth Paine's friend Mary Bancroft, "spent some time in Texas.") Given all of this, we can perhaps agree with Professor Scott that, Mr. Nixon should be asked whether his legal efforts helped to block this complaint [against the Pepsi merger with Frito Lay]; and if so, with whom and how he handled it in Dallas. For it was this merger that brought to the Pepsico board Robert H. Stewart III...for fifteen years an acquaintance and backer of James Ling (who [with D.H. Byrd] bought heavily into LTV and Electro-Science Investors [156,000 shares, I think it was, just before Byrd flew to North Africa, or wherever he was while K was getting shot and Johnson was becoming President] in October and November 1963). Robert Stewart and his bank were named in the Bobby Baker Hearings for the $250,000 loan Stewart had advanced to Baker and his friends in 1961, for an insurance stock purchase which looked to many like a political reward. Stewart, like his "very good friend" Senator John Tower, and Tower's campaign manager Peter O'Donnell, was powerful among the conservative Republicans of Texas....In 1970 he became one of three new directors...of LTV, along with Ling's old backer Troy Post...and William H. Tinsley who by now was the senior partner of Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley. Nixon's flurry of activity the week of November 15 to 22, 1963, during which he worked so intently on behalf of his rich and powerful political allies in Dallas, would seem to have been quite memorable to him; and even more so given the fact that the week ended with the world shattering assassination (in that very city) of the man to whom he lost the U.S. presidency three years earlier by the closest margin in American history. After all, even those who were children (including this author) have remembered that day with unusual clarity for their entire lives. But for Kennedy's historic rival, Richard Nixon, that seems not to be the case. Only three months after the assassination, Nixon did not remember that he was in Dallas almost up until the time of the assassination; despite the fact that during this incredible lapse of memory, he did remember being invited to Dallas in April 1963; he did remember that the purpose of that trip "never materialized"; and he did remember not giving any consideration to going (CE 1973, 23 H 831). And despite remembering these details, Nixon called his memory of this invitation vague. Most unusual of all is that the story of the invitation was completely false. Let us review this. Richard Nixon's three month old memory of being in Dallas on the most memorable day in the history of that city; the most memorable day of their lives for most people in the world; and what should have been, for Nixon, the most memorable day of his life, was vague. Yet his ten month old memory of a forgettable invitation to come to Dallas for a forgettable event which never transpired, and about which he gave no consideration, was relatively detailed; even though there had never been any such invitation. And Nixon called his relatively detailed memory of this non-invitation vague. This raises the question: who was the source of this falsehood? It turns out that it was started on February 19, 1964 by Maurice Carlson of Reliance Life and Accident Insurance (23 H 414, 416); a man described by the FBI as "a close friend of Richard Nixon" (23 H 414). The chairman of Mr. Carlson's insurance company was a man named James H. Bond, who was also with James Ling's Electro-Science Investors (and later with LTV). And we must not forget that the secretary of Mr. Carlson's insurance company was Henry Baer (formerly of the Wynne law firm which represented de Mohrenschildt, LTV, and GSW), the man who was at the Ford home on February 24 with Marina Oswald. The interesting thing about Mr. Baer being there that particular day is that it was the very next day that Maurice Carlson retracted his story about the Nixon invitation to Dallas. ----------o---------- On Marina's testimony of April 2, someone wrote this, which I think is quite funny. I wish I remembered who wrote it: On April 2nd, the day made famous in Dallas history because Richard Nixon was not present, Lee Oswald worked the entire day at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall, where he would be released from their employ four days later. So how could Marina lock him in the bathroom on a day that he went to work, and not to shoot someone—particularly someone who was nowhere near Dallas, Texas. And why the yarn? As noted, Oswald was unable to defend himself against this allegation, although given his erratic and self-serving behavior in the two-plus days he spent in Dallas police custody, it seems unlikely that anyone would have believed his denials. But at least the core elements of the story could have been checked, as they were in the case of the cited FBI interviews, which make it clear that Nixon was not in town and was never going to be in town, and that on the day that Nixon was most critically NOT in town, Oswald went to work.
  5. New book on Nixon and the Mob

    Hell, No Tellin' what the Mob had on ol' Hunter Thompson himself...
  6. CE399 and its connections to...

    Michael, I really appreciate your efforts on this video inasmuch as you've made it easy to see the time difference in his hands to his throat and the vague head movement; i can see that it is distinctly possible that's from a second bullet strike, and from the rear. from that point i would find little interest in what bullet caused it if one did, for if one is proved to have done so, the LN theory is already fully destroyed. Ballistics won't matter at this point other than to perhaps get some names... but I'll reiterate - if it's proved to have been a second shot after the throat wound, and before the head wounds, then the LNers are toast. the kind with creamed chipped beef all over it, like mom used to make. you ever had that? Creamed chipped beef on toast? DAMN good breakfasts!!! Now just imagine you were eating little Lone Nut theorists. Same thing.
  7. CE399 and its connections to...

    I'm thinkin' it must be pretty short. And that the name "Brennan" is on there. A LOT.
  8. CE399 and its connections to...

    I'll tell ya, I don't know what to make of this upcoming mock "trial." Seems there are a lot of people interested in it, though... What often occurs to me is just how little "evidence" the Lone Nut Theorists have to work with, refutable or not. I mean, they're really stuck in this very small box which at best insinuates: Oswald's presence on the 6th floor between 12.15 and 12.30 or so, his pretty-damn-fleet-footed "hiding" of the rifle and flight from the floor, his escape on a bus, and his presence at 10th and Patton... That's a darn small box of evidence as compared to the virtual depot of evidence we have in the old arsenal, considering the thousands and thousands of particulars made available by virtue of all the moving parts and variables that would have been necessary to perform that damned act as it was. It kinda seems to me the defendant would do just as well defending himself in this case, even if he is dead.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1562398/Cambridge-News-explains-anonymous-call-ahead-JFK-assassination.html
  10. CE399 and its connections to...

    I read an account of how O was supposedly able to walk several miles to purchase that money order or the PO box during his lunch break on the day it/they were purchased, or something to that effect. Don't remember where I read that, but I want to refer to it on something. Do you recognize this narrative and remember where it's printed?
  11. CE399 and its connections to...

    but, wait, there's more. man, that's not even the same scope on the rifle(s)... is it? no way. the throat with the lens is much longer in one pic than the other... "dropping protection, taking the body, arranging the morgue, Ambulance wild chases... Kellerman front and center." right, ONCE they stole the body from Texas...
  12. CE399 and its connections to...

    wow. "which would interfere with...," as opposed to "which would assist us with...". absolutely hilarious in either its commentary on the primitive state of criminal procedure in the early sixties and/or the apparent primitive state of Frazier's mind. thanks for this. very illuminating, in particular the engravings and the lack of same... hmmm I've glanced at those images before, and past them by. looking at them more closely, there seems to be a problem. yet another one.
  13. CE399 and its connections to...

    thank you, Pamela - I was pretty sure it didn't physically trace to Connally or Kennedy; I was answering a question in Quora (there are oceans of JFK questions in Quora since the recent files release)... wanted to be sure. and to be clear, CE399 DID ballistically trace to the MC rifle (which doesn't amount to a hill of beans, of course...), right? just not its "post-muzzle" history...?
  14. was CE399 definitively connected to either JFK or John Connally via tissue, or by any other means?
  15. William King Harvey aka Oliver Hardy

    Amen. It's why Tony Summers referred to these people as a "renegade element" on the cover of Conspiracy instead of just "US intelligence" as a whole. I find it pretty rare to come across someone who actually thinks the Agency, or Army Intel, or ONI from the top down "did it." And, yeah, Harvey was a real piece of work. And I do not know how members of the Outfit/Mafia got so glamorized. They were - are - slugs. Period. They wear thousand dollar suits and big diamonds, they're still thugs and slugs in nice suits - they still leave greasy trails behind them...