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  1. If his accurate claims are so innumerable, you should have no problem listing at least a few. Again, I'm aware of the claims Prouty has made and I'm aware of the claims in this book. I'm asking again for you to explain what JFKA specific claims he has made which were in fact truthful? You've asked me a lot of questions and I have faithfully answered all of them (whether you agree with them or not). Could you answer this one for me? I don't feel like I'm asking much. It shouldn't be hard for you to state what you feel he has stated that was accurate or otherwise factual.
  2. Well, could either of you tell me which JFKA specific claims Prouty made which were in fact true?
  3. Did Prouty state this? If I understand it all correctly, the orders would have come from Rear Adm. James Reedy.
  4. This is an impossible question to answer. I can't tell you why he lied, but the fact that he did lie, or at the best mislead through his statements is evident. Why did Files lie? Why did Rachel Dolezal pretend to be black? Why do people tell all the lies they do? There is no answer for those questions (actually their often are...money..mental illness..etc) but just because we can't fathom the "why" someone would do something doesn't mean they actually didn't do it. Maybe the psychiatrist can help us understand what motivates a person to lie or to embellish stories with facts that aren't..
  5. The only thing misleading is Prouty. It matters that when given the opportunity to support his claims he instead backtracked from them. There is no shortage of people associated with the JFKA changing their stories over the years and no shortage of people taking them to task for it. Why does Prouty get a free pass? It's not "lingo" about routine..These are Prouty's own words. Why do you all ignore his own words which negate his past comments? This isn't some outside attack on his statements, this is him negating them with his own words. This is him refusing to defend his commen
  6. That's not waiting 30 years to speak out, that's waiting 30 year to write your book. He's been speaking out in some degree since the late 60's. In the article I posted from 1971 he basically blames the CIA for JFK's death and says JFK's actions against the CIA created hatred in the agency which culminated in JFK's death.
  7. I still think there's some confusion, and I'll try to better explain. I'm not saying the sunlight is coming through at the angle you think I am. The sun is hitting at a similar angle to this... You can see only the left side of his face is illuminated by the sun and the sun ends just to the left of his noseline. The "graphic" shows the direction the sun is hitting the man's face in the tramp photo (and basically in the photo above) as well as the area the sun hits and the only area of glasses I am referring to. Due to the angle of the man's head, the sun does not trave
  8. Noone said the purpose was to get opinions or set the records straight. Setting the record straight very much occurred though, numerous times. The point I was making is that instead of providing statements or any evidence whatsoever which supported what he was saying over the years, he said the exact opposite. That matters. I'm curious to what exactly you read that gave you the impression he "clearly said it was unusual to be sent to Antartica.." His actual word are "it was routine" and "it was my job." How does routine = unusual? So after speaking out for 30 years and even
  9. I don't believe I'm misunderstanding the context, I'm quite familiar with Prouty. While his 1992 book may have the statements you quote above, in 1996 when given the opportunity to put this on the record he instead stated "It was so routine for them to call me, I didn’t give it a second thought" Why didn't he tell them "it was strange, I should have been involved with protecting the President. Sending me to Antartica was an obvious (fill in the blank)?" Why did he say it was routine? He then goes on to state "And even afterwards, when I heard people extrapolating in that sense
  10. With work and the weather being overcast most days I just had a chance to take a few more pictures and can post them if you'd still like. I think we just have a confusion regarding the glasses though. I'm not referring to this area... As you mentioned, there is almost no area for the sunlight to travel through in this area. While some shadow/light could be cast from this area, it would be difficult and it wouldn't create the shadow we see in the tramp photo. I'm referring to this area... This is the area the light is traveling through and the area which is cr
  11. Prouty himself said it was routine... (Same link on page one) http://documents.theblackvault.com/documents/jfk/NARA-Oct2017/ARRB/CBARGER/WP-DOCS/PROUTY11.WPD.pdf
  12. In other coronavirus news...I had a person from corporate spend last week with me and he tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend. I'm now quarantined from work and have to go through contact tracing through the state and get paperwork from them before I can go back to work.
  13. I don't "believe" in the dictabelt audio, largely due to some of the issues with the audio which Pat has highlighted in his article. I had a few comments, mainly on memory. There seems to be this belief that memory is infallible and if a person says they did something then that means it is true. Pat for instance takes umbrage at the dismissal of McLains statements regarding his siren. Basically, he said he turned it on so anyone saying different is ignoring what he did/said...etc... Memory isn't infallible though and people often say they did things in which they did not do. Not in
  14. The sun certainly is not traveling through the lens. There is a gap which exist there. The size of the gap depends on the shape of the persons face and how they specifically fit their glasses, but there is always a gap. The glasses do no rest upon your face other than the nose pads. Along the upper rim of the glasses there will always be a gap. The sun can very much travel through gaps and create the shadow we see. In my (rudimentary) photo below, it is almost exactly like the tramp photo... The sun isn't traveling through my lens just like it isn't in the tramp photo.
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