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    As requested by the management! Duncan Williamson: freelance author, teacher, trainer, spreadsheet modeller, web master. My web site at www.duncanwil.co.uk hosts a number of useful pages for accountancy and business students; and every novel I read is reviewed too. If you've got an accounting or business problem I can often help you: just email me and tell me a bit about yourself and your problem. If I can help I will. Best wishes Duncan
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    Schools and Obesity

    Two key issues stand out here: Parents are essentially in control of their own childrens' dietary needs for many years; the Jesuits tell us that they need just the first seven years to show us the adult within us. Margaret Hilda Thatcher was the Education Secretary who first implemented the idea that schools should not pander to the dietary requirements of the nation's school children. Of course, that was an economic measure that has had very far reaching social consequences. As a parent of three of my own children and one step son I am proud to say that I have worked tirelessly with them to help them appreciate the need for balance. I told them often enough that there's nothing wrong with a beefburger or a plate of fish and chips (although I am a lacto ovo vegetarian of many years' standing): However, two key issues are important it's far better to prepare all of your own food since you will be very unlikely to add very many ingredients beginning with the letter E keep your diet in balance My children are all now adults or near adults and they have not suffered from my regimen: quite the reverse, they are all slim and eat wisely. I also enjoyed playing football and so on with the boys (one girl only, I'm afraid!) and they are all also relatively active still. I am afraid that when I see obese children wobbling down the street I feel sorry for them and feel that their parents should just about be considered as criminals for the acts or omission or commision that they have perpetrated.
  3. Dear All, I have teamed up with Chris Sivewright to produce some excellent AS level Business Studies case study resources for teacher and student alike. These resources relate to the AQA ScrewLoose Ltd pre release case study that has now been published: these resources are selling well. Our feedback from our buyers so far tells us that they think our resources are very good value for money. They comprise four separate files: two word files, one Excel file and a Power Point presentation file. Currently the price is just £4 per copy but that will shortly be increased to £5 and all proceeds are being donated in their entirety, with nothing held back for admin or any other charges, to a worthy cause. Just go to this page on my web site to see what's in store for you. You will be very pleasantly surprised by your investment!