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  1. Kennedy did comment that it would be easy for someone with a rifle in a building--but he also said that anyone willing to give his life to kill the President could do it. Martin Shackelford
  2. Hard to determine the motive without knowing who the conspirators were, as the motives could vary widely. One person who seemed to have no motive, having spoken only favorably of JFK, was Lee Oswald. Martin Shackelford
  3. It is interesting that whenever a forum provides an opportunity to discuss Judyth's account in an open manner, it is suddenly inundated with attacks posts from three sources: 1) Team McAdams, including Dave Reitzes. 2) The Della Rosa group, including Dixie and Bernice. 3) The Lancer group, including Dave Weaver. Apparently the idea that Judyth might be taken seriously far too threatening to any of them to be permitted. But I'm sure Dixie and the other "sensitive" attack artists will find my post offensive. Martin Shackelford
  4. Judyth's book is not yet out. Also, she currently has no Internet server, so has difficulty responding in any of the forums. Martin Shackelford Anybody can you tell me how to order Judyth's book? I do'nt see any listing at Amazon.com Bill <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  5. Question: How do people in America today view JFK? Is he seen as a hero? Is his reputation growing/declining? Why? There's no unified view, though he's generally well-regarded, I think. The conservatives appear to be very upset by that, in fact, and delight in bashing the Kennedys. This could become awkward, as California's Republican actor-governor is married to one. Fox New Network has done a lot of Kennedy-bashing. The affairs, of course, have gotten a lot of attention, and conservatives would, it seems, die before admitting that he might have been planning a withdrawal from Viet Nam. I th
  6. Did the activities of the peace movement help the NLF (Vietcong) gain control of South Vietnam? Not really. Fighting an insurgency from within a country, when it is supported by the majority of the population, is next to impossible. The U.S. admitted in the 1950s that the majority of the Vietnamese supported Ho Chi Minh and the NLF, but used that as an argument to support the minority government, though Ho had been a U.S. ally during World War Two. It was clear to Lyndon Johnson by early 1964 that the war was unwinnable, but he lacked the imagination or the political courage to just get out.
  7. Question: Could JFK have done anything to stop the Bay of Pigs invasion? Yes. He could have said no. It couldn't have happened without his approval. Unfortunately, he was newly elected, and the plan had been authorized (in a better form) by President Eisenhower, an experienced military man. JFK wasn't clearly told that the plan presented to him was modified from the one approved by Eisenhower, and went ahead with it, to his later regret. He accepted full responsibility, however, and moved on from there. Martin Shackelford
  8. Question: Was JFK aware of the plots to kill Castro? If so, did he do anything to try and stop them? John and Robert Kennedy seem to have been aware of the anti-Castro plots, and to have supported them--upset only upon learning that the CIA had become enmeshed with the Mafia in the process. They ordered this aspect stopped, but with mixed success. Martin Shackelford
  9. Question: What were JFK’s plans for the CIA, had he been re-elected? There are many theories and claims on this. The New York quoted JFK as talking about splintering the CIA into a thousand pieces. The most likely change, however, would have been removing the CIA's paramilitary function, and transferring that to the Department of Defense, as the CIA was never very good at it. Martin Shackelford
  10. Question: Is there any link between the assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy? This has long been a question, but no definite link has ever been established, despite being frequently theorized. An individual being in both Dallas (JFK) and Los Angeles (RFK), theories about CIA involvement in the assassinations of JFK, RFK and Malcolm X, talk about Army intelligence involvement in the JFK and King assassinations, etc. So far, however, no real evidence linking them. One of the things I always thought more than a bit of a coincidence was that King and RFK weren't
  11. Question: Is there clear evidence that the CIA and the mafia worked together? If so, where, how and why? Yes, the CIA use of the Mafia in assassination plots was exposed during Congressional investigations by the Church Committee of the Senate during the mid-1970s. The Mob was first enlisted under the Eisenhower administration in 1959, involving Jimmy Hoffa as a go-between. Richard Nixon was the White House Action Officer on the project, which was a prelude to the planned invasion of Cuba. When John Kennedy inherited the project, the Castro assassination plots were a part of it. Robert Kenned
  12. Were the autopsy photos actually published? And if yes, were they analysed by any other organisations except the Warren Commission? Officially, the autopsy photographs and X-rays remain classified, and are only available for examination by researchers who have Kennedy family permission to examine them. This has been only a trickle over the years. Unofficially, some autopsy photos have leaked out, and have been published. Robert Groden published five color autopsy photos. Mark Crouch obtained ten black and white copies of autopsy photos from retired Secret Service agent James Fox in 1982. Som
  13. The House Select Committee of Assassinations) was highly critical of the Secret Service: "The Secret Service was deficient in the performance of its duties. The Secret Service possessed information that was not properly analyzed, investigated or used by the Secret Service in connection with the President's trip to Dallas; in addition, Secret Service agents in the motorcade were inadequately prepared to protect the President from a sniper." So, my question is, was it obligatory at that time for the SS to check all the buildings that the President's car was going to pass? If yes, is there an
  14. Question: Was JFK aware of the plots to kill Castro? If so, did he do anything to try and stop them? Apparently he was, and he endorsed some of them. It seems that the only ones he and his brother Robert tried to discourage were the ones which used organized crime. Martin Shackelford
  15. Question: Was JFK about to ‘drop’ Lyndon Johnson? If so, why? There seems to have been discussion of this, as a series of growing scandals centered around Johnson, including those relating to Billy Sol Estes and Bobby Baker. When Kennedy was assassinated, and Johnson became President, the investigations were quietly dropped. Martin
  16. Question: What evidence is there that JFK was going to pull out of Vietnam? The most up-to-date discussion of this issue, concluding that JFK did plan to pull out of Viet Nam, can be found at: http://www.bostonreview.net/BR28.5/galbraith.html Martin Shackelford
  17. I would agree that there was never any real evidence of a communist conspiracy. Over the years, the media has repeatedly run articles on the "Pedro Charles letters" as new evidence of such, but they were exposed as fakes many years ago, and are very old news. Johnson tried to suggest Cuban involvement at times, but there is no real evidence for this. As for Lyndon Johnson, reports of his involvement have circulated ever since the assassination. Right-wing author J. Evetts Haley considered him responsible, as did left-wing playwright Barbara Garson, among others. One theory has Johnson's ow
  18. (2) Did Oswald introduce you to Ferrie or was it the other way round? Oswald introduced her to Ferrie. (3) Did Oswald ever mention David Atlee Phillips by name? Did he give you the names of any of his other CIA contacts? He did mention Phillips to her. She can probably respond in more detail. (4) Did Oswald ever give you any idea of who was behind the plans to assassinate JFK? If so, did he say anything about the reasons for the assassination? He didn't provide much information, certainly not enough upon which to take preventive action, though he did
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