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  1. My two cents: From what I have read, seen & considered about the JFK ambush, I see 3 distinct possibilities: - The attack came from outside the 'shields' of JFK while a car passenger during his parade. - The attack came from inside the 'shields' of JFK while a car passenger during his parade (inside job). - A combination of the two above I suspect JFK might have been finished off inside the tunnel of the triple underpass by inside elements, outside elements (or both, if the Dealey Plaza ambush had failed). SS agents appearing to respond to the gunfire by positionin
  2. Fascinating reads, Paul, Alistair & Joe! One could certainly find motivation for LHO to allegedly abuse Marina for pressuring him to quit the ONI program (that Paul tells us LHO was involved in) & thus receiving an undesirable discharge as a result. It appears to have been the old 'YOU ruined my life' story that has historically cancered its way into many, many relationships with disastrous results throughout time (if that was the case in LHO's relationship to Marina). Quick question for Paul: where is the LHO ONI Program paperwork? Anyone who's ever been in the US military k
  3. Thank you for the clarification, Alistair! It's been awhile since I booted up, wore the uniform & was a 'lean, mean fighting machine' (lol). If I am not mistaken, undesirable was about as bad, if not equal to dishonorable coming out of the US military. I can certainly appreciate researchers who believe LHO fell into the wrong company (such as right wing extremists) when he was out of the military that may have taken advantage of him. If I recall correctly, Vincent Bugliosi argued against LHO being an intel operative for the Navy because of the undesirable discharge he received.
  4. Paul, I always enjoy what you write & your take on the assassination, so please don't take this the wrong way: Researchers continuously forget LHO's dishonorable discharge (that he wrote Secretary of the Navy John Connally about, in an attempt to have it reversed). Without that dishonorable discharge hanging over his head, LHO could have applied for & possibly gotten a CIA job without leaning on the likes of Guy Banister to 'pull strings' for LHO. Ditto for most Federal jobs. That DD ruined LHO's veteran status. I believe it also killed his right to attend college under the G.I. B
  5. @David Von Pein & Michael Walton: After reading Joe Pepitone's book in the '70's, I believe Mickey Mantle's batting average would have been much higher if he'd laid off the pot smoking with Pepitone (lol). That goes for Whitey Ford, Elston Howard, Yogi Berra, Roger Maris & all the other Yankees Pepitone may have corrupted with his drugs fans would toss at him from the stands wrapped in tin foil (lol). Sheesh! I hope you both didn't suffer the horror I discovered when I learned my good 'ol dad had taken advantage of me leaving home for the Army, cleaned out my room & tosse
  6. @David Von Pein I had a feeling you'd excel in the situation, David. You stand up to power sluggers day in & day out. I hope EF readers & researchers alike can read thru the lines & realize that the underlying message was: excluding DVP (David Von Pein) from the game only causes the game to suffer. You're tougher than I'll ever be, David. That's one of the reasons I admire reading your posts & your unwavering viewpoints about the JFK case. Respectfully & sincerely, Brad Milch
  7. Any thread that features you, Cliff, and Paul Trejo vs. Jim DiEugenio is a entertaining, educational read for EF readers. For me, the obvious love you 3 researchers have for each other (NOT!) is like that old Sylvester & Tweety cartoon in which Granny makes them stop fighting & hug each other & kiss. Both began spitting violently (lol). EF readers can feel the love too & ignore posts if it gets out of hand. Brad Milch
  8. James DiEugenio said: Don't forget the ice bullet and the flechette Cliff. Or the alleged Robert & Marina Oswald sleaze that appeared in the 'Ruth Pain was a CIA operative' thread a few months back. I'm not sure if either Cliff or Paul was responsible for it or not. For those that missed it, Robert Oswald was alleged to have been docking his ship at Marina's port of entry (lol). Ralph Cinque has picked up on it & demanding a DNA test between LHO's brother Robert & LHO's 2 daughters on his blog. Seriously...I kid you not. Sleaze catches attention. BM
  9. @Cliff Varnell This is getting good, Cliff (so good, in fact, I put off downloading Microsoft's free Windows 7 3+ Gigabyte ISO file to free up time until the alleged 'dissing' is over & I can get both yours & Paul Trejo's viewpoints together in one thread for reference). It kinda reminds me of the old Yankees in the last inning of the World Series: Yanks are down by 3. Bases are loaded. 2 outs. Next at bat: Mickey Mantle [Roger Maris next, following Mickey] Mickey's at the plate batting left handed instead of his usual right, signaling sportscasters & fans alike that
  10. @Jim DiEugenio Quote: 'Varnell and Trejo dissing each other. And its free'. Jim DiEugenio What's your take on all this, Jim? Both researchers can't both be correct (1963 CIA did it vs 1963 Dallas right wing did it), can they? (I didn't include David Von Pein's viewpoint 'LHO did it' because he has stated that he in not a researcher. For David, the case was settled over 53 years ago & it was neither the 1963 CIA nor the 1963 Dallas right wing; it was LHO). If you doubt it was the Dallas right wing, you'll save me & countless other EF readers from digging t
  11. There's a 'gap' in the Zapruder story, David. It was during that period of time when Dick Stolley was phoning his home every 30 minutes or so trying to set up a deal meeting for the film. IIRC, no one knew where Mr. Z. was or what he was doing. The story I read was he went driving around Dallas trying to 'clear his head'. Perhaps the answer to your question lies there. This statement will probably get me in trouble with Jim DiEugenio again, but it needs to be said: accepting the WC's version of events is always the easiest route to put this story to bed. Just because I said it doesn'
  12. @David Von Pein: What really aggravates me about Vincent Bugliosi's analysis of the Z-film (or whoever Vince farmed the work out to...possibly Dale Meyers?) is no one bothered to ask the person who developed the original Z-film and the 3 copies to describe what they observed when they ran the developed films while quality checking them for Mr. Zapruder. There were in-house witnesses to those projections. No one talked to them either. Those folks saw the Z-film BEFORE Life's Dick Stolley & Dallas based CBS TV journalist Dan Rather did. All of those people could have quite easily a
  13. @Paul Trejo: Quote: 'Brad, I would like to recommend to you the 900 page book by Dr. Jeff Caufield, namely, General Walker and the Murder of President Kennedy: the Extensive New Evidence of a Radical Right Conspiracy (2015). (I think it's only $29 today.)' - Paul Trejo Thank you for taking the time to compose all that information you shared with me & fellow EF readers, Paul. It was a fascinating read & I will read the book you suggested. I expect it will fill in for me what was happening around me while I was an adolescent & unaware of the cesspool the world I was born i
  14. Jim, What you are describing was called 'shuck & jive' in the area I was partially educated at as I grew into a young adult. It's another way of describing when someone who knows better loads a gullible, trusting person with utter BS. I appreciate the schooling, kind, learned, distinguished & esteemed Good Sir! Respectfully & Sincerely, Brad Milch
  15. When someone uses the term '1963 radical right', immediate thoughts of racist groups (Klu Klux Klan), Gen. Edwin Walker, Barry Goldwater (among several others) probably come to mind for a lot of people, Paul. Why 1963-1964's Earl Warren & his high office peers would want to shield the likes of those people in the interest of national security instead of hunting down the JFK ambush perpetrators & bringing them to justice has got to be a good read. Those groups were hardly a secret; one could see them in action on TV news broadcasts & MSN newspaper investigative reports any give
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