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  1. Bernice Thanks a bunch for posting that FBI Doc. in regard to Essie Williams. I am pleased to finally read it. Ray.... You are right, in that we really don't know what Essie said, since it was not her direct words...only what the FBI claimed she said. But it does appear that she didn't lie and attempt to just agree with Wesley and Linnie, to help them out/ ....if she didn't actually see LHO carrying a bag. Thanks! Dixie
  2. Denis..... Misquting tesrtimony? Why be so insulting??? Even thouggh, I posted this four years ago, no one has mentioned finding Essie's testimony. . I was only qyoting what I have read in several JFK books...and not from my own made-up words. In fact, I also specifically mentioned that I had not been able to find Essie's testimony to verify it. I had searched for it, for some time, even before the MFF site ever came along.. I had no idea it was now at her website, since I am unable to ever access that website. So, I am still only able to accept what ypu say and not from reading her testi
  3. Oh yes, Lee it makes a whole lot of sense, all according to Judyth! Fist of all, why would anyone seem to be materalistic because they wanted their husband to buy a car? Why would a husband even go to such extremes to pretend not to be able to drive, just so he wouldn't have to buy a car and just because his wife might make demands. Did he actually prefer to walk with Marina to the grocery store, with Marina expecting a baby and one of them probably having to carry the little girl and then maybe both having to carry the groceries home. (Hopefully they at least had a stroller). But anything to
  4. This is just some thoughts I have had lately. If Hunt was actually in Dallas, perhaps in disguise as the so-called tramp or if the man with the overcoat walking across Elm Street, perhaps he was lured there in a set-up, to frame him. I was thinking that he once, confirmed that would be a possibility. There are many who believe that some were lured there under different pretexts, such as a false assassination attempt, as some sort of a warning to JFK. But then, none of these culprits knew what was actually going to happen. Some also believe they were told it was Gov John Connally that was goin
  5. John I just finished reading E. Howard Hunt's, American Spy. I was prepared to not like the book. Yet, I did like it. I believe he made a few errors, although most books do have errors. I also saw that he had evidently read some of the JFK Conspiracy type books. He seemed to have most of the facts as we know them. Even though I am not as confident in some of his own conclusions. Still how many other CIA persons have ever admitted a conspiracy at all? He even tells who he believes was behind it all, although he also claims to not know who it was and that he had nothing whatsoever to do with
  6. What a shock! I have been familiar with John for many years and also feel that he has been "Messed With" for many years. I am so sorry to hear about his death. He was a nice man and my thoughts are with his family now. Although I am somewhat surprised we are just now finding out. ____________ Dixie
  7. You are right James, the guy with the pencil behind his ear is Kenneth Wilson. He was briefly questioned and released as well as his wife's cousin, Donald Wayne House....who some feel is a LHO look-alike. I started a thread about these two men, awhile back, but can never get the search thing to work right. It is under The Cowtown Connection thread. So, here is the link to tne full story...a strange story too! This story was investigaed by M. Duke Lane and I believe it originally appeared in the Third Decade Publication. cowtown.txt http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/cowtown.txt _____________
  8. Possibly, the New Years Day Party was at Don Johnsons home, but it was hosted by Don Henley. Donna Rice Hughes - Women http://www.christianitytoday.com/tcw/6w5/6w5042.html How did you meet Senator Hart? DONNA: Although I'd first seen Senator Hart in Aspen, Colorado, at a New Year's Day party in 1987, we hadn't talked. On March 27, 1987, I went to a fundraiser at a Miami resort. The event was crowded, so a group of us went outside to a yacht owned by the resort's owner. Upon boarding, we were surprised to discover it had been chartered by Gary Hart and Bill Broadhurst, a Washington lawy
  9. A friend of mine. was invited to a Presidents Prayer Breakfast, about 10 years ago. After he returned, he told me that he ran across Donna Rice, at the Hotel where he was staying. They talked some and ended up having dinner together one night. I laugheed, and ask what she was doing at a Prayer Breakfast! He told me that she was a very nice woman and also quite interesting to talk to. He also told me that she is a devout re-dedicated Christain. Plus she had also helped to set up the Prayer Breakfast that year. What happened to Donna Rice is that she was raised in a religous family, as she was
  10. Hi Harry Obviously, I'm not William Turner, but I did get a chance to meet him about three years ago, in Dallas. I wanted to make a few comments in regard to your questions about Edward Jagels, the DA of Kern County. The name iof the book you mentioned is "Mean Justice," written by Edward Humes and published in 1999. Yes, Jagels is from a wealthy family in San Marino. He is also a right-winger! Do you recall a few years ago we had a conversation (by email) and I mentioned that I live in the Kern County (Bakersfield) area. You are the one that steered me to the Mean Justice Book. I bought
  11. Hi Steve I may be wrong, but I am thinking that Operation Tumbleweed had to do with Wiretap Survelliance. ___________ Dixie
  12. Maybe you guys would consider having a dueling match. This was a popular form of resolving conflict, in the early to mid 1800's of our past history, Actually, an ancester of mine, was really big on dueling. He was sometiems a hot-head and lot of his conflicts had to do with defending his wife's honor from slurs and innuendo made against her. After two happy years of marriage, they learned to their dismay, that her ex husband had not obtained a divorce, only permission to file for one. Now he brought suit on grounds of adultery. After the divorce was granted, the couple quietly remarried
  13. John Oh dear!!! I didn't intend for you to take personal offense to what I said. Actually It didn't even come to my mind, when I was making the above post, that you had also been threatened, by Tim. I do know I would be real upset about it too. I sure wouldn't want to see you shut down the forum and sure didn't mean to indicate that I did. However, as far as being lible...I have no idea about that. I have never been sued, nor have I ever contemplated suing anyone. So, I have no knowledge of such things. I would most likely try to do everything possible to try and rectify a situation ra
  14. Doggone it. When is the actual lynching going to take place? Tim Graft has been found guilty of a non specified crime and now we must tar and feather him. Or, maybe we could all take turns caning him, as they did the American boy in Singapore a few years ago, when I was also in Singapore. The difference is that although the boy pled innocent, he was found guilty BY LAW.The boy was caned, as his punishment and remarkably, after it was done, he walked over to his "canor" and shook his hand!!! I am wondereing if perhaps there are others here who are reluctant to speak out against this seeming
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