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  1. Kathy...I am wanting to let you know that I think it is just wonderful that you are involvimg yourself, with these books through Amazon. But as a warning, be careful because there are many paying scamsters out there. About a month ago, a neighbor of mine was helping another neighhor with an Estate Sale and found that he had about 5 JFK books, a recording of all his speeches and some Life and I believe Post, first Assn. issues. My neighbor came to me for some advise of what to ask for the whole package. When I looked at the books, they were none that I had ever heard of before! All five were short books with glossy pages and lots of photos...just about JFK or the Kennedy family. Nothing to do with our concerns anyway. I told my neighbor that I had no idea what the person could charge for them and had never heard of any of them. She asked me, well, what are you studying then, with all the JFK books you have. She was not aware there were such books, to do with conspiracy resesrch. I suppose that would seem strange to have as many books as I have and just about JFK or the family...lol But anyway, you might have been able to have benefitted from these books for your sales. ...if I had known. Good luch with your endeavor! Dixie
  2. Thinking of you and missing you. I hope you have a good recovery and will come back soon. Ms Dixie
  3. This is just one of the things that was humorous with Rich. Several years ago, Terry Mauro, Bernice and I made a claim that we were old Jack's Girls. (Meaning Jack Ruby's Girls). We even made up little (email)stories about our experiences, working for him and claimed that a certain photo with Jack, was us three girls. Then, Rich wanted us to become Rich's Girls, instead of Jack's Girls....so we did change it. Then, at one point, Rich was interviewed on Len Osenic's Black Op Program and referred to his three Rich's Girls and even gave our names. We were surprised, but also felt special, even though just in fun. I think that later on, Adele Edisen also became one of us Rich's Girls. Some may feel this was all rather silly, but still, we all had plenty of laughs over all these claims as well as having good memories about Rich. Another time,Rich decided that it was time to walk away from the forum and he got many comments about that.I asked him what he thought he would do with himself all day, if he didn't have the forum to run....since he was unable to work. Evidently, this did cause him to rethink his decision and he then announced his new decision to stay with the forum and even mentioned that I had caused him to change his mind...made me feel good about that. So, he was able to give us many more years! Dixie
  4. ....and dear Rich, I do miss him so much and still miss going there every day. I use to go several times a day, but when the format seemed to become more of a political discussion forum, I did slow down on going there...that is just not my cup of tea....JFK Discussions is my interest.But still, it was like home, I missed all those that use to be there and some I have been re-acquainted with, at various other forums. I also wonder what happened to some of them. However, there were also some hellacious, heated and quite passionate discussions at times, but Rich seemed to be able to deal with it. As we began hearing on our TV's about what was happening on the morning of 911. a majotity of us went straight to Rich's forum...that is where felt most safe and secure and drew comfort from each other. I never actually met Rich, but we had many emails and joked some and also talked on the phone several times. Stll, I felt as though I had met him. Dixie
  5. I also got one supposedly from Bernice, but I knew it wasn't actually from her....,.and I deleted it. I have several email boxes and was getting an over- abundance of Nigerian Scams, like several a day and had to shut down that email box. This same one that I got through Bernice, went around some of my relatives on Facebook,supposedly from another relative and his email box had also been hacked, a couple of weeks ago and they are not into JFK Research. Dixie
  6. Jack...Last night I wasn't able to access the DP Forum, but this morning I was able to. This has occurred before, when a website starts up again. I am thinking that it may take awhile for different ISP's to catch up. Hopwfully you will be okay at the DPF again soon. Dixie
  7. David...Yes, I am still here and have been for several years now. I do appreciate your post in regard to Hotel California, being the Beverly Hill Hotel, rather then Camarillo, as I had mentioned. Many do believe it is both about Camarillo and also the album photo. But...now I am believing you are right. Thanks for the enlightenment. Dixie
  8. Stephen.....I am a bit late in posting this, but please add me as one more of your David Ferrie Research supporters. I have been reading your posts as it relates to Judyth, through the years, both on this forum, as well as elsewhere. I also finished reading Judyth's latest book...and of course read her first book, as well as both of Ed Haslems books. Dixie
  9. I have quite often thought about this Oswald/Lovelady, in the doorway controversy, through the years. I do want to stress that this is only my own speculative thoughts and not any absolute opinion. But for now, just something to be considered. First of all, I do agree with Steve, that if it was Oswald, it would have been a great alibi to give the DPD. However, we also do not really know what was truth and what wasn't, regarding Oswald's interrogation. Secondly, although the doorway person looks quite similar to both Oswald and Lovelady and yet at the same time, not so much like either of them. The same goes for the shirt. the person was wearing. Just enough so, to make us all uncertain. Even though I do realize some researchers have definite beliefs on which one it was. I don't feel that in other photos, of both, that they look alike at all and neither does that shirt. So, my thoughts are that the doorway man has been altered or that this person is possibly the so-called imposter. Dixie
  10. That is about it Bill...except for this part.... "Then after the assassination, they all go move in with Elsa in Denver, where the FBI eventually catches up with them, but never bothers to interview Elsa, who we never hear from again." Far as I know, only Burley went to Denver, to join Elsa. Dixie
  11. Hi Dawn.....I had never heard that about Jerry Rose, becoming spooked...slthough it might hsve been true. I do know he wrote a lot about the far right. Although I had interest in studying about the JFK Assn., I never had much access to any books or info, for a long time....and no one I knew, who shared my same interest. I lived in a small town, with no book stores and only a small library. I read all they had on the subject, in no time. If I did read like in a newspaper about some new book, I had no idea how to obtain it. When we went shopping in a larger area, I would go to the book stores and mostly found Harrison Livingstons books. I also noticed in the back, he had names of the various publicatons. So, I immediately sent Jerry Rose a subscription inquiry letter, which he answered right away and I subscribed, But, even though I also sent one to Lisa and Jim for Probe...actually three times..they never did send me a reply. From that, I had assumred they only wanted known subscribers.I was not aware of Gary Macks Pubs. back in those days. Later I did subscribe to Walt Browns Pub and also Lancer's. But with Jerry's Pubs. I was able to finally see names of some who were involved in the JFK Research and the various theories too. The only person that I had to converse with, at that time, was my husband ( now my former husband), but even though he had some interest, he knew less about any of it, then I did, since I was the one reading about it, when I was able to find anything to read. But Jerry's Pubs sorta opened up info for me and I always wished it was a monthly Pub. rather then a quarterly pub. It was many years later, when I finally advanced to the computer era and found some JFK forums to join. That opened up a whole new JFK research world to me...just what I had been wanting and needing for so many years. Plus I was then finally able to order books on the internet. I had read about Mark Lane traveling around making talks and I wished I was able to attend someplace near me. I read about Jim Garrison and from al I was reading, I believed he was on the right track and couldn't figure out why the Media was trashing him as they did. I was not aware, then, of how the media is, on the JFK Assn. I was also later able to find David Lifton's, Best Evidence book and was stunned. I just didn't know if his book was true or not and kept hoping to find some comments from the JFK Researchers about it, but didn't for quite some time. It seemed to be true, yet it was too shocking to me, which did cause me to wonder about it...since I wasn't wanting to be gullible. But, I believe my biggest shock was when I read about the Warren Comm. conclusions. I just somehow had sensed that something was rotten in Denmark, when Ruby shot Oswald....and that is when my interest actually began. Dixie
  12. For several years I subscribed to the Third/Fourth Decade Publications and have saved all my copies. I don't really know when I began subscribing, since I also got some earlier issues at ebay. Every once in awhile, I get them all out and reread a lot of the articles. I wonder sometimes why some of the writers have seemingly disappeared from JFK Research....but maybe they just got burned out or bummed out. Also sometimes i reread an artcle that I hadn't recalled reading before. The one below is one of them, but I believe that is because I have had more interest in the persons involved, more recently, then previously. Incidently, I met Jerry Rose, the Publsiher of this Publication, in Dallas in 2000, just before he closed shop. I had no idea he was fixing to do that though. He was a very nice man!. In The Third Decade.....Vol. 6 #4....May 1990.....Jerry had Part Two of his own articles called "Nut Country" Within Part II, is a .sub article called "Whatever Happened To Elsa Silbernagel?" This story may or may not have any real signiicance, but I did find it interesting and made me more curious and I also know that a whole lot of those having any connections at all, lied in some areas for some reason. ...although, some had their testimonies changed for them and again for some reason! But first, I found a couple of threads here, that will give some background on Larry Schmidt and Bernard Weissman. They also had a buddy named William Burley, who went to Dallas, with Weissman...and this story concerns Burley. (I didn't copy it out comp;ete;y word for word) http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=6397 http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=660 WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ELSA SILBERNAGEL? ...by Jerry D. Rose Both Weissman and Burley made a quick exit from Dallas, after JFK was assassinated. Burley was finally interviewed by the FBI in Denver, on Dec 5th, 1963. The basic story is that Schmidt urged them to come from their homes in Mt Vernon, NY and Baltimore, MD. to exploit the publicity generated by the local demonstrators against Adlai Stevenson, in Nov 63. Burley told of his having lived with his wife, in Baltimore, after being separated from the army and how he was also separared from her, on learning she was four months pregnant, a month after his return from Germany. (12) About Oct 25th, learning that a woman friend from Germany , Elsa Silbernagel, planned to immigrate" to the U.S, he went to NY to meet her. Shortly after her arrival, she and Burley were invited to stay at the Mt Vernon home of his old army buddy from Germany, Weissman. While there, Schmidt pursuaded them to join him in Dallas. On Oct. 31, Weissman, Burley and Silbernagel set off for Dallas, in Weissmans car. . Along the way, they stopped for Burley to visit his wife and Children in Baltimore and his parents, in Greensboro, NC. On arriving in Dallas, on Nov. 5th, Silbernagel was put on a plane to Denver and the two solders joined their colleague, Schmidt, for a couple of nights before getting their own apartment, on Regier Street, in Dallas. There is no explanation of why Silbernagel was sent to Denver and no further mention of her. Burley simply explained that he took a bus to Denver on Nov 27th. and that he got a job as an encyclopedia salesman. However, there is another FBI interview of Burley at Denver on Dec. 5th, which never found its way into the Warren Commission documents (13) This report says that Burley was "found" residing with Elsa's aunt, Lillian Prilling at 3353 W. 33rd Ave, in Denver. In this version of Burley's information, there is a slight variation of the Mt Vernon to Dallas itinerary. He was reported as saying that he left Mt Vernon ahead of the others, for his Baltimore visit and that Weissman and Silbernagel travelled together to pick him up in Baltimore, for the rest of the trip. If Elsa Silbernagel is a shadowy figure in the FBI interview with Burley, she is almost invisible in the Secret Service reports on the matter. When Weissman was questioned by the Secret Service on Dec 11th, 63, he explained that Burley had, after the assassination, gone to Denver to visit a "cousin." (presumably Burley's) (14) There is no mention of Silbernagel, in this interview, nor in Weissmans later testimony to the Warren Commission. (15) When the Secret Service finally interviewed Burley in Denver, On Jan.14th, 64, they got a totally revisionist account of Elsa Silbernagel. (15) Located still at the Prilling address, Burley told the Secret Service that, while he went to NY to meet Silbernagel, she did not arrive as scheduled and he went on to Mt Vernon to visit Weissman and that the two of them made the subsequent trip to Dallas. Burley went to Denver on Nov 27th, "since he had learned that his German friend, Elsa Silbernagel, was in Denver and living with her cousin, Lillian Prilling." Burley "took a room" with Mrs Prilling. So who was Elsa Silbernagel and whatever happened to her? Which of the three versions of her relationship to Prilling is accurate: that Prilling was Burley's cousin or Silbernagel's aunt or cousin? Maybe these questions have little importance, yet if they were worth lying about, by Burley, Weissman or the FBI or Secret Service, there may well have been something worth concealing. There is another close parallel with another mystery German woman and also named Elsa, no less. LAWRENCE MYERS, Jack Ruby's swinger buddy from Chicago (that brought the dumb accommodating blond to Dallas, just before the JFK Assassination) , and under questonable cercumstances. (17) Myers was questioned by the Warren Commission about a Elsa Hacker and Myers gave a characteristically hostile response: "How he hell would she get into this?" and Council dropped the matter. (18) Myers was a little more forthcoming in his interview by the HSCA, in 1978. He explained that he had maintained a long term affair with Hacker, a German woman, but they had separated and he had "sent her back" to Germany in 1963 or maybe a little earlier. Contradicting this (and perhaps the reason for the initial WC questioniing of Myers about the matter) wasthe record of a long distance call from Myers while on the road as a salesman, in South Dakota to Elsa Hecker, at the Michael Reece Hospital in Chicago. (20) The date of this call was Oct 25th, 63 and coincidentally the day that Elsa Silbernagel arrived (or failed to arrive) in New York City. (12) Commission Document 133.4-15 (13) FBI File 62-109060-1961 From FOI releases to the Assn. Archives & Research Center..Wash. DC (14) CD 349.816 (15) 5H487-535; 11H428-434 (16) CD 372-900 (17) see Jerry D. Rose, "You Don't Know Me But, You Will: The World of Jack Ruby," The Third Decade 4 #1, November 1987, pp. 10-11 (18) 15H639 (19) Appendix to Report on HSCA, Vol.9, pp 848-850 (20) HSCA IX 1098 _________________________ Dixie
  13. Bill..I was also there that year and Vinson's attorney did speak at Union Plaza. Although the attorney seemed rather arrogant to me. I had already read the Vinson book and it has now been awhile.I felt that he seemed credible, but at the same time the story didn't really seem plausible. Mostly it seemed to confuse me as what to believe. Dixie
  14. Before the move to Fox, Chris Matthews had Jesse Ventura on his show. Ventura discussed some of the JFK Conspiracy info. After the show, Chris and Geraldo had a discussion about things Ventura had mentioned...just before Geraldo started his show that evening. They both snickered and rediculed things that Ventura had mentioned. That angered me and I have not really watched either one's show since then. Dixie
  15. Thanks Steven...that was wonderfull. This also reminds me of the below song written by Homer Joy and sung by both Buck Owens and Dwight Yokum. It is especialy interesting, since I happen to live in Bakersfield, where Buck lived until he died a couple of years ago. He was not the "Hee Haw" type person as he pretended to be...he was a very successful Businessman, with a Publishing Company, a Heart Patient Hospital as well as a nice Night Club. At one time, he held a yearly Rodeo Event and raised tons of money, which was all donated to local non profit agencies.But then, everyone had their hand out and it just all became to taxing on him, with his medical conditions.In addition...a few years ago, I spent a month in Singapore and we went to a Country Western Night Club one night.....among many other things. The band group wes from Malasia and they sang this song..which really did please us and made us feel right at home, about Bakersfield. On The Streets of Bakersfield by Homer Joy I came here looking for something I couldn't find anywhere else Hey, I'm not trying to be nobody I just want a chance to be myself I've spent a thousand miles of thumbin' Yes I've worn blisters on my heels Trying to find me something better Here on the streets of Bakersfield Hey you don't know me but you don't like me You say you care less how I feel But how many of you that sit and judge me Have ever walked the streets of Bakersfield? I spent sometime in San Francisco I spent a night there in the can They threw this drunk man in my jail cell I took fifteen dollars from that man Left him my watch and my old house key Don't want folks thinkin' that I'd steal Then I thanked him as I was leaving And I headed out for Bakersfield Hey you don't know me but you don't like me You say you care less how I feel But how many of you that sit and judge me Have ever walked the streets of Bakersfield? Hey you don't know me but you don't like me You say you care less how I feel But how many of you that sit and judge me Have ever walked the streets of Bakersfield? How many of you that sit and judge me Have ever walked the streets of Bakersfield? Dixie
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