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  1. Jack White

    Thanks, Chris! Jack
  2. Alex Ziger

    I just posted a message about John's materials on the Zigers. It failed to appear on the thread. Why? Jack Well, this appeared. What the lost message said was that John's materials on the Zigers in his Baylor collection is in Box 16, Notebook 1 ONLINE.
  3. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    There is just one image, cropped from the "gaping hole" autopsy photo. The round object at upper left has been identified a glass "specimen jar" used in medical settings. There are several black specks in it which could be metal fragments. The round bullet hole is clearly apparent. It is unclear what the object may be which looks like the blade of a putty knife. Jack
  4. Initially Morrow had SOME credibility. But with each new posting he diminishes himself. Jack
  5. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    Photo of the BULLET HOLE beside the External Occipital Protruberance, where described. Note the specimen jar containing small bullet fragments. Jack
  6. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    Phelps simply knows NOTHING about the Zapruder film and it fabrications. He needs to self destruct. He is living in the past. Jack PS...and about Oak Ridge? I note the question was avoided.
  7. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    Just wondering: Does Mr. Phelps have a connection to Mission Impossible or the Y-12 National Security Nuclear Complex at Oak Ridge, just west of Knoxville? Sometimes one's occupation influences perceptions. This tape will self destruct in five seconds...4...3...2...1...pftttt. Jack
  8. The CIA Deep Throat on JFK assassination

    Well, For those who are trying to determine the truth of what happened at Dealey Plaza, those fake witnesses who impose themselves on the scene are the ones crashing the party without an invite and are the ones with the bad manners. And certainly can't be considered a "deep throat" source for anything. BK Right, Bill...and most of the fake witnesses have not come forward for more than 30 years, so they have had ample time to fabricate their stories from public information. Jack
  9. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    This is NOT about keeping a "movement alive". Who wants a "live" movement based on faked evidence? This IS about a search for truth. Jack
  10. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    The evidence to the contrary is NOT useless. The alterations and fabrications ARE EVIDENCE of manipulation by governmental agencies which had custody of the evidence. Studying what is IN the images compared to what SHOULD BE in the images constitutes powerful evidence of malfeasance which points at the guilty. People who suddenly appear on forums claiming to "know it all" and start trashing those who have studied the evidence for nearly 50 years are to be viewed with suspicion. This particular forum is infested with them. Some have even become moderators. Some have been tossed off of forums for their suspicious attitudes. Has Mr. Phelps been tossed off of any forums lately? Jack
  11. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    Discuss anything you want. All of your studies so far represent some of the good studies of the 70s and 80s. In the 90s there was an awakening to alteration and fabrication. You should study new works on the subject instead of reinventing 30 year old observations. Jack
  12. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    Your studies are good but about where some of us were 30 years ago. ALL IMAGES AND FILMS are suspect in some manner and cannot be relied on as proof of anything. You need to get up to speed on the latest research. You must FIRST establish the authenticity of images before they can be used in court. Those of us who have studied the images can DEMOLISH any acceptance by any court of law. Jack
  13. The CIA Deep Throat on JFK assassination

    Relying on anything said by JVB is VERY lame. Jack
  14. The CIA Deep Throat on JFK assassination

    There are many accounts of LHO's whereabouts at all times. Have you checked to find his alleged location on the day of the alleged visit? How do we know the alleged visit is not a hoax? Jack
  15. Bob Harris and the Battle of The Bulge

    If you doubt image fakery, look at this. Yes, that is today...but the Pentagon is years ahead in technology...today AND 50 years ago. Jack