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  1. Fox News report crushes Hunter Biden smear after network investigation ‘found no role for Joe Biden’ By David Edwards October 25, 2020 https://www.rawstory.com/2020/10/fox-news-report-crushes-hunter-biden-smear-after-network-investigation-found-no-role-for-joe-biden/ “A Fox News investigation “found no role for Joe Biden” in the business dealing of his son, Hunter, the network said on Sunday. The admission was made by Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins. Jenkins explained that the news organization had been provided documents by Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former busine
  2. Trump gives us the "Super Duper" toothbrush missile; and despite his Chief of Staff coming down with Covid-19, Mike Pence says he going to keep holding campaign rallies because he is an "essential worker". I am at a loss for words. Steve Thomas
  3. Last surviving members of a political party attempt cleanup after four years of you know who. https://www.thedailybeast.com/murder-hornets-vacuumed-out-of-nest-in-washington-state?ref=home "Hey, but at least we got the "Super Duper" toothbrush missile right?" Steve Thomas
  4. Donald Trump is playing a dangerous game. Ethiopia blasts Trump remark that Egypt will ‘blow up’ dam By ELIAS MESERET 10/24/30 https://apnews.com/article/donald-trump-ethiopia-egypt-abiy-ahmed-sudan-4a71496ab630c5cc6dbd242be894d24a “ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia on Saturday denounced “belligerent threats” over the huge dam it has nearly completed on the Blue Nile River, a day after U.S. President Donald Trump said downstream Egypt will “blow up” the project it has called an existential threat. Without naming Trump or the U.S., the statement by Prime Minister Abi
  5. Trump campaign sues in Nevada to stop Vegas-area vote count By KEN RITTER 10/24/20 https://apnews.com/article/barbara-cegavske-lawsuits-carson-city-elections-las-vegas-8684039e3b82e379591cc745834c952e “The Trump campaign and Nevada Republicans asked a state judge on Friday to stop the count of Las Vegas-area mail-in ballots, alleging that “meaningful observation” of signature-checking is impossible in the state’s biggest and most Democratic-leaning county. A lawsuit filed in state court less than two weeks before the Nov. 3 election complains that observers haven’t be
  6. "After eight months of this pandemic, we finally found President Trump’s plan to beat COVID-19. https://t.co/KO4g328Uvr “ — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 23, 2020 https://t.co/KO4g328Uvr Steve Thomas
  7. https://www.wtol.com/article/news/police-man-says-caller-tried-to-recruit-him-to-help-arrest-gov-dewine-for-tyranny/512-02390892-2e25-4aaa-a6b1-886954d0ca6f "A man in Miami County, in western Ohio, filed a report with police saying he received a phone call trying to recruit him to go to Governor Mike DeWine's home and arrest him for tyranny. The Piqua Police Department took the report on Oct. 16. According to the police report, the caller allegedly told the man a group was being organized to go to make the arrest." Steve Thomas
  8. American entrepreneurship. You gotta love it. Meet the Dominatrix Forcing Trump Supporters to Vote Biden Empress Delfina is talking her submissive fans into seeing the error of their ways for the low price of $1.99 a minute. Michael Ellsberg Oct. 24, 2020 https://www.thedailybeast.com/meet-the-dominatrix-forcing-trump-supporters-to-vote-biden?ref=home “But up until recently, there’s one group of potential Biden voters who have not been the subject of voter outreach: kinky, submissive male Trump supporters with humiliation fetishes. Now, thanks to a Las Vegas
  9. "I here to defend America's Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani." https://twitter.com/BoratSagdiyev/status/1319431436550561792 Steve Thomas
  10. https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1319480642250354688 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC US House candidate, NY-14 “If someone told me 3 years ago, while I was waitressing to help my family stay afloat, that in a few short years an unhinged President of the United States would be repeatedly saying my name at the 2020 debate, I would’ve brought them some water and told them to sober up.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC US House candidate, NY-14 “I wonder if Republicans understand how much they advertise their disrespect of women in debates when they consistently call women m
  11. Ultimate absentee ballot: US astronaut votes from space station Agence France-Presse October 22, 2020 https://www.rawstory.com/2020/10/ultimate-absentee-ballot-us-astronaut-votes-from-space-station/ I wonder if Donald Trump is going to contest this one. Steve Thomas
  12. Melania snatches her hand away and accelerates. This doesn't bode well. https://twitter.com/TheSun/status/1319574282905784320?ref_src=twsrc^tfw Steve Thomas
  13. Kirk, That's the one that jumped out at me. too. If you obey the law, you are stupid. Steve Thomas
  14. 1964. Nelson Rockefeller is booed off the stage at the Republican National Convention in San Francisco. "Precisely one year ago tonight, on July 14, 1963, I warned that the Republican Party is in real danger of subversion by a radical, well-financed, highly disciplined minority; a minority wholly alien to the sound and honest conservatism that has firmly based the Republican Party in the best of a century's tradition". "I have experienced this extremism first-hand". "We Want Barry". "We Want Barry". https://www.c-span.org/video/?c3807346/user-clip-governor-nelson-rockefelle
  15. The Trump Campaign and the Republican Party raised $1.5 billion in two years. Now, the Trump Campaign is saying it is broke. Republican allies are asking where all that money went. Welcome to the wonderful world of Donald Trump. Steve Thomas
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