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  1. The list is available here http://wikileaks.org/leak/bnp-membership-list.txt If this link goes down leave a message and I willl mail it to you
  2. Well I am a european - "we are all greeks" - even though I reside in the British Isles. Take down the borders and the flags and let our relative economic wealth help others in other places of this planet. I earn too much money and I eat too much "The four richest people in the USA have money money than the entrie wealth of the twenty poorest countries in the world" Micheal Moore's Stupid White Men
  3. Yes. I saw the Question Time debate last night. Norman One Bollock Tebbit retorted that the BNP is a socialist party. Either he is trying to get the general public to associate Socialism and Fascism as the same thing, that is to say a bad thing or he is very poorly informed himself. BTW I have just look at the BNP teacher's site following Andy' link (above) and i was amused to see Disraeli (a jew) quoted on it justify the content of the site.
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